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  1. You guys crack me up! Perspective people! Go back & look at the front 7s of the Ravens when Ed Reed played for them! That defense was so F*CKING GOOD they won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer at QB! TRENT DILFER! That's like winning a Super Bowl with Matt Moore at QB! Don't get me wrong, Adams may never be as good as Ed Reed, but Reed was allowed to free lance A LOT & jump routes while QBs were running for their lives. Jets the last 2 years might get a QB to move around in the pocket 3/5 times a GAME! You can't have it both ways, you can't come on this site & demand we draft guys to pass rush BECAUSE we haven't had 1 since John Abraham, but then trash our all pro safety because he doesn't have a lot of picks. This is the freaking NFL where if you don't pressure Josh McCown he's gonna have completions, or under Todd Bowles, pretty much every single backup in this league that we played against.
  2. That is just freaking PATHETIC! What does this tell you? They could have traded their ENTIRE DRAFT 10 times to secure a top QB & they couldn't have done any worse. It shows you how stupid ownership has been from Hess to Woody. This is why NO ONE should complain about what we gave up to land Darnold. It could have been our entire draft & it would have been worth it! Imagine seeing Josh McCown lining up behind center again this year?
  3. Denontay Burnett is my sleeper WR. Familiar with Darnold, runs crisp routes, catches everything, Bell out of the backfield gives every Jet pass catcher just a little more room to work. Domino affect.
  4. Go Jamal...go Jets. I think we're gonna love this 2019 NY Jets team, coaches, GM, and staff. Rolling, rolling , rolling, I just got a great feeling about this group. There are some confident mo fos here that know how Tobin bring it & want to win. TALENT + CONFIDENCE is a winning combo in pro sports.
  5. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING IN AROUND HERE!!! We're finally putting together a front office to compete with that weird savant up in New England.
  6. The biggest mistake men make is buying clothes when YOU NEED TO, like going on a trip. Hit up big sales i.e. Father's Day, 4th of July, after Christmas. Stock up on things you really like, when you find a shirt or pair of jeans that fit just right, buy a few different colors or styles. When I find a shirt that feels great, fits great, I get 3/4 different colors. I can't stand shopping for clothes & hate spending money on them so I'm a binge shopper when their are huge markdowns. I shop maybe twice a year.
  7. Exactly, and this is why Gase started the Mutiny of Macc. He was determined to surround himself with sound football people with his same vision. I love the fact he learned a lot in Miami & had a clear and concise vision of what he wanted here to be successful. Guy isn't wishy washy.
  8. I was actually agreeing with you & talking about Jet fans in general in regard to impatience.
  9. Yea cause god forbid we allow any player to develop in NY. According to Jet fans if your not getting all Pro props by your 4th game forget it, get the hell out of here, lol. I think 2 guys could develop to help the secondary, Nickerson & Bones Jones. Both of these guys like to play aggressive. Gregg will find a use for them. But im not against being creative to to find a veteran CB, you bump Roberts to a #3 CB with Poole in the slot that's a good group. Teams play a LOT OF NICKEL nowadays.
  10. Not taking a stand with Bowles after Bowles stated Ryan Fitzpatrick is our QB in 2016 when he wasn't under contract. Letting a journeyman QB like Fitz hold the Jets hostage was criminal. Then, he compounds it by drafting a QB (Hackenberg) who his own college coach passed on EVEN THOUGH the Texans needed a future QB too. How in gods name does a GM figure he knows more about a QBs potential than the guy who mentored him in College? This thought has always blown my mind! It's one of those mysteries wrapped in an enigma that when you look at it after the fact can not be explained. It also shows you how asleep at the wheel the owners of this team have been. I follow football, I'm a football fan. If I own the NY Jets, and I'm in the war room and I see Bill Obrien on the clock, 1st thing I'm thinking if Macc is telling me our board has Christian Hackenberg at the top of his player chart & then his college coach (coaching a team that lacks a QB) just like us & he passes on him, I'm like why are we taking him so high? Thats a question an owner paying attention would ask. And Macc better have the answer & it better be believable. Then, thinking he hit on Hack the next year he bypasses Mahomes & Watson. 1st & foremost it's about the QB in the NFL. But not only did he fail in that dept. for until Darnold dropped but by then he had proven he was a terrible evaluator in the middle rounds. His fate was sealed before the Giants passed on Sam Darnold.
  11. Oops, please excuse my exclusion, my goodness this is 2019 after all.
  12. We're just a bunch of guys cheering our team on, some at the stadium from a decent distance & most watching from TV through a focused small square area of the field. I honestly think Gase twice got an upclose and personal look at the youngest QB to ever start a game since the 1970 merger & he FELL IN LOVE! There's something happening for our Jets and it's quite extroidinary. In the 2nd half of the season it seemed that after every team we played, win or lose had some type of complement for Sam Darnold. Anyone who has ever played sports knows that feeling. I played High School basketball on Long Island, I was a point guard. I played in a summer league and went up against a kid from Half Hollow Hills who was an all league player, a year older, plus I knew this kid had participated in every BBall camp that existed during the summer. It was an eye opener, even at that level, made me even question my own skills, it was a punch in the gut. Can you imagine what it's like in the Pros? Many more GREAT players, but certain guys shine. Guys like JJ Watt, would mention him without being asked after the game. Opponents see it, teammates see it. Gase saw it. And he probably after getting a Jets job he coveted to mentor Darnold, said, damned if I'm letting anyone get in my way after my experience in Miami. That's why I'm so freaking excited about these trifecta of Gase, Darnold, Douglas, there is NO WAY these guys EVER think in terms of a lost season or wait until next year, there is no doubt in my mind Gase & Douglas are already huddling on any perceived weakness & will try to do whatever it takes to try & knock the Patriots off their perch in the AFC first. No season is a giveaway when you've secured your QB in the NFL.
  13. As strange as it seemed, I hope that's the look he gives Trumaine Johnson when he gets beat by 5 yards.
  14. Yea, people are beating to death this eye thing, you don't see Pats fans constantly making fun of Belichicks huge Man Boobs. He could feed 3 kids on each one if he could produce milk.
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