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  1. Lol c'mon, what's a Gase player? A 38 y.o. Frank Gore. The excuses need to stop for Gase when he misues players. Want to say Mac ****ed up the oline, yes I will agree but Gase refused to use Bell and Ty in any imaginative way.
  2. Brutally misused and underused by Gase, just like most players on offense.
  3. Not a fan of any of these uniforms but honestly ours are looking better than a lot of these new uniforms being unveiled. I will say that I love our black unis.
  4. I think the problem with using SK in this sense is that they don't have or would be as close as we are to "herd immunity". They did a great job of tracing but since so few of their citizens got the virus that opens them up to a longer path back to normal. Whereas here in the US, and NY specifically, we have up to as high as 25% of people who are confirmed to have had the virus and now have antibodies. Thats a huge pool of people who cannot spread the virus now. And honestly I think more people might have come in contact with it. I took the antibody test and although I came back negative, there was a low level of the antibodies in my blood. No one has yet to explain to me how it's possible to have those antibodies without being exposed to the virus. Only time will tell, because as great as Fauci and Birx have been with leading this from a medical perspective, they are not infallible and have been wrong on quite a few occasions regarding this virus.
  5. I'm just going to look at this from the standpoint of last year when he was HC of the Jets. There were times when the offense was humming and it looked very good but it was never consistently good. And this is Gases issue, consistency. To defend Gase a little, part of that has to do with talent and part of it is his coaching. I do believe that he is a bottom 5 HC now but I have seen flashes of what his offense can do and that looked great. Hopefully they take a step in the right direction this year, if not Gase is a guaranteed goner.
  6. NYC is at something like 25%. Westchester and LI are both right around 16%. It's a long time until September and with these antibody tests becoming prevelant we'll have a good idea of the amount of people that were truly infected. Hopefully that means they can open up on time and have fans, maybe not full capacity but it should be left up to people if they want to go.
  7. He will be on a very short leash next year. No one in the NY market likes him - fans, journalists and radio heads. If the offense continues to frustrate next year, he will be out of the job.
  8. Hahahahaha we still have idiot jets fans that believe we have more talent! Hahaha
  9. Yes they are. The talent level on the browns is head and shoulders above what the Jets currently have. If you put a competent head coach in place the browns would be competing with the ravens for the division title.
  10. The only thing you can credit Gase with is not losing the entire locker room at 1-7 and even that doesn't all go to Gase. Gregg Williams was a MAJOR reason the team didnt quit. His depleted defense kept the team alive in a lot of games. Meanwhile on the other side of the ball, the offense showed flashes but sputtered way too often. Darnold improved but not by leaps and bounds. He did cut down on the turnovers, you give credit to the player and coach for that. Overall, Gase needs to improve as a coach or he will be out of here. There are now way too many issues with him that have popped up in multi places
  11. This is why so many people think the NFL is becoming a joke. Clearly a fumble and these idiots try to over analyze it.
  12. He hit the wr before the ball even came. Its the last game of the year, try and throw the goddamn red flag Gase
  13. Its a shame. I really thought the addition of bell and Montgomery would let us see an offense with RBs lined up outside, creating a mismatch for either them or a wr with a lb on them. I know our OL limits some of that creativity. We'll see what happens in the offseason but the way he was used this year, i think he's a goner.
  14. I dont think we should. Hase refuses to use him correctly. How often has he lined up at wr? He's missing a huge part of what made him great.

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