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  1. The playcalls late in the game were pretty bad. Even had they worked, i didn't much care for them. Bowles let Gailey do his job, he kinda sucked. He isnt an elite level OC, he wont be great every single game or drive. We should not be surprised when this stuff happens.
  2. half this board needs to quit watching football and get a grip.
  3. I like the Jets WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more when i dont bother watching them. What the FvCK is wrong with this franchise?
  4. How is the quality? You think its a good deal, this late in the season?
  5. What site are you guys using nowadays to stream? i have had issues finding games this year... Thanks in advance
  6. MY favorite people are the ones who call Petty the "future" of the NYJ. At some point, in the future, he will probably play. The odds of him being a good quarterback are slim to none. For some reason i think too many people forget how much of a long shot it is to come into the NFL, drafted where he was, and turn into a "good" QB. It just doesn't happen very often.
  7. Can anyone please post a link to stream? So far it looks like i haven't missed much...
  8. i know its really easy to get negative and fall into the SOJ mentality... but lets not. You really just hope to get some reps and avoid injuries this game.
  9. LOL at your picture ahahahah too funny. Also, yes, overreaction.
  10. link to game please? firstrow is not working for some reason thank you
  11. I would offer a bag of underinflated footballs. That is my largest offer, though.
  12. Probably Nicovich, Gronk, or Andrew Luck. Indy landing Luck will go down as one of the top 5 reasons i will never see a NYJ superbowl victory. Lucky P'sOS's
  13. did anyone notice him grabbing his junk in the picture???
  14. Amaro is poor mans Kelce, imo. Dude needs to run the seam route better and hope our QB can actually float it over the LB so he can get his average up. He will be open underneath all day,
  15. Reminds me of Mike's partner on Mike and Molly. LOL. Jokes aside, i love this guy. I feel like he is the real deal... I don't know what that even means in the modern sports era, esp in NY... but i think he is a detail oriented, even keeled head coach who will take us to a superbowl. Winning one, is another story.
  16. Agreed. Thank you for that. It is embarrassing that I read the opinions of people online, that i wouldn't give 30 seconds of my time in real life. Know it alls...People forget that they are talking about a man who is in the top 50 or so in the world at his job. JN posters... please enlighten me. Am i missing something? Is this NFL alumni posting on JN or just a bunch of fans? 99% of you don't understand what goes into successfully running a NFL franchise. I don't either... Pathetic.
  17. CSIII? Why? Kerley as a slot WR is perfect. I guess depth is good. Kerley will end up being the 3 anyways, after CSIII pulls a hamstring signing the contract.
  18. UN-REAL. I can understand Willis retiring. But it was out of left field... But Locker?? annnnnd WORILDS? Today is up there with one of the strangest days in recent NFL history. Dude said he had a spritual awakening? More like a vacation planned to visit Ricky Williams on the beach to smoke weed and eat chocolates ... LOL jk, i respect the decision.
  19. That trade doesn't make a lot of sense to me... You'd think Jets coulda done better for NF.
  20. Hard to measure a how well a CB performs in my opinion. I watched alot of Skrine over the last few years. Used to suck, i remember him playing on the outside and not being very good, comparable to Kyle Wilson. But over the last season or two, he really improved quite a bit. Most Cleveland fans i know would refer to him as "Solid". I would never call Wilson Solid, so it is an upgrade.
  21. Hoyer is probably better than Geno will ever be. Probably is the key word. Then again, i think steven hawking is almost as good as geno is now.
  22. During the loss to Pitt in the AFC Championship game... i through my watch at the backdoor of the sports bar i was at. IT made a loud noise and everyone stared at me. It was easily the dumbest thing i have ever done in relation to watching a jets game.
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