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  1. Darnold #1 after pro day

    Go away..negative Nancy.
  2. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    McCown is a player coach. We have the money, there isn't any player that will change our season for 3 million. Why don't you wait until after the draft to spout your doom & gloom. Jet fans are always like "why don't we have a QB coach?", "Why don't we have competent OCs?". The Jets offense with old man McCown was better than it had been in years last year. Bates is back, they added Dennison to coach the zone blocking scheme they want to use. Let's see if we can finally land a QB to put into the SYSTEM and go from there. We've all known for years that constant change does nothing, we've seen it here. If your not going into this as the 2nd year of a complete rebuild then you'll obviously be disappointed in whatever they do. A few fans stated this fan base doesn't have the patience it takes for a full rebuild after the 2016 season. They were right. We have a chance now to land a franchise QB. It's all we've ever asked for,for years. Macc only signed younger free agents, we have a group of young unknowns like Leggett, Clark, Jones, ect. If he blows this draft have at him.
  3. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    Maybe...just maybe...he's learning how to do his job better and learning from mistakes. I'm sure you were great at your job out of the gate 🤔.
  4. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    This is a great point. Sheldon was a dead man walking & there was no way we're resigning him. People aren't giving Macc the kudos he deserves for the Richardson trade. I guarantee you he was offered a lot less, similar to us trading a 5 for Brandon Marshall (head case). He held out until he got the most he could (2nd rounder), PLUS he got Kearse who is a very good 2 or 3 Wideout & who is better than any 2nd rounder we've picked since David Harris & most recently Marcus Maye. We still have 40 million to fill some more holes in the roster & I don't mind them rolling some into 2019. Hopefully we sign Pryor, who could have a huge bounce back year. So in truth, that trade filled another starter spot of need for us (Kearse had a great year). So Macc literally traded a 2nd this year & a 2nd next year to put us in position to draft a franchise QB! Seattle has already lost Richardson & had to let Paul Richardson go. If our Jets made that trade you guys would be killing them right now. I've always said we need to give Macc another chance based on Woody & his all in get to the playoffs mandate in 2015. Horrific drafting during Rex reign by Tannenbaum & Idzik created a steep uphill climb for this new regime. Has he been perfect? Of course not, but drafts like the Saints pulled off last year are rare. So far, I really like the free agent moves, and while fans criticize missing out on a few, we don't have a franchise QB here yet, which makes it difficult to recruit top offensive players. The Jets are still a work in progress but if we nail the QB, we could be in a position to take over this division. While the Pats continue winning, Buffalo & Miami are going full reset like we did last year. A franchise QB would be perfect timing!
  5. With Parcells involved I'm surprised Darnold didn't announce he was heading back to school.
  6. Looking back on the complaints of Macc taking Leo, THANK FREAKING GOD! Mo turned out to be a lazy fat azz waste of all our money & Sheldon was a loser off the field & playing next to Bennett in Seattle had all of 2 sacks! Wow, could you imagine this current Dline WITHOUT Leo? Macc had nothing to do with drafting Mo or Richardson. As a GM it's tough to let EVERYBODY WALK, the fan base would have been unmerciful if he let Mo walk. I didn't like the Mo signing (I always thought he lazy & played when he wanted to), but I don't blame Macc for trying to keep him, he was looked at as our best young player, and Richardson had the off field speeding with a teen in UP IN SMOKE moment. Jet fans kill Macc but this team had such bad draft picks, a barren cupboard, no QBs, literally no young talent other than Enunwa & even he got injured. If Macc drafts us a long term franchise QB on April 26th, it will usurp any mistakes he made in the past.
  7. Josh Allen

    I don't agree. Giants are right up against the cap, have huge contracts from big purchases in free agency, OBJ is up for a contract, they still need a lot of help on their oline, and if they don't try to win RIGHT NOW over the next 2 years everything they did in free agency, including this year making Solder the highest paid olineman in the NFL wil be for naught.
  8. Mayfield has characteristics that match well with this new NFL & that is the ability to move around while still looking for open receivers. He's not fast but he's very quick & can move & throw with the best of them. That makes him the ultimate PITA for defensive players. Dead to rights, feels the pressure, squirts out, LBs think he's running, stops on a dime & accurately hits an open WR, TE or RB for a huge YAC play. He's more Russell Wilson than Alex Smith, because he still has the arm strength to rip you deep too.
  9. Josh Allen

