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  1. You need something of value in order to trade. We do not have anything of value outside Adam's and darnold, neither of which are going anywhere.
  2. Jokes on Gase. Mac got him fired without even being here with this roster
  3. I think falk was just stunned because he's had something for the first time in two starts - time. And he didn't know what to do with it.
  4. So much for the Bill's Pat's game. Onto ravens, browns
  5. I cant kill Joe D for bringing him and at least trying to fix some of the issues. Its 1 year and we had the money. At this point, we can certainly blame Gase for leaving him in there, he's been a disaster over 3 games.
  6. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2019/9/18/20873320/jets-blocking-schemes-are-incomprehensible-right-now
  7. You need to watch that game again, jones had I think 18 qb hurries. He rolled out a lot, similar to darnold, and had wide open guys
  8. Lol a lot of us would look awesome throwing to wide open WRs. I wish our team could get our WRs running routes with the nearest defender 10, 15 feet away
  9. Yes Beachum gets paid nicely but he was left on an island with a far superior talent and that talent is going to prevail more times than not. And I'm glad you bought the giants game up. They had WRs running wide open all over the field because of Shurmurs scheme today. It's a big part of the reason Jones looked so good. Falk is holding onto the ball because our guys are completely covered. We saw that in the Bill's game with Darnold in as well
  10. The jags beat wr is a dude youve never even heard of before the season started
  11. There are guys running free at our QB in the first 3 games. One on one matchups with Myles garret? 6 guys coming at the QB with 5 guys to block? No designed roll outs? You don't see an issue with this? Then idk what to tell you
  12. Here's the issue as one poster clearly articulated, he doesnt adjust to the talent he has at his disposal. I'm all for calling out players and benching them, it was a breathe of fresh air to see Gase doing that with some guys last week. But there has been an issue on offense, even the game Darnold started, where the o-line seems at a loss as to who to block and the WRs cant get open for the last 3 weeks. Gase has not adjusted for this in the 3 games he has coached here. Lastly, Gase isn't a first time HC so you cant call us reactionary turds because there has been a history for Gase we can point to. He had a number of years in Miami to fix issues and he never did and now the same issues he had in Miami are rearing they're ugly head here.

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