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  1. If Bosa is there all bets are off. He will be a multi time all pro.
  2. k-met57

    Houston to the Colts

    Give me Bosa...
  3. k-met57

    Houston to the Colts

    not mad about it actually...Houston isnt the player he used to be and either 30 or 31...he doesnt fit with our timeline. We are 2-3 years away if we do everything right at which point he'd prob be over the hill (if he isnt already based on his numbers).
  4. Lee in 2018 3 INT's 5 PDF PFF grade 72...CJ Mosley PFF grade 73 please STFU, thank you.
  5. Exactly, it’s hard to find good players. People love shipping players out of town.
  6. Lee is a dirt cheap, coverage LB in a passing league...people looking to shoo him out the door because he wasnt am amazing 3 down MLB are missing the boat....
  7. Makes sense it’s a win now team, veterans should be their cup of tea.
  8. Murray going 1...called it in January....
  9. Wasn’t this a “rumor” 2 months ago?
  10. k-met57

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    we will end up with Josh Allen....he is from Jersey...its meant to be. The jets would like to trade down, but no one is trading up to 3...and certainly not paying the kind of price it would warrant to do so.
  11. k-met57

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    from PFF: What went wrong? The interior offensive line. Starting guards Mike Remmers and Tom Compton combined to allow a staggering 77 total pressures. Remmers finished with an overall grade of 58.9 (50th among guards), and Compton was only slightly higher at 60.2 (47th).
  12. i'd like to see Brandon Copeland back....
  13. i cant stress how much i would rather have someone like a Golden Tate over RA. There is nothing about his personality or ability to play football that instills confidence in me that he could be a top line receiver in the NFL.
  14. you guys are nuts...RA is an average player who A) is too dumb to stay out of trouble and B ) only does 1 thing well.....never seen the guy break a tackle, run a complex route, or run an end around....he just runs straight really fast and falls down on first contact. if we can get a 2 for him, id drive him to KC.
  15. k-met57

    A J Green

    I don’t know what his contract status is but I’d flip the Saints 3 for him...

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