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  1. You do not draft guys that high to ;clog the kanes'
  2. They said the exact same thing about Leo Williams. As I said about Quinnen, considering this teams needs and other players out there. This guy had better be more than just good. Just have to pray that Gregg Williams can actually make use of these various players that play the same position. Bowles sure couldn't.
  3. If ya gots yer own tiger ya can say anything ya want dawg.
  4. This F'cker better be real good and the real deal that is all i can say.
  5. No that is old school and not the way the nfl is these days for the most part. The pats have owned this league for years with a pass to set up run offense. The jets have stuffed the run well for a lot of years, that has not helped a leaky pass defense because we get a poor rush, not a lot of sacks and expose our DBs to long pass coverage windows.
  6. No the op is wrong. Who are you todd bowles? You help your CBs and Safeties by rushing the passer in a passing league. This team has stopped the run for years and still had many poor defenses. Know when teams pile up a lot of rushing years against you? When they are up by 10-14 after passing to a lead.
  7. Sure he is making good money (paltry for a pro athlete) after spectacularly failing. If your claim to fame as a high end pro athlete is to laugh at fans for being a fail and still making some cash then have at it.
  8. In the CFL they have 30 player negotiation lists per team, essentially you can put American players on these lists and you have exclusive rights to them. At the start of the season my home town team the Edmonton Eskimos put Hackenburg on their neg list.
  9. He will be playing baseball within 4 years.
  10. Too bad it had to come to this guy firing mac instead of the owner who should have done it at the same time as Bowles.

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