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  1. eu·nuch /ˈyo͞onək/ Learn to pronounce noun a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women's living areas at an oriental court.
  2. We should change the New York Jets to the New York Liberals, we can add another 74 million haters.
  3. Oh, that’s right, no one drives drunk in NY or NJ. Sorry. Liberals don’t drink & drive.
  4. Maybe Transgenders are a little less important than the million of underprivileged children not being educated right now. Or the millions of small family businesses going under in lockdowns. You know many set some priorities during a Pendemic maybe?
  5. I’m so tired of these pompous NY & CA liberals who can’t seem to understand conservatives are just as educated, and definitely care more about underrepresented people who are struggling. While they’re hiding in their closets from Covid, a lot of us are going out & doing our best to save small businesses, bars & restaurants. States that have NOT locked down have faired evenly & better than the locked down states killing people’s livelihoods. I’m sorry, I’m passionate about liberty & freedom! Sue me. And if the Crusher wants to silence me so bit it. I’m not suppporting Andy Reid’s son, I’m just saying these lockdowns are unconstitutional & dangerously anti freedom, anti American & killing many more people than Covid over the next 5 years.
  6. Most of the people moving into my neighborhood are from NY, CA, and PA. Trying to escape idiots who think like yourself while your entire state is either burning to the ground, tripping over the homeless, or avoiding feces in the street. But, enjoy yourself.
  7. Are you actually calling yourself smarter than me, without even knowing who I am, what I've accomplished? That sir puts you right into the catagory of an ELITIST. I will guarantee you that I have professionally & financially done more in my lifetime than you will probably ever accomplish. I honestly couldn't care less to inform you of that fact, but based on your innuendo that you are far more educated than me because your a liberal nitwit, is in fact why the entire country is split in two.
  8. cool. Gas is up 45 cents a gallon in 3 weeks. But I'm sure EVERYONE will be getting pay raises to make up for it. F*cking morons! Storied great nation...coming up. Comical. Teach your grandkids Chinese, get a hard start for their children.
  9. Barrett won’t be cheap, but right now for the next 3 years QW is, so let’s get guys in here that help release the Kraken on the inside!
  10. Well at least you’ve exposed yourself as a child
  11. Hope Brady wins & retires! Bucs will go back to being the Bucs.
  12. Yea, yea, I screwed that up. But, the offense let them down, they game wasn’t decided until the 4th quarter & Donald played hurt. That’s why Stafford is in LA now.
  13. No on Watkins! No on Breeland! No on Fournette! Maybe on Robinson & Godwin ABSOLUTE YES ON BARRETT!!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you for your input. Now go play in traffic.
  15. Though Saleh is a defensive coach, if you look at ways to HELP your defense, one of the biggest aids is an offense that can take the air out of the ball, wear down opposing defenses & score in the Redzone. I think Joe Douglas & Saleh will agree that building one of the best Olines in the league after QB is of the utmost importance! You look at the Eagles Oline during their run to the Super Bowl & the 49ers balanced attack & the Oline they put together there with Trent Williams, McLinchey ect. Jets will be VERY ACTIVE regarding the Oline.
  16. Let's hope JD & Saleh come to that conclusion. We could have an amazing Oline moving him to RT & getting a stud LT too. Plus Thuney? Plus Josh Myers at #66? I don't get it, why do Jet fans scoff at the top players in this league? Jalen Ramsey took the Rams defense to another level! They beat Aaron Rogers in Green Bay!
  17. Has this organization ever had so many options laid out in front of them? Keep Sam? Trade Sam? Draft a QB at #2? Trade back and still draft one? Sign a free agent veteran? Maybe trade for Watson if available? Build one of the best Olines in the NFL? It's completely doable with free agents + Pennei Sewell. Sign a veteran WR or roll with Mims, #23 & Crowder. Fix the defense with a couple of free agent pass rushers? Trade for Lattimore? Bring in Salehs guys from San Fran, Hyder & Sherman? Never in 52 years of being a Jet fan have I seen so many options in one offseason. 2021 will define Joe Douglas career based on the assets he has, the connections he's built & now the good will Saleh brings with him regarding players that would love to play for him. Every day I read different scenarios based on what fans want to do & they differ sharply, in fact it's why I started this thread because most Jet fans (sans the pessimistic darksiders) see how great of an opportunity Douglas has in front of him to push the Jets forward with possibly the best decade of football we've ever witnessed if he hits on his QB decision & follows that up with at least a 75% hit on everything else he decides to do. We cant miss on free agent targets this year. The recruiting needs to lead to closing the deal on who they want as NY Jets. The arrow needs to be pointing up for this team heading into 2022 with hopefully even more the 9 draft picks to plug the holes we determine to fill in 2021 but don't. We've wanted a GM in here for years that could finally build a team properly & this guy has to be our savior. I can't even imagine the conversations that have already started in Florham Park & wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall? The Jets hold a lot of the cards this offseason picking at #2 when everyone knows the Jaguars start off the draft taking Trevor Lawrence. We'll be back in the spotlight in the draft, thankfully with the stigma of Adam Gase gone & a respected NFL coach at the helm. Over the last 10 years you almost had to feel bad for players hearing, THE NEW YORK JETS SELECT and then hearing their name. Sure it's great to be in the NFL but as all of you know, in the media the Jets are cast as the Washington Generals. I think when players here their name this year, associated with the New York Jets they'll be truly excited for a brighter future here. Could you imagine keeping Gase after 2-14 & you hear your name called when the Jets are on the clock? This is it. This is what Joe Douglas set himself up for. Let's pray he's more Ozzie Newsome than John Idzik. This draft will probably determine our success over the next decade. Big stuff!
  18. How can you not love this coaching staff?
  19. Mental Heath issues are spiraling out of control while Congress votes on another stimulus bill filled with pork for things like the Kennedy center & many other countries, while our schools are closed, millions in the service industry are struggling, suicides, child abuse, drug abuse & alcoholism is rising but the most important thing on the agenda is impeaching a President who is currently not in office. Go Bucs!
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