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  1. Heres the only way for CJ to handle the situation:
  2. Whats next? Another double digit loss to the Colts next week.
  3. Oddsmakers clearly don't know that Adam Gases ineptitude is only eclipsed by Christopher Johnson. Johnson will not fire him mid season
  4. But most of us fans aren't forming our opinions from the media, they're being formed by watching the Jets play. Watching them have more penalty yards than offensive yards through most of the second quarter! Our eyes don't lie, this team stinks and Gase needs to go.
  5. Is it early though? We have a very tough schedule and nothing we've seen from Gase indicates that we'll perform better as the season goes on. IMO, and I am a strong Sam supporter, it is not too early to be thinking about this possible decision
  6. Who would I hire? At thos point, the Jets should allow the fans to vote on everything. I'm almost positive we could do better than Gase
  7. Rhule, McCarthy and Riverboat. Those are three coaches the Jets could have hired this offseason but instead they stuck with Gases dumbass
  8. Unless the Rams draft extremely well, they are in trouble. They have a lot of cash tied up in 3 positions.
  9. I'm done, the blog you posted as your evidence fails to mention that those 2 NYC detectives were arrested and chraged with rape and kidnapping. No where in the US is it legal to rape someone, whatever your profession is.
  10. Never told you what your thinking, only said I don't think you grasped the point of the video I posted. I don't understand what you're trying to get at? You asked me about that kid and I showed you that he wasnt running at the cops but rather walked to them with his hands up. Instead of admitting that you had the narrative wrong about what happened you bring up George Floyd?
  11. Right, which goes to what I said earlier and the video I posted earlier. If you are a known felon, non complaint and then make a move to someplace a cop can't see what you're grabbing, you are going to then be considered a threat. All it takes is a split second to grab a gun, turn and shoot. It is a terrible situation but literally all of it could be avoided if the guy complied.

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