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    1982 Mud Bowl
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  1. eu·nuch /ˈyo͞onək/ Learn to pronounce noun a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women's living areas at an oriental court.
  2. We should change the New York Jets to the New York Liberals, we can add another 74 million haters.
  3. Oh, that’s right, no one drives drunk in NY or NJ. Sorry. Liberals don’t drink & drive.
  4. Maybe Transgenders are a little less important than the million of underprivileged children not being educated right now. Or the millions of small family businesses going under in lockdowns. You know many set some priorities during a Pendemic maybe?
  5. I’m so tired of these pompous NY & CA liberals who can’t seem to understand conservatives are just as educated, and definitely care more about underrepresented people who are struggling. While they’re hiding in their closets from Covid, a lot of us are going out & doing our best to save small businesses, bars & restaurants. States that have NOT locked down have faired evenly & better than the locked down states killing people’s livelihoods. I’m sorry, I’m passionate about liberty & freedom! Sue me. And if the Crusher wants to silence me so bit it. I’m not suppporting Andy Reid’s son, I’m just saying these lockdowns are unconstitutional & dangerously anti freedom, anti American & killing many more people than Covid over the next 5 years.
  6. Most of the people moving into my neighborhood are from NY, CA, and PA. Trying to escape idiots who think like yourself while your entire state is either burning to the ground, tripping over the homeless, or avoiding feces in the street. But, enjoy yourself.
  7. Are you actually calling yourself smarter than me, without even knowing who I am, what I've accomplished? That sir puts you right into the catagory of an ELITIST. I will guarantee you that I have professionally & financially done more in my lifetime than you will probably ever accomplish. I honestly couldn't care less to inform you of that fact, but based on your innuendo that you are far more educated than me because your a liberal nitwit, is in fact why the entire country is split in two.
  8. 😀cool. Gas is up 45 cents a gallon in 3 weeks. But I'm sure EVERYONE will be getting pay raises to make up for it. F*cking morons! Storied great nation...coming up. Comical. Teach your grandkids Chinese, get a hard start for their children.
  9. Barrett won’t be cheap, but right now for the next 3 years QW is, so let’s get guys in here that help release the Kraken on the inside!
  10. Well at least you’ve exposed yourself as a child
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