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    Parcells leaving after the '99 season.
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  1. Did we just pick Lamar from the Revenge of the Nerds?
  2. Just move Becton to RT. Draft Thibs or Hutch at 4. Niners don't bite on Deebo w/ #10, pick the best WR on your board.
  3. Anyway Elon can parlay the Jets into the twitter deal?
  4. Offer the 4, keep the 10. We're not going to get a better player at 4.
  5. Easiest path back to the SB is thru the NFC. Believe the rumors are true, but don’t think it would be a wise decision on Brady’s part.
  6. Those are box safety numbers
  7. People are leaving NY in droves, South Florida is seeing the complete opposite. It's where everyone wants to be these days. It is what it is.
  8. This is what it is now. Crappy team in a market that everyone is leaving vs less crappy team in one of the hottest cities in America. The unfortunate thing here is yet another elite talent stays in the AFC. I believed the Jets were, in theory, building the right way, but these guys are going to be out of a job in a couple years now. There is just no way this team is competitive in the conference.
  9. Not everyone is going to stay healthy. One or 2 of these QBs will have an off year. AFC might have a ton of teams hovering around 10-7, 9-8, 8-9. Nobody has a crystal ball, any given Sunday, all that
  10. Lots of happy Mamasans in Cleveland right now
  11. Ugh now we have to give Zach a big extension and trade for Tebow
  12. Someday this type of player will not be on the Jets someday..
  13. I’ve been saying this every FA period since 2003. Might as well get it out of the way now during my break: “Looks like we are going to have to settle for Curtis Conway”
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