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  1. so we are going to throw out Perry Nickerson, Poole, Deryl Roberts, Derick Jones, and Jeremy Clark? at least Tru gives you potential for big time play under GW...the rest of these guys are trash.
  2. i have to say, the entire process has gone as well as anyone could have expected - starting with purging all of the destructive veterans 2 years ago - tanking for Sam and getting Sam last year (thank you VaGiants) - getting rid of the "hold the fort" coach for an offense / QB oriented coach - signing best offensive and best defensive FA - drafting the best player in the draft (although not in position of need) and an edge rusher falling to us (Polite) - getting rid of Macc and getting the hottest name available in young GM candidate circles few things to complain about here or there (losing Roberts hurts, could have used some corners and a center), but the point is we are setup to capitalize on that QB rookie deal window, there isnt anything worse then wasting that. Once Sam is on the books for 30+ its not going to be nearly as easy to build a competitive roster.
  3. no he didnt https://twitter.com/danicamckellar/status/1093204714534195200
  4. if u say so....but i remember Claiborne having a bunch of dumb holding penalties....
  5. this thread is so dumb, i am sorry but if we "get rid" of Trumaine Johnson...who is playing corner? you got some juice in those legs @Philc1? we are so thin at the position and the solution is to get rid of (as sad as it is) one of the best players at the position for us?
  6. some of those posts were gold....the raiders should have about 8 SB's according to his scouting of their players.
  7. You are wrong. Herndon has all the athletic ability of a modern NFL TE. He can run (4.67 40) he can jump and he can catch the ball. He made a number of awesome catches last year (GB game?) that were top tier TE plays. On top of that he is a good enough blocker to actually stay on the field. As long as he continues to evolve his game (like any young player) he is a cornerstone piece for us.
  8. I am convinced he has naked pictures of Neil Glat banging a Thai hooker

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