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  1. Love Baker Mayfield. He played great and knocked off OSU in prime time on the road and then planted OU’s flag at midfield. He showed energy and passion all game long. Could go mid first to second round and regardless of where we pick we should have a shot at him. He or Lamar Jackson should be there. They’re probably more of projects but the potential is there and have a shot at being better than the more highly touted guys.
  2. Who should we root for here? I mean I get that neither can beat the Cheaters but which one has a better shot?
  3. Dead on I remember saying the same thing. He also doesn't have personnel control.
  4. I can't wait to see four down territory all game long and fake punts and field goals. Rex always has the best going out of business games. Chances are we lose which would be alright for as far as our draft is concerned but I wouldn't hate sweeping them. Win/win.
  5. He makes a lot of good points and shows Hack's football IQ which can help him. If they work on his fundamentals and get him comfortable again we might have a QB with abilities above and below the neck which would be nice.
  6. That is true he is known to mold his schemes to the players so maybe he can do something more conventional. He needs to be in more of a pro style scheme. Who knows Gailey might be gone by the time the kid gets a start.
  7. Penn State's O line is much better than last year. Franklin also was trying to pound a square peg in a round hole with the scheme he was trying to run on offense. This year he has a new coordinator that is complimenting the mobile QB he has now but the last two years he tried that kind of a spread system with Hack and he's just not that guy. That probably made Hack and PSU look worse than it was and probably stunted his growth as opposed to Obrien staying. Mcsorely's and PSU's success probably has more to do with scheme fit than it does with overall talent.
  8. I want Fitz benched as I have for weeks now but not because he played poorly in this particular game but because he played above average for him in 2016 and still only managed 17 points. We only needed 23 to win and we couldn't get it. He won't be here next year and we need to find out if the young guy's version of an above average game results in more production. Maybe we can build some chemistry with Hack or Petty for next year or if it goes south at least we know we need to get a QB with our top 5 pick.
  9. Ivory takes Darby out of the game with a concussion and Rex uses two challenges in the first half on the same drive. What year is it?
  10. Ivory leaving with a hamstring is continuing the flashbacks
  11. Jags looking good so far. Ivory with a TD run in the redzone. Also some Leger Douzable sightings.
  12. I hope Bowles flip flops like he did after the Arizona game and gives Petty the start against the Rams. It seems imminent that Petty will get the start after the bye at least and I'd hate for his first game to be a nationally televised prime time game against the Pats.
  13. Gross. This guy plays out of position every year and doesn't complain and he also is the one player on the field that plays his heart out on every play even when we're headed for 4-12 in 2014 or whatever we're headed for in 2016. I get the off the field issues but they're trading the wrong DL in my opinion. A team is going to put him in his natural position and he is going to be incredible. That is if someone actually makes a trade which is doubtful.
  14. It's been a decent stretch of crap. Buffalo he was incredible. It even when he doesn't turn it over he doesn't really make a ton of plays to win the game for multiple reasons. He's not the only thing wrong with the team at the moment but 12M for average/mediocre QB when you have Geno and two young guys on the roster basically free it makes it hard to take it easy on him or the organization.
  15. I didn't get that from his comments but the same words can mean different things depending on your overall opinion of the person that's speaking. I'm not a huge fan of his as of late.
  16. After his "organization and coaches lost faith in me" sob story in the post game conference I never want to see this guy play for the Jets again. They gave him 12 million when no one wanted him and continued to play him until the season was virtually lost despite his poor play. If Geno is good to go next week I want to see him play. Next year I'd be fine with Petty and Hack competing with a veteran/rookie that isn't currently on the team.
  17. Meanwhile I'm rapidly losing confidence in Todd Bowles which is a shame because I was a big fan of his.
  18. If he plays a hobbled Watkins like he did week 17 then I'll start worrying...
  19. On the bright side the defense hasn't given up any points so there's that haha.
  20. Schefter: Giants announced they signed former Texans kicker Randy Bullock and waived kicker Tom Obarski. Fat Randy is back in NY.
  21. He just hinted that he could win the starting job. Probably unlikely. I really wanted him at 20 and if he ends up being a decent QB and Hack/Petty aren't...it's going to get ugly.
  22. If the OP is correct I wonder how much of a dropoff Geno to Petty is. The only thing Geno really has over Bryce is experience and he doesn't seem to be learning from previous mistakes when the bullets are live. I think he has potential but don't know that he'll ever put it all together to really become consistently good. Whatever decision they make at the number 2 QB spot will probably be tested with Fitz's style of play. I'd like to see Geno and Petty rotate the second half against the Giants and then make a decision and give Hack the 4th game.
  23. Are they doing anything for the fans that drove out there? Maybe line some young fans up and let them catch passes from Rodgers or Luck or have Clay Matthews tackle random fans or something. I hope at least they sign some autographs.
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