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  1. Darnold will be scary tough if he played behind a good Oline. Trade for Trent Williams this offseason, sign Scherff as your big ticket free agency buy, draft a #1 WR & move up using a 2021 pick to take Biadesz. Win.
  2. That last drive was a perfect example of the underdogs in this league having to overcome the ref bias. It's real! Adams is a pro bowl player that deserves the same ref slant bias that all the other stars in this league get. These idiots miss a blatant call like the one against the Saints last year but call those iffy azz ones today? Jets won the game & overcame ref bias. That's a tough thing to do, congratulations to them all.
  3. The Cashman breakup was EVERY SINGLE Patriots pass breakup. Ridiculous call! When it's questionable in slo mo, it's a f*cking bad call.
  4. Our DTs suck! Fact! If we would have drafted offense this game would be over!
  5. Basic sh*t they screw up on. Beachum is a weak leak & needs to go badly. He's hurt again because he's soft as charmin.
  6. Good thing we drafted all those DTs to stop the run!
  7. Trumaine Johnson might as well have a f*cking target on his chest. No way in hell hes out there if Hairston was healthy.
  8. I told my wife B4 the kick he'll make it because EVERY KICKER kicks long FGs against us in our house. BINGO!
  9. The Steelers are paying the price right now for being cheap. 1-4 with a win against the Bengals, and now like the Jets are down to their 3rd string QB. Only difference is they have a much stouter line than the Jets but I believe the result will be the same. With our injuries & Oline play we haven't been able to witness Bells true talent but with Sam back I'm expecting things to open up a bit for him. I'm sure Crowder & Anderson will be reenergized too.
  10. Has to be Le'veon Bell. Can you imagine what it's been like for him these last 2 games vs the Pats & Philly? Luke Falk was so bad both teams literally played 9 guys at the LOS & zeroed in on Bell. As much as he's been pegged a Prima Donna, he's been a f*cking warrior donning the Green & White. I mean that has to be tough when your as talented a player as Bell & your getting no help & basically getting gang tackled as soon as you touch the ball. I'm sure this is not what he expected but he's been a damn good soldier & a leader by example of not giving up. Im praying that Sam can lift everyone around him so a guys like Bell, Crowder & Anderson can enjoy the game again & get refocused. I can't imagine what it's like playing a game as brutal as pro football & warm up for a game deep inside you know you have no chance of winning & instead try not to get embarrassed. Hell, we talk about being embarrassed as fans wearing Jets merchandise around & getting the I'm sorry looks. Even though they get paid for play, winning is much more fun. There is a reason guys take a bit less to sign up with New England. I'm sure Stephon Gilmore who was kind of an underrated signing is pretty happy. Amazing that we've been through all these high priced CBs, Revis, Tru, and the best one played in our own division & the only one that knew it was Belichick. Perfect example right there of how that team stays on top. Let's hope that JD is more in tune with his surroundings.
  11. Who cares? Falk...Fales, Darnold got all the reps. We were playing the Eagles in Philly where this organization has NEVER WON IN ITS HISTORY. None of it mattered. We were losing that game if they gave Falk 3 weeks practice.
  12. This totally screams see ya later Leo. Jets don't want to be scrumming around in 2020 to fill this spot when they use all their assets to build the Oline & get Sam some weapons. You know what makes a difference more than Leonard Williams? Jets offensive players spiking the ball in the endzone, not Leo playing paddy cakes down 2 touchdowns.
  13. If the Jets aren't playing I don't even stay up past halftime. Anyone paying for Ads lost me already.
  14. If your a playoff team & you have injuries ala Chiefs & Cowboys along your defensive line & you can trade for Leonard Williams for a 3 your definitely considering that move. The Chiefs defense is horrific & you can't outscore the Patriots if Mahomes is sitting on the sidelines while Sony Michel, White & Burkhead are ripping holes through them & around them. Same with Dallas competing with a team like the Saints & Kamara. Is Leo worth 14 million? Absolutely not! Is he a top 10 DT? Nope. Can he maybe help these teams slow down another teams running game, I say yes. The guy is unmotivated, but being on a better team, going to the playoffs might rev his motor. Teams like the Chiefs & Cowboys are running into the dreaded salary cap mess & will start losing players. When you have a chance at the Super Bowl you take it. I think Leonard Williams is a goner if the price is right. Especially if another playoff contender loses an important DT. That could happen within a month. 3 playoff bound teams with Super Bowl aspirations & a DT problem would benefit the NY Jets. He's not great, but he's available & it's always that old story a new team thinks they can turn him around & get more out of him.
  15. Dumb! Do not sign over 30 guys with injury histories unless we're CLOSE to competing in a playoff scenario. We are way to far off. Maybe this Jeudy kid drops in our lap. Sam needs a binky.

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