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  1. I can't help to think of the last time the Jets hired a fired Eagle head coach... No thanks!
  2. The Green helmet with the different Green jerseys are by far the worst look.
  3. McCarthy should be 0-3 as well, if not for another Falcon melt down with a huge lead. The difference though is that the Cowboys are loaded with talent and the Jets aren't.
  4. Cook has already stated that he wants a new contract or he won't be at camp.
  5. They did the Pats a bigger favor by having them play in LA against the Chargers week 12 on a Sunday and then stay in LA and play the Rams on Thursday night without having to travel. How convenient...
  6. 😂 Other than that, it's a great show to listen too.
  7. It's so hard to listen to that show because of him. The mouth breathing, the non stop snot sniffling like he's a 4 year old who needs somebody to help him blow his nose. And he repeats himself all the time like Jimmy Two Times. You know what I mean you know what I mean... He's disgusting to listen too and to look at. I've been hoping they would replace him since he started.
  8. I'd be fine with Becton. If he's as good as you think, then the Jets won't have a shot at him at 11 anyway.

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