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  1. Yes but tbf that doesn't leave a lot of time to work on some of the intangibles that ZW seems to be missing or having trouble with. Theres a lot to be said about having no pressure and being able to put your head down and work and learn without the pressure of having to prepare and perform for a game each week.
  2. Disagree about Matt Ryan tanking this hard. He was not great last year and had much better overall offensive talent (outside of Taylor). Russ I agree with. I know he wasn't what he used to be but who could have imagined him and the Broncos sucking this bad.
  3. The Colts are also playing MNF now. Not sure who made this schedule and thought the Colts should be in any prime time game.
  4. I'm a zw supporter. Think he needed the reset and MW played great today. But let's be real, he got a start against an awful team missing it's starting QB who completely changes the game dynamic due to his legs. Let's see what the next 2 weeks bring. I'll be rooting for MW.
  5. Surprised by these games a bit. Lions look better than I thought and Vikings, at least their D, is not that impressive.
  6. Jets fans believing a Connor Hughes tweet are clueless. Not a direct quote from Zach.
  7. Lol Connor not plugged in at all. Remember when his sources told him no CB at pick 4.
  8. That is certainly projection. You clearly haven't a clue. While the defense is much improved, that has nothing to do with Flacco or the offense. 9, 31 and 12. The respective point totals from Flaccos 3 starts this year. Tell me how the defensive shortcomings in those 3 games has anything to do with Flacco sucking ass.
  9. No excuse for ZW not hitting easy screens. Where are the designed rollouts? The TEs, more ZW under center with quick slant throws or hooks to the outside, reverses. The Pats offense did exactly that to us, dink and dunk down field on a windy day. ZW sucked but MLF sucked too.
  10. Flacco has not looked better. And no, because if as you claim Flacco is so much better, he would have won more than one miracle game with the same team.
  11. I'm not if you actually read my posts. But you thinking Flacco is a better option is peak clown world.
  12. What!? He threw the ball 60 times and only had 300 yards with 1 td and 1 int and they lost! And most of that was in garbage time. How are you even defending Flacco. If not for a miracle win he's 0-3 with the same team.
  13. Lol yeah let's go back to Flacco... Also in 3 games Flacco had 155 attempts, including 59, 59! against the Ravens. ZW meanwhile has 189 attempts in 7 games. So your argument for Flacco (why tf would you want him back) makes no sense.
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