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  1. Dilfer on Rosen

    Rosen seems like the kind of QB who get a coaching staff fired, he’s just what this team needs. Here’s to hoping the Giants don’t **** us.
  2. I remember Phil saying Mark Sanchez "Has all the tools"
  3. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    I'm sure the Jets put enough flexibility into the PSL contracts that they can do pretty much anything they want. Don't think there is much of case here. Best shot the plaintiffs have is the Jets being sick of the bad publicity and just quickly settle. If the Jets built a new stadium in the late 90s/early 2000s with PSLs part of the financing, PSLs probably would have been a success. The team was going to the post season or was in the hunt almost every year, we were pre-streaming video/redzone/etc, football was at its peak in popularity/no CTE yet, etc. When PSLs came to market in 2008-09, Jets were looking up, but the financial crisis had just occurred. Still think the Jets sold everything except the lower premiums. Thereafter the Jets sucked, football began its popularity decline and here we are. Think you have rule them a failure today.
  4. OBJ got knocked the - out!

    Rosen is going to need weapons, get this guy Mac
  5. So this is where the bills unload their next two drafts to the giants and jump ahead of us for Rosen right?
  6. Nobody wants to come to florham park
  7. I feel like Robbie Anderson just nutted in my eye

    Where the eff is Chris Johnson?
  9. I miss Rex and Tanny

    thus far they are ahead of Mac & Bowles in the success department

    so when do the billboards go back up?

    how much of the cap space do we actually have to spend? how much can we carry over? there really is no one left to fork out big $$ to
  12. at this point we are going to have to settle for Curtis Conway

    He is signing with Minny all along. This mention of the Jets, the social media tag and all, is just to create a story for his documentary.
  14. I remember hearing an interview with Phil McConkey a few years back, right when the whole CTE thing really broke. He said that he was surprised the players union was never named as a defendant in the class action suit. He said during the big strike in the 80s, a group of players pushed for long term healthcare, yet union leadership was more interested in free agency. He implied that Harry Carson was someone who brushed off health coverage as a priority. Obviously Harry Carson has been very vocal about CTE in the present.