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  1. This is getting ridiculous

    The NFL is rigged. They know that league viewing is down. So, one of the biggest matchups Steelers vs Pats. They did everything in their power to keep this game close, back & forth. It is absolutely amazing how many games the Patriots are involved in that are exactly like this. Questionable TD reversals, ignored PI on their defense. The list goes on. Earlier this year, the Texans had the lead & the ball and were just 1 first down from ending the game. The refs threw a flag on the Pats LB for hooking the RB. Automatic 1st down, game over right? Wrong, the refs picked up the flag for no apparent reason, I think they told Bill Obrien the hold was within 1 yard of the LOS. They replay the play on the big board at Gillette, it was an OBVIOUS grab, 5 yards from the LOS, Bill Obrien blew his f*cking top, screaming at the refs. Texans got sacked on the next play, Pats drove the field & won the game with a throw to Cooks with zero time on the clock & their Oline holding Watt & Mercillus all day so Brady could get the throw off! It happens WAY TOO OFTEN with the Pats. Brady is a GOAT, if you give him an unearned possession & keep your flag in your pocket & ignore all the holding that goes on with that Pats Oline his % of last minute & last 2nd wins is inevitable.
  2. Skrine comments

    Players spoke highly of Rex too. If Obrien is available you get him & you finally instill some fear into these players. I'd love to give 100 million to Obrien in free agency.
  3. Anyone who is saying they wouldn't want Bill Obrien let me ask you this question. If they fire him would they EVER consider hiring Todd Bowles & Kacey Rogers? No f*cking way! Will there be teams lining up to sign Obrien? Your damn right! The Bears would be one of them, Cleveland, Bengals, Colts, and none of those teams would have Todd Bowles on the top of their lists!.
  4. are they friggin kidding?

    It's not coincidence. It just can't be. Crazy calls in 3 Pats wins, Texans, Jets, Steelers. Now they get home field all the way through. Pathetic!
  5. I can't watch this team

    You keep on supporting Bowles. I know the structure & upper management of this team is a disaster but right now I'm only commenting on Todd Bowles. THE MAN CANT COACH! He's a fraud, same as Rex. These guys CANT develop players. They are the absolute opposite of the types of coaches you need for a rebuilding team in a youth movement. How do you teach young players about clock situations when you, yourself, make mistakes constantly? He may be a nice man, but he is an idiot making coaching decisions, everything Todd Bowles does, it seems the opposite was the right answer.
  6. I can't watch this team

