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  1. it goes to show that he could have been the player here that he will be in carolina...but the jets were too dumb to do anything to help him do that. i want a big game from Sam FOR Sam...he deserves it after the dumpster fire he had to deal with here. for the record i am pumped about Wilson. i think chris simms is the best in the media evaluation business, and he thinks wilson is going to be a star...so i am bullish on him.
  2. actually...whatever you need apparently.... sorry.
  3. haha Jamal Adams was a man?? talk about a passive aggressive, millennial, talk a ton but say nothing bitch! who was less of a "dawg" then him when it was all set and done?? shocking that the second he was traded all kind of leaks came out about him being a locker room cancer. must have been the metal illness he was fighting while here. anyways, no interest on your Darnold take...but i found the Adams comment hilarious in a horrifyingly clueless kind of way.
  4. just because a kid is YOUR kid doesnt mean that he doesnt deserve for someone to kick his butt once in a while so he understands wrong from right
  5. wrong poster.... i think you are looking for @JiFapono
  6. youll be doing home by the middle of the third quarter...save your money
  7. yeah because Sam hasnt had any big games. the dumbness on this board is getting to epic levels.
  8. Darnold is going to pick us apart...and he should. Ill be rooting for Sam to have a big game.
  9. Chase Daniel has 5 career starts in 12 years, and has career earnings of like 40 million dollars...you "deserve" what you can get. this is still America after all.
  10. 1. Team finished strong 2. Darnold was coming off an improved year 3. I am sure they felt Gase deserved another year to show that he can move the team forward
  11. yeah you can miss me with those highlights of ZW breaking ankles. only thing i want to see from him is throwing the ball, rolling out of the pocket, and running away from defenders in the backfield. he also seems pretty horrible at going down or sliding or whatever else you need to do in the NFL not to become RG3.
  12. i would hold on to all your crypto, its all going to be worth much more few years down the road...no matter how much it goes up and comes back down. this was true in 2017, 2018, last summer, etc... this is a long term play if you want to see real money. my main investments are in, POLK, ADA, ETH, ENJ, UNI, LINK, haven't taken a dollar out yet.
  13. not really. i saw a few VT games this year, Darrisaw was a man amongst boys. He doesnt project inside like AVT, and he may not be graded as highly by the Jets...but if he is graded lower then AVT on pure talent...its not by much.
  14. you have to think JD feels good about who we have there, otherwise he would not have given up the 2 picks. I have to say giving up prospects of Brady Christensen, Wyatt Davis, and Darrisaw for AVT is interesting...
  15. i mean this is such dumb sh*t? he looks amazing? this is why people turn on athletes...they build them up to be something they are not based on what they want them to be. let this kid play a game first.
  16. hopefully they pay him. he is a good player, and has been a good soldier more or less. drafting players, them turning out to be good, and paying them market value is best case scenario.
  17. ugh still dont understand how we let Jason Myers go...guy was 24-24 with a long of 61 yards last year. prob lost like 5 games in the last 2 years just on kicks.
  18. priorities... how about we win a few games. watching this dumpster fire team play is much harder on my eyes then the ugliest uniforms possible.
  19. I like this video. Dude has power to his game.
  20. your answers make total sense...if you were the GM. when you say things like "take jenkins" you lose me. they may have had him as a third round pick for all we know. we already know they had the OL as Slater, AVT, Sewell...which is not in line with most mocks.
  21. 1. JD loves picks, you cant tell me that he didnt have a great reason to move up 2. its now been reported that NE was hot after AVT at 15 which is why JD traded up 3. as i said only other elite prospect was Darrisaw and he is a T only 4. who is to say that both AVT and Darrisaw would not be gone by 23? 5. both things can be true, we gave away valuable picks AND we got the player that we thought we needed to have
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