    Just amazing that here we are finally in a position for a QB & we have the f*cking Giants in front of us who in theory can trade back with the Bill & Broncos and ruin our draft potentially.
  10. I have a new scenario at #3

    At this point there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for the Browns to trade out of the #1 spot that they earned in 2017. The Browns already have more draft picks then they can fit into their team. If the Browns do anything, it will be trading up to #2 to come out of this draft with a top QB prospect & the best overall player in the draft Sequan Barkley. The Jets moved 3 spots trading 3 second round picks. The Browns could easily go from 4 to 2 which is only 1 player away. The Browns could offer a 2nd this year & a 2 in 2019 and the Giants could move back to 4 and draft Nelson after missing out on Norwell.
  11. Josh Allen

    He was at the senior bowl & combine and has Allen at #2 after Darnold.
  12. Josh Allen

    People who were at the combine commented that Allen had the strongest arm they had seen since Jamarcus Russell, but not the peabrain of Russell. Allen is actually a big good kid, who takes to coaching, worked for everything he's gotten, took a much tougher path than any of these other kids except Mayfield. He has the height & build of Big Ben. He has the movement skills of Carson Wentz. He has a farm boy work ethic of a Terry Bradshaw. He has a quiet confidence, good leadership, was well liked by his teammates. His coach thinks the world of him. He proved at the senior bowl he could stand out playing with simarly talented football players. At the combine he threw ropes on sideline routes, actually every deep out which is mandatory for success in the NFL. Finally he played in a pro style offense, taking snaps from center. While many here would be pissed if we moved up to draft Allen, I'm ecstatic if we pick any QB from the top 4 of Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield. I believe Allen will have the most longevity based on his physical makeup, tough farm boy background and work ethic. It wouldnt shock me if the Browns or the Giants or Jets took Allen, we all play in cold windy stadiums after mid September. This guy played at Wyoming. Rosens injuries & concussions scare the HELL out of me. I think it's really strange that we resigned McCown & Teddy Bridgewater. Are the Jets finally thinking about the future of the AFC East & Brady and Belichick ending reign? McCown plays & coaches up Allen, Teddy learns the system as Allen is brought along & Teddy moves in if Allen isn't ready until mid 2019. I believe anyone riding this train that Allen will be a bust are ignoring this guys positives which greatly outway his negatives. But, I just want to see the Jets finally get another QB going forward. Not much they can do at 3 that won't excite me unless they didn't take a QB.
  13. I was totally on Cousins but stated I would not go full depression if we didn't get him. I love the move up to 3, it's time for the Jets to get another QB & this is the year to take that chance. We're still a work in progress, Brady & BB are still in Gillette which means not giving up NEXT YEARS number 1 was huge! We also still have about 40 million to spend to fill some more holes. I'm not that hot on what's left in free agency & I think the Jets will wait to see if their are any more surprise cuts after the draft.
  14. That's what I believe to. The Browns literally have too many draft picks. The Giants need to rebuild their Oline. Giants are certain to get Nelson at 4! That's a steal if you also move back for more draft picks. They could literally rebuild their entire Oline for another run this year. They were all over Norwell & lost out. Gettleman is a Gold jacket drafter, Nelson has been talked about in John Hannah terms, a sure fire pro bowler with a nasty streak. When you are the New York Football Giants & win 2 f*cking games they are going to make sure it was worth it and Barkley (fans would love it), or trading back for Nelson (Giant fans are smart enough to realize they have to fix the Oline), both of those moves would appease Giant fans. I see them trading back, and looking for a QB later in the draft to put behind Webb.
  15. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    If Allen becomes a good pro, everything this guy espouses from that point on can be thrown in the trash, lol. Montana was a 3rd rounder too, someone was way off.