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    Last RS game of the 1991 season. Beat the Dolphins in Miami to clinch the WC.
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    Parcells leaving after the '99 season.
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  1. jmat321

    New Hat/logo?

    Looks like a crappy soccer badge
  2. Yes there was also that dude with the weird voodoo doll thing
  3. Row 16 from 1991 to 2007, split seats with someone in 117 for 2008-09, now I’m in the nosebleeds
  4. Remember the stadium was empty for most of the 2nd half, was there with my college roommate (dolphins fan). Sitting right in 123 for the tackle eligible. Negative side of this game was that they were hung over and lost a close game they should of won in Buffalo the following week.
  5. If the Jets are decent this year - Pryor. If typical Jets FB - Powell, check down city.
  6. jmat321

    John Elway

    Idk you get that pressure off the edge they are expected to produce now, you are going to create takeaways and short fields for Case K. He would probably excel under those circumstances. We shall see though.
  7. Sounds like Heimerdinger is the real star in the front office IMO. He’s the guy who got the trade done.
  8. Thought the Mac interview was the best one I've heard in relation to the Jets since the draft. He also took Ira as his first caller and went into Darnold.
  9. he's no George W. Bush, that's for sure
  10. jmat321

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    I was a Rosen guy going in, followed by Mayfield, did not want any part of Allen, did not think Darnold would even be an option. If Cleveland didn't take him, it was the Giants taking him or trading out. First I really "saw" Sam was the Rose Bowl like everyone else. Anyway, once Suck for Sam became a thing, I made it a point to watch a lot of USC football. I saw a lot of the great and horrible from this kid. He has the physical tools, no doubt. The thing that really stuck out to me was his heart. He never stops playing, just doesn't "tank it", as other USC QBs have been known to do. Throws that terrible pick or strip sacked, he's right back in the game leading his team and firing away, just does not faze him. He's not emotional, but I just see a ton of emotion in his play, hard to put into words. Then you have Palmer talking about fixing Sam's ball security issues and saying that you don't want to fix them too much, you need to let him be great. This tells me that the Jets need to focus more on giving him the tools from the personnel standpoint so he can do his thing. Must be done next offseason, more should have been done with regards to the Oline in this past draft.
  11. jmat321

    Draft Re-Cap

    The corner from Tulane sounds like a playmaker imo
  12. jmat321

    “Jet Up” Gaining Momentum

    just as long as they bring back the talking football, I’ll be happy
  13. lol I got worried that the FO was starting to get its act together