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  1. I hope he's just saying this and either one of them will get at least 2 starts. I don't agree with the sentiment that they both suck, we need to put them in the game to find that out. Bowles has to understand we need to see the younger guys in game. McCown has a good job here and I believe he will be back next year as the presumptive starting QB. If any other guy steps up then good
  2. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    I think Eli is back next year & starting for them. Whoever they pick will be sitting for a year. I'm not even sure if it's financially possible for them to get rid of Eli.
  3. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    Idk why people think it's a dumpster fire? I think it's 1 step back & 2 steps forward. They now have the 2nd overall pick in a class filled with potential QB studs & if they bring in the right GM/Coach combo they could be set for another decade plus. From an org standpoint, I will be interested to see how these hirings go. Will they bring in the HC first & have him report directly to the owner & then go out & get their GM. Or will this be the traditional, GM hired first, GM has massive input on HC hiring.
  4. This will get Ben McAdoo fired. Benching Eli is fine but to bench him for Geno Smith - WoW. Throw Webb in there and let him play.
  5. Why Maccagnan must cut McCown.

    McCown is coming back next year - You can put money on that. No way do the Jets, lea by Bowles/Mac, go into next season w/ Petty, Hack & Rookie QB on the roster. I look forward to seeing these threads at the start of the next season.
  6. We can only hope Petty gets the nod for the last 4 & if he is just not good through 2 games, Hack should then be allowed to start the final 2.
  7. haha I can't wait to see everyone's reactions when McCown is resigned in the off-season to mentor the new QB we draft.
  8. The Chargers are better than mediocre. Their defense is very good & they have recently been playing much better on offense. The only game in my mind we have a shot at winning is @ Denver but that's not going to be easy either. I honestly would be surprised if we beat any of the teams remaining on the schedule..
  9. Are we sure about this? Watson didn't start the season because people thought Savage was the best QB on the team.
  10. Either Petty or Hack needs to be starting games soon. There's no reason to keep trotting McCown out there each week. I wish Bowles would've given one of them a chance starting this week against the Panthers with the extra bye week to prepare. If Bowles follows the formula from last year, giving Petty the last 4 games, it's going to be tough sledding as 3/4 games are away starting with Denver. The only home game is against a Chargers team that has really started to put it together recently. The Panthers & Chiefs are no cake walks but at least they are home games & Petty/Hack would've had the extra week to prepare.
  11. I like Bart Scott in doses when he talks football. Not sure he really adds in anything besides that. I don't really know the other two - Carlin & Gray but w/e I don't really listen now & I probably won't listen in the future. One thing WFAN failed at doing w/ these hires is stirring the interest of someone like myself to tune in when they start.
  12. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    F*ckn Todd Bowles
  13. I too still believe in the attack. Until he gets on the field in the regular season & sucks I still hold out hope he is improving & can be an NFL QB.
  14. Colts Release Vontae Davis

    How did the Colts become the Browns after going from Peyton Manning to probably the best QB prospect of the last decade. It's pathetic.
  15. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    Love watching the Jets, but outside of that any game I'm watching is for Fantasy Football purposes.