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  1. I want to laugh…but I am crying…because this is true
  2. i am going to make it simple...we lived with whatever that was last year, it was unacceptable for his team to be so unprepared last week. he also had that wilson thing that made it seem like they are lying to us, and then he doubled down with his us against everyone (many read, including the fans speech). so yeah...it took a few weeks...but its completely logical and reasonable. he now has no benefit of the doubt, and will have to prove that he can win the fans back. which is ok.
  3. real world: nice article, sure it's based on just 1 week...but most football content is good content (esp PFF who i like personally) jets world: i told you so, we drafted the wrong guy, we are doomed anyone want to look up how many receiving yards justin jefferson had week 1 of his rookie year with a much better QB then Joe Flacco?
  4. i am probably missing the sarcasm...but the "keeping receipts" speech is not very "positive vibes"
  5. Lefleur need to read a book on "agile"...analysis paralysis will kill this team.
  6. 1. plays don't choose when to practice 2. i have no doubt he wants to play, he prob wanted to play last week 3. you made up that he is trying to play, because for all we know he was told he isn't playing until week 4
  7. i know jets fans love the romance of the one that got away...but this isnt it.
  8. you literally just made this up He's already back at Practice and looks like he's trying to play next week.
  9. the jets continue to look like ass. if he can practice...and he has almost 2 weeks to do so, he should play. this is some ben simmons bullsh*t...its not football.
  10. yeah i mean he is def a dickhead and a trash human being. but good for him for getting paid before his career went down the toilet...i guess.
  11. When writing the story of your life, never let another man beat you half to death with the pen.
  12. If Campbell came out and said he was proud of the Lions because they fought….I’d get it
  13. I got really annoyed when he got 9 yards on 3 and 10 and then celebrated for 10 minutes.
  14. That’s the MO for this operation. I am sure they will all congregate and pat each other on the back for “not giving up”. At least Rex got pissed.
  15. The OL was ok to close out last year, added a FA LG. Please stop.
  16. I mean we’ve all heard JD say it…we have to be watching meaningful games into December.
  17. i dont want to sh*t on the guy, but how is this more then speculation? guy is just a fan like the rest of us and people out here taking his speculation as some type of sources inside scoop.
  18. Fire Saleh....if we want to win, has to be done.
  19. no team manages to fall out of playoff contention in the first quarter of the first game like our jets...make sure you have your food ready for the start of the game...may not be hungry by second quarter.
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