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  1. Jets Brass just want some fannies in the seats. Why would you donate them to the United Way? Don't they try to pick people up? Help them in tough times? Here's their catch phrase, "Feeling down in the dumps? Can't make your rent?, just got shooed away from another flop house?, well we know how to pick you up. Head out to MetLife Stadium & watch Cam Newton, Alex Smith, and Drew Brees carve up your Jets like a Thanksgiving turkey. Put a smile on a young Jet fans face with a $12 hotdog. Watch Buster Skrine try to tackle someone while holding tennis balls & watch Mo Wilkerson try to arm tacked another running back. Watch Jets QB Josh McCown retire at halftime. Turn your Jet hat into a rally cap & cheer them on from a 24 point deficit in the 4th quarter. We hope to see YOU on Sundays!
  2. I know, this narrative is like a fish tale. "Hack was projected to go 5th round", by who? I never saw that projection. It was always 2nd or 3rd round.
  3. Exactly! Just get one damn pass rusher in here to take the heat off of Leo the Lion & he'll feast. Could imagine Von Miller, Clowney, Barr, Beasley, Clairborne or Ansah, coming off the edge? Leonard Williams is the last of the Jets problems.
  4. Uh, Skrine, Winters & ASJ aren't rookies for god sakes.
  5. Bowles is a Parcells disciple but if Bill Parcells was coaching this team, there is no way in hell he'd keep trotting Skrine out there! His azz would be at the end of the bench.
  6. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Yea, there are a lot of people who quote me regarding Macc & Bowles, but the QB experts on this site are a trip. I would LOVE to see someone go back to some threads before the last draft to see what they were saying about the QBs in that draft. The funny part is when they tell us WHO will be good & WHO will suck. How is it possible there are 20 teams in this league that need an upgrade at QB, when all any of these teams had to do was hire a few guys from the Jetsnation site to turn around their franchises?
  7. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    This is what drives me crazy about this league. You, me, every Jet fan at home watching have seen like 10 short yardage fails run off center left between Carpenter & Johnson fail miserably. Wouldn't you think you'd have just as much chance throwing the ball? How about play action & take a couple deep shots on 3rd & 4th and 1, since your WAY BELOW 50% conversion. I can live with failing throwing the ball more than seeing our RBs get stuffed, over and over, and over, and over, and over again! Grow some f*cking balls!
  8. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    Todd Bowles couldn't hold Mike Westoffs coaching whistle. Nothing I've seen from Bowles has me confident he can fix this offense, develop a QB, and show one bit of consistancy. Let me know when he can win a game on the road. So the defense is finally playing better? Well it damn sure should with the amount of draft picks used on it. Todd Bowles has a script he follows, the problem is that script is an old dusty playbook found in an old file cabinet from the 1980s. This team can't hold leads, can't score in the 2 minute drill, can't run any hurry up, Can't get off the field in big moments, can't find a punt returner, constantly tries running the ball out of the endzone & gets tackled at the 15, plus the team is top 3 in penalties & penalty yards, most by Buster Skrine, who he keeps trotting out there every week. I want an offensive coach. Wade Phillips could get this defense to play at the level Bowles has us with his eyes closed. I still can't figure out what Todd brings to this party? There is nothing I've seen in 41 games that has me excited for our future. Morton is getting as much as he can with so little talent to work with, problem is teams have our schemes on film & are taking away our short passing game & stuffing our run. The imbalance on this team between defense & offense is as wide as Grand Canyon, so their rankings being similar tells you all you need to know about our future.
  9. But, but, McCown is a 15 year veteran & knows how to manipulate the snap count, get rid of the ball, move in the pocket....wait...wut?...he can't do those things to help the Oline? Ok, then again, what's the point?
  10. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    He would have drafted Watson & 50% of the threads on this board wouldn't exist.
  11. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    The saddest part about this entire thread is that Tyrod Taylor has been benched & he's better than any QB currently on our roster. OMG we are in such a sorry state offensively. Defensively a CB & pass rusher and we're set to roll. Our offense is a disaster. Martavius Bryant would be the best WR on our team tomorrow,lol. Hell, a guy named Ju Ju would be too. Its a sin how long this ffranchise has ignored offense in an offensive leaning league. Sad.
  12. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Let me tell you how & why this change was made. Unlike the Jets, the Bills are truly looking to upgrade EVERY position this year & next with a zillion draft picks coming their way. Also, unlike the Jets the Bills have a new staff eager to find out what they have in their young draft pick Peterman. So, they all took a quick plane ride to New Jersey & sat and watched in horror as the Jets, with a 38 year old loser take them to the woodshed, but...their was a small comeback in the 4th..a sign of life. But, reality stepped in & punched them in the face in a 37 point loss. So unlike the Jets Brass that look at a 5 point loss to Ryan Fitzpatrick, missing his #1 WR & scoring a whole 3 points in 59 minutes & 59 seconds, as a close game, the Bills do care about their future more than the RIGHT NOW.
  13. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I believe the Pats rested a lot of guys in Tyrods huge win over the Pats, lol.
  14. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    You just made EVERYONES point here. After 9 games we know everything we need to know going forward, including continuing to play McCown is ludicrous.
  15. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    You know what I would like to see? Id like to see a younger QB than Fitz or McCown get to play with the f*cking 1st string offense just once when the team is relatively healthy...that's what I'd like to see! As a long time fan is that to f*cking much to ask? I'm f*cking burnt out tuning into these has beens & never was QBs wasting my Sunday ENTERTAINMENT! That's right, when I turn on the TV on Sunday to watch the Jets I want to be entertained. I don't want to see some old f*cking nobody struggle to get a god damned 1st down 24 minutes into the game. What I want to see is someone who can at minimum throw the ball 40 yards so we JUST MIGHT get a PI call, like every single week teams do to us. I can't even explain to you how BAD I want Todd "I'm by the book" Bowles out of here. HE STINKS!