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  1. He can be productive if he can stay healthy...but that seems like a stretch. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  2. good. they should have cut the bum after that drop in the last game. waste of space.
  3. well then i think we can both agree you failed at life
  4. just went over there for a peak...wow...i guess its dead. 75% of topics started by SOOTH or 'NFL Scouting'. Good to see JetsRule128 is still hiding the the bushes there as well.
  5. seems fairly routine at this point. some of those guys are clearly never going to make the 53. the final cut down will be tough.
  6. thats great but you are not their target demographic most people actually do like the red zone channel. so your beef is that they raised the thing by 24 dollars over 6 months?? lol
  7. Yeah but if you are not paying the full price, who cares? Sunday ticket max is 59.99 for 6 months, I settled on 44.99 for the same package...which is still discounted.
  8. just ordered Sunday ticket max for 44.99 a month for 6 months. seemed like a decent deal considering i am already getting 40 bucks off my regular bill for a year. too much fantasy going on this year, this was a must!!
  9. who are we keeping at WR? i think it might be Peake (PS?) and Thompkins that go. Ross may have won himself a job yesterday. Can we keep 7 receivers and 4 QB's? Marshall B Decker Peake Anderson Enunwa Ross Thompkins Marshall J Devin Smith
  10. do we have to cut 6 more by Tuesday? i guess the 53 is the following saturday?
  11. mild surprise...i was kind of thinking they were into developing him.
  12. anyone who thinks Hack is inaccurate should Ryan Nassib play. not sure ive seen so many passes sail before. I though Hack looked awesome. the TD throw was not an easy one to make and required accuracy and touch. I think the accuracy thing is way overblown.
  13. i mean we did go 10-6 last year. i know the schedule was not killer like this year but those are strong words for a guy rooting for a team which never wins anything. Fitz was clearly the best possible option at this point...brady and manning werent in the free agent market in case you didnt notice.
  14. let Geno have his shot...at least he wont be able to say that he didnt get a chance when he sh*ts the bed and gets cut.
  15. as early as Monday? if not then the following Monday? he isn't is also an acceptable response.
  16. i am going with SlingTV for this fall. RedZone for 29.99+tax per month.
  17. it doesn't matter who he is throwing to, you cant teach what Geno doesn't have. he doesn't throw his receivers open, he struggles against the pass rush (sometimes trying to do too much like Sanchez did), he is not overly accurate, and he makes the wrong reads way too often. i agree that you hate to throw experience away, but i just hate that we have no upside with him. Small sample size vs second and third stringers, but Petty's arm and pocket presence were impressive.
  18. k-met57


    i think Amaro is going to have a good year. north of 600 yards and 5TD's or so. He is clearly faster and bigger then most linebackers, he seems to be working out his drop issues, and Fitz will get him the ball...unlike whichever scrub was throwing it to him Thursday.
  19. k-met57


    Seriously...People are just throwing sh*t at the wall to see what sticks.
  20. k-met57


    The long ball was not catchable. The thing that stood out to me was that out he ran on 3rd and like 4. The throw went over his head and then the announcers said it was meant for the receiver above him. He would have had a first clearly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Geno looked like Geno...Petty looked better while running for his life. If you think Petty can be a competent backup, show Geno the door. I just dont want to see him plan here anymore...there is 0 upside.
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