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  1. Eric DeCosta, Baltimore Ravens Assistant GM this guy would be a home run , he can have full control here , jets salary cap is good and we have a top 6 pick.
  2. great game by decker I know its too late but nice to see
  3. Awful play call why run the wildcat on a 3rd and goal I dont get Marty play calling
  4. the measurement was short how can that be a first down it such BS
  5. the play calling is beyond bad, i know geno sucks but you need to run better plays.
  6. Jets need a QB can't keep playing with the crap we had the last few years. Nothing will change unless we have a competenet QB
  7. Idzik hand pick QB geno smith is awful
  8. Harvin questioanble to return --- Ribs
  9. play calling in the redzone is baffling.
  10. Jets playing hard and well nice to see the team has not packed it in.
  11. Randy Lange ‏@rlangejets 1m1 minute ago Our D held NE to 52 yds in 1st half. Fewest yds by opp in 1st half since 2010 Gm 5 (MIN, 51 yds), fewest by Pats since 1993 Gm 3 (41 yds).
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