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  1. There's no NFL tape on him. One read, athletic QBs usually do well until DCs have a fair amt of tape to scheme on.
  2. If he puts up numbers like in the OP, Miami might win the division
  3. From a talent standpoint Vinny and Jeff George were both ahead of Darnold, but could see Sam have that sort of career. Fitz might be a better comp for Sam from a talent standpoint.
  4. Vinny T, Brad Johnson, Jeff George type of career. Will bounce around the league for 10-15 years. Have a nice season every 2-4 years, play in a few PS games, but will never be the guy.
  5. Kingsbury is interesting in that he may be a better NFL coach than college coach. He does not come off as the type of guy to go into homes to recruit HS kids and socialize with boosters. The pro game seems like a much better fit for him. He's the guy we really missed out on. I can see him moving Darnold out of the pocket, letting him run, properly utilizing Bell, dealing with the NY media appropriately, being a draw for FAs, etc.
  6. How come Denzel Mims didn’t get the ball in the 2nd half? Is that coaching to where football is going?
  7. Mims looked good and the rookie from FL ran the ball. How could you not get them the ball in the 2nd half?
  8. The defense with a bunch of JV players Gave up 18 points against a 1st place team. The offensive brain trust scored 10.
  9. Great job by Greg. Awful job by Gase/Loggins. That is all.
  10. This is the week. Buffalo seems "off". Look for Jets to score a TD on defense and Flacco throws for 250 2 tds, 1 pic.
  11. A SOJ Fan is the realist, most purebred Jet fan. The flat brimmed hats on social media still bitching about the Jamal trade are the fake fans.
  12. Woody loves Rex, can def see him back.
  13. I’d go to the games I could, tailgate, leave at halftime and get home early. Wouldn’t be so bad. Still miss it, despite the team on the field.

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