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  1. Well obviously they will always be bad like the pats were once bad, like dallas was once bad, like the 49ers were once bad, etc etc etc.
  2. Wut? They have drafted bad therefore its bad to have draft resources. Makes a sh*t ton of sense son. Well in that case the jets don't need any picks because mac has whiffed on quite a few.
  3. I am saying they are in a better spot than we are in. Manning is close to being done. He simply has shown no more than the guy we are playing now. They won't have to trade up, we will they will have a pick this year and picks next year to address the oline, we won't They have their #1 wr, they have a budding TEs star.
  4. Eh? The Giants where they are now are in a position to draft one of the top 2 without trading up, the jets have to trade up and cough up some significant draft picks. Thus they are better positioned to get the qb and address oline over the next two years.
  5. Why not take the gamble with a QB with huge upside in Lamar Hackenburg In reality though I'm not a huge Lamar fan I also think he is good enough to gamble on as you say, far better than some others. I would not be crushed if the jets took him.
  6. The giants can draft one of the top qbs this year and have resources left to build their line, theirs is as bad or worse than ours but at least they will have resources to fix it. If we trade up you can forget about our 1st this and next year and our 2 2nds this year.
  7. That's why it is going to be so fun to enjoy our 4 or 5 meaningless wins this year so that we have to trade a garage full of draft resources to get rosen or darnold and stick them behind this oline with these rbs and this crop of wrs. Total Malfeasance by mac in not building the oline in years prior to getting a franchise qb that he knew we had to go for but then again he was a part of the Houston crew that wrecked david carr
  8. We re going to draft Eric Dungey?
  9. In the words of Bill Muny, "Deserve has got nothing to do with it."
  10. So we get to watch the Browns, Bills or Giants future QBs? ...... Cool!
  11. Bye Week Blues

    Ooooooo my motor home broke......Oooooooo my tv broke....... Suck it up buttercup!
  12. Alabama vs Mercer, Auburn vs Lou Monroe, Clemson vs The Citadel, Oklahoma vs Kansas, Ohio State vs Illinois OMG.
  13. No QB, you don't win with no QB Oline as in about 3 of them At least one CB REeigers are medicore RB's are old or injury plagued The D-line has massively under performed and could horrifyingly be a position of need next year if we deep six mowilk. Now, if you get a great great Qb he can make up for a lot of the other problems on a team. The biggest sin of this regime to me is ignoring the oline as far as young good players and the effect of that is going to be the David Carr syndrome next year when we draft a QB high.
  14. Holy crap, the love for DD here, he has been better this year but can easily go back the way he was and you guys want to give him 4 years?
  15. I 100% fully expect him to be extended. Unlike other people that do not like him I am a realist and feel he will be here for a good 2 to 3 years more. With much woe to the jets.