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  1. I'll say it again. Front loaded contract & Saquan Barkley in the 1st. Jets just need to figure out their center position on the Oline. It's time to help this defense out with some explosive offense. Re-up ASJ, the 2 young WRs in their 2nd year, Kearse, Anderson, Leggette? With a great running game, (Barkley, Powell, McGuire) and Kirk Cousins spreading the ball around the Jets can turn around their fortunes in one offseason with 3 picks in the top 100. Heres what Kirk Cousins is doing with injuries surrounding him on the Oline, at RB, TE (Reed has been hurt all year), and he's still keeping them in every game & has actually improved: Cousins is on pace to become the second quarterback in NFL history to start 10 or more games in a season with a 100-plus passer rating and a losing record. Welcome to what's been Drew Brees' world the last couple of years. Jet fans that don't want Cousins haven't been paying attention to his play under tough circumstances.
  2. Russell Wilson

    This guy would have turned this franchise upside down. We all know the story that leaked from Florham park that Terry Bradway was pounding the table for this guy. I'd love to know who & why he was overruled. It doesn't change it but it might shine a light on the disfunction of this franchise & I believe the disconnect in the power structure is a huge issue. It's why Rex was allowed to draft John Connor or his sons FREIND from Clemson. With everything I'm reading about the reviews on Hackenberg when he was drafted, it's scaring me that Macc is another one of these guys trying to find a needle in a hay stack. GMs do this all the time, trying to be smarter than the average bear. Thats how guys like Stephen Hill, with all of what? 11 catches in college gets drafted in the 2nd round. Or Vlad Ducasse in the 2nd & then we find out he can barely understand English, but he played for Umass? Other than Hack, I believe Macc has drafted pretty well but the Hack mistake has had more ramifications because he did make a mistake drafting Hackenberg, we ignored our future QB sitting right there for the picking in Deshaun Watson. It's like doubling down on his mistake so I do understand fans here who want him fired.
  3. This article confirms my belief that Lamar Jackson will be an NFL star. Nobody ever goes back & reposts these bold claims by these guys. They don't know anymore than you or I.
  4. Russell Wilson

    Yes...yes I am because paying a Center that much money is ridiculous. I liked Mangold but no way in hell I pay a Center a 55 million dollar contract. I think he made 14 million at the end? Maybe I'm wrong but Nick was way overpaid. The Jets either over pay slightly above average players who aren't stars, or they overpay non premium positions & players past their prime, Mangold, Harris, Gilchrist, Skrine, and on & on. QB, pass rusher, top CB, LT.
  5. Bowles After the Bye

    The Jets have only 4 wins & they are the least impressive wins by any 4 win team all season so far. @ Cleveland Browns- Jets should have lost this game. This game was there for the taking & had the backup started this game instead of Kiser effing up over & over, there is no way we win this game. Miami @ home- Cutler is shot, their offense is a dumpster fire and the Fins have been beat by crazy huge sums in their losses. Jacksonville @ home. A complete anomaly game, if the Jets played this team 10 more times they would lose every game. Jags were on the road again after 1st having to worry about a hurricane in Florida, then travel to London for a game & then back on the road again in NY. Timing is everything. Buffalo Bills @ home. Most complete game by the Jets all season that luckily ran out of time as Taylor & the Bills were actually making a comeback in a game the Jets should have closed the door but needed the clock to run out. This game gave Jet fans everywhere hope until the next 2 weeks when this Bills team gave up 9000 points, and benched Taylor for a rookie QB. So there you have it. Not really a GOOD win in the whole bunch. 3 horrible teams and another suffering from natural disaster & Jet lag. Not a great resume for our cigar store Indian Head Coach. But he acts like he's beyond criticism and everyone has stupid questions regarding our 38 year old QB and how he's looking past the fact that this team never, ever had a chance at a playoff spot this year. Swiss cheese best describes this roster.
  6. Mauldin won't be prosecuted

    Who is this Lorenzo Mauldin you speak of?
  7. Empty seats = Fire Bowles + New offensive minded coach = huge win for Jet fans
  8. Bowles After the Bye

    It's truly amazing to me how long this regime has ignored the Oline, obviously QB & offense in general at the top of the draft. Shell is the only Oline starting olineman drafted by Macc, is that correct? Beachum (FA), Carpenter (FA), Wesley Johnson (?), doesn't matter he sucks, and too weak at the POA, Winters (Idzik), Shell.
  9. Bowles After the Bye

    They had a penalty by Winters the 1st play of the game to back them up on the road. FLAT! And not ready. Rex had this same problem.
  10. Russell Wilson

    Jonathon Goodwin wasn't good enough for the Jets but he was just fine winning a Super Bowl with the Saints as their starting center. But the Jets always do what the Jets do, overpay for a non premier position. 55 million dollar contract for Nick Mangold. He was good but he wasn't even Kevin Mawae good. Nick couldn't get out & pull like Mawae could. Plus Mangold just got fatter & fatter as his salary went up. Fans talked about his weight on here ad nauseum.
  11. There is no way in hell Claiborne is getting top 10 CB money! Not with his injury history.
  12. Russell Wilson

    Lol! Talk about a hyperbole statement.
  13. Baker Mayfield

    I was so cheering against the Hawks last night. I want them to miss the playoffs & so we can get that higher 2nd. We need all the help we can get.
  14. Russell Wilson

