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  1. Only a matter of time till mom goes to social media. Better get this done in the next 24hrs.
  2. Mac and Manish are gone. He deserves some credit on that front.
  3. He got Manish and MacCoffee fired. Saleh should send him a ring if he ever wins one here.
  4. It’s like the Jets are actually drafting players that want be great, WTF is going on here?!?
  5. Over/Under on when Wilson ditches Seattle for the Yankees farm system?
  6. Can’t they just scan the Bill Gates microchip that’s floating around in my arm?
  7. Same chit I’ve been doing for 40+ years.
  8. Never mind lock delete cancel thread abort abort
  9. Apparently a social media rant about Disney or something blowing up. We can't just have zero distractions can we?
  10. No way he makes it out of camp. Reminds me of when Spurrier was coaching the skins and signed Danny Wuerffel.
  11. Apples and oranges, but 2 years ago local HS here put in new field turf, switching from grass. They were coming off a playoff season, had high expectations. Entire team turned into the walking wounded. Know the AD fairly well, he quietly felt it was the new surface not being broken in. It was pretty much installed that summer and didn’t have to sit out in the elements before use.
  12. So any rumors on the pic today? Came in here to check out, but it’s all talk about twinks and bears.
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