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  1. i know its likely because of the Lefleur connection, but at this point i hope not.
  2. i know OBJ Wont be a long term investment but he is a bigger pain in the ass than Moore is....i want nothing to do with him. Mims ******* sucks. that leaves a thin WR room.
  3. i hate it like most others do....this was a player that could have been unlocked with a decent QB. only thing i can think of is they really didnt think he fit the culture + going into year 3 of a 4 year deal. hate it.
  4. i would hold the line but if it comes down to it, i rather this than give away 13.
  5. the jets have to know where Aaron is on this. if Rodgers is onboard with the jets playing hardball, then the packers finding another suitor is not a thing. no team in the NFL will trade for a player who doesn't want to be there.
  6. i dont get that at all. the plan is the plan.
  7. 100% if he is not traded by the draft, this is going to get really ugly. i think everyone knows it, and no one wants it to get there. i do think from Rodgers point of view, he appealed to the packers to let him go....he seems like the type of barstard who has a plan B if it gets to that point. personally, i think he could make it really miserable for the packers if he wanted to.
  8. the thing that drives me crazy is all these media heads saying that the leverage the packers have is the jets fans desire to get this done. 1. every fan i personally know is ok to wait and see this play out 2. they dont seem to realize that draft picks are kind of our thing, it's literally the thing we have to look forward to every year...no jets fan takes giving away first round picks lightly
  9. this is now rodgers, jets and pro rodgers media vs packers and pro packer nfl media rodgers has no interest in helping the packers with premium picks after they kicked him out the door
  10. so they would hold him with everything that entails, and then cut him....instead of taking the 43rd overall pick this year and say a conditional pick next year?
  11. the packers leverage is jets fans, and the desire of the jets organization to start integrating rodgers into the offseason. they know rodgers wont be on their team, they know rodgers wont go elsewhere, and they know they will have trade him to the jets eventually. but while the packers leverage is time, so is the jets. once the 2023 draft comes and goes the packers can no longer get ANY 2023 picks at which point they are kind of ******* themselves regardless of what they end up getting. say they get a 2024 1....thats not that far off from 43 most likely + its next year which diminishes the value organically. so yeah, packers think that the outcry from the fan base will be so harsh that the jets will HAVE TO give in.....and i say try me.
  12. i mean jesus, how will we replace a JAG
  13. right. it really is in the best interest of both teams to come together and figure out something fair. i know packers want a 1 to look ok in front of their fans, but this is a poker game where all the cards have been turned over....there is no bluffing
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