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  1. 5 blood tests in 10 weeks? thats a bit much.....i am with Lev
  2. i agree man. people are all into their feelings because its 2019, but this team talks too much, produces too little, and everyone has a sense of entitlement...meanwhile they havent played meaningful football games in a decade. let Gase do it his way, stop listening to Manish stir the pot...just maybe we end up with some actual hard working football players who hate to lose and dont talk about "getting the bag" on twitter every week.
  3. first or second round talent with 6th round knees. i am really hopeful this kid is our saving grace in the secondary.
  4. who gives a ****, holy jesus....only 1 of them is here
  5. a bunch of idiot media members and fans making judgement on things they have no clue about....2019....
  6. ah i knew i missed one lol just drives me nuts that he gives no credit to the jets
  7. let me guess? - Garrett sucks - Defense sucks - Ref's suck - The 2pt conversion was a PI missing in all this, any credit to the jets...
  8. i was about 150% positive they blow it in a typical jets move...thank god they didn't.
  9. Guy, I was at the game. This is the dumbest thing I read this week....and that’s saying something.
  10. good player with an uncanny ability to pick up penalties in bad spots....btw was the same exact way in cleveland...which was part of the reason they got rid of him.
  11. broncos kicked an XP and missed, skrine got a penalty....replay down....Broncos decided to go for 2 and got it.
  12. doing buster skrine type things in chicago...

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