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  1. He's doing really well so far with no natural true pass rusher and very suspect corners.
  2. I would not count on Austin at all this year. rookie needs time to learn the game . Best player should play so harrision should be in if kalil is not cutting it,
  3. Totally incorrect. The object of the game is to make the playoffs and win a super bowl. If you are using very high draft resources on guys who do not have a huge impact on winning you are failing and worse yet the other teams you are competing against select those players. Your stance makes a guy like mccagnan last 5 years or more.
  4. hold, hold, grab, hold, grapple, hold, hold, interfere, grapple, hold, grab, hold Their secondary holds more than their oline and that is saying soemthing.
  5. This is the issue, the Jets are not filled with these type of players and few teams are filled with them. The ones we have are in lower positional value positions we are almost devoid of ones in premium positions. Can a team spring for a 6th overall pick to get a really good safety? sure. But you also have to be filling other important positions. The jets have prioritized safety, interior dline and ILB over the last number of years. Having the 4th best at these positions does not make you win in this league.
  6. Something the jets would know almost nothing about because they have put all resources into the defense over the years and had bad offenses due to lack of resources and bad defenses due to poor positional priority allotment. If this team over the last few years was top 5 in defense and terrible on offense and their record was poor the people praising all the 'great players' we have would have a leg to stand on.
  7. They're good players. We are 1-4 with a poor oline, so so receivers, suspect TEs, no pass rush and no #1 CB. In an offensive centric league. This team has a great safety duo and 'great' interior dline and we have won like 15 games in 3 1/3 years.
  8. We also have the best long snapper in the game!
  9. Flacco stinks but he has stunk for years and was an aberration super bowl qb.
  10. Now that the starter is out kc should immediately become the worst offense in the league because of matt moore. Well at least if Adam Gase was head coach.
  11. So who are the mets playing again? Mets - Jets Yankees - Giants!
  12. Jamal Adams gets more accolades and national press than Sam Darnold. That's all you need to know about skewed value to a team. If Adams got hurt tomorrow a few weeks down the road we would be amazed at how good 'insert backup safeties name here' has looked replacing him, much like our ILBS when mosely got hurt. Would we like mosley back? Yes, has it been end of the world he has been out? No. Positional value. Also: Quinnen makes the big stop, jamal cleans up rolling over top of the already tackled player and the camera and media focus on adams the prez. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/highlight-quinnen-williams-jamal-adams-stuff-dak-prescott-on-fourth-down
  13. pats are better then the cowboys, the pats get 95% of the calls from the refs. I have no doubt the jets will play a good game, they can't over come the biased reffing.

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