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  1. He also played 3 more games and didn't miss the preseason/practices? Oh and his team didnt have 2 games where they ran the ball into the ground. In fact he was actually playing catchup a bunch because his team is 2-5? i am not saying Wilson is amazing, clearly work to do…but tired of lazy analysis from jets fans. They are 4-0 with Wilson not throwing TD’s, that means something besides for him sucking. Let the season unfold, stop being a sheep.
  2. i thought it was pretty clear, if not...read again...if still not...cant help you.
  3. just out of curiosity do you think the raiders have "the worst passing offense in the league?" because Carr threw for 188 yards with no TD's vs the Broncos AT HOME.
  4. how old are you? that was a SB team, coming off a loss in AFCCG, and on its basically last shot at a run. Its not even close.
  5. i am not one for glass half full type takes, but somehow ive decided to look at this glass half full. 1. Hall was used extensively in college, which means his ACL could have been fairly worn out. If anything having his ACL fixed will improve his ability to stay healthy as the years go by. lots of RB's had ACL injuries, this is part of the reason why. 2. He is a stud, we know it, the jets know it...he's proven to everyone what he is. The reason i needed Wilson to play this year is because i have no idea what he is, if he was Joe Borrow and he missed the season after that preseason injury...i wouldnt be nearly as upset as i would be if he missed this actual season. 3. The jets will have to throw more now. I know it may mean we dont win as many games, but i want them to throw more. Winning 10 games and then losing in the first round of the playoffs because we just run run run pass run run run, wouldnt give us any intel on Wilson going into next year. this is not a SB team without a QB with our without Hall/AVT. 4. As i said above, we arent a SB team....this season was always about developing guys mainly the QB...and i would argue Hall is the guy who prob needs the least development out of the young guys...he is already a star. going to watch the rest of this year, hope for the best, and hope that both Hall and AVT can come back healthy next season. Ditto for Becton. I think we can still win 10 games this year. thats just me.
  6. it was a parlay....which clearly failed.
  7. with all due respect, if our OC needs you for tips...we may as well find a replacement now.
  8. i need Latavius Murray TD + 20 yards rushing. lets go! lol
  9. this is a young team playing through their running game. moore was top 3 in targets for WR's every week before GB. Is he mad they are not scheming him open, moving him around, and forcing him the ball? too bad, its not about you its about the team.
  10. i dont know how you can watch the game yesterday and not think that he isnt an nfl passer. unless your point is that he is already broken and his play by play isnt indicative of his overall talent? that pass where he overthrew griffin...you could have made.
  11. def making me question my love of football.
  12. i really dont get Wentz. how do you suddenly just forget how to throw? he did have an MVP season at one point.
  13. i know its sarcasm but you should google his six flags adventures. he is a scumbag.
  14. after the last 2 weeks, i think it may be time for Amazon to ask NFL for a refund.
  15. i think Tom Tupa is top 5 in career TD passes at Ohio State
  16. if he only he leaned to throw lol
  17. i dont know what Zach is going to be, but i know what Fields is...thank god we didnt draft him.
  18. jesus, i thought you were kidding. tin foil hat much? you must not have any clue about the draft, if you did you would know that Zach wilson was regarded as the second best QB in this draft by basically everyone. but maybe everyone was in on the conspiracy....
  19. our pass rush has been a lot better, i think run defense is going to be the place we struggle. we could really use a run stuffing DT next season.
  20. he got hurt because GVR got pushed back into his knee, and presumably the second injury was related to the first one not healing well. There is some truth to him being out of shape, but i think he was looking pretty good in TC before being hurt. Lets not pretend like there arent fat as **** LT's that have been very good in the NFL. I really dont buy the above...i think Bechton is a high level tackle that's had bad luck.
  21. this. Pickens seems like the type of prospect that dropped down boards because of character and injury history.
  22. i think we lose to GB, but its wild to think how upside down the football world goes if we win and look good doing it. i expect we would be a national headline by monday after winning at Lambeau.
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