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  1. are all the plays in the playbook prevent defense?
  2. Rex is a great defensive mind. His issue was that the players did whatever they wanted....but even that being said...Rex could scheme a defense for a team of 12 year olds. I have 0 confidence Saleh can even run a defense.
  3. Luvu has been very good this year. But Bob and Joe dont need LB'ers....
  4. i mean did he? i doubt he is involved in offensive play calling. either way....i am not allowing play level accomplishments lol
  5. i have a challenge for my follow jets fans... Tell me one thing Saleh has done well. Seriously, just give me one tangible thing that he has done well. Players rally around him? that's not a thing, outside of mangini i think players generally speak out for their coach. what i see: - undisciplined - unprepared (lets not lose sight of the fact that he decided not to play anyone in the preseason) - can't generate pass rush with a top paid D line + 2 very good corners - safeties are probably the worst in football - illogical love of Joe Flacco (imagine if we actually had a competent backup like brissett...yeah i know) - terrible media handling, basically lied to us about Wilson and then chose not to come clean - chose Lefleur to come with him as OC, chances are he could have had mcdaniel (speculation) - hired a terrible DC and letting him sink this team although the ******* guy is a top defensive coordinator i just want someone to tell me the 1 thing that he's done well enough to warrant a HC job (that wasn't in SF or seattle).
  6. he is up there...and his assistants are not far behind...
  7. if you are a good player, you have to figure out a way to not suck. in these 3 games...he's been the weak spot on the line at least 2.
  8. at least we didn't pay fant stupid $ coming off last seasons performance. he's clearly regressed back to his career levels.
  9. you forgot the many many fumbles by the veteran QB
  10. they keep talking about Flacco zipping the ball in...and i saw considerable wobble in his throws. i think his arm being anything special is so in the rear view mirror its not even a memory.
  11. no excuses but our safeties and linebackers are not good.
  12. here is the thing that drives me nuts...Joe Flacco is a veteran/SB winning blah blah....he FUMBLED 3 TIMES and it should have been 4 on that "incomplete pass". you know you have the movement skills or a sloth, the one thing the should be able to do is hold onto the football.
  13. you mean having an immobile QB behind a so-so offensive line is not a great idea?
  14. ive said it before ill say it again, we need to hold Saleh's love of Flacco against him. this team has a blind spot for a competent backup QB and its disgusting.
  15. Joe Flacco had a great career, and has now had his jets moment...mazel. he should also never play for us again...ever.
  16. i take no pleasure in being right...but hopefully we can put the Joe Flacco garbage to rest now.
  17. The Steelers D is stout. Their offense is sh*t, but thats a really tough game. They would destroy Flacco.
  18. there is a long list of teams that have done this very thing....starting with the Bengals. the flaw with your argument is that it is kibble or steak, because sitting Wilson stunts his development, impacts his confidence, and standing with the team. he needs to fail, the jets cant just let him rot on the bench while they roll with joe flacco and expect to have him start next year.
  19. look i don't think we are going to agree, but its take the kibble and lose your place in line for the steak. i am 42, ive been through a lot of the lows, but saying we suck ill take a few wins just for the same of getting a few wins is such SOJ thinking. If we can't build a team that can compete for a superbowl, they should fire everyone...and i dont think we can do that without Wilson or knowing what he is.
  20. there are those of us that take the kibble, and those that would rather try for something better...enjoy the kibble
  21. Rooting has nothing to do with anything...you people are losing your minds over a guy who is 37 and 2 years removed from 3 years after he did anything. everyone loves the vinny story, but vinny threw 18 TD's the year before he came here....for context Flacco threw 20 once since 2015 (thats 7 years ago)....and had 15 coming into this year in 3 years...including Denver where they gave him every chance to play before replacing him. and again, i dont care if Wilson sucks....happy to go into the draft next year with a QB in the crosshairs...but absolutely cannot go into next year saying, well Zach didnt play last year because Joe Flacco got us to 8-9/9-8....so now we need to play him and see what happens. btw all of this is pointless because the Jets believe in Wilson and will start him, and thats all that matters....enjoy another week of old man river.
  22. We just went through this with Mike White. I am old enough to remember when he was elite…until he wasn’t the following week lol Flacco is going to lay an egg this week, and this will all be over.
  23. yeah but you'll never know, because you are staying with Flacco as long as he is running at 500
  24. yeah well thank god Saleh and JD are committed to building a perennial winner and not a 9 win team with a 50 year old QB. you guys are out to lunch...and i mean that with all due respect.
  25. so you sit him if Flacco played well enough to keep afloat? how is that finding anything out?
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