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  1. Like the Greg Roman thought. Whether its Lawrence or if we get Fields as a consolation, we have to move on from Sam Darnold, I've seen enough. At least with a base RPO offense like they created for Lamar, Roman could do the same for Lawrence or Fields out of the gate. Food for thought, do you think the Buffalo Bills could EVER hold Trevor or Justin to 4 yards of offense over the course of a whole half?
  2. Kind of cool that no matter what happens our consolation prize might be Justin Fields. I mean the guys skill set is succeeding in todays NFL.
  3. Imagine that the Bills did not punt ONCE yesterday. Now imagine the KC offense vs our 10 yard cushion defense. Talk about pitch & catch. I have Hill & CEH on my fantasy team, I'm hoping they don't sit Mahomes & I don't think they will, he'll hand off for 7 yards a clip in the 2nd half. Jets have zero pass rush, Mahomes could eat a Muffaletta sandwich back there.
  4. Jet fans can handle BAD, but it's when we have to use the word PATHETIC when things get embarrassing. 7 games, 2 punt returns, lmao! 4 total yards in the 2nd half takes the cake. Every year as a Jet fan I say, how much worse can it get & they never seem to disappoint that they can always break more records of futility.
  5. I agree, but not for us if we land Lawrence. Someday he'll have his Vinnie moment but he's not even close to as accurate as Vinnie was when he was on. Sam is really inconsistent.
  6. If we have the 1st pick in the draft we’ll get a capable coach. Funny how Pete Carroll a DC (His defense is #32) & Brian Shottenheimer, a guy that Jet fans LOATHED are all of sudden BRILLIANT! It’s RUSSELL WILSON!!!! Great QBs are GREAT!!! Bill Belichick pre Brady (under 500), Belichick after Brady? (Under 500). Mike McCarthy with Rogers. Mike McCarthy without a QB? Always upgrade your QB if possible. This year it just may be possible!
  7. Remind me again when Sanchez threw 5 TDS his rookie year?
  8. Jets need to follow the lead shown by the Arizona Cardinals, cut bait in this new NFL & move on quickly to remedy losing culture. With the draft picks JD has amassed, cap dollars in waiting & Trevor Lawrence the grand prize, let’s pray that we take this tank right through the season. Sams not the answer, maybe for some team, he’ll have his Vinnie Testeverde moment but he’s just not smart enough to ad Lib with the speed of the NFL. If you told me that Buffalo could hold Darnold & the offense to 4 total yards in the 2nd half, I’d have put my home on that bet (anyone would), even though it was the lowly Jets. Just try to imagine a Bet posted on the board in Las Vegas, actual odds on holding ANY NFL team under 4 yards or less what side those bets would be on. I would venture to say that if Trevor Lawrence, without ever practicing with the Jets by drawing plays with his finger in the huddle would surpass 4 yards total! Sam Darnold is the new David Carr, another QB ruined by the likes of Mike Maccagnon, but let’s face it, Sam is his own worst enemy. Ssm Darnold can’t see the field, and he can’t make quick decisions! 1st half Mims was wide open & he was way late letting go of the ball! His pick up 10-3 was inexcusable, thrown late into triple coverage. He had 3 picks & easily could have been 4 when he threw a ball directly to a Bill that dropped it. The Cardinals showed the blueprint, dumping Rosen & the Coaching staff & bringing in Kingsbury & drafting Murray. Joe Douglas TAKE NOTE!
  9. The argument is over already. Having Brady was like having your OC on the field itself! Unlike Darnold who’s starting to look like he’s as dumb as a box of rocks, Brady retains everything. He can completely control a game on offense, THAT THE REASON the Pats never lost leads in the 2nd half.
  10. I would love to see the stats on 1st down average yards for Buffalo. It seemed like it was 7 yards! CBs literally letting play after play in front of them with 10 yard cushions. Damndest thing I've ever seen. Between the 20s they went through through like hot butter, they just killed themselves in the Redzone. They had a TD called back too. That 2nd half was probably the worst in our history & that's saying a lot. Say it yourself, 4 total yards in an entire HALF! You'd think a guy could fall forward twice for 5 right.
  11. Sam stinks & the Coaching stinks. Where are the quick slants to offset blitz pressure? Blitz should have 2/3 quick outlets, the short flat behind the Blitz pressure, quick slant, or back shoulder to a spot on the sideline. That 2nd half was sickening. 4 total yards had to be another New York Jet NFL record in futility.
  12. You can’t keep a QB that gets 4 yards total I don’t care if he was playing by himself!
  13. Anyone who would keep Darnold over Lawrence is nuts! Keep tanking!

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