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  1. Jetster

    Now that the dust has settled

    Oh that's right, I forgot that Heimerdinger is the GM, GTFOOH!
  2. Especially after the OTAs, and the time that has passed since the NFL draft, the consensus has been that not only have the Jets lucked into the best QB in the 2017 draft but they also lucked into the most humble draft pick at any position taken. Sam Darnold has already proven one thing, he's all about football. Selfless people like this guy are to be admired. So if Sam plays football as well as he handles the media and focuses in on his craft, and has any early success in this town his popularity with his teammates & New York Jet fans will be unprecedented here regarding the QB position. I saw a special where a few Jets back in the Namath days were not huge fans of Joes selfishness. We won a Super Bowl but the fact is, Namaths play vs the Raiders in the AFC championship game was much better than the game manager he was in the Super Bowl. The MVP of Super Bowl III should have been shared with Matt Snell & the defense. Opinions are just that, but the shear numbers of media guys, ex- pros ect, saying passing on Sam Darnold for Baker Mayfield was a mistake by Cleveland makes this fan pretty giddy & so looking forward to seeing this kid play. I love the fact that Bates doesn't want to REBUILD his mechanics so as not to ruin his natural abilities. And many, many people believe it was crazy for the Giants to ignore the fact they have a QB approaching 40 soon & took a RB over Darnold. I'm just not used to seeing something finally good happen for the Jets and so many talking heads saying it looks like the Jets future could burn very brightly as Brady & the Patriots reign comes to an end. Jet fans deserve this! When you look around this league of band wagoner fans, I think all of us can say, IT'S ABOUT F*CKING TIME! * Oh, and an aside to this post, all of you fans that killed so many of us that were willing to give Mike McCaggnan a bit of time when we FINALLY decided to a TRUE rebuild should be very happy that Chris Johnson wasn't as impatient as a lot of you were. Without that trade with the Colts by Macc, the Jets aren't watching Sam Darnold throwing passes at Florham Park. It just might turn out to be the best trade in the history of our franchise and most likely would never have happened if Macc was fired like so many of you demanded. You know who you are.
  3. The problem with these prognostications is that we assume that the teams on our schedule are so far superior to our own team which is total BS. Parity is real in this league & most games turn on one or two plays. This is why every year there is a SURPRISE team that jumps out of the pack of the supposed losers category. If Dennison can coach the sh*t out of this Oline, and Darnold wins the starters job in camp, Jets have enough players to get it done. While we don't have any super stars, we're deeper than a lot of teams from 1 thru 5 at WR. Anderson-Kearse-Enunwa-Pryor-Hansen, Crowell-Powell-McGuire. The biggest question mark is at TE, but if one of Leggett- Herndon rise up, Sam would have plenty of weapons.
  4. Jetster

