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  1. Hopefully things get better and you make a full recovery.
  2. In the wise words of John Lennon, All we are saying is give peas a chance.
  3. Rex Ryan was an awful coach for his last three years. However if was leagues better than Adam Gase. Rex actually got some layoff results and his side of the ball was up there in the stat rankings. His disdain for offense and hanging onto very bad assistant coaches were his down fall.
  4. Fitzpatrick and marshall and decker and the boys got 10 wins and were all drummed off the team and forever hated a year or so later.
  5. TE is shaky, Griffin is coming off a bad injury, herndon was pretty unreliable. That tandem has the potential to be good but we are far from set there.
  6. Rivera is a good coach, they will be improved. They were fools however taking an elite edge rusher over a run stuffing DT. Utter fools!
  7. I'd just like to know what Adam Gase has done in his hc career to give anyone any real enthusiasm for him other than crossing fingers and hoping. He essentially has had one year of real success and that was as a QB coach for Peyton Manning, years ago. The parts of the team that did well last year had little to do with Gase. We are wasting our time with this guy.
  8. I like Robbie Anderson but there was simply something missing from his game to prevent him from taking that next step.
  9. I was upset about the pick at the time but he sounds pretty good but if he is to replace anyone it is going to be Marcus Maye. Also Adams is the 'swiss army knife ' and there is no room for another unless as the article says Adams gets dealt (which he won;t)

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