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  1. At this point not sure if this is trolling or you're really that dumb.
  2. Thats uh, not an example of irony.
  3. Somebody's vag is sandy after getting their posts down voted
  4. Totally misleading thread. @Matt39 should be banned from starting threads about Becton. His gimmick is getting old and he's just constantly wrong.
  5. I never made any comments about this case as a whole nor will I. I made a comment questioning a specific detail in the 24th accusation, nothing else. Which, despite other posters opinions, is allowed and not at all heinous to question.
  6. I never had a comment about this case, just about the 24th accusation specifically. But you're doing what other posters are doing which is trying to make it seem like I'm saying something I'm not.
  7. I'm sure this guy was a staunch supporter of Amber Heard. Heaven forbid anyone question an acusation. Also, way to be intellectually dishonest as no one said anything of the sort.
  8. She hung around long enough for him to ejaculate and at close enough range for it to get on her face... seems a little, fishy. Unless he's got the world's longest c*m shot.
  9. I get that but we can still look at it. During that 7 game streak they beat Jets, Chargers, Panthers, Browns (without Hunt and Chubb), Falcons, Titans (without Brown and Henry), and the aforementioned Bills game. Really the only impressive wins there were the Chargers (who missed the playoffs) and the Bills, a game in which there were wild conditions and they ran the ball 40 something times. To me the Pats were not nearly as impressive as their record showed, especially when you consider the amount of FA $$ they spent. But with BB there they will definitely play disciplined football and have a good game plan for the most part.
  10. I mean, they fell apart at the end of last year and went 1-4 and had some pretty bad loses. And I know you can't throw games out but if those crazy conditions in Buffalo weren't there and the Pats couldn't run a bagillion times, they would have ended the season 1-5.
  11. Why not? Everyone here assumed he was completely out of shape and at 4 bills based on beat reporter speculation.
  12. Honestly, excited to see the whole team. There's so many young players that should be taking the next step this year, and rookies who can have immediate impact.
  13. Thats laughable. A freak accident where someone rolled up on his knee and now he's an eggshell.
  14. Please dont say Becton!? What? Becton is going to be the LT despite all the false narratives surrounding him
  15. You can't discount it. He started 10 games at LT as a rookie. And in 2018 and 2019 started 7 games each year at LT. And those "TE" reps were really him being an extra blocker in that scheme. I'm not saying get rid of Fant, but to declare him our future LT at 30 after a career year is such a Jetsy move.
  16. I wouldn't put much stock into TC reports from our beat writers. Been around here and JI for awhile and the stark contrast of tweets from the beat reporters and posters like @KRL is amazing, like they're watching 2 different games. Secondly, Becton looked fine in the first game before he got hurt (also consider how bad our OL was the first half of the year)
  17. Nfl draft is such love/hate thing. Love breaking down prospects and what the Jets might do. Hate that every jabroni with a twitter account has some insider info that gets posted.
  18. You've missed the whole point. He was exceptional last year, thats it. He's never done it before. Lets see if he does it again. But you don't bank on him repeating something he has not done in his career up until last year.
  19. Agree with you on everything but Becton at RT. He is a LT and Icky will be RT in the future.
  20. Nobody is saying Fant wasn't a great pass blocking LT last year, he was, no one can argue that point. But he's never done that before, ever. And 30 is still 30 regardless of 'low mileage'. I just think people here are rightfully cautious regarding Fants furure outlook because last year was a career outlier for him. Also this idea that run blocking in a passing league doesn't matter is crazy. Especially for this style offense the Jets run, they need someone who can run block effectively and unfortunately Fant is below average in that department.
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