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    Last RS game of the 1991 season. Beat the Dolphins in Miami to clinch the WC.
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    Parcells leaving after the '99 season.
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  1. jmat321

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    Idk kind of embarrassing
  2. Rex was getting the Dolphins job, then the Hurricanes job, now the KC job? Loudmouth is probably just talking sh*t in the office...
  3. Manish writing for the Philly papers now?
  4. jmat321

    Brian Billick

    Martz was the OC for the 2010 bears, which was a pretty solid team
  5. jmat321

    Darnolds two worst games in 2018

    That is what I was thinking. The fact that the 2 guys who gave 14 a lot of problems opted to come here. Gives a glimmer of hope.
  6. Pro left, double tight, 32 blast all day...
  7. jmat321

    Adam Gase Presser - Monday

    If he wants to get the fan base on board - Mehta: Coach what made you decide to take the Jets job? Gase: STFU! Next question...
  8. jmat321

    Gase hire has grown on me

    I was in the McCarthy camp, but I’m in. He’s the polar opposite of Bowles and not a first timer. See what happens
  9. jmat321

    Keep your word Kliff....

    I could see them picking a QB at 1 and letting the rookie battle out w/ Rosen. It would be par the course for Kingsbury given his history of playing musical chairs with QBs. Rosen does not fit his prototype of a QB.
  10. jmat321

    Joe Beningo

    Someone should call in and tell Joe that Gase is into wife-swapping. He'd probably change his mind on the hire.
  11. jmat321

    Mac used Manish to tear-down McCarthy

    Here’s the thing though. Gase may be a bigger prick than McCarthy. 1st sign of hard times, he’s throwing Mac under the bus. If I’m Mac, Gase would be near the bottom of my list.
  12. I thought Bob died during the Nnamdi Asomugha Wars
  13. and there it is, our own Billy Martin
  14. jmat321

    Enunwa Contract Details

    I feel we should have hired the HC before extending anyone or announcing our intent to trade a former high pick.
  15. jmat321

    SheaRay jumped the gun....

    Ugh cocktease

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