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  1. Mess + Mess = Success! Why the hell did I not think of this sooner? Oh and send 'him' to the Gallows.
  2. WE addressed our biggest need. 4th string old, jag, 3d string for 10 games back up qb.
  3. Greg van Rotten does the kyle wilson finger wag when a dline bows past him but misses the sack tackle.
  4. Our dline has also totally underachieved as much as any other part of the team. Why are teams abusing our LBS? They get through the dline all too easily and no immediate up the middle pressure.
  5. Yes, one super bowl. 11 years ago He gets credit heaped on him for anything he does and takes none of the blame, zero for an underachieving franchise overall in the grand scheme of things. The bleating from him and others about how poorly green bay treats him is absurd. Absurd so much friction over another QB being drafted. Absurd bleating about the packers not getting him guys to play with. Davante Adams all pro Wr ,Aaron Jones super underrated impact RB Robert Tonyan, TD making TE David Bakhtiari, all pro LT Corey linsley now gone but pro bowl center fo
  6. Smart of the Jets to ask to talk to Flacco before the trade and make sure he was fine with it...................ribbit
  7. He used to be named Mike the Grey until he fought the Balrog and fell into the Abyss in Moria.
  8. Nonsense Goodell phoned woody this week about the attendance problems!
  9. Mike we are so much behind you we have just traded for a jag we hated so much before the year we let him walk. Than you! Come again!
  10. He meant 54 points, he never said a thing about MORE than 54.
  11. Bengals will win by as many as they want to. They will call off the dogs after it is about 30-3 at half and end up with 36 points or so. Jets might score a late td or two when the bengals go to sleep after the 1st half. At this point the Bangles could beat the Jets, Susanna Hoffs with 3 tds and 150 yards on the ground.
  12. As a Bengal fan I would be worried that Ja'marr chase will pull a hammy after going for 200 yards and 3 tds.
  13. The alarm is not 1-6 at all . The alarm is looking awful and getting blown out by mediocre teams like the pats. Like last year we are not in games and the team is getting worse. On top of it we see stupid things like the Flacco move. If the Jets were 1-6 but putting up a tiger like fight no one would be that upset.
  14. A year and a half maybe but in many cases you know really really soon whether you have something as in after the 1st training camp. A young player has to show something early and even if they have uneven patches they can improve. Thus a guy like Elijah Moore showed great in camp fell back and did not play well but made a nice play last game. Then we have guys like Zuniga who did nothing in 1st camp, nothing 1st year, nothing 2nd camp.
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