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  1. bgivs21

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    #1 he should be fired is because he sucks & the team has quit
  2. bgivs21

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    Agreed on Bell, but I don't think he comes here. Switching to a 4-3 should help out Leonard Williams too. If we end up with a top 3 pick & Bosa is there you cannot pass on him. Pick the next best lineman.
  3. This is so dumb. Fire both, no half measures. They also need to fix the way the team is structured. No more HC reports to ownership separately. He should report to the GM who then reports to ownership - enough!
  4. Hold onto them & don't go. Let the stadium be empty, it's truly the only way to send a message.
  5. Chris Johnson must have been listening to the Bills radio broadcast yesterday. I don't think I'll be watching any more games. Was offered tickets to the Pats game in 2 weeks, I think it's the first time I've ever declined free tickets to a game when I have nothing going on.
  6. No - the team quit. And if we have Bowles at the helm for 7 more games, Sam is going to get hurt even worse than he already is.
  7. Went to bed thinking Bowles was fired. Woke up to see he is still employed - this is worse than a nightmare.
  8. bgivs21

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    Pick a section and then a seat, just like they do for the modells gift cards they give away. At this point, anything is better than what we have right now.
  9. Who is the backup this week? I know McCown had a mostly injury free 2017, but history shows how injury prone he is.
  10. bgivs21


    You win. I can't argue with your stupidity.
  11. bgivs21


    So it wasn't a pick? 4...
  12. I've changed my tune over the last 2 weeks. I think Mac needs to go along with Bowles.
  13. bgivs21


    How many interceptions do you put on Sam alone from Sunday? 1st - All on him. Didn't see Alonso & threw it right to him. 2nd - I put that on Long & the bad snap. 3rd - same as the 1st, didn't see the defender. 4th - Sure it's on Sam, but it's really just a desperation heave hoping Kearse would make a play. Can't kill him on that one.
  14. bgivs21


    Honestly with our remaining schedule I only see us winning 1 game, maybe 2 if we beat the Bills in Buffalo. Bowles days are numbered. v Bills - W v Pats - L @Titans - L @Bills - L v Texans -L v Packers - L @ Pats - L

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