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  1. Giants trade JPP

    i dont think so. same as the giants, hard to justify to a veteran team with a 20m/year QB that wants playoffs next year, using a major asset to bring in someone who wont play.
  2. perfect, that would be the jetsiest or all jet things to do....
  3. from what i remember Matt Ryan was not super impressive in college. i think he threw a lot of picks (like 20 or something)...the falcons kind of over drafted him at the time.
  4. clearly we dont look at things the same way, so this argument isnt going anywhere. as the president of the josh allen fan club, i just hope i can count on your support after we select him with the 3rd pick in the 2018 NFL draft. thanks.
  5. can you tell me what "bad" throws he had at the senior bowl? 9-13 for 158 and 2 touchdowns...baker was what? 3-7 for 9 yards?
  6. if you guys think the senior bowl is a typical all star game then we have nothing to talk about. you can make the argument that some of the top guys are not playing, but the guys that are there...are going for it. this is a dumb argument....allen did a lot of good and a lot of bad in school...he showed our with good talent around him vs other good players...you can take that for whats it worth.
  7. Giants trade JPP

    Denver never made Cousins an offer. You can argue they knew you were priced out but thats speculation...Elway said Keenum was his guy...you can choose to beleieve him or not...but...they enver offered anything to Cousins.
  8. i think that all these guys are put in a "box", you dont think jets fans have put Josh Allen in a box because they are butt hurt over christian hackenberg. ask yourself did you want matt stafford and his 57% career completion percentage the year we drafted mark sanchez? so yeah...mayfield has his own box....and its either right or wrong....and i hope the FO makes the right call
  9. watch it again. his pocket presence and ability to keep his eyes down the field in the face of pressure really stood out to me. he was accurate, and threw a couple of touch throws that were awesome (someone, maybe you, said that all he had was a gun....which is stupid).
  10. Giants trade JPP

    i dont think there is any way the giants take a QB. taking someone like Rosen creates so many issues with the dynamic of the team... - you are creating a rift with Eli that you just worked to fix, and you publically said eli can still play a couple of years if u get him the right weapons - you are creating a no win situation for Eli, who as we know WILL throw 4 picks in a game by week 5...and will get distroyed by fans clammoring for the rookie - and most importantly you are sending the message to the rest of the team that you are rebuilding...which will not sit well with the veterans on a team thats still a playoff team when healthy - this is the same reason i dont think denver is taking a QB, those teams want players that can help them win now...not 2 years from now. - i also dont think the giants trade out of 2, because i just dont think they want to go to 12 and take arden key or somenone like that. nelson, chubb, and barkley are potential all pros, anyone u get at 12 who knows this is set up for the jets, we will have our pick of the second QB off the board.
  11. ok fair enough, but again i am going based on what i saw. he is just not going to have those opportunities to move around in the NFL. he will have to stand in the pocket, look into 290 pound guys running at him full speed and deliver the ball.
  12. did u watch the senior bowl? he looked pretty damn good on those throws...
  13. Giants trade JPP

    i want nothing to do with rudolph...he did not impress me at all in his college games. i'd rather take a shot with faulk.
  14. i mean to be fair it happens all the time, just because you dont think QB's have bad habbits or its not in the media doesnt mean it doesnt happen. every college QB has bad habbits and flaws that get fixed while they are in the pros.
  15. #1 mayfield concern by far for me...mayfields ability to handle preassure, stand in the pocket and make the throws. people take for granted that in the NFL you cant exactly roll out every time you get preassure in the pocket...that edge rush will eat you up. the reason coaches love 6'5 QB's with a big arm is not because they look better in pads or can do trick throws....its because a cannon and those 5 extra inches buys you a lot of mulligans....something baker will have none of. where allen will be able to make a few throws purely on arm talent, baker will have to place them perfectly otherwise its a wrap.