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  1. I can't see him staying past his rookie deal, I could see him being moved
  2. Remember hearing the same thing when Browning Nagle was lighting up training camp in the summer of '92. That's what this all reminds me of, not Sanchez or Fitz. This is Browning Nagle era bad.
  3. It’s ownership. Nobody wanted the GM job after they fired Tanenbaum and kept Rex. Then there is the structural issue of a GM not being able to pick their own HC. Finally ownership is easily spooked by the NY media, ie Doug Marrone. I guarantee that we didn’t hire McCarthy because there were rumors swirling about his massages.
  4. This is where 33 needs to make a game changing play
  5. I see on social media that there are rumors the Jets are pursuing a name change to the NJ Jets? Fake news I assume?
  6. Yep Rosen's window of coming into camp to compete for QB1 is probably closed. Doubt Miami gets much for him after this season. LA Chargers might be a good spot for him.
  7. Weird how this QB draft class, which was supposed to be one of the best in recent years, is shaping up. Lamar looks great, but he's also in the best situation w/ one of the best run franchises in the sport. Mayfield is in what should be a great situation, but can't seem to get out of his own way. Can only imagine how that would play out here. Sam in probably one of the worst situations given the media, the o line and the history of the franchise. Incomplete thus far, but there is obviously hope. Then you have Rosen. 2 Franchises have basically given up on him already. Forgot Allen - seems to be riding that defense, but you got to worry about his health given the way he plays.
  8. Adams finally making a play that actually matters
  9. This is where Jamal needs to put his money where his mouth is. Pick, FF, strip sack on a blitz. That’s what elite defenders do...
  10. eh wake me up when Baker wins 4 playoff games

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