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  1. Jetster

    Stephan A Smith: Don’t Jinx Sam Darnold

    I listened to him & Shannon Sharpe on my Sirius radio in the car one day, it was mind boggling listening to these 2 morons. I think I turned the radio & ABBA was on & I was relieved.
  2. Jetster

    Stephan A Smith: Don’t Jinx Sam Darnold

    In this new Media age we live in its just one azzhole after another! Smith, Cowturd, Caine, Skip Bayless,, all trying to be louder & dumber than the next one.
  3. So, lets imagine this scenario. On October 21st the Minnesota Vikings come to Metlife to play the Jets. 30 year old Kurt Cousins vs 21 year old Sam Darnold. Jets win this game vs a very good team, Sam has a great game vs a very good defense, visions of playoffs will be dancing in every Jet fans head. I'm tempering my enthusiasm for this season based on Darnolds youth & inexperience, but deep down, there is something telling me this season is gonna be one for the ages for Jet fans, with this cool customer Darnold bringing NY to a frenzy with his play. Some people just have IT. I'm seeing Bates as the perfect OC, young, creative, calling plays perfectly taking advantage of Sams abilities & talent. That excitement transcends to the defense & guys have that little bit more to give. Of course, it could be that we are in fact talent deficient, the oline blows, Rogers defense stinks & everythings about Sams development while we wallow to picking 6th again, but I just don't think the league, especially our division is particularly strong this year. Sams style is like cryptonite to a Pats defense. BB can't just shut 1 side of the field down, Sam moves around well (Watson tore them a new azzhole) and Brady saved their azz..again. So looking forward to this season & even each preseason game to watch this cat.
  4. Jetster

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    He definitely blinks, lol.
  5. Jetster

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    I thought he got a pretty big contract in Washington..no?
  6. Jetster

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    Pretty amazing that Buffalo bunch were so ignorant to let Rex push a couple million bucks into his brothers pocket knowing they were both close to finished. Can't blame Rex, anyone would do it if they could get away with it. Like you said, I could see this happen with Chucky. I think this Chucky resurrection is going to end very much like Rex final years. Just hearing how Mack hasn't had contact with the team for months is a bad omen.
  7. Jetster

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    If Quincy is in fact healthy, Pryor is a 3/4 WR in this group. He was asked to be the man in a Washington, here he's just a cog in the WR wheel. I don't think we'll be complaining when he runs a short underneath route & uses his 4.4 speed in the open field. It might be after Robbie smokes a DB for a long TD, Kearse catches a few 1st downs on 3rd down, sitting in zones, Quincy forearm shivers a CB to the ground with his 225 LB frame to gain an extra 8 yards, our TEs are running free in the seams and Powell, Crowell & Cannon are scooting around with swing passes & stretch runs. Should be the perfect moment for a quick slant that Pryor takes 65 yards for a TD to evoke opposing fans to claim, "damn, the Jets have a lot of weapons this year!".
  8. Jetster

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    Jay Gruden is running a frat house in Washington and I'm sure it's one of the top reasons Kirk Cousins wouldn't reup with them. First of all it was well known BEFORE these practices that players on the Skins were running their mouths about roughing Pryor up. This sh*t is SIMPLE. It should have been put to rest by the Skins coaching staff right after they heard about it. One meeting is all it takes & the threat of being fined for actions unbecoming to the team. Bowles runs a tight ship compared to what you witnessed in Virginia with Skins players yapping & feign fighting and sh*t. Ask yourself this, what would Bill Belichick do? Jay Gruden is a walking dead man in Washington. Slide them into 4th place in the NFC East & watch him head out to be with his brother out West like the Ryan brothers.
  9. Jetster

