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  1. Cam Newton was God awful last night! OMG! After watching Sam on Saturday & how accurate he was on the move, then watching Newton last night slinging balls into the turf, I was like that God Sam fell to us. He has to be hurt. Their entire offense had to be run in a 10 yard box! Plus his only weapon was McCaffrey. But his accuracy is horrible.
  2. Sorry, I disagree. While the roster is thin, a better coach could have easily win more than 4 games. Obviously this isn't a Super Bowl roster but better coaching might not have let a cold rookie QB step off the bench & bring his team back down 14, or let Matt Barkley waltzed into MetLife & look like Joe Montana, or hold the Dolphins to 13 points on the road & still lose, or turn a 16-0 lead in Nashville, and lose by allowing a TD drive in the last 2 minutes, or refuse to double the only offensive player the Texans have after their starting RB went down & allow him to go for 170 yards & score 2 TDs. Todd Bowles is the worst coach I've ever watched here including Kotite. At least Kotite could spot talent & allowed an UDFA to rise to one of the best slot WRs in our history. He is bottom of the barrel bad!
  3. I posted the thread B4 the game how Bowles/Rogers have NEVER slowed down a #1 wide receiver. The answer was NO and I posted their #s. 170 yards & 2 TDs later Bowles/Rogers seal there fate! Don't let the door hit you in the azz on the way out! But, it was a win/win. Better draft pick..Bowles fired.
  4. I'd love to have Mike Evans. Could you imagine Darnold getting in sync just throwing up for him to go get it? Mike Evans, Anderson, Deebo Samuels, Quincy, Bell, Herndon.
  5. Jetster

    Bell or draft?

    I just see him as RB by committee guy. I'd like to see him used here like the Bears use Cohen.
  6. Jetster

    Bell or draft?

    Maybe signing Tevin Coleman instead? I just want to surround Sam with game breakers. My god, we had to fight for every inch Saturday, can we get some players that break tackles & get YAC?
  7. Jetster

    Bell or draft?

    I live in New England and I just got home from a commute & was listening to Boston sports radio. The Patriots have given up 7.8 yards average per run over the last 3 games! Worst in FRANCHISE HISTORY! Lets put things into perspective. This isn't your fathers Patriots defense. Why is everyone trying to disparage Le'veon Bells talent? Why does any Jet fan care if we give Bell 16/17 million when we'll have 125 million dollars available? There aren't enough free agents to spend this money on, so, I'll take the guy that has been the #1 or #2 RB off the board in fantasy football for years. I've watched Steelers games. I watched him play under the franchise tag & look great! I've never seen Bell play lacksadaically. In fact, he's so smooth, he doesn't even look like he's trying & than boom, he's off and running by people. We'll get the freshest Bell since his rookie season! DO NOT LET WOODY JOHNSON POCKET 16/17 million. I'd rather watch Darnold throwing passes to Bell than have Woody keep millions in his wallet.
  8. Jetster

    Bell or draft?

    Yea, because a guy that had over 90 catches in a season bobbles balls, GTFOOH!
  9. The Steelers FINALLY realized if they keep playing zone all the time vs Brady they would lose again. They attacked, they doubled Bradys 1st read (guessed correctly) & they forced him to make throws downfield. Ravens have a much better defense than the Steelers, John Harbaugh is already looking at the film. Plus, the Pats dropped balls THEY NEVER DROP. Edeleman had 2 drops, Gordon dropped 1 wide open, these guys never seem to drop them when we play them, lol.
  10. Jetster

    Bell or draft?

    When Cannon dropped that beautifully thrown ball on 3rd down I closed my eyes & envisioned Bell plucking that ball gracefully out of the air, jump stepping inside the tackler as he stiff armed him to the ground & galloped along the sideline like he was skating on ice. Then I watched us punt the ball away.
  11. Exactly! Brady, Gronk & Edelman are not going to get BETTER with age at this point. It's so funny the reactions to this? The last time they looked like they were faltering a bit, Gronk & Edelman were in their prime, that's definitely not the case anymore. Did you see Gronk run yesterday? Plus their defense is mediocre AT BEST. In a league full of sh*tty teams & a division full of crappy teams, of course they'll still win a lot of games, Brady is the GOAT, he's gonna have his moments still, they'll just be a lot less of them soon enough.
  12. That's why I just suggested a swap of picks but they only give us their 3rd. Basically for another 3rd rounder & a slightly higher choice at #1 & #3.
  13. Why are you saying McCarthy wouldn't come here? Sam Darnold is the ultimate "what do you want me to do coach" type of player! He's the polar opposite of the egomaniac up in Green Bay. The Cards are a mess, Cincy? Yuck, Bucs? Yuck, Skins? Yuck, Jags? Yuck. I don't see Panthers firing Rivera, and it looks like the Ravens are rolling again with John Harbaugh. What would be the reasoning to firing Harbaugh? They're fighting for the playoffs for god sake with a rookie QB in charge! The show the Darnold put on last Saturday peaked that radar of some coaches looking for a job. The only other place I see McCarthy going is Cleveland but does he want to go from one azzhole QB to another in Mayfield? These coaches have a lot of pride & all of them want there eff u moment after they get sh*tcanned, it's why Pete Caroll came back to the NFL. Mike McCarthy might be looking at NY Jets thinking Darnold, wide open AFC East soon, chance of success.....HIGH. He'd love nothing more than to mold Darnold into a Super Star after being spurned by Aaron Rogers Packers (don't be fooled, it is the Aaron Rogers show in Green Bay). There is a reason his family doesn't even like him.
  14. Here's an absolutely crazy idea. Say the Jaguars end up picking ahead of us? Would you trade for Bortles & take on his contract as a backup for Darnold? Jets swap 1st round draft spot, swap 3d & get the Jags 3rd round pick they got for Fowler from the Rams? Jets would have a higher 1st, higher 3rd, plus 2 more 3rds. This might be the perfect draft to have 3 third round picks? High 3rd is close to a 2nd.
  15. Who is going QB at the top of the draft? I don't see anyone trading up this year. Denver might have 4 teams to pick from if they're interested. Which already waters down the trade. All of the teams at the top currently have QBs. Cards, Raiders, Jets, 49ers. Jags are stuck with Bortles. Then you have Falcons (Ryan), Lions (Stafford), Giants (Eli/Lauletta), Bucs (definitely a team that might be in the QB game) but they don't have to move. Then Bills (Allen), Packers (Rogers), then Denver. Hell, Denver could just move up with Falcons, Lions, or Giants. What you want is to be in front of Denver or Tampa Bay. They seem the only players for a QB. Washington would be the other depending on where they end up. Terrible win for them yesterday,very 2014 Jet like, lol.

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