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  1. Some are disappointed that the CEO cannot make the simplest most common sense move at the proper time. The guy with the ultimate power with this team knows nothing, is naive and is still here. Gase now gets a two year 100% free ride because this past off season was 'mccagnans'
  2. He wanted Jay cutler, cutler was his guy. He was brought in specifically to make tannehill a franchise Qb. That is his rep, his reason for being where he is to be a QB guru. This is the Rex effect here. Rex is a great coach! (As long as you provide him a team full of pro bowlers.)
  3. Gase might do well with our offense even though is miami offense sucked but as I said in another thread, this seems like Rex to Buffalo. We will find out very quickly though, by mid season next year we will all know if this was a really good hire or another uh-oh.
  4. Todd Bowles can be Belichick as well I am guessing?
  5. What's Dee Milliner up to these days anyway?
  6. Beerfish

    How wrong we all were

    Nonsense again. Go look at my comments and history with darnold. I was his biggest supporter for two years before he was drafted. I was elated when we got him and said that with that pick things have changed for the jets. It's not my fault the jets find a way to F*** up even the most basic things. I wanted Mac gone for years. Yay! He gets fired! But only after our dumb CEO lets him have a draft and Fa periods that sets us up for another few years. The jets do something good? I give them full happy credit. They screw up imo? I'll say it.
  7. Beerfish

    How wrong we all were

    No you are totally incorrect, 100% wrong. I actually feel bad that as one of the big doomsayers on this board i am right about the jets moves 90% of the time.
  8. Beerfish

    How wrong we all were

    I would prefer an off season where I am saying this time of the year. I am happy our owner knows what he is doing. I am happy our GM knows what he is doing and following a good plan. I am happy with out solid coaching staff.
  9. Beerfish


    lol that tweet had better be a joke.
  10. LOSING IS UNACCEPTABLE! (New head coach and now Lord of Florham park is 23-25)
  11. Well Manish is correct even if h e is a moron. Gase is making a lot of moves for a team that is searching for a GM.
  12. Beerfish

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    Woody is probably interviewing him as we speak.
  13. Beerfish

    Updated Mike Maccagnan Draft History

    The bright side is the Jets have stocked the CFL quite well the last few years.
  14. Beerfish

    Updated Mike Maccagnan Draft History

    Very much upset, if he would have been fired when he should have been at minimum when bowles was let go we would not have to be dealing with this years picks and his fa moves. "We're going to fire you but 1st we will let you wreck the team a bit more."

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