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  1. Just have a skills competition.
  2. I know you are the eternal optimist but in this I agree with you. I think Davis is much more suited to a #2, #3 type of Wr and he will do well this year.
  3. Doing everything possible to get Becton to these voluntary otas are you?
  4. We are so lucky that the Texans and Casserio are so utterly stupid to have taken Stingley at #3. Getting cryptic 'We hope he might be ready for main camp, he has a ways to go comments from houston re Stingley'
  5. No it is not time to let it go. Do you want to ignore the last two good drafts? As in let it go Douglas did not nothing special? The whole draft was pretty awful, bad picks and bad planning of picks. Give credit where credit is due, but take the hits as well.
  6. They were not a QB needy team, did they think this guy would walk into the team and unset darnold and not draft a Qb the next year? Guess what? Your comment sounds like a fine justification for hackenburg. Total wasted pick.
  7. Playing at all in the NFL appears to be not mandatory for this guy.
  8. What a stupid pick by Douglas. Half the forum knew it from day one.
  9. Jeremiah had him top 10 and he is pretty hooked into scouts around the league. Chandler Jones "Many teams will regret not getting Jermaine Johnson that kid is gunna be goooood!" McShay had him top 15
  10. We need to bring back Robert Turner for these joint practices.
  11. I liked this movie which has a purgatory element to it.
  12. Pats olineman are no longer allowed to put grappling hooks on their hands and hold every play. He may be an okay player but they used a 1st rounder on him a few weeks after trading a competent vet guard for a 5th rounder. Belli is one of the worst drafting GMs in the league.
  13. It can be used either way so no, you are incorrect. "You cannot see the wood for trees" Was a proverb in 1546.
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