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  1. I swear to you as a long time fan, I said to myself after I turned off that 2017 MNF game vs Indy at halftime that if the Jets Brass didn't fire this azz hole Bowles because they didn't want to pay his contract I'd have to quit the Jets altogether. Than 2018 started & I realized I was kidding myself,I'm hooked on these losers, but since 2015 in Buffalo they've been far from loveable.
  2. You find out a players character when things DON'T go well. Just like Suh being a 100% guy in the playoffs, well of course, the National spotlight is on you. Look know further than the Patriots to see the leadership of a player like Brady. Brady actually yells & screams in both practice & games when guys don't line up right or run the right routes. He's gotten guys cut or traded. But look at how the Patriots every year go through that, uh oh moments, the media saying, "I see cracks", but they have the leadership & the players who believe in the one play at a time mantra, the DO YOUR JOB mantra. When you have too many bad apples, it doesn't show up when winning, it shows up when losing. Guys that want to point fingers & say "It isn't me", instead of just buckling down, focus & try to do better. It's a fine line. It happened here with Holmes. Guy was completely instrumental in one of our greatest road playoff wins in history. 2011? Ugh.
  3. His Lazy attitude is what I won't defend. But I will defend him for the lousy schemes, plus I think that concussion shook him up in Detroit, lol. Galloday f*cking blindsided the Sh*t out of him! I bet you Trumaine Johnson had not taken a hit like that since he'd been in the league! Hines Ward use to lay people out like that & im sure they wanted to retire. I think Williams goes to more man pressure, no more backing off 10 yards BS. We'll see. Pass rush will help the secondary.
  4. Jetster

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    Is this what they mean by going off on a tangent?
  5. Jetster

    Let’s make Keenum a backup

    This is going to be interesting. He'd be a great addition as a backup & a trade pawn if a couple of QBs went down.
  6. And it seemed he was right. Landry is an A hole, Suh? Total A hole, Ajayi? A hole, Parker? A hole. Finding college players that buy in, play at 100% is not easy. The best NFL players are self motivated to be the best they can be, keep their mouths shut & work hard. Landry is just OBJ light, and a slot WR that wanted to be paid like a #1 wideout. Everyone knows Suh s a very good player who coasts most of the time, Ajayi was a fumbler, now you have Parker who cries to his agent & has his agent be his freaking Mommy? Give me a break. I think Gase made the right calls regarding these players. I want Le'veon Bell, but I do have reservations about his attitude. You just never know with these guys, the Patriots struck gold with Randy Moss. Can Gase handle the likes of Bell & get the most from him?
  7. I'm not here to defend Tru & his lazy play last year but anyone who has been in this league long enough knows Todd Bowles is not a leader of men, was a walking dead coach, and Tru wasn't the 1st player to skate through an NFL season under this horrible head coach. Revis....then Mo Wilkerson....then Richardson, Bowles was a veterans best friend. Vets could have sat down in the middle of the field & this guy wouldn't bench them. Bowles was a bad leader, his 2nd hand man Rogers was a disaster as his DC. Plus, is there any Jet fans that doesn't constantly carp on that fact we have zero pass rush? You can't have it both ways, trash the fact we have no pass rush & then trash on the secondary. I've seen it written here over & over that CBs mean NOTHING if the QB has all day to throw. Bad defensive schemes, no pass rush = terrible secondary play. Let's see how the secondary plays with a new scheme & some pass rushers in 2019. Under Bowles/Rogers, I can honestly say I'd never seen such WIDE OPEN receptions since I've been a Jet fan. I'm talking NO ONE IN THE TV SCREEN but the guy catching the ball? The Monday night game vs Indy stands out the most in 2017. They scored on 3 consecutive drives to open the game & it looked like Joe Montanas 49ers vs the Harvard Crimson. I was embarrassed to be a Jet fan.
  8. Bad move to have your agent speak for you. Sorry, but if the coach sits your azz, there is a perfectly good reason. How long do you think Devonte Parker would last in New England if Belichick sat him & his agent criticized the move, lol. I always look to the most successful coach in the modern era of football, and ask, "What would Bill Belichick do?". He's proven, as soon as the players are running the asylum you have NO CHANCE! Just look no further than the Steelers. Go look at the Patriots roster compared to the Steelers.
  9. You don't think Joe Vitt recommending Williams to his Son in Law Gase wasn't known by Gregg Williams? Joe Vitt I'm sure was just a stand up guy, caught up in the Bounty Gate mess & just wasn't the lying type. Williams probably lied, was desperate & hoped the good old boy network would save him but the public was outraged. Bounty Gate was a huge story & a black eye to the NFL. This is such a NON STORY. Gase has already made a statement that he doesn't want to have to worry about the defense, lol. If that isn't moving all your chips into the table on Gregg Williams what is? If Joe Vitt had a problem with Williams he would have told his son in law, "What? Are you crazy giving Gregg all test autonomy?".
  10. Jetster

    Would you make this trade with Washington?

    I'd like to come up with a bet with you that the Jets do not end up picking in the top 10 next year. I'm that positive heading into 2019 free agency & draft with Darnold in his 2nd year & Bowles/Rogers/Bates kicked to the curb finally.
  11. Jetster

    Would you make this trade with Washington?

    Plus, what have Watt + Clowney + Mercilus won in Houston? Nada. They had there chance when Luck got hurt. Now the Colts have a sh*t ton of money & a bunch of nice draft picks after a awesome draft last year. Say hello to 2nd place Bill Obrien. And if the Jags somehow get Foles, Texans might finish 3rd in the AFC South.
  12. Jetster

    Would you make this trade with Washington?

    Fix the Oline & sign an edge rusher in free agency, trade back to 15, draft a WR, RB, CB, OG. I would love to trade back. Three 3s could be in the wheel house for OG, CB, RB.
  13. Jetster

    Mike Pennel Released

    Chung left & was resigned as a free agent.
  14. I have only 1 wish for the Patriots as they stroll through another season with Brady at the helm. That each & every olineman who protects that smirking bastard by holding on for dear life gets nicked up just enough so that every single team they face gets a shot at Brady next year. It was incredible how healthy that Pats oline was all year, in fact, I think they stayed INTACT all year. That's really rare. There has to be a tipping point with Bradys age & skills. It seems we've been saying this since for forever. It actually pisses me off that the game has become so regulated that a 42 year old QB can get through a season & barely be hit. Jets fans are crying UNCLE for gods sake!
  15. Actually, if your an UDFA and your looking to MAKE A ROSTER your looking at a team that you can get noticed. The NY Jets would be one of those teams. We currently have Anderson & Burnett as UDFAs on offense. After the draft the Jets will have a good chance of getting some top UDFAs, knowing they have a lot of roster spots on the backend of their roster. Plus, everythings different having a young QB with Darnolds potential. This will also be true for some older vets, passed over by the 1st wave of free agency heading into camp. The biggest weakness in this Jets roster is the Oline. Gase isn't an idiot & I'm sure they are looking at their options to get this oline up to par so Sam can flourish. In reality they could sign Trent Brown, Paradis & Saffold if they so choose, taking most of the cap hit this year, say no thanks to Le'veon Bell, trade back & draft Josh Jacobs & Deebo Samuel, wait to see who got by passed in the free agent frenzy & sign a couple of Older gents to 1 year contracts to get to 2020 & next years draft.

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