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  1. how can u give the guy a playoff mandate after an off-season where essentially got him a corner and a rookie QB. That's just dumb. If you were going to give him a playoff mandate this year, then you should have fired him after last season was over. If anything you want: - improvement across the board - proper handling of the QB's and most importantly Darnold
  2. Don't bother being logical. The draft is about odds, Macc gave himself betters odds at success and hit....its not hard to follow.
  3. shouldn't he know that Ian Thomas went to Carolina and its Mark Andrews that went to Baltimore in the third round? i dunno it takes away from the rest of the segment and his analysis for me.
  4. he lost me at the end when he went on about Manning turning over the ball. Manning has a 2+ to1 career TD to INT ratio, and this includes his early years. He isnt second on the list, he is 9th...and thats only becase he played like 17 years. To imply that Manning was some kind of a turnover prone QB is just ignorance.
  5. i am just curious how he knows what USC practices...
  6. robbie anderson is one of those guys that when you hear them talk you think "how does this guy get out of bed in the morning, and walk and talk at the same time"....and then u see them run...and you are like dang....boy sho can run... still...its unfortunate that you cant fix dumb.
  7. k-met57

    OTA Pictures

    its amazing that a non contact injury can result in 2 years without football and a brace that basically has to be strong enough to hold a leg together.
  8. k-met57

    OTA Pictures

    who is this dude...what what the f is wrong with his leg??
  9. he is also a ******* imbecile. his latest hot take..
  10. k-met57

    Long old off season, OTA dates.

    looking forward to OTA's and seeing Darnold in some drills vs our D
  11. colts fans were pissed we got him for nothing. it sounds like he was mostly a victim of their change in defensive philosophy.
  12. actually, yes 😃 just call me Mr. Stopbeingabitchsky
  13. I re-watched The patriots game. The notion that he just manage the game and was surrounded by top talent is bullsh*t. He definitely made some big throes of that game… Sucks for him and for us that it didn’t work out
  14. Did I hurt your feelings Nancy? [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk