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  1. Ownership is too reactive to fans, sports radio, social media, etc. Going back to Rex - ownership had the opportunity to clean house and bring in Andy Reid. Instead, they listen to fans, media - we wound up with Rex and Idzik. The rest is history.
  2. We’re over 10 years in on this one, possible we’re talking about a move or something new in 10 years
  3. I swear that something like this involving Gruden making racially charged comments about Smith or someone else on the admin side of things came out 10 years ago and was just glanced over at the time.
  4. Joe, Gifford and OJ. Can’t imagine how much trim they slayed after those broadcasts.
  5. You were obviously born after 1982
  6. 40+ yrs of garbage football to me. The one redeeming thing in East Rutherford were the spirals. Watch Browning Nagle or Brooks Bollinger throw 3 picks, who cares, the real scene is at the spirals anyway. All been downhill since the destruction of the spirals.
  7. The stadium is 11 years old. Seems like the shelf life for modern venues is 20-30 years. If this level of play continues, can’t see the Jets sticking around for another stadium deal.
  8. Was there. Some boos, but the crowd just seemed flat and not into it after those picks. I don’t watch the Jets on TV as much anymore, really just watch In person with the STs. That Gase team from ‘19 was sadly much better.
  9. Check out Satin Dolls, it’s right down the street from the stadium. Your son will love it.
  10. New Mexico and Louisiana are not in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Arlington is. Same for North Jersey. It is in the NYC Metro area. If the Jets/Giants played in Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn/Queens or Fairfield County, they should still be called "New York".
  11. Named after the city of New York/NY metro area. There are a lot of NFL teams that do not play in the city they are named after. Skins play in Maryland, Bills play in Orchard Park, 49ers in Santa Clara, dolphins Miami Gardens, cowboys in Arlington, there are several more.
  12. How could you sell tickets that you haven't paid for yet?
  13. I didn’t watch the game, but the tape looks good
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