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  1. BRO - this just seems like typical behavior from a Jets fan. Who hasn't run the train on some dude's wife on the spirals while he watched? What's the big deal here?
  2. jmat321

    Revis officially retires

    No way on the 1st ballot. When I think HOF corners, I think Deon and Darrell Green. Both played at the highest level for pretty much their entire careers. He may get in based on the "hype" of his era. Not sure if I'd vote him in personally.
  3. Smith was showing improvement as the year wore on in '15. Remember him catching that TD right before half at home vs Miami. Think that was the same game he went down. Mac IDK. Right now the only difference btwn him & Idzik is that Mac never had that bizarre midseason press conference and a possible franchise QB fell into his lap. I give him a quasi pass given what happened btwn 2015-16. Got that false hope that the team was better than it was, went all in on 2016. Pretty much screwed up the rebuild. Bowles, not a fan. I need a coach to show some emotion. Even the hoody shows emotion when you see the clips of him miked up on the sideline. I put him above Kotite, but not by much.
  4. Over pursuit IMO is a very hard thing to correct in defenders. With his speed and the supporting cast he had, Lee was probably able to get away with over pursuing in the Big 10. You would think the scouts would see evidence of this on his college film. After we picked him, you would think the LB coaches would be making this priority #1 in camp/practice.
  5. jmat321

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    #1 - innocent till proven guilty #2 - if he did this, lifetime ban & heavy prison sentance
  6. I played tecmo bowl when I was a kid. Then I discovered vagina. Never played video games again....
  7. All I remember is Herm in a leather jacket running up and down the sidelines spouting nonsense, grass at giants stadium, Santana Moss with a chunk of sod in his face mask...
  8. 2 games, appeal drops it to 1
  9. Had to retake the USA Football/Heads up Training. Whole segment on missed assignments and how they lead to injuries. What clip do they show but Mark Sanchez running into Brandon Moore's ass.
  10. jmat321

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    My take on Hack is he should of transferred when Penn St hired Franklin. He was not a fit in that Offense, took a beating, lost all confidence, etc. Only reason he was a prospect in the ‘16 draft was that freshman season in a pro style offense. Should of never went in the 2nd, but could def see someone taking a flyer on him in rounds 4 thru 6. Thought Houston or NE would take him around there. Mac likely heard a ton about Hack thru O’Brien, got cute/cocky in the war room, reached at 2, probably thought he got a steal. Hack got to camp, coaching staff realized he was completely lost, not all there and that was it.
  11. jmat321

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    I’m up at 4 and hit the gym every morning. I also fish, kayak, and coach youth sports. It’s all part of the routine. Put that together with 2 kids and a high stress job, I might drink because I do too much....
  12. jmat321

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    Seems like a trend i'm seeing with friends & colleagues lately. I am starting to question myself a little bit lately. Once I get home from the office, I feel the need to pound a quick two to take the edge off from the day.
  13. jmat321

    Mental illness

    Sounds like one of best friends from college. He was always a bit paranoid, but was a cool & pretty smart dude. Behavior got stranger and stranger after college. He was in law school during 9/11, got really into the whole conspiracy stuff with all that. Everyone brushed it off as him just being a paranoid dude. Until friends and family all starting getting calls from his girlfriend, about him disappearing. He popped up in Atlanta, sold his car and belongings, starting living on the street. Pretty much been traveling around the country doing odd jobs since then. Sometimes he's homeless, sometimes he isn't. He maintains a social media presence where he makes post after post about secret societies, aliens, new world order, fema camps, etc. He's had some run ins with law, done a few stints in mental institutions, diagnosed as a Schizo.
  14. I think Tyrod Taylor can get that roster 6 wins
  15. It’s the damn Jets. Will probably win 8 games with Bridgewater being the CBPOY, setting up another Fitz-like off-season debate on whether to give him big bucks or move on to Darnold.