    Absolutely not. Wrote it this morning just trying to imagine what Todd Bowles brings to the Jets next year if retained. The defensive scheme has been amazing. I'm always amazed how defenders aren't even in the screen on the TV set when another guy is scoring a TD.
  7. Next year if this organization retains Todd Bowles. After 45 games Bowles has shown absolutely zero growth. His defenses are constant underachievers giving up huge play after huge play! I heard on the radio (Sirius XM NFL) that we are #1 in giving up over 50 yard plays & #2 in giving up plays of 20 yards or more! Derek Carr (Yea, he's lighting it up this year...not), Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Blake Bortles, Deshaun Kizer + his backup, Brady, Matt Moore, Matt Ryan (in a monsoon), Taylor again (he was benched soon after), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Lol), Cam Newton, Alex Smith, Trevor Simian (only playing because he was benched & Osweiller got hurt). Yea, a real murderers row here! Plus you got the best QBs in the bunch at home (Brady, Ryan, Smith & Newton), 1-3. This guy STINKS! He has no feel for the game, is absolutely horrible with clock management (repeatedly bad, even this year), always starts vets over youngsters (are we still handing off to cement shoes Forte off left guard?), I believe we are top 3 in penalties. He is SO conservative I feel like I'm watching a game from 20 years ago. This guy hasn't developed ANYONE! He had to suspend Lee, Mo has literally dissolved into a joke before our eyes under Bowles watch (our highest paid player 17.5 million). He will NEVER develop a young QB, and why on earth would you guys want him too? There are young QBs starting in this league had they played for Bowles they wouldn't have seen the field! I know it, you know it, how in the hell does this organization not know this after 45 games? That's why I'm making this post, how can this Jets organization scrutinize a guys lack of success, two years in a row of having to take disciplinary action against players, without an iota of development in any part of the team other than the offense (which is a new coach, working with way less assets than the defense has been afforded with a burnt out RB (Forte), a bad Oline, an UDFA WR, a rehabilitated TE, a player obtained right before the season (Kearse), and a couple of rookie WRs & a QB who had lost 22 games in his last 24 played? Morton should win a medal! Nothing! Bowles has shown absolutely not one iota of growth in his 3rd year as an NFL head coach, NADA! How can this organization justify to a fan like me that bringing him back to keep continuity (losing & showing no growth in any facet of the team) that his return is good for us going forward? Not one fan on this site could give a list of 3 things Todd Bowles is good at, how about give me one. Why isn't Chris Johnson not asking these questions? Its true, this organization accepts mediocrity, plain & simple. There is no structure. Just foolish silver spooned babies watching over their little toy football game as the players spin out of control, usually heading in the wrong direction. This organization doesn't even deserve the loyal fans it has in all of us. From Hess to Woody, nothing's changed, and until someone owns this team that really truly cares about winning & not just about the money, it will sadly never change.
  8. Bills suck! Chiefs D is horrendous (Jets finally got some help from the refs), we've had MANY close losses to the Pats even when Geno Smith was our QB. Forget the Jags game, timing had everything to do with that. Jags dealt with a hurricane, a trip to London & then to NY. LUCK! (The Powell slip when the Jags thought he was down). Jags right now would beat the Jets 9 out of 10 games easy.
  9. I can't believe my luck that this game is being televised in NH. I've watched most Jet games in pieces on Redzone. I don't want anymore moral victories for Todd Bowles and it's so ironic that I'm in the semi finals in fantasy football & my starting QB is Drew Brees & my RB is Alvin Kamara. I also grabbed the Saints defense & was going to start them but after careful consideration I've determined that the Eagles D vs the Giants is the better pick (Eagles D vs an immobile Eli & a really bad oline). Jets might run the ball 60 times. Its incredibly important that we lose these last 3. Bowles has to go & like Rex we don't need a couple meaningless wins that knock us out of the QB sweepstakes or BAP if we go free agency (Cousins-bridgewater?), LT, Pass Rusher, CB. These coaches literally quit last week. Absolutely NOTHING good comes with a victory these last 3 games & anyone that believes anything ROLLS OVER to the next year in football with all of the changes to a team are nuts.
  10. We know this...they never show up for road games. Going back to that debacle in 2015 win & in game in Buffalo! Holy sh*t, think about that game for a moment. The Bills spent the better part of a week digging out from a monster snowstorm, the entire team were packing their bags & golf clubs getting ready to close the season & go home. Rex was a dead man walking & everyone knew it. Yet Bowles couldn't get them to show up. OMG, just pitiful. Fast forward almost 2 years later & here we are with 4 road wins in that span. One against a team in the Bills in the beginning of last year, the Browns twice who are 2-29, and the 4-25 San Francisco 49ers. So Todd Bowles has only beaten on the road in almost 2 years the Bills, who are under .500 over the last 2 years, and 2 other teams with a COMBINED RECORD of 6-54. And there are still Jet fans talking about CONTINUITY! Lmao! What exactly are you continuing?
  11. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    I love how Manish, exuding his scouting acumen, "I didn't like Watson". Lol. Like he really has any clue other than listening to others opinions. It's not like he's Joel Buschbaum,lol.
  12. Brate should definitely be a target. Much more reliable than ASJ, gets deeper much faster.
  13. Are you f*cking kidding? Seriously? They BLEW the Pats game, Falcons game, Fins game, didn't even show up for the Bucs or Broncos, my god man, what games are you watching? The Browns had 429 yards of offense & that was with a combo of Kizer & his backup and no Josh Gordon. Is there anyone on this site that believes that next week if the Jets were playing the Browns instead of getting them early in the season we could beat that team on the road? No freaking way! With Petty playing, now it's truly even for Hue Jackson even though his starter is a green azz rookie!
  14. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    Watch Jackson & Mayfield become stars in the NFL.....just not for the Jets! Book it Danno.