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  1. What type of nonsense argument is don't follow the jets anymore if you don't like their uniforms. You really have your head up your ass.
  2. It doesn't matter if you watch it or not. It's there in front of you now. To answer your question, they do not look good.
  3. https://twitter.com/UniWatch/status/1113962580308045825?s=20 This is a great comparison. The more I look at these unis the less I like them. Especially the helmet.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but the the different shades of green really bother me for some reason.
  5. Would love to do it again this year but with the new job I won't have the time. I'll definitely be keeping tab though. Enjoy guys!
  6. Either sneak or fake the run. Your line can't block for sh*t and that's the play you call!? That God these idiots on the coaching staff are gone tomorrow.
  7. I would hate to get rid of the white and green unis. That's said, if we could have the black and green and the white and green I think it'd look great.
  8. I understand he's not a great thrower of the ball but winning playoff games (do or die this week) & making plays has to count for something.
  9. The NFL is different IMO. Why go to Green Bay? Why go the New England? Their teams play in the middle of nowhere. And we as Jets fans use the same reasoning as Browns fans would use - if you win here, you will be remembered forever.
  10. We'll find out a lot about Jackson this weekend (& the following weekend if they make it to the playoffs). I think the game this weekend vs Browns is the one I'm most excited to watch
  11. If you're realistic about FA, having 100 million doesn't mean anything. It's said all the time that a lot of FA are overpaid for what they give you. We don't have to look too far into our past to see that. But I do understand that having 100 mil is a selling point as opposed to being in Cap trouble
  12. I don't agree with all of that - trying to push people around in a work place will always cause friction & can be tough to deal with. Also, if Dorsey keeps hitting on draft picks why would it matter? The HC & GM can have a great working relationship as well. Having 2 guys with differing opinions isn't necessarily a bad thing
  13. Ehh, I disagree. I think the Browns are #1. They are in a similar situation to us in regards to having that young franchise QB but they have a lot more talent on the roster outside of the QB & a ton of draft capital coming up. I'd put the Jets #2, Packers #3 (Rodgers) & then Ravens #4. The rest aren't nearly as desirable as the top 4.

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