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  1. jmat321

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    What he did to Marrone was a disgrace
  2. jmat321

    Bubby Brister shovel pass video

    I was in HS when this happened. I actually remember watching film of that week’s opponent after FB practice. They had run few shovels on film. Coach referenced the recent panthers jets game with regards to picking one of those off.
  3. Based on the nature of Woody’s younger days, there might be a photo floating around of Woody in blackface at Arizona. That sure as hell would force a sale. Someone should get on that.
  4. Ah, more whining from the Betas at the failing NYDN
  5. Jesus this is more and more embarrassing. The team is run by two idiot brothers whose mommy bought them an expensive toy. No wonder we’re f$cked.
  6. jmat321

    Is it time to rename our owners...

    How about Dill and Doe
  7. jmat321

    Mac fired!

  8. Allen seems like he relies on his feet way too much. When the pocket breaks down Darnold’s eyes are downfield. Allen is running head first into the 2nd level. That was pretty apparent when Darnold beat Allen head to head in Buffalo with freakin Jeremey Bates calling the plays. He’s not going to last long like that. Same for the guy in Baltimore.
  9. Also another thing about Chad’s year - The Westoff, Morton, Moss return game. It seemed that whole season Chad was playing with a short field.
  10. All I remember from that was Incarcerated Bob
  11. Pennington- I recently caught the colts playoff game on YouTube. Was at that game, thought he was a franchise qb. Got a totally different vibe after watching it over 15 yrs later on a screen. Even in that dominating game, you could see that style of play was doomed. Jets running game was solid. Colts were not getting any pressure all game. Chad was completing a ton of underneath stuff against the Tampa 2. Saw 2 of plays where Moss and chrebet had gotten behind the safeties, Chad couldn’t get enough arm on the ball. Great locker room guy, outstanding mind for the game, but he never had the physical tools, even pre injury.
  12. I’ve seen that the Chinese ripoffs have popped up on eBay.
  13. Bunch of prudes on this board
  14. Nothing wrong with an old school prostate massage
  15. jmat321

    Is Edoga a potential year 1 starter?

    Character concerns, possible he could be our Richie Incognito?

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