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  1. has to be trolling right? topics by this poster on front page... What if Saleh and Douglas reported to Greg Buttle? Bob Wischusen concern The Jake Asman show Mike Francesca: Not impressed with Saleh
  2. get well. no one tougher than jets fans...not worried.
  3. this dude is either going to be good, or kill someone before he ever plays for us i put the odds at 50/50 can you imagine lining up on the other side of him...yeeesh
  4. Developmental pick as far as being a starter. I do think the jets are a great fit, they will work around his strength limitations and use his athletic ability.
  5. lol why does someone have to go? i thought you need 2 tackles in the NFL but maybe i was wrong. BTW you may like Fant and the jets do, but he has always been an average player...and he was above average last year. lets not get crazy with thinking we are set of LT with Fant.
  6. correct, which is why i said what i said. i believe the jets do not love the late round guys this year as much as the guys in the top 100-120-150 whatever it is...or think UFA's are on similar level.
  7. i feel like the jets thought the talent pool this year wasnt as deep as other years, so they made a call to get their guys and move on to UFA market. giving away multiple picks in multiple trades def not JD's DNA.
  8. you have to know what he is into for it to make sense. when it comes to receives, he always values size, speed, YAC ability and he generally doesn't rank slot type smaller guys high. he didn't like Moore last year and i can see why he didn't like Wilson this year...he also had Alec Pierce 3rd until changing it (because of crazy measurables). He just subscribes to the "you cant teach being an athletic freak" theory for evaluating players. Marvin Harrison would not have been very high on his list, i guarantee it. 2022 receivers J Williams, C Watson, Alec Pierce, T Burks, D London 2021 receivers Chase, D Smith, D Brown, Waddle, Toney, Marshall 2020 receivers Lamb, Jefferson, Ruggs, KJ Hamler, Tee Higgins
  9. he needs to stop that. i've seen him spin with no one around him...its too much. i like the pick, i am not sure he wasnt the second best RB behind Ken Walker.
  10. the great equalizer. i would argue we were a decent team last year too if we werent so banged up.
  11. you are the reason i will never forget the name ASJ. Congrats!
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