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  1. I think you should apply for the job dude...I am sure you would do well...being a message board poster and all.
  2. are you just stating the obvious? should i disagree? and no...you are not keeping it in perspective if you sh*t on Darnold or Gase without mentioning the pile of sh*t this team is right now.
  3. peoples biggest issue seems to be Gase...but the reality is while it doesnt seem like he is making chicken soup out of chicken sh*t....the problems go much deeper. the talent gap between this group and a real NFL team is wide to say the least. You could argue Becton is already our second best player...and only reason i put Darnold first is because he is a QB. i know people are down on Sam, but it was him and 3 receivers who would not make the second string on any team in the NFL...lets keep things in perspective.
  4. ok buddy, go watch a game or two. Sam had some outstanding games in college with a team coming off sanctions playing high level competition with a crap OL. lets talk about Aaron Rodgers "bad habots" or Mahomes "bad habots".
  5. my guess is that JD wants to build inside out, and bringing in overpaid skill position players is not the way to do that. you could argue that puts Sam into collateral damage territory...but JD did protect him better...and he did bring in 2 new receivers + return of Herndon. you cant coach against injuries.
  6. supporting cast sucks....but u have to put some of the play on Darnold (this coming from a huge darnold fan). you cant look lost, no matter who is out there....in year 3...year 2 in the same offense.
  7. i think he got a 6 year deal...i think he will get at least 4 in the worst case...you'd think we would have to be in the playoffs by then. i know its a low bar for 2 years from now, but this is basically year 1 of the rebuild. big question is Gase...if u bring him next year after the jets are sub 500 this year....you are making a statement that he is your guy....and it sounds like most people think JD will not do that.
  8. Maccagnon came from a long line of football people who did not believe in investing high picks or resources into OL. Clearly a theory only working if you can pull out competent G and C's in the late rounds.
  9. I think JD and anyone who likes football wants Sam to succeed. Kid is all football all the time (so is Gase)...problem is that sometimes that isnt enough and JD has 6 years to execute his plan...this is year 2.
  10. if u are any kind of football fan u know that Darnold isnt the problem here, and if you think he is....well then you havent watched enough football. all that being said...have the jets already ****ed him up? its possible...but if thats the case...no way i want them to draft another QB top 5 and ruin him too.
  11. i just want to know who is calling the plays after we fire Gase (and his OC i assume goes with him).
  12. is this based on your personal knowledge of high level athlete training, your inside knowledge of the jets training staff, or both? nice job on the completely arbitrary 45% too...clearly you've thought about this.
  13. negative nancy forgot to add that Bell looked old and slow.... **** Cimini....he is always so negative.
  14. Receiver is the easiest position to integrate with limited reps. Specifically with Darnold running around, I expect Mims to contribute. Will he be what he could be by mid season? Obv not...but I am expecting a contribution.

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