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  1. k-met57

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    i dont know about that....never coached to a head coach is a jump not even he could make i dont think.
  2. Ok then. There is no law against being an uneducated fan.
  3. Well Simms has a podcast and he is on pro football talk...his draft analysis and game film breakdown is second to none as far as whats available in the media. Orlovsky has come onto the scene recently but i think has become regarded as an analyst on espn and social media. I am not sure if you are asking seriously or not, but if you are...i suggest subscribing to bleacher report on youtube and listening.
  4. actually they have both been very good.
  5. k-met57


    i have to agree his radio interviews with Kay and Francesa were great. i particularly loved when he said, i don't have twitter i don't have Instagram i don't read the papers and i don't watch TV. between him and Darnold they may just never stick their head out of the film room between April and whenever the season ends.
  6. to go from 3rd to 24th and 27th....you would need a 1 next year.
  7. It got me excited after 2 days of nothing...glad I am not alone
  8. ehhh who cares...i like Williams but i'd take Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, or a few other guys...
  9. k-met57

    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    why do people assume that people turn these jobs down left and right? there are what? 60+ of these jobs in the world (NFL OC/DC)? stop reading into nonsense.
  10. k-met57

    mmm tacos...

    i mean this is out there, like x-files type stuff
  11. k-met57

    mmm tacos...

    best thing ive seen today
  12. k-met57

    Press Conference

    Is Gase medicated? serious question...jesus
  13. Gregg Williams meet Tyrone Mathau....why does this keep happening to us? lol

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