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  1. That's hilarious. It use to be, sh*t, we play the Raiders away all the time. Now it will be, why do we always play the Raiders at home & not Vegas?
  2. So what? I want him to put a lot on Sams plate so it bodes well when we surround him with players. That's a lot better than constantly hiding your QB. McDermott is doing the same thing with Josh Allen but Allens got a great defense constantly getting him possessions & great field position. Just look at last night, White returning picks inside the 5 yard line ect. Bills are just more complete than us right now without the injuries.
  3. I've just realized letting the Jets ruin your Sunday or have loss hangovers between late Sunday & Tuesday was ridiculous. It's a game. The most frustrating thing for me have been these owners & how their indifference has lead to whet I believe the League itself treating the Jets like 2nd class citizens. Miami with Shula were upper echelon AFC & the Jets with the hard drinking Walt Micheals and the Jets blue collar fans were the leagues underlings. Thats how a guy like Shula, the head of the rules committee got away with not putting a tarp on the field in the AFCCG in 82. Could you imagine that happening now or the last 20 years? And the NFL continues to shaft the Jets, with ignored blatant late hits like Von Miller on Sanchez on TNF, or refs calling 6 penalties in a row vs the Cowboys (The NFLs team), or like last Thursday, 2 terrible calls, just awful non call on the NFL darling Ravens CB mugging Robbie, or the non reversal on the punt. I saw 3 guys in my neighborhood, 1 of them a Dolphin fan & the other 2 College fans who watched the game & the 1st thing they said to me was, man, you guys got shafted on a couple of calls. I just said, we always do, it's like clockwork with the NFL and the Jets (the Washington Generals of the NFL). Because our owners were & always have been pussies. Never upset with the league (how can you be when you've made billions?). So, I sit back & put my faith in this Joe Douglas guy. There is no where but up to go from here after the last 9 years. And I truly believe we have a franchise QB in Darnold. We'll see, and I'll cheer them on these last 2 games & Im optimistic about our offseason & the draft. The alternative is depression & complaining. It is just a game when it's all said & done. But I love the Jets, win or lose, it's my team.
  4. What sucks is guys like Herndon or Quincy missed an entire season with a new system. Offensive football is about guys being on the same page, knowing the offense, not making mistakes in routes, or blocking schemes. We're going to have & need a lot of new players on offense next year. How fast can they get them up to speed? That is the question. We'll need our defense to be lights out coming out of the gate next year while our offense gets into sync as the year plays out. I think Joe Douglas is going to target a veteran pass rusher? Yannick? Judson? and a CB, Byron Jones? Moving Bless to the #2, resigning Poole, and going ALL OFFENSE in the 2020 draft. Oline, WR, RB with our top 4 picks. That gives you 4/5 years of young salaries to grow with Sam Darnold. I know many here want Oline targeted in free agency but I think the price is too high because there are so few, Scherff, Conklin ect. a less expensive Thuney might be a target, but you'd still overpay in free agency. JD can't solve all of our problems in 1 year but with the addition of pass rush, and solid CBs, with our Linebackers & Safeties next year, the Jets could easily have a top 5 defense. Hold the fort with D while a whole new young group develops with Sam Darnold. That's the direction I see Joe Douglas going. We're gonna hear a lot of, "The NY Jets select Offensive Lineman", "The NY Jets select WR", "The NY Jets select RB".
  5. Every team misses. Macc just missed too many. We need a draft like the Saints 2017 draft. Pray.
  6. WTF. The sh*t people post here. Well fella, when Sams throwing to some young stud like Ceedee Lamb, Herndons catching passes in the seam, we're running the ball, and outscoring opponents while our HEALTHY defense is teeing off with leads, you sure to be coming back & expressing how happy you are changing allegiances to hopefully the Patriots after their stripped of another couple of draft picks for cheating, Brady decides to retire to Cali, Belichick decides to coach the NY Giants & Sammy and the Jets are owning the AFC East. We'll pull your fingers off the bandwagon your trying to climb back on.
  7. New York Jets 5-9 San Diego Chargers 5-8 Hmm. I love these guys but 15 million after their Rookie contracts expire?
  8. Darnold was short on 3 throws to Robbie in that Buffalo games that would have set us up for possible TDs. You guys make it sound like we didn't go downfield & played conservative? Then we found out Sam played with Mono. Every team in this league sputters a bit now & then on offense. That's when you need your defense to finish. I'm sorry, 16-0 should have been a win. The defense let Josh Allen score on 3 consecutive drives! I'm gonna go out on a limb here & say that hasn't been duplicated in the 4th quarter by Josh Allen & his offense since that 1st game.
