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  1. do you remember when it was? which quarter and what time? i have the game recorded.
  2. he stepped out. this is why the video is cut before he completes the catch.
  3. stop it. that's just crazy. learn to make pizza at home...you'll have the best pizza in Charlotte.
  4. i mean he has 6 TD's and 4 games...he isnt exactly Marino.
  5. 40. and that's not an exaggeration...
  6. an uneven performance from Wilson even though one of the picks was not his fault. He made big boy throws at the end of the game...you have to be encouraged and hope the rest is rust.
  7. Not saying no to any of this, and i would add that he has "supreme talent" as a passer. BUT none of this means anything if he can't limit the mistakes, and consistency is the key for all elite QB's. For me its a 14 game eval of what he is and can be....lets see end of year if above means anything.
  8. my challenge stands...show me 1 thing he's done really well here...
  9. all i want to know is what offensive, established coach is coming in here next...
  10. Watching the presser…. ”McDermott has played a lot of good football” what?
  11. week 5....only because it seems like week 4 isn't a real possibility.
  12. can i get a "when you write the story of your career, don't let jeff ulbrich hold the pen" tshirt?
  13. are all the plays in the playbook prevent defense?
  14. Rex is a great defensive mind. His issue was that the players did whatever they wanted....but even that being said...Rex could scheme a defense for a team of 12 year olds. I have 0 confidence Saleh can even run a defense.
  15. Luvu has been very good this year. But Bob and Joe dont need LB'ers....
  16. i mean did he? i doubt he is involved in offensive play calling. either way....i am not allowing play level accomplishments lol
  17. i have a challenge for my follow jets fans... Tell me one thing Saleh has done well. Seriously, just give me one tangible thing that he has done well. Players rally around him? that's not a thing, outside of mangini i think players generally speak out for their coach. what i see: - undisciplined - unprepared (lets not lose sight of the fact that he decided not to play anyone in the preseason) - can't generate pass rush with a top paid D line + 2 very good corners - safeties are probably the worst in football - illogical love of Joe Flacco (imagine if we actually had a competent backup like brissett...yeah i know) - terrible media handling, basically lied to us about Wilson and then chose not to come clean - chose Lefleur to come with him as OC, chances are he could have had mcdaniel (speculation) - hired a terrible DC and letting him sink this team although the ******* guy is a top defensive coordinator i just want someone to tell me the 1 thing that he's done well enough to warrant a HC job (that wasn't in SF or seattle).
  18. he is up there...and his assistants are not far behind...
  19. if you are a good player, you have to figure out a way to not suck. in these 3 games...he's been the weak spot on the line at least 2.
  20. at least we didn't pay fant stupid $ coming off last seasons performance. he's clearly regressed back to his career levels.
  21. you forgot the many many fumbles by the veteran QB
  22. they keep talking about Flacco zipping the ball in...and i saw considerable wobble in his throws. i think his arm being anything special is so in the rear view mirror its not even a memory.
  23. no excuses but our safeties and linebackers are not good.
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