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  1. k-met57

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    Yeah that’s what it is...the jets were down 28 at the half because they didn’t build a game plan for dealing with a third string, stationary, mediocre arm QB. Are you that dumb?
  2. k-met57

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    so you guys are upset that the jets didnt "prepare" for a 4th string QB? we were down 31-3 at the half...that should be the last of your concerns...idiotic.
  3. How about Trenton Cannon stop fumbling? Then let’s talk about space.
  4. The browns have talent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. k-met57

    I hate to say, I told you so

    STFU dude...what a sh*t thread.
  6. they have to fire Bowles today...no need to wait for tomorrow.
  7. k-met57

    Is Adams really all in for the Jets?

    football is a different sport, the franchise tag makes it very difficult for guys to walk away from long terms deals. i wouldnt worry about losing Adams, esp if we put some pieces in place this offseason.
  8. k-met57

    We need better players

    i mean this is it in a nutshell. give me 1 unit on this offense that is even above average. take any unit on offense and give me 5 teams in the NFL that have less talent....ill wait. we cant run the ball vs good teams we drop passes all over the place OL have1 good play, followed by 2 bad ones its a matter of talent...and we dont have a lot of it.
  9. k-met57

    Sam was really bad

    Dude it was 10-3 for like 3 quarters and darnold had 8 completions...think about that.
  10. k-met57

    Sam was really bad

    Btw anyone who thinks the final score was indicative of the game is wrong. The defense was on the field soooooo long...the game was going to get out of control if the offense didn’t hold up their end at some point...overall u was happy with the D when it was still a game...although I wish we had more of a pass rush.
  11. k-met57

    Sam was really bad

    Was there, it was cold and windy...and yes Sam sucked.
  12. Going with a couple of friends. Are there tailgates that will take walk up’s for pay?
  13. please PM me, or text me 917 974 5903 thanks!
  14. so a cop made up that Robby Anderson told him that he was going to **** his wife and nut in her eye. is that what you are saying? lol

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