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  1. God that Gif is disturbing the hell out of me!
  2. You'll enjoy FidelioJet, he's one of the more positive Jet fans among us here. Totally glass half full Jet fan.
  3. Our Dline can be a PITA & they are just coming into their own (Shepard, Foley, Phillips), this is a BIG YEAR for Quinnen. If he steps it up, whoever wins the edge snaps will have a chance to make some noise when offenses have to deal with players as good as Mosely & Adams sniffin around the LOS.
  4. You’ve picked the right place, everyone here gets behind the team, the Coach & our QB. Vikings fans must be critical azzholes.
  5. This Gore signing was brilliant. Bell, Gore & Perrine is an awesome trio. I think Gore is in here for early downs so Bell can be brought in in short yardage where his receiving skills will make it very difficult to defend the entire field. Thats a PITA RB trio. Jets get leads & they'll start pounding with Gore & Perrine. 2 tough inside RBs. 3rd & 5? Bam, Le'veon is on the field & with the addition of much bigger & stronger Olineman, run or pass is on the table depending on the defensive alignment. I know it sounds crazy, but crazy eyes wants Bell to be a part time RB. We can't get rid of him so use him to our most beneficial which is as a Pass Receiver.
  6. Imagine what these young Olineman can learn from Warford & Peters?
  7. Exactly, remind me again when Winters was a Pro Bowler?
  8. Thats interesting, and Defense travels well!
  9. If not now, when? We have the QB & the division is in transition. Bills only beat teams because #1, they stayed healthy & #2 they were a year ahead & more complete. Jets caught up this offseason.
  10. Well, these 3 guys will bench you or trade you. We saw that last year. Will it lead to a winning culture, who knows?
  11. Every year winning your own division is your 1st goal. Though the New York Jets have had many good seasons, 1982, 86, the Parcells years with an AFCCG, even the Herm Edwards years with a kicker missing 2 FGs in Pittsburgh, Rex & his 2 consecutive AFCCGs plus probably one of the biggest upsets in the last 20 years was the Jets going into Gillette & beating the Patriots in 2010 with a 2nd year QB was incredible when you look at the Patriots dominance & home field record in the regular season & playoffs. But, there's that little issue with the New York Jets & winning their own division. We are the only team in the AFC East to have never dominated for any time period. THIS is why the Jets aren't memorable in the NFL & conjures up utter failure to NFL fans around the country. First it was Miami who dominated with Shula & Greise, then Marino, the Bills dominated with Jim Kelly and of course the last 20 years have been dominated by Brady & Belichick. There are many teams in this league that have had even less success overall than the Jets but until we get to the top of our own division with some kind of regularity we'll be looked at as THE SAME OLD JETS. I think Joe Douglas will bring this organization some respect in our own division. I believe that Pats, Fins & Bills Brass see that the Johnsons finally got it right & are headed in the right direction. I can't even believe how long it's been since we've had a draft that made any sense based on our needs. Or a free agency that was not filled with splash signings. Or UDFAs with potential excited to be NY Jets & choosing us over other teams. Say what you will about Gase but he's a no nonsense guy, same with Gregg Williams, and now we are run by a guy in Joe Douglas that seems to not only be very knowledgeable about building a team, but also very aware of the type of players he's looking for. His phone call to Mekhi Bechton was freaking awesome! It wasn't the old, hey welcome to the Jets, it was, remember what we talked about regarding what we EXPECT FROM YOU? Wow, EXPECTATIONS? what a novel idea. The inmates are not running this ship anymore. There are finally grownups in the room. There is no way in hell that ownership & coaching staffs of the other teams in the NFL haven't taken notice that New York Jets are coming. I believe we have the best QB in the division. I believe that the other teams in this division also know that the sky is the limit for Sam Darnold. You can't help but see a guy who just turned 22 going into his 3rd year & accomplishing what he has playing with literally one of the worst rosters in football on a team that was being run by maybe the worst GM in the history of the sport. Just look back at the last 10 years of this organization pre Joe Douglas. Please be our time! Just once in my lifetime I'd like to see us have a run with this division. I truly believe that Belichick no longer looks down at his nose 95 South & views this team like he did over the last 10 years. There is no doubt he knows that walkovers are done. We're putting together a team of Dawgs, the Gino Smith, Hackenberg, Trumaine Johnsons years are in the rear view mirror. WHY NOT US?
  12. Huff looks like the type of player the Steelers always find. Very excited about this guys future here.

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