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  1. Skrine comments

    Are you seriously second guessing actual coaching? Where do you coach?
  2. Strong message to John Morton

    Strong message to John Morton? what does that even mean? did you watch the game? smh...
  3. Kelvin Beachum

    What is the feeling on how he has done this year? I think he is our highest paid player after Mo and i haven't really heard his name mentioned too much this year...which may not be a bad thing.
  4. i mean i don't disagree. we are cuddled, over medicated, and spoiled as a society. they dont let kids have guns for the same reason they dont let just anyone play in the NFL...that sh*t will **** you up. I do find it hilarious that that Roger just signed a 200m dollar deal after this rant...
  5. where does cousins end up in this shuffle? If we draft 10-15 i would say we dont draft QB...but maybe try and get one elsewhere.
  6. Cousins should be the target

    in on cousins if we cant draft in the top 3 i would not buy high on RB's in this draft, there is an overreaction to RB's the last few years just like their was one few years before when they basically couldnt get drafted in the top 20. There are a ton of talented runners in college. Stay true to the cornerstones of team building....they do not change...QB, LT, Pass Rushing DE, CB.
  7. Interesting Francessa points

    i don't agree at all. the draft spot matters a lot less then the drafters...texans and KC both got a QB without a high pick, the eagles and the rams both got QB's without a high pick to start the night. not sure we have the right people at the wheel but drafting a QB in his deep QB class should be very much doable.
  8. Interesting Francessa points

    technically, only you are competing with a bunch of other teams not to mention his current team that has franchise rights. the chances of getting him are low at best. so speaking in terms of propabilities...the draft is probably our best bet...that or andy dalton
  9. Interesting Francessa points

    we have 1 issue...finding a QB...every other issue can be fixed with 80 million dollars.
  10. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    is that physically possible? lol
  11. sorry been away from the board since yesterday...no one eating or feeding crow this morning?
  12. So about those Safeties

    This. There is about a 0.0 chance that he would be as good here as he is with Bill O'Brian. Ability to draft and groom QB's comes from the coaches and the culture...something we don't seem to have.
  13. Terrible title...misleading.
  14. lol seriously? i thought everyone said we got him at below market value? now we overpaid? some fans...