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  1. "reaching out" in the NFL means less then nothing...there are probably 15 teams that "reach out" on any player that may or may not get moved. non story until something more material happens.
  2. k-met57

    Those of you with Sunday Ticket

    for your price point lmao
  3. k-met57

    Tannehill CBPOY?

    as predicted lol lets take a poll about who: a. cared about the initial prediction b. cares about this nonsense post
  4. k-met57


    Cool story bro
  5. k-met57


    Can we close this dumpster fire and put a moratorium on Mahomie threads? It’s annoying and irrelevant...take it to a KC board.
  6. Mr peanut head has to go...done.
  7. You are right its not that they lost...they were classless, they picked up dumb penalties, and played a terrible game plan.
  8. You mean u have an issue with running twice for -1 yards and then throwing on 3 and 12? Or gaining 21 yards on a run and coming back with more runs to the same side? Or running to the same side like 8 times in a row until you end up in a third and long? Those all seem fine to me...
  9. Horrible loss. This kind of a game really will make me questions making my son a Jets fan.
  10. k-met57

    Can we talk about Thursday now?

    i think the jets are underdogs going in...
  11. k-met57

    Giants - Cowboys Game

    I would just like to note that Sam Darnold made several throws today that are better then any throw in this game tonight.
  12. k-met57

    Game Observations (MIA)

    guy drives me absolutely nuts....as well as he plays at times in the slot...every other game he makes me scream at the TV that he should be cut that day.
  13. k-met57

    Can we talk about Thursday now?

    the browns are going to be desperate...i think Hugh might get the boot if the browns get their butt kicked.

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