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  1. i think there is a 0% chance the Bills move. All of this is posturing to get what they want. Just think of this....if they lose the Bills, the chances of Western NY getting another pro football team are almost 0.
  2. can someone give me a good fan perspective on Hess? i am just young enough to not remember caring about ownership back then. By all accounts the Johnsons are at least an upgrade over Hess?
  3. Remember when Revis wouldn’t come back to camp until he got paid 1 dollar more then Namdi? Good times. I really want no part of these guys.
  4. As low as the bar is, Ficken was an upgrade over what we had before him. I hope the Jets can hit on this kid.
  5. 1. not worried about Wilson, I do think that some people will need to come back to earth on their expectations from this ROOKIE QB 2. i love Becton being abused by one of the most dominant NFL players in the league. he wont face a better edge rusher prob all year...thats something you cant simulate to make a young guy better
  6. not to mention the irony of calling someone fat on an internet message board, post everyone sitting home for a year. i am going to guess 3/4 of this board can stand to lose 20 and up. also, its because its anonymous, the OP would get tea bagged by JD and like it in person.
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/26/ten-criminal-complaints-are-pending-against-deshaun-watson/
  8. I love the "Texans will listen to offers that start with 3 first rounders and more" lmao...guarantee that got a chuckle around the NFL. I mean how dumb would the texans have been not to listen to that kind of offer up until now with this dudes predatory practices all out there? nothing has changed....he is in a civil lawsuit in one of the slowest moving court systems in the country, he may have a criminal complaint any time, he will most likely not play AT LEAST half the year...yada yada yada BTW whichever team gets him.....prepare to rip up his BRAND NEW deal and back up the truck A
  9. I hate to say it but when I think of Poole the word that come to mind is….replaceable
  10. Adams personality far outweighs anything he does on the field. He is literally an entitled child who was raised to believe that he is a god of football, and was probably treated that way by those around him. He will prob get a big deal any day now, but I think we win a SB before he does.
  11. JD is not signing a guy who publicly tweeted at his team to cut him. Not after the Adams thing.
  12. i have passed to the G&W that i wont be using. if they are transferable you can have them.
  13. Rodgers is playing chicken through the media, but the truth is...he is not retiring...and GB isnt budging. I do not see anyone as competetive as him missing out on one of his last few years in the league.
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