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  1. Cimini is drunk

    As Kiper notes, Fitzpatrick could project to either cornerback or safety. Presumably the Jets would take him to play at corner. At this early point, I can’t say I’d be wild about it. While Fitzpatrick did play some corner at Alabama, he did bounce around the Alabama secondary. His ability to play corner in the NFL would be as much projection as solid evidence on film. While I’m not necessarily opposed to that in theory, it would take some convincing for me to buy a projection player as high as 6. At this early point, I’m not a big fan of the corner class for this year. In this particular mock Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Bradley Chubb, Saquon Barkley, and Sam Darnold are the first five players off the board. If those 5 were taken, I would think we need to trade out or go w/ the Notre Dame Guard..
  2. I have a weird feeling this is going to completely blow up in the 49ers face
  3. Odds to Land Cousins

    I think this is what needs to be hammered home to Cousins. I think Denver's window of opportunity is much shorter than the Jets.
  4. Odds to Land Cousins

    What I'm basically trying to say is that they are getting older & don't have a lot of cap to improve other positions. Both Thomas & Sanders will be 31 this season & they both get hurt - who knows how much longer either will hold up. I mean Shonn Greene has 2 1,000 yard seasons - Anderson is very up & down. If we target Barkley, would you rather have Anderson or Barkley as your RB? Someone with an idea of their O-line can chime in, but their o-line gave up 52 sacks last year, 3rd worst in the NFL (We weren't too far behind - 47). But we at least have the ability to sign Cousins & improve the o-line in FA. Yes their defense is still very good, but Derek wolfe got a serious neck injury (similar to Enunwa) so who know's how he comes back. Von Miller is Von miller, but the guy can't do it alone. Their safties are very meh. I do agree with your last point. If Cousins wants to win now, then Denver's roster would be better (if they can afford to keep those key pieces & sign Cousins). But I believe our potential to be a better team for a longer period of time is greater than Denvers.
  5. Odds to Land Cousins

    I really don't see how Denver is a better option. Their defense is getting older & they're looking to get rid of their top corner Talib. On offense they have better WRs, but Thomas has gotten hurt A LOT lately and Sanders is decent, not great. Neither have put up huge games, granted their should be some leeway considering who the QBs were. Two of our biggest assets are the huge amount of cap space we have & the young core that has played very well & can keep improving. We can easily shore up the OL, add Trey Burton & draft Barkley. Along with adding Cousins, I think that instantly puts our offense in the Top 10-12.
  6. Poll: Cousins vs. First Round QB

    Would love to get Cousins & then draft either Chubb or Barkley.
  7. Unfortunately no. They punted that option by starting McCown last year. He should have gotten 1-2 starts last year. The way this year is shaping up, we'll end up with Cousins. Hack will sit on bench. Eventually traded to a San Fran type team for a 4th rounder & win the last 5 games of the season. Providing hope for that franchise as we sit here with a declining cousins.
  8. Early Off-season Mock

    If we do sign Cousins there is no way we take QB at 6. At that position you need to take the BPA which, in your scenario, would hopefully be Chubb. Otherwise we hope Mayfield or Allen falls & we're then in a position to trade back. My issue with getting Bell, as good as he is, is that there are so many good RBs coming out of college we could get for cheap. And at 6 we stand a very good chance of getting the highest rated one this draft. If we don't sign Bell we could focus on getting Barkley by trading up & use that money to sign Trey Burton(?) & other decencies. Hell, as much as I don't like his baggage, maybe sign Jarvis Landry.
  9. I'm not crazy about paying landry. Nice player, way better than any WR we have on the team & is definitely in the higher tier of WR in the league, but he's a little nutty..
  10. I picked someone else - Vlad Ducasse, an absolute monster

    “I believe we are headed in the right direction,” Johnson’s statement continued. “This provides us continuity and stability as we continue to move this team towards sustained success." What an absolute joke. "Continuity and stability" but you fire your OC and will now be looking at your 3rd OC in as many years. They should have just fired Bowles and bought in a new HC don't lie to us about continuity, we're not stupid.
  12. This guys such a jerkoff.
  13. Le’Veon Bell Tells Jeramy Fowler...

    There's only 32 franchise tags & the players who are tagged make a boat load for that year. You're making it sound like the whole league is going to protest this, which is not a reality. There are other, larger issues that would cause this to be Goodells final contract & this is issue is far from it.
  14. Le’Veon Bell Tells Jeramy Fowler...

    How is that sticking it to either? Goodell just got a contract extension. If anything, he's the one losing the most - 14 million. Sure the Steelers will also lose out on production, but they can draft a young guy who could contribute (especially the way good RBs are coming out of college right now).
  15. Wildcard Thoughts

    I feel for Alex Smith. He had so many great passes that were dropped. I believe it was his last throw he had to kind of throw it off his back foot. He fit it between the CB & the Safety & the WR miss timed his jump and the ball went off his finger tips. It was such a great throw.