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  1. My trolling worked amazingly well. And very fast indeed.
  2. I am hearing from my sources that Watson may or may not prefer the Jets. Things are all fluid though and that may change.
  3. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. We won 2 games last year, Houston won 4 games last year. Two of our div rivals are in a serious upswing.
  4. There is more than one way to build a team and win and be good long term. No worries, I am sure Douglas is not listening to us on this forum.
  5. This year we have a #2 overall pick and this will potentially get a bounty. We assumably are not going to be #2 overall next year. If the GM loves Fields or wilson he should draft them at #2, if they can get watson at an acceptably price they should make that deal. If they do not love fields or wilson and if the price for watson is too high you do not 'get s Qb' just because we have a need.
  6. FA, the magic pill that rarely affects teams big time. The draft, all of our 2nd and 3rd and 4th round picks will make huge difference for this team, like they did last year. The Jets for the first time in ages are in a unique position to rapidly improve all areas of he team over a two year period. The shiny new toy appears and that all goes out the window.
  7. Watson won 4 games , why?....because he never had fun toys. And that is fine, as long as people look beyond the netherworld '1st rounders' and realize that these first rounders and especially the #2 overall pick have massive value and will parlay into a LOT of high end talent all over the roster. It is also amusing to see people who have been saying how awesome sauce our draft was last year are now downgrading real talent this year just because of watson.
  8. Darnold or a 2nd tier vet this year. Next year you have three 1st round picks to either pick Qb or trade up for one. I can ask who are going to be the weapons and defense for watson as a retort. Watson fashioned 4 wins last year. Watson is worth pursuing to a point and if the ask is cheap go for it. But we have a GM and a coach on long term deals. It's always nice to grab the shinest object in the box but you need more than a Qb to be successful in this league
  9. And if the jets give up the haul people are talking about we have much less cap room and far fewer picks.
  10. We have all of that and 3 first round picks next year to find a QB. A franchise Qb for houston having a good passing stats year got 4 wins last year 4 of the top 8 passers in the league last year did not make the playoffs. If that potential price is acceptable to you then by all means make the trade but you have to look at it as potential players, not just 'a few first round picks'
  11. look at my post two above yours to see what we might be trading for him. And those are just the type of players available, you can replace devonta smith with pitts etc. We can get watson or we can totally remake the team and have like 3 first rounders next year to chase a QB. Watson, mahommes, herbert, all sorts of guys are there in which you do not have to mortgage the resources to get.
  12. All true but there is always a cost analysis and you need to measure the cost not just in nebulous '1st rounders' but in actual potential players you could get with the assets we will have to give up. I just did a mock where I traded down twice from #2 overall Lets assume we give up both 1sts this year and our 1st next year for watson. The results end up like this: Devonta Smith - WR Jaycee Horn - CB Travis Etienne - RB Jalen Mayfield - OT Joe Tryon - Edge 2022 1st rounder (our own) 2022 1st rounder (we got for trading down) for Deshaun Watson
  13. We were a desired spot due to massive draft resources and tons of cap room. We trade for watson and both of those are massively diminished. You can say , hey we now have a franchise QB, well in that case everyone and their dog should have been flocking to houston.

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