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  1. So when they rehire Rex in January, will Rex declare Jamal better than Steve Atwater at the intro press conference or will he wait till minicamp starts?
  2. Oxycontin is very bad for you
  3. Yeah - basically why parcells was 9-7 the following year, team was in good shape from a personnel standpoint
  4. I remember Kotite's last team actually being somewhat interesting on offense. Remember guys like Chrebet, Murrell, Richie Anderson, Keyshawn making plays. Defensively they had Mo Lewis, Hugh Douglas, Aaron Glenn, Victor Green (all Pro Bowlers at some point in their careers), but were horrible as a unit.
  5. jmat321

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    Rex with the podcast the other week, now this. Guy is lobbying, ugh. The Johnsons can't be that stupid, no?
  6. Call the banners. Plenty of time to get the billboards up with the bye. Get those planes back up over Florham Park.
  7. Basically ripped off a couple hedge funds and a loan shark. Should have taken that plea, would have been out early and working for barstool. This is an interesting enough story that someone will want to make a film about it.
  8. Like Darnold I need a break from Jets FB. Was going to go this Sunday, but why bother now
  9. Good listen. Reading btwn the lines he takes a subtle jab at DCs not doing any prep - ie Kacy Rodgers. I do think he’d do a much better job with the current personnel on that side of the ball, but I’ll never forget how much of an afterthought the offense was during his tenure. This team went for the franchise QB. Everything has to be all about Sam right now. If Sam was already an established franchise QB, and the defense was keeping him from a Lombardi, maybe I’d give Rex a call. Given the current circumstances, no effing way.
  10. jmat321

    Craig Carton trial

    he'll be out in 24 months and will be a regular poster on this board
  11. jmat321

    Kirby Smart

    No based on the first name alone.
  12. jmat321

    Brandon Marshall released

    Bring back Braylon
  13. jmat321

    Next Head Coach?

    Ben McAdoo
  14. Mac - the good Lord tells me he can get me out of this mess, but he’s pretty sure you’re fooked

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