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  1. Adams has made some plays but he is sounding like his coach a big phoney, While Darnold a true leader us accepting blame whether it is his fault or not others look to pass blame when they look bad and dance a jig when they do their job.
  2. Kearse was monumentally disappointing last game. He made two terrible not vet plays, once not being ready at all for a swing pass and once when he utterly whiffed on a block.
  3. Its not rocket science he really is not all that much different than the qb they were facing except he is much better. If it has come to oh we have to prepare for a certain Qb then they may as well play computer football. You block you tackle you cover you catch you rush.
  4. Kacy rogers is just a card board cut out much like Thurman was when rex was here.
  5. Oh, I would also no over pay enunwa just because he is the best of a bad lot.
  6. What the press is actually cluing into this now?
  7. Beerfish

    Why I hate the Dink and Dunk offense

    We have no oline and no one that even remotely resembles mike evans or juju or Antonio brown. I do agree with you in principle but our GM has done nothing to make a good oline or get real play makers.
  8. Beerfish

    MNF Thread: Steelers at Tampa

    Is there any way in the world that todd bowels would have tried to score just before the half like the steelers did while being up 23-10?
  9. Beerfish

    Jets workout 5 today

    Adams won't like that one little bit.
  10. Beerfish

    MNF Thread: Steelers at Tampa

    Cromartie laughs at the lightweights of pro football.
  11. The man deserves all the credit in the world. The guy is a QB from Harvard who has carved out a very lucrative and hugely overachieving career. He has never been a long term starter quality but he has come in as a back up and produced huge results for 3 teams now. He's tough and a good leader and it is up to the gms to see though this to his long term limitations, but they don't do it. Don;t blame Fitz for asking for the moon and having dumb gms give it or near give it to him.
  12. Really good player would help us alot but he would have to be signed long term for it to make sense. I just do not thunk the cost to trade and pay will make sense.
  13. Beerfish

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    My man this is the whole point, Todd bowles under his direction plays favorites. Tell me when we see a vet like skrine or johnson getting sh*t and tell me when boles does it and not an assistant. Also this has been an issue every year under bowles. It's bullsh*t.

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