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  1. This. There is nothing to be gained by paying attention to a small minority of people engaging in highly toxic behavior that would never even repeat most of the sh*t they say to you in person. He should be focused on being the best player he can be for the cowboys...that is all. This is the same for guys like Becton, you can play the "i don't care game" all you want, but its just a distraction and doesnt help you at all to become better at your craft.
  2. this is such a dumb take. you and your boss having meetings in public for everyone to hear?
  3. It really all comes down to Wilson. This roster can look amazing, or it may not matter....Wilson has to hit.
  4. and now we know why he chose cleveland...
  5. i am really wondering what qualifies him to be an insider lol
  6. and from what i understand the NFL has final say...
  7. wild... Hopkins 6 games for PED Ridley a year for gambling on his own team while out Watson - 24 lawsuits, 60 possible allegations 6 games and 300k in lost salary at least the NFL has its priorities
  8. i don't know if you are trolling, but Connor knows as much about football as any educated poster on this board.
  9. come back after week 1, this place will be its usual thunder dome of complaining.
  10. bullsh*t, he is not objective...and i never give a crap what these fake football scouts say. i remember my son had a school teacher once, she was literally mean to kids...not because she hated them....she has just been in the school system dealing with all their bullsh*t too long, she was over it. So this is the Cimini u get now, doing one job for too long, jaded by all the losing...if i had to guess he prob hasn't "loved it" for years.
  11. his fingers look fine....no clue what he is talking about
  12. wait until Amazon robots get a hold of our roster updates...
  13. we may be on different twitters...
  14. he is different.... from the other OC who've actually won NFL games
  15. he is a nice down to earth kid, but there is nothing that makes him stand out on the beat. he isnt great with sources, content, or predictions...he is just there.
  16. Mahomes grew up with money, that matters. We are a product of our upbringing and environment...when you grow up with money, you know what you can and can't do with it. As others have also mentioned, the dollar amounts on these deals are not even in the same discussion.
  17. dont disagree. the only good uniform the jets have ever had was the one everyone knows...green and white classics.
  18. i don't know why people obsess over those horrible jerseys that mostly represent the laughingstock of the NFL.
  19. Calvin Austin is a beast, no one should be taking him for granted against any college corner. Part of the problem is that guys of his body type don't translate to the NFL, so his name isnt mentioned as much as some other guys...but he can ball.
  20. he looks big, and not good big to me. that being said its June....but i am not banking on him until proven otherwise. BTW watch the jets with FA, if you see them go after another tackle of starting caliber, thats as good of a sign as any.
  21. MB is our starting left tackle, Fant better figure it out on the right side.
  22. 100% the dudes super power is playing the box...and he had 0 sacks.
  23. and Jamar Chase couldnt catch in the preseason. lets not gloat yet.
  24. whatever mental gymnastics you need to do my man. he was as swing tackle by every definition for 2 years (18 and 19), his PFF grades have always been very mediocre, and his run blocking was suspect even last year. All that and even his first year with the jets wasn't anything to write home about. He may be an ok player, and a team leader, but lets not pretend he has anywhere near the kind of upside that you'd want to be very concerned about resigning him.
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