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  1. Nah - and I’m all for them having a season, just keep the fans out.
  2. Martin - very good back, but not great. Durable, consistent. A compiler yes, but still a good player. When he arrived here, he became the focal point for opposing defenses, faced a lot stacked boxes. That was even more evident after ‘99. Chad - overrated by much of the fan base IMO. I don’t think he could ever really make all the throws. Injuries played a part in his downfall, but I suggest watching that Indy PO game. A lot of screens, 3 step drops, sprints/waggles/boots with layered routes - basically a lot of stuff that either involved predetermined/presnap/quick decisions or stuff that did not require scanning the entire field. Do not remember many 5-7 step drops where he had to scan the entire field. Believe 2 of the TD passes in that game came off screens.
  3. Play the games on fight island
  4. Reduce the schedule and realign the divisions for the season. Put teams in divisions that really reduce travel. Ie - could put the Jets in with some combo of the giants, pats, eagles, skins, ravens. Wouldnt win many games, But would have quick flights or easy bus rides up and down 95
  5. No fans and have them wear storm trooper helmets. Tell Riddell and Schutt to start working on it.
  6. That part of the state should be open by then
  7. In terms of his difficulty in coverage, I think what posters are referring to is that he has difficulty in man to man coverage down the seam. That’s something that stood out to me his rookie year. Possible last season that Williams didn’t make him do that as much? You’d have to watch more tape.
  8. They are going to play without fans. Goodell knows the TV rating are going to be high.
  9. I’d go back into my office tomorrow, but I wouldn’t take the chance of going to a stadium in September
  10. It’s like Revis and Keyshawn. We saw their best the season before their holdout/threatened holdout. Likely the same for Jamal.
  11. He coaches his sons. I’m sure when they are done with HS he’ll be in the market for a coaching job.
  12. That chit works when you have the resume to back it up. He doesn’t. This is exactly how Al Groh came out. Players got tired of him real quick, even Parcells say it.

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