    I guess this guy didn't watch last nights game, lol. Wilson was a f*cking BEAST. Making plays all over the place. Dude was playing behind a sieve Oline, with backups coming in for injured starters like Oday Aboushi, lol! And some of the throws (not on the run) but full freaking sprints were lasers! Overrated? That guy is SPECIAL! Russell Wilson playing for the Jets would be a f*cking dream.
  15. Russell Wilson

    So true. This has gone on forever. I remember watching the draft when Zack Thomas came out & I wanted him in the 3rd round. But to the Jets he was too small, lol. Draftnicks were like, "All this guy does is make plays", the rest is history. Its how I feel this year regarding Lamar Jackson. You can't ignore what this guy is doing in college & the new rules allowing you to slide, throw away the ball from the pocket ect. make it so difficult for team defenses. Look at Belichick & the Pats, guys that are unpredictable you can't defend as easy. Guys that can move hurt the Pats, Cam Newton literally toyed with them. Think back to when Harbaugh went into New England with Keapernick & a great game plan, they kicked their azz. I'm very impressed with Morton & Bates, they don't have a lot to work with. Match our offensive pieces to other teams, I mean Powell has proven to be just a guy who gets nicked up, Forte is too old, Anderson his getting better but he's a one move wonder, Kearse, Kerley, Jags, who other teams let go. But we really don't know what we have in Stewart & Hanson, WR takes time to learn in the NFL but I'd love to see a guy like Jackson grow up with these guys. Learning scramble drills ect. with a mobile QB. It changes the entire dynamic & is exciting as hell! And they own 4th quarters when defenses tire, Wilson was unf*cking believable last night! He would have changed all our lives if they listened to Bradway (the one time that MF was ever right, lol).
  16. Broncos make OC change.

    Bowles would have Brady on the bench here.
  17. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Isnt the transition tag a 2nd round pick? Maybe that's why Macc was adamant about getting at least a 2nd for Sheldon. Contingency plan if somehow Cousins gets a transition tag. Poison pill baby! I'd take Cousins in a heartbeat, we need his accuracy & toughness. Front load the sh*t out of the contract!
  18. Jets need to fix the damn Oline. Dak doesn't look as good without Zeke & his LT. People are going to think I'm crazy but if the Jets have no chance at Darnold or Rosen they should be all in on Lamar Jackson & build an offense around this guys talents. Do you know what type of QBs give the Pats fits? Guys that are unpredictable & much faster than thier slow azz front 7. Losses vs Alex Smith & Cam Newton...wins vs Brees, Winston, Carr, pocket passers. Lamar would be nasty on roll outs, RB fakes & keepers, the defense would HAVE TO keep a spy which instantly makes it 11 on 10 defenders.
  19. The Jets are sometimes slightly above average. The Jets are usually below average. Average teams don't get in the tournament or get high draft picks. Average in the NFL is bad.
  20. That Colts Monday Night game last year came real close! Luck threw 3 TDs in 3 series where you didn't even see defenders on the TV. The last one, I just grabbed the remote, said I hate this team, lol and turned it off.
  21. This is such BS! Sanchez had terrible spacial awareness. He never felt when defenders were near, was terrible leaving the pocket too early or not stepping up at the right time or just throwing the ball away. How many times watching Sanchez did you see him hold the ball & not feel pressure coming? I can't tell you how many the times I screamed from my chair, "watch out", lol.
  22. We have to find the PERFECT QB. The QB Jets fans are looking for has a 100% completion %, can not throw any interceptions, must be able to run a 4.2 & they are fine with McCown until we find that guy.
  23. These SOJ games are always the same. It was like this back when the Colts were in our division & you see it every time you get dragged back on board. You know deep down in your soul whether it’s Fitz or McCown that the Jets are just adrift in a QB less ocean without a paddle. I have no idea why Mcaggnon didn’t pull the trigger on Watson but my entire interest in the NFL & my Jets in particular has been waning. Todays sh*t fest on offense is the last straw. I won’t watch another game if McCown is trotted out again after the bye & I promise you I’m 100% done with this team next year to if they don’t do WHATEVER they need to do to get a competent QB on this team! Whether it’s paying Cousins a small fortune or trading whatever it takes to get 1 of the top guys coming out or lucking out with the 3rd, 4th or 5th pick & someone falls, but if they don’t pull out EVERY STOP to try & end the QB dry spell I will seriously take anything that I own that says Jets on it, throw it in the trash & move on with my life! The idea that Bowles has concluded that Petty & Hack are worse than starting McCown from this point on makes me want to PUNCH HIM RIGHT IN HIS CIGAR STORE INDIAN FACE FOR NOT DRAFTING WATSON! End Rant!
  24. Jets Brass just want some fannies in the seats. Why would you donate them to the United Way? Don't they try to pick people up? Help them in tough times? Here's their catch phrase, "Feeling down in the dumps? Can't make your rent?, just got shooed away from another flop house?, well we know how to pick you up. Head out to MetLife Stadium & watch Cam Newton, Alex Smith, and Drew Brees carve up your Jets like a Thanksgiving turkey. Put a smile on a young Jet fans face with a $12 hotdog. Watch Buster Skrine try to tackle someone while holding tennis balls & watch Mo Wilkerson try to arm tacked another running back. Watch Jets QB Josh McCown retire at halftime. Turn your Jet hat into a rally cap & cheer them on from a 24 point deficit in the 4th quarter. We hope to see YOU on Sundays!
  25. I know, this narrative is like a fish tale. "Hack was projected to go 5th round", by who? I never saw that projection. It was always 2nd or 3rd round.