  9. I think our draft pick slots line up nicely in the top of the draft. We need Oline, a Stud WR, young guys to grow with Darnold. I see him going after CB & Edge in free agency.
  10. And you came to this conclusion how? You have no f*cking idea what our new GM will do?
  11. That's a bad azz lineup of LBs, Mosely, Williamson, Burgess, Cashman, Jenkins. Love it.
  12. So fire Gase because the great Le'veon Bells greatness has expired? Are we all watching the same game? Bell looks nothing like 2017 Bell. His start & stop looks like he's running out of quicksand compared to the other top backs in this league. His longest run is 17 yards. Powell, before he got INJURED looked like he was shot out of a cannon compared to Bell. So we have a bottom three Oline, a RB that isn't even 3/4 of what he was in his prime, no TEs (ok, our 4th TE), and a bony #1 WR much more suited as a #2 or #3 WR. We have zero go to Redzone targets. Against the top team in the league, our most COMPETENT player on offense, Crowder went for 90 yards & 2 TDs. So what does that tell me? It tells me that when JD fixes this Oline, we get Herndon back, we draft a stud WR & another RB with 1 of our 3rds, Bell will be the most expensive complimentary RB in the league if we can't trade him. Bell was a mistake, there was a reason the NY Jets out of 31 teams were bidding against themselves. No other team was going to pay him that much money. He's been a good soldier, well he better be, he got what he wanted, a large 2nd contract from the team always willing to prove their incompetent (see Trumaine Johnson). I like Gase for the simple fact he DIDN'T want Le'veon Bell. He was right, Bell was a luxury the Jets couldn't use at this point. 2 Olineman would have moved the needle more. We should have already had a RB in Cook, but we had an idiot GM that thought providing our last awful coach with 2 safeties was some brilliant move. Cause & affect. No Cook, which literally 90% of this site wanted in the draft forum led to us overpaying for a guy on the downside of his career. Bell might be 27 or whatever the Hell he is but watch a Vikings game & tell me who you'd want now between the two? So next year Bell will be just another RB splitting time with younger guy. We'll see if we can dump him, it'll be interesting. I'm not building an Oline specifically to help Bell & his running style. He'll be done here B4 our transformation to challenging. You guys don't watch enough of other teams in this league. Have you seen the Patriots offense sputtering? Poor Tommy is having a hard time getting on the same page with some young WRs. Did you see the Texans get beat 34-0? Obrien has been there what 5 years? How can you not score with Deandre Hopkins? Anthony Lynn looked like the next coming coach, what's the Chargers record? Clevelands record? The Jets record wise are exactly where's most of you thought they would be. When CJ Mosely went down they didn't just lose a defender, they lost 1 of the best defensive players in the league! He was amazing in that Buffalo game. We got 1/2 out of him. Yes, the 2019 Jets have an excuse, but not once in any press conference or on the field have they quit. And the coaches have made no excuses. Sure the games without Sam were just horrific, Pats, Eagles, and Sam had the "Ghost" game, but those are the growing pains all young QBs go through on bad teams. Im really looking forward to next year to see how Joe Douglas approaches free agency & the draft. I truly believe JD is the 1st real football guy we've had running this team in years. Forget the Kicker & Kalil, how about the no name guys he brought in here off the street? A few of those guys will be great depth next year & beyond. Go Jets. Like Jimmy V said, "Don't give up, don't ever give up".
  13. Wow, you use to be a sensible chap but now I think you've landed on your head too many times after Lucy pulled the ball away.
  14. Ok. 3 days before Christmas. I want to kick the Steelers azzes. We have 10 days to get some guys back, heal up a bit, put in a game plan. Metlife will be filled with those towel waving incest loving mongrels. Plus, all I see posted on this site after another thread about our injuries is LOOK AT THE STEELERS, they're 8-5, blah, blah, blah. A victory on 12/22/19 takes everyone of those retorts regarding the Steelers overcoming injuries & flushes them all down the damn toilet.
  15. I can't believe between Idzik & Macc how many WRs these guys missed on & how many good WRs are peppered all over the NFL starting for other teams. Mind numbing.

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