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  1. if this wasnt posted already, its a good listen...this is how i feel.
  2. i just listened to the thing again, its infuriating. Saleh on Monday....Zack may play Sunday, we will see how he responds to practice and make a decision Saleh on Wed...i am going to just say this once so you guys stop asking me over and over, Zack isnt going to be available until week 4 does that sound a guy who is talking out of the same side of his mouth on both days? i really lost a lot of respect for him today. someone is lying to someone, and odds are we are the ones being finessed. just tell the ******* truth dummy.
  3. as i said, its troubling that there is this much of a disconnect between the facts and what comes out of his mouth. i am going to park the fact that he is a defensive coach who had a bottom 3 defense last year. lets see how he does this year...but he better not get the "Flacco" curve.
  4. Fire Saleh, i am tired of his ra ra bullsh*t. Bechton, now Wilson....guy is just a ******* smile with no substance. How ******* disconnected are you to say he may play this week, and then flip to wait a month. ******* unreal.
  5. i think when playing the ravens discipline is key. thats their clear path to victory...contain, be disciplined, and do your damn job.
  6. the question is, what level does Wilson suck to this year. if he is very very bad....i dont know that douglas gets to pick another QB.
  7. another unqualified internet doctor fishing for clicks... smh
  8. i mean there are a lot of trash starting corners so i guess he is starting caliber on some team. look he's not a bad player, but i watched him get beat up and down the field last year, and he didn't look good in the preseason either...i would prefer he not be my starting corner if i am trying to get into the playoffs in a QB heavy AFC.
  9. Hall and Echols are not starting caliber. They are both backups. Lets hope Reed can go.
  10. this happens every year. and i dont think the ravens are elite by any measure. you just need to get them off their game and keep it close. https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401326308
  11. i dunno how i feel about this after the cinci experience last year...
  12. Yeah and the list of elite quarterbacks with strong arms is like 30-1, dumb.
  13. seems like it. so they congregate at a bowling alley? https://www.loc8nearme.com/florida/davie/hammerjacks/3721920/
  14. going to north miami the weekend of the opener. any jets bars or get togethers? would really rather not watch by myself in a hotel room of around dolphins fans in a buffalo wild wings
  15. He was to figure out QB. I dont care if its Wilson or Santa….just figure it out. If Wilson sh*ts the bed fine, pull the plug early and go get a veteran. They need to be a playoff team next year. The end.
  16. good. a 5th or a 6th is not better then having the insurance of Mims. He seems like he is willing to be a pro about it.
  17. who is our FB? i think Wesco was the backup FB....now he is gone...i dont think any of those TE's can play that role can they?
  18. sometimes you have to own your mistakes and move on
  19. Damn it, I thought he got cut.
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