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  1. If you are a Jets fan you can not want Idzik back. He is lost , he has done the worst job of any GM in Jets history and that is saying a lot. I don't want him hiring our next coach, drafting our new QB or running another draft. There are som many bad things about Idzik that we all know what they are, so no point in going through them again.
  2. live by the blitz die by the blitz -- same play that happened to the jets against the giants 2 years ago.
  3. Jets red-zones woes continue. Now, 0 for 5. Folk's 24-yard FG ties it at 21-21 with 14:15 left in 4th quarter #nyj
  4. these refs just suck, I dont care if they win or lose at this point but that's BS
  5. cumberland needs to go , I know that was not a great throw but its his fault for running a crappy route.
  6. secondary is so bad , Idzik has left this team so devoid of talent it is a shame. Hopefully the next GM will know what the hell he is doing.
  7. Idzik has done a wonderful job putting the secondary together
  8. Seth Walder ‏@SethWalderNYDN 55s55 seconds ago That was Harvin's first receiving touchdown since 2012. #nyj
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