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  1. k-met57

    I met Odell Beckham today...

    good for u man, i am sure it was exciting. that being said... come on man, humble? he is 100% a diva no matter how he acted out in public.
  2. k-met57

    Jets officially request interviews

    we need to get this right....i don't pretend to the know what that is...but i hope the jets do (and yes, i realize the irony in that statement).
  3. k-met57

    I love Adam Gase

    i think i rather it not work out and blow up by week 8 then spend the next 5 years with a coach that lets everything slide and builds a culture of mediocrity and lack of accountability like bowles did.
  4. k-met57

    I love Adam Gase

    love hearing this....we all know Bowles was playing special Olympics checkers....
  5. k-met57

    I love Adam Gase

    one thing is for sure...if Gase wins or loses...it will be his way...and he isnt bending to pressure from anyone. i respect that.
  6. k-met57

    I love Adam Gase

    it was awesome. he didnt get one softball, and he answered everything with such a '**** you' distain for the question...loved it.
  7. wasn't excited when we got him... may hate him by week 3 of next season... but god damn it was good listening to reporters get treated like the tossing sh*t at the wall idiots they are. I expect a lot of pissy reporting about the jets moving forward by bitter beat writers...and i am ok with that.
  8. Reaching...that being said...this is going to unravel quickly.
  9. k-met57


    its funny, i kind of expect Q to be great....but i am most excited about seeing Polite just blow people up off the edge....god i cant wait for september
  10. k-met57

    Jerry Reese

    Oh god no
  11. i am onboard with Gase. At least he isnt wishy washy like Macc was...he may fail but he will fail his way....or just maybe he will become the next BB.
  12. you cant be serious....Leggett couldnt get on the field for 2 plays in a row on a 4-12 team...what team is running to sign him?
  13. Williams is not overrated, if anything maybe underachieving (arguably).
  14. Caporoso is too busy tweeting about trump and politics to care about the jets anymore...which is why i stopped following him 3 months or so ago.
  15. If this entire thing brought anything to light it’s not the dysfunction at the jets....it’s the sensationalism and unprofessional agenda pushing that the N.Y. media has implored. ESP Manish, Poline, Coporoso, etc...

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