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  1. bgivs21


    When he first did it my buddy pointed out that he was a section or 2 over which surprised both of us - definitely not the best of spots for the chant.
  2. bgivs21


    His seats got downgraded - #1 reason we lost
  3. I thought it was very Jetsy & that thought was immediately followed by let's see if all the reports about him having a short term memory are true - and it was!
  4. bgivs21

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    The Pats traded away last years sack leader & they still managed to make the superbowl. And there is an argument that the Bears have not found their QB. And they definitely won't now if Trubinsky doesn't turn it around because they just traded 2 1sts away.
  5. Well you're not going to get any links now, the game doesn't start for another 4 hours... Here's the link to sub reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/nflstreams/ Just check back in a few hours & there should be a Jets vs Lions thread. Click into that.
  6. just google reddit NFLstreams - they will have a thread for each of tonight's games. The post at the top has the most points, so it will probably be the best link.
  7. bgivs21

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    I think people are missing the point in defending Mack. There is no more valuable position on the team than the QB & Aaron Rodgers proved that last night in spite of Mack's incredible game. The other point I see being made is that the loss should be put at Mitch Tribinsky's (?) feet. Which is true to an extent, however if you or the Bears organization who actually made the trade for Mack feel that way, how do you fix the issue? Unless he gets better, you just traded away what could have been his replacement in the 2 1st round picks.
  8. completely useless response for you @jetstream23, but I'll be following this thread as I'm headed to San Fran in a few weeks & will definitely want to watch the Jets game when there.
  9. bgivs21

    PSL Suit Dismissed

    Get SAR back in here. He's been arguing that PSLs are an investment since day 1.
  10. bgivs21

    NFL Transactions

    Basketball is by far the worst. I love the sport but man the NBA is brutal when it comes to parity.
  11. bgivs21

    NFL Transactions

    I think that's the most important piece. They have an excellent young core of players between Donald, Gurley, Goff, Kupp & most importantly McVay
  12. Haha it was a slip. Unless Mac trades for Mack, then it should be error.
  13. If we were year 3-4 into the Darnold error w/ a solid OL I would have no issue as he would probably help put us in the top 10 teams conversation. But the reality is, we need to fill a ton of holes still & the OL is one of them. We need those 1st rounders right now, trading them away for Mack will not help this team make the next step.
  14. Maybe we get the next D'Brickashaw Ferguson? I know Mack is a great player, but we need the picks to fill holes on the roster. 1 player like Mack is not going to put us over the edge right now.
  15. This - HDMI cable from computer to TV. It's pretty good quality too but obviously won't live up to what you're used to now.

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