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  1. So does this mean we go 34 DE in Rd 1 instead of injury plagued press corner?
  2. Washington Redhawks

    I prefer Chris Rock’s suggestion for a NY Sports team. That way Anthony from Sayreville sitting in section 318 can freely say F’n you know what comfortably and without reprocussion after another brutal loss.
  3. Head Coaching Candidates

    Schurmur, Haley or Schwartz - I don't want another 1st time HC
  4. long time jet fans knew

    I believe the Jets only won once at Mile High (Sanchez in 2010).
  5. I am going to say no based on the fact that we have done NOTHING in terms of the most important position in football. So say we bring Bowles back, w/o an extension. In his last year, there is no incentive for his play a rookie QB, nor will the GM have the power to make him. We extend Bowles, we're stuck. Ideally, I'd like to axe everyone, but I'd be happy enough if Chris Johnson fired Bowles and let Mac pick his own HC.
  6. Not good for the NFL to lose another young star with the playoffs on the horizon. Outside the Boston market you have to think the fans are sick of the Pats.
  7. Baker Mayfield

    At the game last week, my buddy compared Adams to Bryan Thomas.
  8. Analytics In Football

    I think we once drafted a guy who jumped out of a pool. If that’s not analytics, I don’t know what is.
  9. Ryan Shazier

    I played Pop Warner and all thru HS. I'm pushing 40. Right now I'm fine, but I take very good care of myself (good diet, into fitness, family life solid, etc). Most of the guys I played with have turned out fine, many are doing better than my non-football playing classmates. However, there are 2 guys I played 10+ years with who offed themselves in the last 5 years (one an intentional OD, other took the bullet train). I do wonder if FB had a role in their downfall given the way they both played, and the circumstances that led up to their deaths. Also, we had a local hometown hero type who was a multiyear starter at the D1 level develop severe dementia in his 50s with no prior family history. My son plays flag, but will be eligible to play tackle next fall. I am still on the fence. I would like to be on the coaching staff if he plays, just for peace of mind. TBD....
  10. Just saw that Td up close. Kelce basically jogged thru an out and up for a easy TD. Maye got sucked in by the outside guy, the just stood their with his dick in his hand.
  11. There are a group of packers fan in my section, really bringing the weird this season
  12. Jaguar's release Calvin Pryor

    Ugh all I remember is an idiot HC naming him after a baseball bat and talking him up as the next Steve Atwater.
  13. D1 football is all about recruiting. I can see Herm going into those African American single mom homes and doing really well. If he makes it to one Rose Bowl, he will be back in the NFL.
  14. F it - Let's just make him player/HC like Paul Newman in Slapshot.
  15. Yes I would. I’d even let Kaep put an Antifa sticker on his helmet if meant getting Harbaugh.