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  1. I agree with your premise, a really good Qb can drag a team with holes a long ways. I'm just not quite sure if cousins is that guy or not.
  2. Why do you hate the Jets?

    You are once again, as usual, as always are totally out to lunch in your musings. You have little horse blinders on and view the world that way and cannot fathom anyone else viewing the world different. Almost without exception everyone that is on this forum loves the New York Jets and wants them to win the super bowl and be good long term. Blasting an organization that is 'getting it wrong' most of the time is not hating it. If anything the fans on here who soft coat everything and think the team is doing just swell all the time are the poorest fans because they are content with being lousy to mediocre. If you are content with being lousy or mediocre you get what you deserve. I'm sure everything I've just said will go flying by on the outside of the blinders and you will have no idea what I am talking about.
  3. I'm sure Goodell is hanging on every word of Bart Scott.
  4. That is the exact reason. None of these people actually watch the jets game in and game out. They just see a big picture, someone told them bowles is good so bowles is good and he acts like he is a good coach in interviews. Someone told them our new safeties are near pro bowlers so they are. They simply do not watch the team game in and game out to see the truth.
  5. They are certainly no better. No QB RBS aging Oline is VERY suspect Probably just lost one of our WRs No pass rushers Suspect CBs. Just about the only position on this whole team you can say is solid coming into next year is safety, that is it.
  6. QB - At least two. We need a starter (even if the team decides to being back mccown) and for sure a backup, I see no viable backup between petty and Hack. Oline - Absolute minimum of one, that being Center which was atrocious last year. I actually think we need two more good pieces this year but an arguemtn could be made that the Guards and Tackles are good enough for another year. RB - At least one. It will be a disaster if the team retains Forte when we are hearing about wanting to run more. TE - At least one. Whether we retain ASJ ore go in another direction we need at least one starting TE. WR - At least one. The Anderson thing just opened up a hole on the team. I don't think we had a true #1 guy before but we for sure do not now. DL - At least one. Mo wilk is a goner so we need to get at least one staring dlineman, which is a sad indictment of the team after what we have put into the position. ILB - At least one. Davis is a FA, we should not over pay or more importantly over term this guy even if he had a good year last year. In any case with him a FA now there is a big hole OLB - We have had a hole at pass rushing OLB/De for years and years. This is a gaping hole. CB - At least one starting quality CB. Even if we retain Claiborne we have a huge hole on the other side. Amazing that we have so many huge holes that have to be filled. These are must haves, the would like to have list is larger.
  7. You just do not draft box safeties at 6 who cannot prevent our offensive players from making threats against policemen's wives.
  8. Visions of oliver twist asking for more soup before he gets a beating for asking.
  9. Visions of oliver twist asking for more soup before he gets a beating for asking.
  10. We are handling this issue internally.
  11. It's a darn good thing our rational and fair analysis of this team can make up for so many other deficiencies. Unitewhofans by himself has guaranteed us cousins.
  12. He should have just 'taken the blows' and then thanked the police for sparing a black mans life.