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  1. Lo Mewis, undrafted rookie, will sack Tom Brady. Injuring him putting him out for his career, pathing the way for Jimmy Garafalow to come in and be the next "elite franchise quarterback". Also, Brad Smith is resigned, and finishes the year our starting QB. #LOL
  2. Costello and SuLLivan. I will check em out. Thanks guys.
  3. As a fan of the NYJ from the Midwest, I am a bit out of the loop. Mostly I, use this site as my source of Jets news. I was curious if you guys could hook me up with some of the better beat writers that cover our beloved Jets. Specifically, which people do you all like to read and why? A list would suffice or feel free to give me a bit more of a description in terms of why you like their stuff... I AM A HUGE fan of Cimini and Mehta. (LOL) JUSSS kidding... But on a serious note am looking for some other writers to follow and read. Thanks JN.
  4. That was responsible for my turkey sandwich all over my computer monitor. One other thing i remember, was rex saying that Kyle Wilson would be better than Joe Haden. Talk about LOL
  5. Always loved the unique playing style of Cro. Being that my college nickname was Marty McFly... I always used to name my fantasy team, Cromartie Mcfly . Cool story huh...
  6. I always here Mike Shanahan. But i never seem to see the name Kyle Shanahan mentioned as a HC candidate... I am not a huge fan of either... Jus Sayin....
  7. Is it even remotely possible that Cass or Wolf become GM? I assume HELL NO. They want to cash a nice check and get the hell out of here.... GM - Mike Westhoff HC - Chad Pennington LOLOLOLOLOL
  8. If we fire Rex... i am leaving. One Way or another, Jetnation will lose 1 lurker tomorrow.
  9. Out of the millions of variables that play into how successful a kid will be in the NFL, A person suffering from JET MENTALITY will continue to over simplify the process. Laughable.
  11. I actually enjoyed this season. Nothing is worse, in my opinion, than knowing you aren't going to win anything relevant, i.e. Division title or a playoff game. 9 and 10 win seasons suck. I would rather suffer for an entire year or two, knowing they will clean house and give us a better shot at building a contender. Sorry to say it, not caring if the Jets were going to win each week made my NFL season much more enjoyable.
  12. Really? i always thought Rex was always taking the blame for everyone... I thought that Pettine was the leaker.... What did old rex say to the media?
  13. As much as i like Rex as a person, i would vote for clearing house. I think if Woody was smart, he would have move Rex 2 years ago and brought in a new coach with Idzik. Now that he has hamstrung the GM with Rex, they both need to be let go. It is sad how all this panned out. I feel bad for both Rex and Idzik. Woody needs to hire some good football minds to run this franchise and back out of the picture a bit. When the New York Jets make right decisions its for all the wrong reasons.
  14. I see no reason why the Jets would keep Rex. No GM would come to coach here with Rex and Woody doing the interviews. Similar to why we ended up with Idzik (4th or 5th option GM). I Understand why people want to give Idzik the boot. Then again, i also understand the case for letting the guy pick his own HC. But, his FA signings and his last draft was horrendous. Everyone has mentioned the reasons with Idzik should be fired ad nauseam. That being said, please clear house and hire someone with personnel background. Get rid of Bradway. COME ON WOODY DO IT FOR THE FUTURE MAN!
  15. Maybe if our QB's were better Rex would let them air it out a bit more. You can only do so much scheming with a talent limited QB. Game plans like we ran VS MIA would be the most effective way to win if we called ANY good Play action passes. Or if Amaro or Decker would stop dropping the ball...
  16. Pathetic. Not even a win can make this season acceptable. News that Idzik is helping in the search for a new coach and now this.... This team is pathetic
  17. I like Geno, Same way i really like Sanchez. Too bad they won't be good playing for Gang Green. P.S. Brick sucks. P.S.S. MM is terrible. ME playing Madden for 5 years makes me a better OC. I'm rooting for a loss. Screw it.
  18. 1.) Retain Idzik. 2.) Make Rex Ryan DC. 3.) Hire Ken Niumatalolo as HC. 4.) Make MM Snack Coordinator. 5.) Sign Jim Tressel as OC. 6.) Sign Adrian Peterson for about 10m/year. 7.) Sign Tim Tebow as H Back. 10.) Sign Mark Sanchez and Joe Namath as our 1st and 2nd string Quarterbacks, respectively. 11.) Trade ALL our draft picks to New England for Revis. 12.) Run the ball 95% of the offensive plays. Go for it on 4th down anytime they are past the 50. Go for 2 Point Conversion after every TD. Boom. Superbowl.
  19. I think it all comes down to how our talent evaluators see the draft board. (assuming Idzik is here) It is very possible that our QB of the future isn't even in this draft. If our staff isn't sold on Mariotta or Winston as Elite level potential, they may have a plan B. My thing is... That if OUR evaluation of a player is poor, then by default we should draft him. We would have some really nice players from last years draft if we avoided the players Idzik liked and just drafted other players. If everything we are choosing to do is a bad idea, then by default we should do the opposite of our intuition. Costanza got his life together... Why can't the New York Jets. Idzik's eye for talent is pathetic.
  20. BoTh WiNsToN and MaRioTTa will stink... If the Jets pick them. (my honest thought) I like them both, so i hope we don't pick either. I cant stand another season of the Jets ruining young players. I want these guys to have successful careers. Not come to the Jets and never be given a legit shot at developing into anything other than a has-been... Sign a mid level vet. Stop Killing young QBs.
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