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  1. this. Pickens seems like the type of prospect that dropped down boards because of character and injury history.
  2. i think we lose to GB, but its wild to think how upside down the football world goes if we win and look good doing it. i expect we would be a national headline by monday after winning at Lambeau.
  3. i would be looking at those june minicamps
  4. i think you pick up the option and see what happens. but i will also say they have more access to him then anyone, they should be able to see how committed he is to reclaiming his job.
  5. this. you double down on your advantages. they need to solve the tackle issue.
  6. i am fascinated by the Geno thing. If he can actually turn things around and establish himself as a QB up there, that would be some story.
  7. Yes but did he pick his own coaches?
  8. i am surprised anyone has anything bad to say about Wilson yesterday. he was literally 2 yards a way from having 210 yards and account for 3 touchdowns. he was great.
  9. please stop this nonsense. you are allowed to be happy, but we are way closer to 1-4 than 4-1...and we all wanted the coaching staff to take a hike 2 weeks ago. even yesterday, some of the decision making was maddening (on the 50, 4 and 1 throw down the sideline??). just enjoy the fact that they are pulling the wins out while trying to figure out how to be a good team. there is a lot of good here...but no one here would be surprised if we lose 50-3 to the bills. i'll be positive when they go 9-8 (or better), Zach cements himself as the answer based on his play, and i can look forward to the draft and next season.
  10. is it possible that was was holding the ball because the steelers were blitzing this sh*t out of him and he had to scramble before he could even find a quick read to throw to? context matters. while Wilson clearly needs to improve his short throw accuracy, warner sounds like the type of evaluator that passed on mahomes because he "made things too difficult for no reason".
  11. could be so good, but could also be a bust. there is a lot of potential there, but he needs to evolve every week to be great. as the kids say, i hope he is HIM.
  12. I don’t know what game you guys are watching, but that’s not in IMG_0158.MOV
  13. do you remember when it was? which quarter and what time? i have the game recorded.
  14. he stepped out. this is why the video is cut before he completes the catch.
  15. stop it. that's just crazy. learn to make pizza at home...you'll have the best pizza in Charlotte.
  16. i mean he has 6 TD's and 4 games...he isnt exactly Marino.
  17. 40. and that's not an exaggeration...
  18. an uneven performance from Wilson even though one of the picks was not his fault. He made big boy throws at the end of the game...you have to be encouraged and hope the rest is rust.
  19. Not saying no to any of this, and i would add that he has "supreme talent" as a passer. BUT none of this means anything if he can't limit the mistakes, and consistency is the key for all elite QB's. For me its a 14 game eval of what he is and can be....lets see end of year if above means anything.
  20. my challenge stands...show me 1 thing he's done really well here...
  21. all i want to know is what offensive, established coach is coming in here next...
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