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  1. Interesting Francessa points

    i don't agree at all. the draft spot matters a lot less then the drafters...texans and KC both got a QB without a high pick, the eagles and the rams both got QB's without a high pick to start the night. not sure we have the right people at the wheel but drafting a QB in his deep QB class should be very much doable.
  2. Interesting Francessa points

    technically, only you are competing with a bunch of other teams not to mention his current team that has franchise rights. the chances of getting him are low at best. so speaking in terms of propabilities...the draft is probably our best bet...that or andy dalton
  3. Interesting Francessa points

    we have 1 issue...finding a QB...every other issue can be fixed with 80 million dollars.
  4. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    is that physically possible? lol
  5. sorry been away from the board since yesterday...no one eating or feeding crow this morning?
  6. So about those Safeties

    This. There is about a 0.0 chance that he would be as good here as he is with Bill O'Brian. Ability to draft and groom QB's comes from the coaches and the culture...something we don't seem to have.
  7. Terrible title...misleading.
  8. lol seriously? i thought everyone said we got him at below market value? now we overpaid? some fans...
  9. We better effing lose every game

    I am not being paid to make those calls just pointing out that we should pick best available...and that may not be Darnold. BTW i think Falk would be pretty bad ass in a west coast system.
  10. We better effing lose every game

    i am not sure he is the best of the bunch. Luke Falk is looking awfully good....5 TD's today...
  11. Where are the Goff bashers now?

    i mean not that he didnt beat up on one of the worst teams in football but what did he do last week on the last drive? i think he will be good, but lets try and keep the i told you so threads in perspective...he hasnt proven that he isnt a bust yet (for being 1 overall).
  12. because going to buffalo or cleveland is so much better? lol...not to mention that even if they stay, they might still end up on the jets.
  13. Tyrod Taylor and Shady are about 20x better than any offensive player on the Jets. If you think the jets win, then i guess you are saying that we are going to hang up some point on their D? doubtful.
  14. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    After watching a full weekend of football it may be time to go after Jimmy G (kidding). But seriously...i know the supporting cast in UCLA and Wyoming blows but its not like we have Andre Johnson and Dez Bryant at receiver. None of the QB’s looked capable of lifting a franchise based on week 1. The 4 names that stood out... Rudolph Falk Lee Mayfield
  15. always good to bring in good young players but it's kind of sad that this is such a big deal around here. none of these guys is anything even closely resembling a difference maker. BTW with that being said, i am totally glued to the wavers to see who we pick up.