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  1. i think Watson gets traded. there is just too much smoke there...just dont think its here. JD understands that having Watson + no picks is not how you get sustainable success.
  2. i think my rhetoric is working, people seem more on board with passing on QB at 2...question is...will they feel the same after Watson stays in Houston 😇
  3. I find it very easy to not admire the most overrated baseball player of all time 😇
  4. curious why this game is any worse then the doug brien game...for me that one was the one that hurt the most.
  5. i often reflect on sanchez. i really feel like if he had a bit more pocket feel, and if the jets didnt blow up the team around him...he could have been a decent NFL starter. ultimately i do feel like his lack of ability to do anything under pressure in the pocket was always going to doom him.
  6. this. guy is almost retarded....i tried to give his videos a chance, but he is unlistenable. wilson may be good, but not because this idiot says so. btw he has 5k subscribers....my son watches videos or random kids running around and those youtube channels have like 500,000 subscribers.
  7. Miller is just an internet guy, just like Conor Rodgers, Adam Lefkoe, etc... new breed of twitter football experts....they dont actually know anything or have sources....they are just guys on bleacher report.
  8. 1:35 seconds i dont have time to find his jets long throws because i'd have to look through too many videos of him running for his life and throwing on the run to a bunch of nobodys.
  9. My favorite part of the interview is Saleh talking about how great Sam is for 5 minutes. Really sounds like he is on his way out... I keep saying it, some of you are going to be crying up a storm.
  10. I mean all the bullsh*t overreaction side, i thought he did a real good job as the interim HC of the dolphins...and has been highly viewed in the saints organization which i think we can agree has a top staff. So...yeah....i dunno....
  11. Go get a dictionary....i dont have time to explain basic sh*t to you. Thanks for playing.
  12. the answer is simple, because the Jets didn't pluck @TeddEY out of whatever company is lucky to have him (which may be EY).
  13. I think this is all that can be asked. Regardless of what JD does with the roster...i dont think you can pick up his 5th year option....so its sh*t or get off the pot this year.

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