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  1. jmat321

    What Was Josh Gordon High on Last Night?

    Looks like he's staring at Strawberry's birthmark....
  2. I think upper management has to entertain firing Bowles at the bye.
  3. i would think that this is a must win for the mac/bowles crew, no? the press around a loss to cleveland is going to be brutal.
  4. Came into the team facility to see the trainer about the hammy, apparently he was high as a kite. There is concern he fell off the wagon with the injury.
  5. He showed up high to practice apparently
  6. jmat321

    What are the Maras thinking?

    it's week 2, long season ahead.
  7. Henry Anderson - no sacks, but he was in the defensive backfield all game. Big time assist on the pick 6, which really broke the back of the lions. Quincy - was the security blanket for the young qb the entire game, extremely physical, made the defense pay every time he touched the ball. Andre Roberts - the biggest problem we've had since after the 2010 season is setting up short fields for the offense. He had a great returns, even outside the TD. Lee - I thought he sucked, now I hope he continues this caliber of play.
  8. jmat321


    If anything, bring back the spirals
  9. jmat321

    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    Belichick - what better way to piss off kraft after the jimmy g debacle, sure there will be tampering, Jets will lose picks, people will call us cheaters, BUT....
  10. Likely the backup QB next season. I like it.
  11. Even Rex never had disgruntled ex-assistant give an interview like this. It’s like the circus never left.
  12. I just want to know who made the can’t hit the ocean quote

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