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  1. i agree. he is cheap and we have him for 2 more years. unless you get a 3 for him, i don't see why we move him. i think insurance is worth more.
  2. the backups started the game. by the time Mims got in there he was catching balls on future construction workers.
  3. i mean we saw him play while Wilson was out....he stinks.
  4. i fundamentally disagree with him. the interception was a quick timing throw, exactly the kind of throw you'd miss in the preseason....Davis went a yard deeper then what Wilson anticipated and sat down in the zone. The injury/run....the issue wasnt going down it was going out of bounds....i get it...but its not like he ran to contact either like Jimmy G. Boomer is off here, and as an ex player should know better.
  5. and Herndon was a lock to bring back a mid round pick? let it play out...
  6. i have to say Bills fans seem to be more human and asking for him to be cut. Unlike browns fans who have completely given up any moral standing to finally win a few games.
  7. there seems to be enough there to kick him out of football, and they should. maybe if they stopped treating football players like they were celebrities from like 15yo they wouldnt act like assholes.
  8. how many teams have the same kicker for the last 7-8 years? i bet it's like 5 you can say we are not great at getting kickers, but the money angle is weird
  9. k-met57

    Our DC

    i would venture to say it wasnt even the backups for most of the game lol
  10. no one in their 30's has seen him play and remembers it, tough to say. I am 42, i don't remember him...but i'd tank the season because the team and the history is more important than any one season (esp when its an OK one). here is a good question....say we had as much of a shot at a SB as the bills...do you do it?
  11. 1. Joe Flacco is the 37 year old version of the prime Joe Flacco that wasn't great to begin with...which is why he's gotten traded 2 times for late round picks in the last 2 years 2. Let the doctors and the trainers figure out when Wilson can play, arbitrary 4 game window makes no sense 3. Wilson is the only option to start if able. If Wilson is not the guy we need to know yesterday
  12. NFL settles with unapologetic, judge declared predators, cool...
  13. https://www.verywellhealth.com/what-is-arthroscopic-surgery-2548501#:~:text=Arthroscopic surgery%2C also known simply,through tiny "keyhole" incisions.
  14. i am young enough to remember when Zach Wilson looked like prime Aaron Rodgers in the preseason last year...
  15. can i ask what you do for a living?
  16. i like the idea of Mangini but only if he's learned from the hard ass robot behavior that got him run out of NFL coaching. if mcdaniels can, so can the manginius.
  17. whats the expectation for the starters? 2 series?
  18. didnt see the game thread. sorry...but still very exciting
  19. the jets have the 11th best OL in football (pff) last year and added a pro bowl guard. you were as wrong then as you are today. also bumping your own hot takes is pretty lame.
  20. lets temper our expectation. i do not see the cat like reflexes lol
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