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  1. I like the OJ part, Joe said he wasn't surprised at anything OJ did, Stern dug a bit, Joe wouldn't say anything directly, but alluded to OJ treating women like garbage
  2. He played arena ball for a bit then that was it
  3. 91’ was a hard team to figure out. They should have gone 10-6 or so. Blair Thomas fumbling then Leahy missing a chip shot in Chicago. Late blown lead to the Bills at home. Think a 6-3 loss to the Pats in which they blew multiple chances. Might have been a loss to the colts in which they should have won. Don’t remember anyone being shocked they played Houston tough, they were competitive most of the season despite the record. Remember being all fired up for the ‘92 season. Coming off this wild card birth, undefeated in the preseason w/ rocket armed young QB. NY press was even pumping them up as taking over NY football with Parcells gone.
  4. Nah that photo is in a frame in my son’s room, that’s not something you sell
  5. Agreed, he could just take the easy money in nightclub appearances doing shots with swimsuit models like you see other nfl players doing.
  6. He talked to the press briefly as well. Seemed very happy about the Joe Douglas hire via info from his agents.
  7. If you know anything about youth sports, a buck fifty is a drop in the bucket for a one day camp with college/pro coaches and one on one with an active pro athlete. They have to pay for the facility, coaches, workers, etc. Doubt Sam is making anything off this.
  8. Think we finally got it right at the QB spot. This kid really seems like he has his priorities in order, heart is in the right place. Sam left NJ at dawn to spend the day with all these kids. He personally spent time with every single kid at the camp, talked to them about school, other sports they play, etc. Just about every kid got to catch a pass from Sam. They ended the camp with 7 on 7s. Sam jumped in on every game, took some snaps with every team. Really a great day for the kids, my 7 year old can’t stop talking about it.
  9. Might as well bring in Johnny Hector and Adrian Murrell in for workouts too
  10. Woody is a dickhead confirmed, also water is wet
  11. The email is part of the union’s negotiation strategy. Email all its members saying be prepared to sit out, attempting to light a fire under the asses of the owners. See if the owners call BS or not.
  12. I was in HS when this happened. I actually remember watching film of that week’s opponent after FB practice. They had run few shovels on film. Coach referenced the recent panthers jets game with regards to picking one of those off.

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