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  1. He is “special” but he wouldn’t draft him in the first round? Ok. Wonder how he likes Phillip Rivers throwing motion.
  2. k-met57

    anyone going to training camp?

    i got a couple of tickets for the green and white...hope i can make it.
  3. encouraging...but sometimes i wonder when Josh McCown became the authority on what it means to be a winning QB.
  4. you get 6 months probation on a speeding ticket??
  5. TJ was a guy who was franchised twice and is a top 5-10 player at this position in the league. Avery Williams and Long are cheap, with Long being on a 1 year deal. I would be much more comfortable throwing a boat full of cash at a true franchise player as opposed to backing up a small SUV for an underachiever like Dante Fowler. There are Dante Fowlers in the first few rounds of the draft at this production level.
  6. good teams are not built by overpaying for other teams rejects.
  7. k-met57

    Worst Takes

  8. k-met57

    NFC loaded with QBs

    there is a bit too much hype behind mahomes, just saw some list where he is already ranked as a top 20 QB...kind of nuts.
  9. k-met57

    NFC loaded with QBs

    Can't wait for the preseason...
  10. yeah cutting 23 year old prospects is where its at 😒
  11. love the player, not in love with the bulls eye he is attaching to his back. look he can talk all he wants...just means he is going to have to back it up big time in his second year in the league.