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  1. Your damn right! It's much easier to find defensive coaches than great offensive coaches. First you need to find your Franchise QB, which I believe the Jets did with Darnold. Next step is to find the right OC to work with Darnold & keep them together for years. Maybe Jeremy Bates turns out to be the right guy? My point is that we just best Indy 42-34! 34!!! From as team that was missing it's #1 WR, it's #1 TE, and have sh*tty RBs!!! 34 points! Think about the recourses that have been poured into this defense for Todd Bowles. You don't think there's other DCs out there that could match this defensive mastermind that is Todd Bowles record on defense since he's gotten here in 2015? Hell, I think Phillips, Schwartz, Williams, and many more are better defensive coaches than Todd Bowles. I know he's injured now but Bowles got NOTHING out of our 72 million dollar CB Trumaine Johnson (In fact he looked terrible). If you think Macc just went out & signed TJ without Todd Bowles blessing your an idiot. Hell, Malcom Butler has played better!
  2. Defense for the most part is dead in the NFL. There are probably 20 DCs in the NFL that would be getting the same results with these Jet defenders as Todd Bowles. Look at our 8 victories in 2017 & 2018 and you see high scoring games. We OUTSCORED the Colts in the literal sense. Not 9-6 or 13-10 like Bowles THINKS he can win games but 42-34! Look at Pats vs Chiefs score on SNF. If this organization doesn't do everything in its power to give Sam Darnold the chance to grow with some Fire power around him I have no idea what Macc & Chris Johnson are watching. Up until now these idiots have put so many resources into this defense & they can play teams with all their skill players missing & still give 34 points. This Sunday the Jets play a team with a decent QB, 2 good WRs, an above average TE & a really crappy Oline that has had many injuries. This is the type of Oline that team who has drafted defender after defender should dominate in the trenches but won't. Jets have to score at least 27 to win this game Sunday. Go offense!
  3. Jetster

    Breer On Darnold

    How can you adjust anything if your standing on the sideline like a mute statue? He doesn't talk to the team, he doesn't talk to anyone. McVay is always involved, Belichick is always taking notes & you see him communicating with people on the sideline. I see Bowles with a headset but I barely ever see his lips move. What im really happy about is getting Dennison in here. It does take some time to learn a new blocking system. He's a proven coach. Bowles needs to realize that most games his Jets win is because the offense kept the pedal to the metal. This team will not & cannot beat teams 9-6. Bowles goal for offense has to be a MINIMUM of 21 points. Go back & look at our wins in 2017, shootouts like Jax & KC. 2015- Pats we scored at TD in OT when BB deferred, Browns we scored 31 I believe, Giants missed a FG in OT. The Jets play best when they stay aggressive. That Thursday Night Browns game was Bowles in a nutshell. Conservative umbrella defense & no shots on offense. Lose.
  4. Jetster

    Buster Skrine to IR?

    If he is put on IR you won't be seizing him in a Jet uniform again. We paid that dude way too much. And for some reason, maybe his goofy hair, refs always picked him out for penalties. The guy had a reputation & every ref in the league knew it, every opposing OC attacked him. When you have a guy with a target 🎯 from both the refs & the opposing QB, you gotta say to yourself, what is Todd Bowles seeing that we don't? I don't want any long term ramifications for Buster but this is definitely addition by subtraction. It forces Todd to find another way to get things done.
  5. Jetster

    Falcons 1 and 4 - Dan Quinn Sucks

    Exactly! Plus it's tough for them to build their defensive depth because they are the opposite of the Jets. They've invested huge in their offense so injuries are killing their defense which was just average anyway. Plus the Steelers are rolling now on offense. Big Ben, Conner, Juju, Brown, tough Oline, Steelers are beasts on offense when they get rolling & the game was in Pittsburgh. Plus Matty Ice is overated, JMO.
  6. Jetster

    Approach at the Trade Deadline...

    I was thinking the same thing! Powell would fit in nicely, is smart, good hands, and a veteran. He's perfect. A 4 would be nice.
  7. Actually he was rising like crazy because I don't pay much attention to college football but his name was bandied about a lot on Sirius NFL radio. Then he killed his combine. I mean seriously, this is an organization that drafted Vlad Ducass out of UMASS & he could barely speak English in the 2nd round. But they ignore someone with huge upside & a great college career.
  8. Ugh...and everything about Marpet screamed OVER ACHIEVING GAMER! He excelled at the combine too & came in with an impeccable work ethic. How the f*ck do you take a streak WR over a guy as solid as a rock like Marpet?
  9. Jetster

    The Colts Will Be A Litmus Test

    I can't believe any Jet fan would feel confident. Last time the Jets played the Colts, 2016, MNF, Metlife Stadium. Jets...3 plays & punt. Colts 42 Yards 3:33 TD 7-0. Jets...3 plays & punt. Colts 69 yards 1:47 14-0. Final score: Colts 41-10 I have very little faith in Todd Bowles but I don't think the Colts will make Sam the Man uncomfortable. If Quincy is healthy, we could see a coming out party for Darnold. If he gets the TEs involved Metlife could be rocking with some offense.
  10. Jetster

    The Colts Will Be A Litmus Test

    Oh, ok, so before anyone much tape on us. Boy, it was all downhill from there.
  11. Jetster

    Clowney is must!

    He should come cheap then, right? If not say goodbye. I like Benjamin or Funchess, 2 big targets for Sam.
  12. Jetster

    Clowney is must!

    Isn't the point of every season to upgrade every position you can? Bates is starting to push the ball down the field. Kearse is older & ok but he could be upgraded. Pryor might like it here & let's see how he progresses through the year with Sam. With the right contract he's a damn good 3/4 WR. We gave Mo 17 million but fans don't want to replace Powell with Bell? Seriously? The guy caught 80 passes once, comes up big in big games unlike Curtis Martin & next year Sam will look like a different player in this system when they keep adding more & more to his repertoire. I want to try to get to the playoffs & win a Super Bowl. Some Scouts compared Sam to Big Ben, give him weapons! Fans that want to just stay average drive me crazy!
  13. Jetster

    Clowney is must!

    What offensive players will be worth big money in free agency? Bell will be the best available but Jet fans keep poo pooing signing Bell? With this zone blocking scheme & a slashing Bell the Jets could let Powell go and they'd have a true slash & bash duo with Bell & Crowell. At WR the top 2019 free agents are Tate (Lions), Williams (Chargers), Funchess (Panthers), Benjamin (Bills). Macc needs to reup Quincy & Robbie is a RFA. Fans want to spend money on offense in free agency & it's not like there are a lot of game changers but there are certainly players that are upgrades over Kearse & Pryor.
  14. Jetster

    Clowney is must!

    Exactly. You have to be picky and find guys in that 2nd tier. When free agency starts it's a frenzy for the top players, then it settles down & that's where you can select those 2nd tier players to fill out your roster without breaking the bank. My point with Clowney & Marpet is we definitely have the $ and we finally have our franchise QB. Chances are Houston will resign Clowney. The good part of having Darnold is that it changes the Jets from a team spinning its wheels to a team that actually has a chance for huge improvement & playoff aspirations.
  15. Jetster

    The Colts Will Be A Litmus Test

    When is the last time we've won 2 games in a row?

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