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  1. Yeah I was wondering the same thing. It wouldn't surprise me.
  2. But your name is Beerfish...
  3. FYI: You have Del'Shawn Phillips twice on your cut list
  4. My guess is it will be someone not currently on the Roster. If they go with what they currently have it will probably be Kroft.
  5. Watson has done nothing wrong, this is all a bunch of BS. These accusers are all getting paid off. Why is it that this all came out right after he decided he wanted to move on? I guarantee if teams stay away from trading for him, the one team that he’ll end up on will be NE. We know they have no issue acquiring players with issues far worse than this.
  6. My guess is teams probably think Pats will match whatever teams offer him. He's already stated he wants to remain with the Pats, so unless some team gives him a crazy contract, Bill will just match it.
  7. Yes and he'll be a very good one, if not great.
  8. Nope wouldn't work, he wouldn't be able to catch the shotgun snaps.
  9. I haven't lost faith in Sam at all. I'm looking forward to seeing him in the new offense, which seems like it will be perfect for him. I know everybody is talking about Watson or taking a QB at 2, I don't see it happening. I'm of the opinion that the Jets will roll with Sam and will trade the second pick for more picks, and finally start building this team the right way.
  10. I don't see Watson waiving his no trade clause to go to Detroit.
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