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  1. We need to picking 1 or 2 & then we can make coming here attractive for Harbaugh. I think he'd like to coach Trevor or Justin. NFL players dint care what a coach has done in college, Jim has absolute PROOF he was successful at the NFL level. Plus there may be things he's learned since that would make him an even better NFL head coach, like the type of OC & DC he'd want. And he's a fiery guy who when his QB is hit in the head or flung to the turf will let the refs & his own team know that he'll fight for them!
  2. Taking injury prone players works out 10% of the time. But Bless & Hall might pop us up to a 50% success rate if they stick. Depends on the injury sometimes. Bad shoulders on a LB is like hiring a guy with two torn biceps to stack grocery shelves.
  3. I don’t like him because he tucks in his sweatshirts....who does that?
  4. We probably got them when the QB tripped. I count 10 seconds sometimes on our pass rush!
  5. And Sam Darnold beat Dallas & we're dumping his azz as soon as the 2021 draft. Dallas hasn't been relevant since Jimmy Johnson!
  6. The entire secondary looks horrible, we have zero pass rush in unless QW crashes the party. We have to be last or near last in sacks.
  7. I'm with you on the tank for Trevor train. I think whatever we get for Darnold, plus what we have all ready plus our salary cap dollars is plenty to get this thing turned around. Robinson- Thuney- draft Humprey or Myers & you starting Oline is set moving McGovern (who's under contract) to RG. Thats only 2 free agents & 1 draft pick. That still leaves possibly the Seattle pick or #33 still available, regardless of what we get for Darnold. Just look at the cuts they can make without losing any real talent, just bodies, (Fant 8 million savings, Lewis 5.4 million, Anderson 8.2 million) thats $21.6 million & we aint gonna miss them! Now, just imagine if you will that the Seattle pick turns out to be Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle or Rondale Moore? Could happen right? Now the Jets are cutting Jamison Crowder & saving 10.5 million dollars! With those 3 other guys thats a savings of $32.1 million dollars!!! Jets would have a lot of dough for the 2nd round of free agency after what will be a tepid start to free agency because so few teams have a lot of cap dollars. I'd go big fish like Robinson or Juju, Thuney or Scherff & then bargain shop to strengthen the defense. There are always the holdouts like Clowney last year. With just 3 draft picks & 6 to go, plus whatever the Darnold pick or picks are and just 2 free agent moves you've solidified your Oline & your WR group. So lets say Robinson & Thuney cost us 35 million on the cap in 2021, that still leaves somewhere between 70 & 80 million to fill out the roster. (Thats including cutting Crowder).
  8. I want Robinson, he's got a little nastiness in him. Mims does too, so it toughens up these team a bit.
  9. Well, we might have gotten lucky with him doing it yesterday & not after we signed him to mega contract like Mosely.
  10. 4 guys in the top ten the Jets could of drafted, 1 who a guy was banging the table for, 2 that we bypassed for a strong safety & because we already had Christian Hackenberg, and 1 that we could have had without trading 3 second round picks for Sam Darnold. Why do we suck again?
  11. Shocking! Are you telling me not to judge a rookie by his 1st year in the league? Blasphemy. I want instant HOFamers. Who the hell DEVELOPS players?
  12. There's another obvious reason, he's getting the sh*t kicked out of him. The Eagles Oline was top 2 the year they won the Super Bowl, it was very similar to the Jets in 2009/2010 except better from Left to Right! Peters was a beast & his run blocking was far superior to Dbrick. The dude had a fortress in front him, and Foles is a very smart QB wen given time. That Eagles Oline is decimated! Backups everywhere! As Jet fans we know that spells disaster.
  13. Our coaches have been Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles & Adam Gase the last 11 years & we have fans that don't want Jim Harbaugh? We honestly deserve everything we get! Let's welcome Eric Bienemy everyone.
  14. That is quite the haul! Love the idea of all these young studs growing up together. If you go this way there is no way you start Trask. You keep Darnold & let them fight it out. If Sam loses his job, so be it.
  15. Trevor + Harbaugh Yea please. Wonder what Harbaugh thinks about Justin Fields? Obviously seen enough of him.
  16. Protect the elderly & those with underlying conditions. It’s been the same since it started.
  17. Or not going to the grocery store, or any store for that matter.
  18. Or not going to restaurants.
  19. Chill out! If everyone was so concerned you’d be boycotting football!
  20. Jets get 0-15 they just need a little Covid outbreak to close the deal. Just 10-15 guys mostly starters.

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