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  1. Lol why would this be a big deal if it was real, isn't the food free for the players!?
  2. The bucs didnt buy a superbowl like you're trying claim. They already had a lot of pieces in place that they drafted and already had signed before Brady.
  3. With everything looking so promising coming from OTAs and mini camp, this is extremely frustrating. Especially gonna suck if he's not there when @KRL goes.
  4. A COVID/vaccine thread that hasnt been locked yet, spicy!
  5. Nope, no I didn't. You have me confused. You can go back and look. All I said was lets wait and see. Now you and all the other posters that immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was beating up his girlfriend kind of have egg on your face since the story seems to be that he was trying to break into a family members house.
  6. Alright bro, you go ahead and do that and if the truth is different then your preemptive hypothetical devoid of any supporting fact than I'm not the one looking like an idiot holding a pitch fork Glad I could clear that up for you.
  7. Saying let's wait to get the full picture is not "excuse making" it's literally the law.
  8. Hopefully this Vera Taylor fella is good. I really wanted Vera Tucker in the draft but still happy we ended up with Vera Taylor.
  9. With that you're getting into other legal issues. Think about how many recruitment scandals we've seen over the past few years, some with the FBI involved. There's a lot more to it than "players get paid". And that statement in itself is also troubling because it makes it sound like every kid but the reality is the Mac Jones and Justin Fields will get paid, everyone else not so much.
  10. Well, this whole issue is going to be a mess. It's an extremely small group who would benefit at the expense of the system. I have yet to hear someone come up with a better system than the one that is currently in place, no matter how many issues it has.
  11. Lol at all these idiodic posts thinking Becton is overweight or out of shape based on a Rich Cimini tweet where he provides no proof. Plantar fasciitis isn't based on weight.
  12. Did you skip the ads? What if you watched it on Instagram or Twitter, theres no ad revenue there. I'm not saying they don't make some revenue but it's dwarfed by the money they make off of their TV deals. Like I said in another post, they are going to look for 70-75 billion over 9 years from ESPN, ANC Turner to broadcast those games.
  13. But that big money is coming off of TV deals not from YT or other digital platforms. The last one they signed was 24 billion for 9 years. I read someplace they're going to be looking for 70-75 billion over 9 years again. Thats in addition to the 1.3 billion with Tencent in China. Those are incredible numbers, right behind the NFL. The problem is if you have declining viewership of the games themselves, which is absolutely happening, it's tougher to negotiate with these companies
  14. I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Just because you have digital engagement doesn't mean it translates to interest for the product or more importantly money. Again, think of how many people like me that might watch a couple clips on Insta, youtube, twitter. You're not really getting any ad revenue from me. Also I have heard of Blippi they talked about him on Boomer and Gio awhile ago. I could be mistaken but if he has people skipping ads he doesn't make any money off that. But his whole product is on YT whereas what the NBA puts there are just clips. What I'm trying to ultimat
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