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  1. I wouldn't say hurt him, I'd say it more so brought everyone's view of him back to pre-Clemson. Because for as bad as he was against Bama, he had an excellent game against Clemson. Really evened everything out.
  2. Lol the argument is the exact opposite. You need a good team. Rodgers team let him down today (and bad coaching decisions). And so did the front office. There were a number of impact rookies they coukd have drafted instead of Jordan Love. Imagine if he had Claypool to throw to as well.
  3. Sooo you're saying we should draft a Safety in the top 10 from now on!?
  4. It's not false, his salary in guaranteed money in 2022 is 35 mil, that's all on the Jets. His salary in 2023 is 20 mil guaranteed with a 17 mil roster bonus, also on the Jets (37 mil). I said 40 mil because you don't round down, but you're numbers are off.
  5. You obviously didn't read my entire opinion on the matter.
  6. I said it in another post. This is the fundamental disagreement between us. IMO if we get Watson, it wont be for anything less than our 4 first rounders the next two years. If we can get him for what you said earlier, 3 first rounders spread between 2021-2023, then yeah I'd be open to getting him. But to me that's nothing more than a pipe dream.
  7. Ahh man, I love that you say it's false but then go on to prove what I said right with actual numbers (cap hit of 35 & 37 mil in 2022,2023). You don't go on a FA spending frezny because of the cap implications after this year. So go ahead and sign thuney and Robinson, because that's all we'd be able to afford on bigger contracts. We're not winning a championship unless we hit on later round draft picks in your scenario.
  8. I try to explain from our side. And it's the fundamental disagreement on how much it's going to cost to get Watson. I have seen posters in this thread that think a package of 3 first rd picks, that includes a 2023 first, is somehow going to get Watson. It's not. The starting price will be at least our 4 first rounders in the next 2 years. So, if we did that, where does that put us? IMO it puts us in the exact position Houston is in right now, excecpt with a happy Watson. We'd have very little talent outside of the QB. And at that point, for everyone devaluing draft picks, we would still need to build through the draft, except we have to hope we hit on later round picks.
  9. First off, I agree it is lazy reporting, it's basically the same sh*t we've been discussing on a forum. With that said, if you read his article, he's starts it off by saying it will take at least 3 first round picks. I think a lot of what I'm seeing from posters in favor of the trade is this fantasy that, that's all it's going to take to get Watson. To start, the Texans are going to want our 4 1st rounders in the next 2 years. And if we talk about cap space, we won't be in good shape. We'd have our FQB taking up 40 mil in cap space, what free agents do we sign? How do you work that out with the future signings of Williams and Becton? Our roster is so bereft of talent that if we ever made this trade it would take years of great late round drafting for it to pay off.
  10. Ah yes, the delusion of just this off season . Lets pay everyone, everything this off season, we can afford it long term
  11. Lol. You forgot that they also had DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller and an excellent defense in those 2 winning years you want to point out. What happened this year when they had none of that!? A QB can only do so much and Watson led them to only 4 wins. And what instills you with any confidence that we can fill out the roster with talent from 2nd rounders and later? The hard truth that you, and others, are hiding from is that taking Watson from the Texans and placing him on the Jets, assuming we have to trade all 4 1st round picks, will be putting him in the same situation. We have a LT, just like the Texans, and sparse talent on the offensive side outside of that position, just like the Texans. Our defense has depth along the DL but is not really any good, just like the Texans. But we'll somehow make it work with Watson with out any premier picks for 2 years and Watson now taking up a huge chunk of our cap, limiting the talent we can bring via FA
  12. Don't be, their team was not as hot as everyone would have you believe

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