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  1. You could say it was an errand comment.
  2. Among all the flashsier new players and coaches, the improvements to the oline will have the biggest impact for this team.
  3. 5-12 ? Sounds like the record of the average mets starter.
  4. He was pretty well done by then and got what about 4 or 5 sacks? Also thanks for bringing back bad memories. I hated that guy and was 100% aghast that half this board was throwing rose petals at his feet when we were trying to sign him.
  5. Lawson, the 1st legit outside pass rushing threat we have had since Abraham.
  6. Clever of the jets to play mims with the 1st stringers to pump up his trade value.
  7. Thank you giants for taking kadarius toney over elijah moore.
  8. Is a dumb throw worse than an errand throw or not as bad?
  9. There was many excellent wrs prospects that could have been had. I don;t know about gandy I never called on him as the top choice but he still would have been a better pick than morgan. Gabriel Davis Tyler Johnson Collin Johsnon Darnell mooney Donovan peoples jones
  10. We went through this here in Edmonton with the hockey team. The owner started making feints about moving the team and veiled threats and the city just caved in and essentially built him a new hockey rink. Was disgusting to me.
  11. Call their bluff and tell them to f off. There should be no negotiation in the NFL these guys make billions if they want new stadium etc then lay out the cash and build it, you know the old fashion way of actually paying for your own infrastructure with your own capital.
  12. Who hates morgan or what for that matter? I hate that we picked a QB in the 4th round when there was oodles of talent in other areas of need on the board. You do not draft backups you draft starters or projected starters. To justify being a 4th round pick 'backup' morgan has to be the 2ne best qb in camp no questions asked.
  13. This for me is the big worry. When you get to skipping high school that's not a good thing. Every guy is going to be a big star but many flop.
  14. Making your daughter a jets fan? Fiend!
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