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  1. Your going to look like a complete idiot if they have a good year. Why don't you 1st let it play out. I'll watch & decide for myself the direction we're going instead of you telling me where we're going on April 24th.
  2. Jetster

    Draft Trade Rumors

    With the addition of Crowder & if Quincy stays healthy, Bell & Montgomery out of the backfield, Anderson in a contract year, Herndon in his 2nd year, if we protect Sam, he should be able to tear defenses apart. It's imperative to give Pollack the players to build a wall for Darnold.
  3. Jetster

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    Don't the Seahawks face the Cardinals & 49ers twice a year? 64 pressures, probably half were against these horrible olines, rookie QBs ect. Frank Clark is a good player but your not winning Super Bowls giving a guy like this Von Miller money & draft picks. Tom Brady makes Edge guys useless.
  4. Jetster

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Moving back to 15 is the sweet spot in this deep draft because of the Jets needs. Look at any mock draft & take a look at the players from 15-20. The Jets can take the best Center, LT or Guard available (Time to replace Winters too). Or they could go Best WR (Marquis Brown?) TE (Fant?), maybe an edge falls (Burns?), you just never know in the draft. But it's in the 2nd & 3rd rounds where they could really make hay mining for offensive playmakers. WR, RB (need to replace the average McGuire), this is the meat of the draft to surround Sam with Olineman & playmakers.
  5. I was shocked when the Bengals drafted this nutjob 😲 Because the Bengals have a stellar record regarding nutjobs & felons. I think in there minds they believe it's easy turn your life around in a sh*thole like Cincy. No crackheads here baby.
  6. Let’s hope so, unless Robbie is going down the sideline he’s pretty useless, a catch & duck player, Gase likes catch & run players, hands like a WR & legs churning like a RB (Deebo Samuel).
  7. Jetster

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    Good for them but if Tyreek Hill gets suspended for 8 games? GOOD LUCK! That dude in motion & everyone was open because he draws so much coverage. You gotta just stay home vs Andy’s offense, he puts a lot of dressing on his salad.
  8. UDFA for a high 3rd? Over giving Robbie Anderson 12 million dollars? Yes please. I don’t think Robbie is anything special & Darnold can get the ball to anyone that gets open.
  9. Jetster

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    But even with Clark the Chiefs defense sucks azz! And that’s ANOTHER Patriots 1st down!
  10. Jetster

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    Demarcus Lawrence has to be like WTF! Frank Clark got WHAT?
  11. Exactly. Robbie’s a time bomb after u give him a big contract, he’s not a smart man. Could be a high 3rd. In Gase offense, I’d want Deebo Samuels on the cheap than a 12 million dollar stick boy.
  12. Jetster

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    Wow, it’s deals like these that f*ck up the whole system. That deal is nuts for a guy YOU KNOW the Seahawks can’t sign! Sometimes I think the Jets just throw there name into the ring to up the ante knowing it was an AFC team the Hawks wanted to send him to. Put your competition in salary cap hell. So how did the Chiefs D get better?
  13. Jetster

    nice klecko piece

    The 1st time Gastineau stayed home & played the run would be his 1st! Mark freelanced a lot & left the edge wide open for big plays. Klecko did it all man, soup to nuts on the Dline.
  14. Jetster

    nice klecko piece

    He was involved in something years ago? Tax evasion? Mobsters? I just remember him getting in trouble (white collar crime?).
  15. Jetster

    nice klecko piece

    How is Klecko NOT in the HOF? One of the best Guards in NFL history that played against him believes he belongs in the HOF (John Hannah). Now isn't that enough? So we go by a bunch of morons who vote but don't take heed from literally one of the best all time Olineman that ever put on a damn NFL uniform, ridiculous.

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