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  1. The Bills are soft. Reminds me of the Giants yesterday, blown off the ball on both ends. The Jets even hung with them this season.
  2. Very it’s the Giant fans more than anything.
  3. Maybe JD should look into this?
  4. This is going to be the Hess/Pete Carroll thing all over again, isn’t it?
  5. I vaguely remember Pederson saying that he wanted the year off
  6. Woody should somehow bring back the spirals for the next 2
  7. Possible Elbow injury now, he’s got to stop throwing his body around like he does
  8. I just cannot see him being able to play 10+ years in the league playing the way he plays right now. He takes a LOT of hits.
  9. That was some serious big dick energy. Great game. We’re in this thing.
  10. if you live on the island, you can depend on a 3-5 hr drive home with traffic. I live on the Nassau Suffolk border and surprisingly got home in under 3 yesterday.
  11. agree with this, they were pretty quiet for the most part
  12. Agree a 1000% here. I grew up in NJ and live on LI now. When I was a kid it was a heavy LI fan base, but they haven’t had any connection to the Island in over a decade. All the Jet fans on the Island are on the older side and aren’t driving a few hours to get banged up in the parking lot. The younger folks on LI have no attachment to the team. The fan base that’s left is heavily made up of the NJ folks they picked up over the years.
  13. The lots right on top of the stadium I’m sure. The “cheap” lots across the walking bridge tell the real story. Every home opener those lots are full. Yesterday those lots were equivalent to a Dec game during a typical jets season.
  14. IMO - the org has killed the fan base and failed to bring in any new fans over the past decade. Enthusiasm for this team is the lowest I’ve ever seen. That’s all on ownership.
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