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Unlike Sam Darnold, Winston makes the same mistake twice 😁
  5. I'd like to see any press that had Maye ranked above Adams for his play last year. Just because Maye had 2 picks he didn't play as many positions & wasn't asked to be as versatile as Adams. Plus now he's not healthy & Adams is practicing in OTAs.
  6. The bottom line is he was a rookie, on a bad team, with a bad pass rush, playing next to another rookie, and still got recognized as a top rookie in the league. Getting burned by the 2 best TEs in the league (Gronk & Kelsey). Even Fasano is a decent vet & Miamis WRs were killing us so I'm sure our young safeties were trying to help & got out of position. His career is in its infancy.
  7. You guys have no idea what the expectations of the coaches were for Adams & if they gave him tons of assignments compared to anyone else in the secondary. He also played alongside another rookie in Maye, Clairborne hasn't finished a season yet where he hasn't missed snaps & the 2nd CB spot was manned by Buster Skrine sometimes. Plus, all I read about here is how badly we need a edge pass rusher and how bad our pass rush was last year but we expect our 2 rookie safeties to play like Ronnie Lott & Earl Thomas. Never mind that Lott & Thomas were playing behind incredible Dlineman like Bennett, Charles Haley, and with great CBs in their prime like Sherman & Dion Sanders. And both played on GREAT TEAMS with really good QBs ect. Many here thought Milliner, Coples, Pryor, Gholston, were gonna be great but are already disparaging a Jet that made more plays a a rookie than all of those guys combined. Even if Adams turns out to be just "very good" and not great is good enough for this Jet fan who has seen more busts than they have in the NFL football Hall of Fame. We're seeing Jets that can play football. You put enough of these guys on the field, find yourself a franchise QB (hopefully Darnold fits that bill), and have a TEAM competing every year for the playoffs. No matter where players are picked in the draft your never hitting 100% on hall of fame worthy players. Our expectations of EVERY HIGH DRAFT PICK are way too high, way too early in their careers.
  8. Where is the Giants pass rush coming from? It was terrible last year & without JPP it will be worse in 2018. Solder is 30 years old, 30! He has had back problems in the past & instead of playing against the pass rushless, Jets & Bills, Miami actually knocked Brady around pretty good last year, he'll be facing the Eagles defense TWICE, and they added Bennett. The NFC has the defending champ Eagles, who actually got better on defense, the Rams who added Suh, Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Packers with Rogers back. So, anyone who thinks adding Barkley & a 30 year old LT has moved the 2-14 Giants into the upper echelon of those NFC teams I've mentioned hasn't been paying attention to the NFC. The Eagles will take the division, leaving the Giants to compete with all those teams above for a wildcard road game which they would be big underdogs on the road with. Vegas will have their odds & I will bet they are not good.
  9. My fantasy football name was SUCK FOR SAM, then I changed midseason to BAKER TAKERS after we won too many games. Thought no way in hell we have a chance at Darnold. Browns fans are going to lose their sh*t if Darnold ends up a better QB than Mayfield. Jet fans talk about missing out on Marino but the Browns have had opportunity after opportunity to to draft a good QB. Forget Cleveland, Giant fans having to watch Darnold succeed for 20 years right here in the same stadium would be heaven sent. Be so fun to go to the Giants board & inquire, so, you guys reupping Barkley at 20 million per?
  10. That's how I feel. Maybe the line played BETTER than expected leading McCown to have his best year, in years. Our running game was spotty but Kearse played really well, Robby came out of nowhere & improved like crazy. There were many times the line gave Josh time to throw & he was late getting rid of the ball (the pick he threw at the end of the 2nd quarter up 14 on the Pats). Josh has "journeyman" next to his name for a reason. So the line protected better than expected to allow Josh to have a good year. I mean, he won 2 games in two years at Cleveland & we had many, many prognosticators calling for the Jets to have a winless season. I'm hoping Sam the man can start right away.
  11. Exactly, lol, 80%? Winters is under contract & Shell is still developing. Long was signed & can hold the fort for a 2019 center in the draft. I'd go all in for Lewan at LT though.
  12. Browns have had many close games in the last 3 years & they always blow the game at the end just like our game with them last year. I'm sure Bowles & KC went into the game like every game to stop the run 1st.
  13. McCown is a year older & certainly he didn't get any better. The only way Darnold doesn't start is if falls on his face in preseason. Sam needs to get at least a quarter of work with the starters in the 1st two games and 2 full quarters in that 3rd preseason game. McCown will be on the sideline for him and might even be calling in the plays? Hes going to get every opportunity to prove they can start the season with him. The guy played at freaking USC & carried his lame offensive skill players in 2017. I don't see this as being to big for him at all. Handing off to a Pro in Crowell, throwing to Kearse, Enunwa, Anderson, probably Tomlinson at TE early to help in the blocking. Crowell, Tomlinson & Enunwa are very good blockers, so I could easily see a bit of a conservative approach early in games to feel out the protections ect. Sam can sling it, so if he gets comfortable, he's gonna challenge defenses and any success will embolden Bates to keep opening the playbook up.
  14. When you take a closer look at Isaiah Crowells career with the Browns, the QBs he's played with, the games they have played from behind ect. and defenses being able to stack the box, his YPC are pretty damn impressive. I think your underestimating him. He's a very tough inside runner, and he squeezes out every yard he can get. Guys like that are great closers when defenses tire in the 4th quarter. Going to Crowell from a totally spent Forte is a huge upgrade.