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  1. Well kraft has rejected the 'plea deal' so hopefully prosecutors go after him hard.
  2. Beerfish

    Robert Quinn

    My hometown football team is called the Edmonton Eskimos and has been called that for years and years. About once every two years now there is a row re the name with a select few people bleating about the name being disrespectful etc. and calling for name change.
  3. If you think that bosa or allen or williams are can't miss star players then you pick them. I don't think they are. They all have large question marks and this draft after #3 or 4 is very equal quite a ways down. I refuse to go into the draft saying 'we have to pick the top guy because our gm can't make outside the top 6.'
  4. That would be a super foolish trade.
  5. Only problem is that the more buttfumbles a post gets usually the better the post actually is.
  6. There is not even one Bama player the jets are not interested in? That is pretty bizarre. I don't think Williams was going to be working out but I would assume bama would have a few other prospects.
  7. I almost guarantee that if you were drafting the last 4 years from some internet mock site you would have better results than mac.
  8. We have a hole at pass rushing olb, we have a hole at oline, maybe two holes, we have a hole at WR, we have a hole at CB. We have a pick at #3 overall and then a LONG wait. Are bosa and Allen that good that you pass up the chance at filling multiple holes? If you are convinced that bosa/allen are khalil mack/Vonn Miller/Garrett..then go for it. I am not convinced these guys are that safe and that good. I won;t bitch if we take either one of them but I'd rather have a starting center, a semi decent olb and a chance at a quality wr. Edit: Oh and I refuse to plan my draft on the premise that our gm is so awful at 2nd and 3rd rounders that we should ignore them and go for the 'mac can't screw up top 3 pick'
  9. To say this would enrage me would be the under statement of the century. I would personally go to florham park and kick mccagnan in the nuts.
  10. I hope you are right, especially about Williams going #2. We would be in a better sport to trade down with all QBs still there, or we take Allen a true pass rusher.
  11. They have already been outfitted by Patriots perfect season tshirts.
  12. Good? Dude please. Can't vote after that. Crappy to decent might be a better metric. As for the players listed. Bosa, Allen. That is it.
  13. Wait until the 3rd pick but I would do everything in my power to trade down. I'd much rather have a mid round 1st pick, a 2nd and another 3rd for instance than #3 alone.
  14. I can't see any way seattle would do this.

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