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  1. Lol these announcers suck. Darnold could learn something from the 37 yo journeyman qb!?
  2. What are these announcers talking about. Vlrarly hit him in the shoulder
  3. Probably had to wait for some tests/inflammation to go down before they could determine the true severity of the injury. Plus you can add in time for them to go see another dr. For a 2nd or even 3rd opinion
  4. No thanks to Scherff. Would much rather sign an OLB and draft OL through the draft. 15 per year for Scherff is going to be crazy
  5. When i saw "problem woth Gase" as the thread title, i was expecting a much, much longer post.
  6. Just thinking about it, i would add the Texans. They've traded away so many picks from the bext few drafts and after the beat down this weekend seem to be more of a middle of the pack team. Thats said, i think getting rid of O'Brien would help them immensely
  7. My fun activity is to check this board and the jets subreddit 7-8 times an hour to see if Gase has been fired yet.
  8. This is wrong. There is more talent on this roster than last year and everyone has regressed. The offensive line constantly misses blocking assignments they didnt last year, that is squarely on coaching.
  9. Seriously. In a big spot when the giants needed pressure against the QB to force a bad throw williams got stood up. Exactly like it was when he was in green and white.
  10. Leonard Williams picking up where he left off with the Jets. Virtually invisible
  11. We're not dumpster fire bad. We're California wild fire, need to shut off power to thousands bad.
  12. How about accountability from Christopher Johnson for the mess he created. It all goes back to him from hand picking Gase to allowing McCagnan to spend money and draft players only to fire him 3 weeks later. I want to hear from that tool
  13. McCarthy would have been better than Gase but im still of the belief neither of them were good a hire.
  14. For anyone wondering, here are Leo's stats this year. I do think he gets a bit of a bad rap here, but for a guy we were never going to re-sign and the fact we already have guys that do the same thing as leo here it was a great trade.
  15. Just to update this, this drive for the darnold haters is what happens when you can protect darnold and call good plays
  16. For everyone in this thread thats on Darnold, that last drive shows how very wrong you are. There is literally nothing he can do with that garbage protection NOTHING At this rate, Darnold is going to get sacked more than Falk did against Philly. The problem is the OL and coaching staff. Gase should be immediately fired after this game.
  17. Youre dead wrong on blaming darnold for this sh*t show. Terrible coaching, terrible blocking. What do you want the QB to do?
  18. I had a good laugh at the announcer saying the jets havent handled pressure well this half, lets see if they can go in and make some adjustments. Lol have you seen this team all year? They've had 7 games to fix how they handle pressure and they havent. You think a 15 min half time if gonna fix this sh*tshow!?!?
  19. Yeah, coudlnt disagree with this more. Its pretty clear in all the analysis that has come out that darnold IS clearly reading the defense and calling it out but the breakdown happens elsewhere during the play. Watch the other 2 games darnold played in this year. The cowboys game shows the offense making the right plays for most of the game. Now, some of the throws in the face of that pressure are on darnold but i wont kill him rn. On the kalil issue, JD signed him and he had to try to improve the OL somehow in the late stage of FA. You cant put the fact that Kalil has sucked and continued to be trotted out week after week on JD, thats on the coaching staff to replace a player who is not playing well. Its the same with trumaine johnson. Both these guys shouldnt be playing based on their contract and past accolades and thats up to the CS not JD.
  20. You need something of value in order to trade. We do not have anything of value outside Adam's and darnold, neither of which are going anywhere.

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