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  1. lol, there is a reason CBS is the Cleveland browns of all the media that covers the NFL
  2. Not even close to being the same. Polite couldn’t make the field in preseason....Edoga started games and looked decent in a few of them...certainly enough to warrant a shot at the team no matter who they bring in to start.
  3. yeah because a lot of teams cut third round picks a year into their career after they showed some promise the year before....
  4. If you can compare a desk job to being an NFL player u are already losing the argument.different animal.
  5. guy is not even a rookie yet and i am already questioning his focus....the great ones live and breathe football....
  6. i am half kidding (really wanted him in the draft), but i prefer my football players more like Sam Darnold who thought going out on the town in the tri-state area was a chill's in Morristown... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVWJ9FP2igQzxsLYPo_J25g/videos
  7. I am not a huge fan of Metcalf....he dropped a lot of catchable balls last year...but as a jaded jets fan I’d be happy with that production.
  8. i mean a QB with a value pick seems nuts when u have Darnold...then again the value for him could have been pretty high from reading all the pre-draft stuff.
  9. prediction...he has more sacks next year then LW had last year....all he'd need is 1.
  10. Not even sure what that means. Next time you have something post worthy....don’t....ok champ?
  11. yeah because the way you replace a blitzing SS is by bringing in an undersized cover FS....ok.
  12. people-jones doesnt feel like the type of player the jets like...underacheiver
  13. Apr. 24, 1:36 p.m.: The Jets are definitely interested in moving up in the second round of the draft, a source told SNY's Ralph Vacchiano, who adds that a potential trade up could be with eyes on snatching a receiver. According to Vacchiano, Jets GM Joe Douglas doesn't want to have to wait all the way to pick 48 to make Gang Green's first selection of the second round.

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