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  1. But it is the right way to do things. When did a rookie jets Qb have some success? Mark Sanchez when the team was very solid and he could come in and not have to carry the load. Look at a guy like Dak prescott, not an A plus player if you ask me, he walks into Dallas and they have an all pro oline and a great back. Even mahommes, great player and would be good anywhere but with andy reid and weapons all over the roster he is terrific. Tossing another rookie onto this team now will fail. There will always be the next trevor lawrence two years from now.
  2. The talent level of clemson team vs usc team is startlingly different and no it was not off of one game, you seemingly never watched darnold at usa to any great extent.
  3. 1 - Trevor Lawrence is vastly overrated on these forums. Off his performance in the nat champ game last year we can call him Quinnen Lawrence. 2 - With this roster and with the same coach he will not be one ounce better than Darnold. Any talk of getting the next QB early in the draft is foolish until we upgrade the team talent and get rid of a terrible coach.
  4. All he needs is a 35 year old hof QB who runs the show and a team with an all world defense. You are being to hard on him.
  5. Van gogh is also overrated and sucks.
  6. Well if darnold is a bust (which i do not think he is) then it should set back a proper rebuild about 3 years. The ny jets should not pick trevor lawrence or any other QB high at all. They should two drafts from now come out of it with a great oline, some great WR's a true number 1 back and a solid defense, (And a coach who is not the worst coach in the league) Then and only then should you draft a QB. drafting a Qb next year will make no difference at all.
  7. He has been blamed, have you not looked at the half dozen darnold sucks threads? and he will be blamed when his #1 Wr is josh malone,
  8. You still need to make prudent draft choices.
  9. I disagree, did you see how jackson looked his 1st year when he was plunked into the joe flacco do not run offense?
  10. Joe Douglas fell on his ass on this. WR was a MASSIVE need coming into the year. The draft was deep at Wr and he only took one (many teams almost all with better WR situations took 2 or 3) who has been a non entity due to injury. Perriman at best is a lateral move with Robbie Anderson.
  11. No, Baltimore and a guy like Harbaugh are one of the few guys that changed thins up totally for the young QB. If Lamar Jackson was on the jets under gase he would be forced into a no motion, pocket offense with no Wrs or TEs to throw to.
  12. Don;t think idzik drafted Coples did he? think that was tanny.
  13. How can you not call that jersey grab a penalty, the ref was looking right at it?
  14. See my other post. Bengals used a lot of picks on the oline and a good back before picking the QB.
  15. Cincy drafted 5 olineman in the 3 years before they drafted burrow including 2 first rounders. They also picked up a good back in mixon. Jets drafted 3 olineman in 5 years before taking Darnold. At least cincy had a concept of what order to do things.

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