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Let's just hope their are franchises out there dumber than our own. We gave a 4th for Tim Tebow! I'm not taking a phone call for Teddy Bridgewater (an actual NFL QB), for less than a #2.
  10. Do offensive lineman play harder & concentrate more for better QBs? You always hear people say things like "he takes too many plays off", people say that about defensive lineman all the time (Mo). I think about that game in Gillette where our line just froze & the Pats defenders made a sandwich out of Petty. Guys do GIVE UP in this league when things are dire and there's no hope. Sometimes a young guy making plays fires up a team. It keeps players more focused and brightens their entire outlook. I could see Sam having that kind of affect on our Oline, the RBs blocking, TEs pealing back to keep him clean. That's not to say Sam can make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t, but he might be able make Underwood Chicken Spread.
  11. I remember a game where the announcers were actually talking about Kenny not having a rushing TD. We were on the 1 yard line, he takes a 2 step drop, a huge hole opens up but by time he gets his momentum going forward it's like slo-mo & the defenders close the hole, he burrows into them, obviously doesn't get an inch more & we're stoned at the goal line. 31 out of 32 QBs in the league would have scored, unfortunately the 1 guy out of the 32 was our own cement shoes Obrien. He'd also been hit so much, he was incredibly intimated to run, so even on the goal line he zero balls to put his head down & go. He always hesitated just enough combined with his horrible feet, he had no chance of gaining yards with his legs. I think Sam got more overall rushing yardage last Thursday night than Kenny Obrien had in his career.
  12. I'm telling you guys if Robbie Anderson can stay out of trouble, this is a dangerous WR group. Speed (Anderson), speed & height (Enunwa & Pryor), steady (Kearse) who runs great routes, understands zones & always seems to find himself open. We've already seen how the RBs are being used (Crowell TD), Cannon on the outside, Kearse will be just sitting down in those holes moving the chains as the 3/4 option for our QBs. The seam routes we're seeing Bates use for the TEs will force safeties & LBs to drop deeper faster which opens up all kinds of plays underneath. With Darnolds arm & movement skills, 4 WRs with multiple skill sets, TEs that can run & open up those 12-15 yard seam routes, I think the days of defenses squeezing the Jets offense run by Fitz, Geno, even McCown are OVER! Bates will be able to use his offensive personnel to finally DICTATE to defenses instead of the other way around. We do have a schedule vs some tough defense, Lions, Jags, Vikings, Broncos, Texans. How he fairs in those games will tell the story for the season. Those games will be tough for the young gunslinger, but those games are tough on seasoned veterans.
  13. Remember Kenny running in TDs from the 1 yard line? .....me either, lol. Talk about cement shoes, Kenny Obrien could not move forward for a measly yard. It actually became comical.
  14. This isn't the Mel Blount, Ronnie Lott days. Defenses have been neutered, that's why a QB with the skills of Tom Brady can take a bunch of nobodies & go 247-57. You can't touch the WR, you can't fall to the legs of the QB, you can't hit anyone hard over the middle, now if your helmet touches a guy its a penalty. The interior oline can hold as long as they don't pull or extend their arms. By mid season, some defenses are wracked with injuries. This isn't our fathers NFL, hell its not our NFL if your in your 50s, its not even my sons NFL (he's 31). This game is so different its would be unrecognizable to old guard viewers. Deacon Jones use to head slap olineman. Guys ALWAYS were around QBs legs. Anyone going over the middle was taught a LESSON. This idea that we should start a 39 year old journeyman over Darnold is ridiculous! For what? to go 5-11 again? Hell, we can probably go 5-11 with Sam starting. He'll handle the adversity, the offensive players will get the ball quicker, guys will actually feel like there is a future here. Starting your possible QB coach in 2019 over your stud Rookie would be like starting Don Strock over Carson Wentz.
  15. Pretty wild that the Jets are the only team in the NFL with 4 WRs who have had over 800 yard seasons. Kearse- Enunwa- Anderson- Pryor. If this TE group develops, and we find 1 more WR out of Hansen, Stewart or Johnson, our boy Sammy will have a damn good group of professionals around him. We're a long way from, David Nelson, Clowney, Salas, Owusu, Hill days.