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  1. the jets can sign sherman or not, but one thing is clear...signing aging oft injured vets should in no way change your draft plans....
  2. because he is black, and in todays world people are very sensitive to anything and everything that can be interpreted as racial. as as far as the media goes, go to twitter...its all about click bait, racial and otherwise...
  3. when u combine his quotes + his fathers quotes + his wifes quotes....and now put all that into a say 2-7 jaguars team in november for a kid who hasnt lost more then a game or two since little league prob....if i was a jags fan...id be scared to take him.
  4. to be fair this video started with "i believe first round picks at QB are...Paxton Lynch..."
  5. this is not true for many reasons. the jets clearly saw darnold (and a trade down) as the default if they couldnt come up with something that was much much better in their eyes...which based on the fact that they passed on 2 1's i guess they think they did.
  6. i dont see how thats a bad thing. you cant do things on the fly, you have to have all the information and plans A B and C in place before making moves.
  7. i think there are comp pick implications up to a certain point of time as far as FA's go. so teams arent signing guys who are not a priority until the comp pick deadline expires...whatever that is. at least thats what i heard someone mention.
  8. the jets wouldn't trade Sam unless they were locked in, and all hurdles cleared. If i had to guess at this point everyone in the inner circle knows everything. Douglas just seems like the most calculated of all the calculated executives. the opposite of lets say the 49ers where i believe lynch and shanahhan made a business decision to solve a football problem by trading all those picks for the "third best QB"
  9. i dont want fields personally, but ill be watching....the reality is as long as JD gets his guy nothing else matters to me. i think people who are asked to do a job should be given everything they need to do it...and then judged by that. so JD, u got rid of Sam, you got your guy (whever it is)...now lets see some wins or GTFO
  10. Still interesting if JD shows up...
  11. Never mind, just saw this...
  12. Are the jets going? I heard that the diff with this pro day is that coaches from attending teams were going to script it as opposed to the QB coach working with the player. If the jets aren’t attending that would be pretty telling.
  13. totally. i think the jury is out on a few of those guys.
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