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  1. Geno sucks but at this point what is the difference see if he can make a couple of connections with the WR and move the ball maybe even score
  2. zThe stupid wildcat contnues -- just stuipd
  3. Let geno throw the ball today we got nothing to lose.
  4. Sacking the brady it never gets old
  5. Sanchez having a good game 27-35-287-2-0 21 points and 2 missed FG
  6. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 39m39 minutes ago The Jets should have let them score to get the number one draft pick, who will be really good. It will just never change for them!
  7. Perfectly said , cant expect the players/coaches not want to win games.
  8. Dennis Waszak Jr. ‏@DWAZ73 2m2 minutes ago Rex Ryan: A Jet fan is a tough guy, wants to win and that's what we gave our true fans today." #Jets
  9. Kimberley A. Martin ‏@KMart_LI 59s60 seconds ago Rex on fans who wanted jets to lose? "Tough you know what. A real #Jets fan wants to win."
  10. The Kyle Wilson killer penalty shocker - 2 more games left in his Jets career
  11. We are now going to be picking anywhere between 6-10 because you know we will beat the FISH on the last game of the year.
  12. Colon with another penalty and Geno with a great throw to Harvin I guess that was not a Pro Bowl moment
  13. Feel bad for Locker he keeps getting injured would not feel bad if it was Brady
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