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  1. You should offer to hold a Kaepernick-style workout for him and invite the mods from other message boards (i.e. - Jet Nation, Gang Green, etc).
  2. Rex is coming back in 2021, just seems like it is going to happen. Woody comes back next year, pissed off, and his "I want results now" moment. I assume Douglas knows Rex from Baltimore so Joe D stays.
  3. Other than the Yankees, IMO right now the best ownership crew in the NYC market is the Islanders. Not a real hockey fan myself, just observing from afar. The owners themselves actually were riding the LIRR to games at Barclays for a while. Interacting with the fans in an uncontrolled setting, not some BS focus group of STHs, getting real feedback. Started playing more games in an arena where their fans actually live. They hired a HOF GM and a championship coach. The owners must have came off as competent enough that those guys would want to work for them. It just makes me think of the Jets and what new ownership could bring to the table.
  4. Seems to me you shut down that running game, you shut down the Raiders. As things stand today, they are on the outside looking in. Can only really afford to lose one more game, lose 2 more it’s tough to get in. Checking their schedule KC, TN and LA are not going to be easy.
  5. Was at the game. Good crowd despite the record and weather. A lot of raider fans, but not as many as I was expecting (if that makes sense). Raider fans were pretty much silent after the first drive. Seemed like the Jets shut down their ground game, O didn’t turn it over, and that was the game. D looks much better without Leo. It’s as if he was taking reps away from better players.
  6. I would think the QB and possibly Garrett were MICed up, no?
  7. All I know is that Epstein didn't kill himself
  8. I'll be the one to say it, they should have kept Crazy Ben McAdoo
  9. All OAK has to do is pick up the blitz, and I think they win easy. I expect the jets to fight thru 2-3 quarters, but just can't see a win here.
  10. My prediction - Gase is looking at playoffs or bust next season. Going back to the past seems all the rage in FB lately. Gruden in Oak, about to be Schiano at Rutgers. Woody is coming back. Gase doesn’t make the post season, Woody brings in Rex.
  11. So we’re going to fly a “Bring Back Rex” banner over the stadium now?
  12. They always have problems with running qbs.

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