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  1. because thats the new thing now....u sign a contract, get your bonus, ask to be traded, and sign a brand new deal....you know "get the double bag"
  2. we really are in the minor leagues of the NFL. its really depressing.
  3. in retrospect, the bye week came at a good time. if this was like week 11 or 12, the team could have spiraled even more. i am really hopeful that they come out rested, better prepared and ready to go.
  4. With 0 dead money if cut and 9m in savings. In NFL language that may as well mean he is a FA…not to mention that if he keeps this up he will posture for a multi year extension with someone.
  5. not to mention that the production in that sample size is nothing to write home about.
  6. to be fair he benefited from megatron more than anyone. guy had like 18 catches in college....but they were a "running team"...and calvin johnson from what i remember also didnt have huge numbers in GT.
  7. i dont know what the bar is for "legit"....but he isnt "legit" enough to get a thread about how we should have drafted him.
  8. Win and no one will boo. You pay 17 dollars for a pint to watch minor league football…you boo…
  9. So between august and October they are no longer well run, and Flores is no longer darth vader 2.0? If you listen to the clip…that’s not praise you take back based on how season goes.
  10. not to mention that this "amazing front office" gave the eagles a potential top 5 pick this year.
  11. its gotten so bad they are lamenting Ryan Fitzpatrick lol https://finheaven.com/threads/flores-had-me-fooled.368988/
  12. the best is when he calls Brian Flores "Bill Belichick south". I am going to love watching Flores get the boot after this season.
  13. its not black or white, i think you could argue either direction. i am generally in favor of keeping the good players...but i also understand the other view. for me it really comes down to him being like 30 and in NFL years, he may as well be 50.
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