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  1. Totally agree. The great franchises don't fire coaches every 2 years.
  2. Look at the bright side. We only punted twice so he'll be fresh for next week.
  3. That's what happens when 2 rich knuckleheads who know nothing about football pick their head coach. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000461412/article/bills-kim-pegula-rex-ryan-was-not-our-first-choice
  4. Posted by Mike Florio on May 1, 2016, 6:59 PM EDT AP A pair of veteran players are now former members of the Bears. On Sunday evening, the Bears officially released offensive lineman Matt Slauson and safety Antrel Rolle. “We thank Matt and Antrel for the dedication and leadership they brought to our organization,” Bears G.M. Ryan Pace said in a press release. “Both men did everything we asked of them. Part of growing as a team is making difficult decisions like the ones we made today. We never take them lightly given the respect we have for everyone who has put on a Bears u
  5. The best thing about Buffalo is seeing it in the rear view mirror.
  6. Does anyone know if Greg Roman ran the wildcat prior to becoming Buffalo's OC? Or is it a Wrecks requirement that his OC must run it.
  7. 28-3 Skins. Great Wrecks D getting wrecked.
  8. I travel around the Northeast on business a lot and whenever I have to go to Buffalo, I cringe. It's definitely the worst sh*thole of a city in the northeast. If you like blocks and blocks of vacant lots, boarded up houses and rusting factories, then Buffalo is your place. The people are a bunch of dumb rednecks living in the 80's. I'll be glad when I never have to step foot in the wasteland again. Plus, I've been to a few games there in the past and would never go back ever again.
  9. Exactly. I can't believe some people think Wrecks will beat the Patriots in Foxboro. It's not even going to be close. Pats in a blowout.
  10. Maybe Bowles will bring back this brilliant play.
  11. Please don't ever say those two names again.
  12. Completely agree. That assclown deserves to be in that wasteland.
  13. Thank you. I hated that assclown from day 1. And 2 AFCCG's don't mean sh*t in my book. How many super bowls has he won?
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