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  1. I read two genres of literature. Science Fiction (Scalzi, Niven, Vinge etc) 19th century literature (Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Dostoevsky, Eliot, Thomas Hardy)
  2. Currently watching 'A Christmas Story' on tv once again. One of my fav movies a virtual masterpiece.
  3. Rare meat is gross as is medium and medium rare. Come at me bros!
  4. Our prize coach that gets the best out of players, gee Tannehill and Parker are suddenly good? Who woulda thunk it? "DeVante Parker is sticking around in Miami well beyond the new year. The Dolphins signed Parker to a four-year contract extension that runs through 2023, the team announced Friday. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported the extension is worth $40 million over four years, including $21.5 million in guarantees and an $8 million signing bonus. Perhaps all the receiver needed was a new coach. A little more than a year after Parker's agent publicly ripped former Dolphins coach Adam Gase and the Dolphins reportedly shopped Parker amid his worst professional season, the wideout has blossomed. Parker is in the midst of his best campaign, catching 55 passes for 882 yards and six touchdowns. The latter two totals are the best in a season in Parker's career. Gase, now head coach of the New York Jets, responded to questions about Parker recently. "I'm happy he's been able to stay healthy and it's working out well for him," Gase said, per The Miami Herald. "That's the player everyone was expecting when he was drafted." Health has been an issue for Parker since the Dolphins selected him out of Louisville in 2015. He's appeared in 66 of 77 possible games in his career, but has been hampered by injuries he's attempted to play through, too. He was a healthy scratch at least once under Gase last season, though, and has since managed to appear in every game in 2019. Parker went from essentially being benched in 2018 to a key piece in Miami's long-term future. The former first-round pick ranks 15th in Dolphins history in career receiving yards, which is surprising, considering he was generally viewed as a disappointment before this season. Again, though, maybe all he needed was a new leader. No matter who Miami turns to at quarterback in 2020 and beyond, that person will benefit from having the 6-foot-3 Parker in his assortment of targets."
  5. Would adam gase create an offense built around lamar jackson. Good coaches can make poor talent better. Bad coaches can make good talent worse. Meh coaches are totally reliant on their talent. If we follow your line then it 100% totally does not matter who the coach is. Todd Bowles, Richie Kotie were acceptable because they just did not have enough talent. I want a good coach because imo you need a good coach to win it all. You know who were good coaches? Guys like gailey, morton and bates who had the same awful talent and their offenses looked better than what we have. Gase has a year in chicago as oc, 3 year as hc in miami and his time here so far, he has shown nothing to suggest he is worth waiting for. In any case as I have said before no worries for the Gase supporters because the GM and owner like him and he is going no where for at least two more years after this one.
  6. Has Adam Gase shown you that he is a good head coach. Put aside the talent, look at things out side of talent. Play design, play calling, development of QB. Now go back and look at his previous resume (which the jets seem to have ignored). You can in fact have bad talent and a bad coach and you need to correct both as soon as you can because a bad coach can make your talent look worse than it is and a good coach can make your talent look better.
  7. Put Lamar, or josh allen or Baker on this team and they'd get their asses kicked. not just becasue of the awful team talent but because of the coach. No chance Adam Gase totally changes his offense to suit the skills of Lamar Jackson.
  8. Can a good play 100% totally negate an awful awful awful play? It seems for some position groups yes and for others no.
  9. I like Darnold alot. I still think he is 'the' QB for us if Gase and the oline does not ruin him. No he is nothing like Favre. Favre could throw through his mistakes. Favres arm let him take risks and get away with it many times. though Danrold has a pretty good arm it is not in the class of favre
  10. Put Gase in charge of the Baltimore Ravens. He would make Lamar Jackson a pocket passer. Gase has not shown even one inkling that he will be a good coach let alone an acceptable one. He showed nothing in Miami, he has showed nothing here. By all means waste another two years waiting to see if the guy you hired because he was so damn good is actually good. You hire an experience NFL head coach for a reason, so you hit the ground running. This is not some new rookie guy who you let learn.
  11. I don;t blame Gase at all for the state of the roster, I just think his past record and his record her so far clearly indicates he is a bad head coach. The reason he was brought here and to Miami before that was to take the QBs to a next level. In both cases they got worse. It's bad when you make a terrible mistake choosing a head coach. It is worse to hang on to that mistake. Have no fear he will be here for at least two more years but they will be like Rex's and Bowles last two years. A total waste of time.
  12. Gases vision worked so damn good in Miami. If his vision is to have a bottom 5 ranked offense (which he has had pretty well every single year he has been a HC) then that's a good vision.

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