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  1. i am fascinated by this cutdown day thing....image the level of scrambling that is going to be going on in FO's all over the league....
  2. u know Kalil is a HOF caliber player right? he isnt what he used to be but expecting him to play his way out of the game is asinine.
  3. weird. had a great rookie year and then just fell off. wonder if anyone can elaborate....
  4. Every true jets fan knows that Winovich would have sucked here no matter how good he is with the pats. The end.
  5. this is exactly why depth is important and why we suck on most part....no team plays the last quarter of the season with the same team they had in the first.
  6. based on what? this seems like a baseless, random hot take.
  7. speed to power. Q is not nearly as big as some of the other interior linemen, but his hands and his ability to explore with force are impressive.
  8. this is kind of hilarious....do they know that we signed CJ Mosley? am i missing something or was no one expecting for Wlliamson to be the lead signal caller this season? you'd think at least 1 of them would know.
  9. we'll have our kicker by the end of the preseason. lets not forget that everyone is still carrying 90 men right now and will until (i think) end of august.
  10. i thought the throw to Anderson early in the game was telling.... if you watch the play darnold throws the ball while anderson is still running down the sideline in stride with the corner....then he stops, turns and the ball hits him on a curl. not sure we've had that kind of QB/WR timing route in years.
  11. McGuire may be gone...doesnt seem like he is getting any burn and he isnt returning kicks.
  12. you'd hope the 3 are not parents...maybe i would have voted for him as well in my earlier 20's who knows.
  13. its nice to have a little depth for once instead of having absolute nobodies.
  14. if they are missing most of the starting OL i hope they sit Sam.
  15. i don't mean to be a douche but i feel like if we got the arm breaker after everything, it would seriously make me think about supporting this team as long as he is here. as a parent i just cant see myself supporting him or the decisions makers that would bring him in.
  16. did you tell me that i was using excuses when i say he was doubled from the get go? watch the video...
  17. If Dak is worth 40, Darnold is going to be worth 70. Prescott is an average NFL QB on any other team but Dal.
  18. Not in the least. Don’t overthink it [emoji16]
  19. How do you know? I mean I don’t think he did either...but no one know anything.
  20. Thanks for posting, doesn’t seem too concerned
  21. hope so. Robinson Cano is going to miss last 2 month of the season with a hamstring injury.

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