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  1. are you people serious? talk about high risk low reward. am i the only one who watched him crumble every time there was any pressure in the pocket in 2013/2014? you'd think after watching Geno and Sanchez this would be the primary factor in judging a QB around here. http://www.bucsnation.com/2013/10/31/5042768/mike-glennon-vs-game-film-week dont know what the answer is, but its not 15mil for Mike Glennon.
  2. there is no news...Bowles is not going to get fired after 2 seasons of 10-6 and 4-12.
  3. i am kind of torn on the Hack thing... on one hand watching Hack is literally the only reason to tune into the final game... on the other hand, do you really want him to take a beating in week 17 playing with a team that's given up and go into the off-season on a low point? for me its the curiosity factor... is he as bad as he was in that preseason game where he went like a quarter without completing a pass to third stringers? or is he the guy who had that drive that ended with a TD to Robbie Anderson? either way i don't think we get the answer in one game with a bunch of checked out veterans. so i probably lean towards waiting... that being said...this FO's reputation hinges on the Hack pick for me. if they draft a guy in round 2 and he doesn't get into a game prior to them moving on from him, its obvious they are clueless. Macc gets 1 more draft, but his picks will be telling.
  4. i think you keep taking a shot until you hit it big. maybe if we drafted more russel wilsons and signed less brett favre's we would be in better shape. and the way our second round picks have turned out since david harris...
  5. what is the fair market value for him at this point? would you give up a second to bring him in to compete with Hack and Petty?
  6. i am not going to blame the coaching, i dont think i am qualified to...however...its clear that they dont believe in Petty as the answer at QB. They played like they were afraid that he was going to lose the game for them. i keep going back to the fact that Hack is our only hope at this point (even if thats a sad statement). the crop of college QB's seems to be mediocre and we will still be stuck with like the 6th pick when its set and done.
  7. isnt eugenics where you guys would be banging fruit and i would be banging brooklyn decker to create super babies?
  8. not my thing either, and i kind of get it....but if you are a public figure...maybe dont put stupid sh*t that might offend people.
  9. eking out is right lol he better be saving that rookie bonus money...he is going to need it to get him through the rest of his life.
  10. people are overpopulated and starving in various parts of the world...when we going huntin bubba?
  11. never said i was good at it Mr Montana, also never had to be since i make my living without having to play a sport.
  12. another douche bag that needs to kill something to feel manly, how about not sucking at football? that'll do it,
  13. 1. he got overpaid 2. Min gave up an absolute ransom for him /end
  14. i am going to pray to baby jesus tonight that hackenburg is not hot garbage too, just not sure how much more of this i can take.
  15. neither guy got any burn in preseason. is this procedural so these guys get replaced sometime this week? maybe it has to do with salaries being guaranteed? i am all for the best players staying, but again these guys barely saw the field in the preseason right? did i miss seeing them?
  16. He can be productive if he can stay healthy...but that seems like a stretch. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  17. good. they should have cut the bum after that drop in the last game. waste of space.
  18. well then i think we can both agree you failed at life
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