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  1. he said they will all be evaluated tomorrow, and that carter has a sprain...unsure of severity.
  2. i am not old enough to see the old school receivers....but he is going to be the best one we've had in my lifetime.
  3. we are all hungry for it, people need to understand this is a week to week league.
  4. Jay Glazer reported on FOX that... ...Team lost confidence in Wilson ...Wilson lost confidence in his play ...Teammates felt like while his apology was genuine..."that was the first time they saw him be genuine (or something like that) if true, and based on how team rallied around MW....Saleh and Douglas have some soul searching to do this season and upcoming offseason.
  5. have to admit, that was some run.
  6. i like to think this board is full of educated football fans, but the reactionary garbage is making me question that. ...Mike White looked great today, better than Wilson or Flacco obv ...The bears are a bad team without their top 2 corners, their QB, their arguably most explosive RB, their all pro S (left the game), and an OL that today for the first time was the same as last week ...On the road I am cautiously optimistic about White, and i realize how much Zach hurt you people....but maybe lets wait until Minnesota and Buffalo on the road before "being vindicated"
  7. Hughes is a self important millennial douche....regardless of his mac jones take.
  8. does anyone actually think tyler heincke is the answer to anything in washington? i'd buy Mike White before Heinicke because at least with white we havent seen a ton of him. the narrative of the high energy, lovable backup is so stupid...in the NFL talent at QB wins....or talent at other positions carries the QB to wins...which is a lot harder to do.
  9. based on the job he did, i'd be shocked if someone gave him a HC gig next season.
  10. these things are usually so far fetched its comical, but this one could have real legs. i don't think he gets another HC gig, and having the Douglas connection is real.
  11. i think you are missing the point of the draft buddy...its to draft prospects not pro-bowlers.
  12. 1. they don't break anything anymore 2. there are tons of sources for information, and people get everything almost real time 3. no one cares about their dumb opinions. if i get one more cimini blurb on espn i dont give a sh*t about... 4. no one wants to be their source, so they make sh*t up as "anonymous sources" like they are some kind of NY Times investigative reporters they need to get clicks and create content to justify their employment. also, with all the sh*t disney is going through and all the layoffs espn has had....i am not buying that Cimini is in some kind of a thriving industry. **** him.
  13. Dick is so happy they got to sh*t on the young man for 2 days, and he came out and ate humble pie. Long live Conor Hughes and Dick Chimney. Asshats.
  14. I used to like Hughes but he's been unbearable. He acts like he is some kind of a football savant, asks these super inflammatory questions, makes sweeping judgements in segmenets, click baiting tweets, etc... I don't need my beat guy to be THE STORY, i don't need him being outraged and having players as nemeses....just ask good questions and give me the facts bob.
  15. yep. they should have traded for Jimmy G when he was available. Only thing i would say, i am not sure they expected 6-4 with a top 10 defense....so starting Jimmy G started to make a lot more sense with that.
  16. why would raiders get rid of Carr after they just paid stupid money and picks for his best friend at WR. Surely its easy to see he isnt THE issue in LV, and they clearly arent blowing it up.
  17. didnt see it posted https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/oc-mike-lafleur-press-conference-11-23-week-12 he called out Zach's bottom half as the problem, which is what Warner was saying as well. Its mind blowing that a guy gets picked second and you are now trying to fix his footwork in year 2. is it possible that got much worse? i doubt it.
  18. yeah maybe, its easy to speculate now...making this type of a decision on the spot is far from easy.
  19. still holding out hope for Sam. go get em.
  20. this is def a misstep. last week they needed 1 or 2 plays to win....if Wilson wasnt making that play, maybe White would have.
  21. Hughes will be as bad as Dick Chimney as the years go by. Disgruntled, trying to stay relevant and ear a paycheck in a dying industry.
  22. Hughes is such a dummy, and u guys are eating it up....its comical. I am not even sure Saleh was saying that as a relay of the actual conversation, it was just something that he said in passing.
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