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  1. Biggest thing to fix in the offseason. We got nothing from them this year. The SP coach needs to be shown the door. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. interior pressure and guys staying honest to their assignment.
  3. I bet that Fitz makes it after people start dropping out. happens every year.
  4. i don't know if i buy that TDs are "impossible to predict" as someone said earlier. part of what has made Marshall great this year and over his career is that he can go get it in the red zone. i probably agree with Odell being the best just because the dude is such a freak, but personally marshall is right up there...esp if he has a good 3 games to close the season and ends up something like 14-1500 yards and 14-16 TD's.
  5. Winston is a real NFL QB, and is going to be a good one. I was never a huge fan, but watching him in his rookie year has been eye opening for me.
  6. everyone assumed that any receiver that came here would flop...marshall showing to be the kind of receiver that can pick up a QB, as opposed to the kind that will flop because of one.
  7. i know Antonio Brown is a stud, but he did little without big Ben. Marshall through 13 games: 89 catches, 1187 yards, 11TD's Top 3? Top 5? Best move of the offseason, Revis, Fitz and Williams included.
  8. biggest secret in the NFL. Not this year, probably not start of next year, but i expect Bryce Petty to take over next year and not look back for 10 years. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000476322/article/jon-gruden-bryce-petty-might-have-the-best-arm-talent-in-draft P.S. Cut Geno, resign Fitz
  9. Anyone have tickets to the game they are looking to sell? Looking for 4 tickets in the lower bowl. Please PM me if you can help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Geno is ******* horrible. if u dont know that by now u need glasses.
  11. Geno is ******* horrible. I am willing to let the ship sink with Fitz at the wheel.
  12. the jets are getting their ass kicked...as a fan that is just disheartening...
  13. another solid game for the second year player and another example of people killing the kid too early.
  14. Should know something later tonight on both Cro and Mouldin?
  15. umm the article came out yesterday...is this not a place to talk about relevant jet news?
  16. wasn't he supposed to be the guy who was going to turn water into wine on defense and put "players in position to succeed"? wasn't Marty the offensive guru that was going to build the offense? its not like we let studs walk out the door...how about some ******* personal responsibility for not developing what you had instead of relying on players developed by another team. looking back on the last 5 years its now obvious that Rex is either a crappy evaluator of talent, full of sh*t, or all of the above. Not sure Bowles will be any better in the long run, but at least i don't have to listen to him talk up every JAG every week after a loss.
  17. you guys are insane, Amaro is going to be a weapon in this offense....some of you are such SOJF...
  18. i am surprised Cro didn't make the top 100. Just Revis and Geno left now...
  19. i think Geno deserves a shot, esp due to lack of options. with that being said Tennehill was a friggin converted wide receiver, did he "sit and learn for 2 years"? i do appreciate that different players develop differently.
  20. This is a simple question of valuation. Wilkerson is seeking a valuation that is in line with what he can do this year with a good secondary behind him and an offense that doesn't make the D defend from the 10 every other drive. The jets are valuing him on his production to date which while good has not been great, purely numbers wise. Robert Quinn got 41mil guaranteed coming off 19 sacks...
  21. love this kid...just hope he can stay healthy...cuz he is going to be a beast.
  22. if there is one thing i have gotten out of this new staff its that they are the anti Rex Ryan. they will not make excuses for any one player if that means putting the rest of the teams success in jeopardy. and if you haven't gotten that by now then me and you are not watching the same people say the same things.
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