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  1. It's weird, but it seems like everyone around the Jets has their heads on straight this time. FO recognizing that it's time to hit the financial reset button. Not much from the coaching staff, but it seems like Wilson is a great fit (on paper anyway) for the new system and sounds like they are on board. The fans - we are skeptical as chit this time. Pennington, Sanchez, Darnold - all anointed way too early by the fanbase. Need to do a few things to get this on track. Got to find a way to create short fields. Get the QB, create turnovers. Improve the return game. Figure out a way
  2. Glazed ham, filet roast, kielbasa/kraut, whole ton of sides
  3. Any team, any time, any place Get on board or GTFO go Jets
  4. I’ll start bitching when we’re 0-6. See no point in complaining now. ALL of these signings seem like upgrades compared to what was on the roster last season.
  5. Plaintiff attorney is very active in Texas politics. Sounds like a hit job by McNair.
  6. Big physical split end. Haven’t had one of these since Marshall
  7. Don't the Jets have to spend something as per the league rules?
  8. Remember when Idzik had all that money and didn’t spend it?
  9. Idk - but the quote from the HC on how they like the depth at QB...
  10. I get the sense JD may trade out of #2 and still pick a QB in rd 1.
  11. If they do that, they should make players that a team drafts EXEMPT from the salary cap. i.e. - Jets draft a player, rookie deal is expiring, new deal is exempt from the cap. Teams shouldn't be punished for hitting on draft picks then not being able to afford them down the line.
  12. Still keeps his files in the trunk of his ‘87 Caprice.
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