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  1. Maye is infinitely better than OJ Howard. A straight up trade would be a terrible idea
  2. Agreed. The last 2 games we've seen improvements but it has been very inconsistent.
  3. One thing I've noticed about Davis, when the defense is in zone, he slightly runs past where he should stop. It results in some throws from Zach that appear behind him but are completely where they should be. One that stuck out from the game is the sliding catch from Davis. Hell of a catch, but Wilson put it in the perfect spot but Davis kept running towards the defender. It resulted in Davis sliding and reaching back but if he didnt make that catch, it's completely on him.
  4. Maybe call Gase to script the first 15 plays, at least he was good at that
  5. ... actively handing out Gatorade.
  6. You're right, something needs to change and it's up to Saleh. Personally, I think the best and easiest option right now is to trim down the offense. It seems as though the CS has tried to cram way too much into a limited amount of time and guys are just not understanding assignments. Trim it back, focus and perfect certain packages and expand from there.
  7. Ask yourself this. Do other guys that are starting and playing look like they know the play/ playbook? No, because guys arent blocking, guys aren't running good routes/wrong routes, RBs and TEs late on blocks. If the CS wont let Mims play because he doesn't know the playbook, what's their excuse for trotting out every other starter that looks like they're lost and don't know the playbook.
  8. I went out with his sister-in-law once last year. Not sure if there's any type of connection but she kinda sucked too.
  9. You're getting hung up on Mims the player. I'm using him as an example of what I think is going on with the CS and how they expect players to know every aspect of the offense already and how that it is clear they don't which is why we're getting sh*t play from everyone on the offensive side. Do I think Mims is the answer? No, but I do think he should be on the field contributing. Focus on perfecting some of the playbook before you throw more things in. It's clear the offense wasn't properly installed in pre-season.
  10. Well said. But you know what the problem is, you have a-holes like GVR stink up the field and then have the audacity to put the whole issue on Wilson. Listen to his post game presser, he states that Wilson is in the NFL and the ball has to come out quicker. Well GVR, maybe stop sucking ass and give your QB more than 1.7 seconds: https://twitter.com/snyjets/status/1442276372253130752?s=20
  11. Mims is a microcosm for how this CS is handling this offense. They expect every player to know every aspect of the playbook before they get on the field. It is clear that none of the players on offense know the full playbook. The CS needs to peel it back and focus on learning chunks of the playbook at a time and work in the rest throughout the season. They've clearly thrown everything at these guys at once and they're all over thinking when they get in live action.
  12. Where did I say I want to throw everything out!? Like I said in my post you quoted, too much new at once. They need to simplify it which doesn't mean throw it out, it means peel the playbook back a bit and let guys focus on perfecting certain plays and formations. IMO the Mims situation is a microcosm for what this CS is doing. They expect Mims to know every route of every position before he goes on the field, which is asinine. But they throw guys out there at different positions who clearly don't fully know the playbook because theres no depth. Peel it back, make it easier for your
  13. Jesus you have a warped view on this. Whoever posted the new thread summed it up perfectly- too much new all at once. You can't sit here and tell me the coaches didn't see any of this in preseason. They needed to slowly install this offense throughout the season, instead they threw everything out there in a preseason where theres less time to absob this stuff now more than ever and now we have players over thinking everything. And this resutls in WRs unable to get open/execute routes, OL unable to communicate properly and execute their blocks, a rookie QB unable to properly see the field
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