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  1. I actually had hope for Charon peake, i never had a hope for smith
  2. If only smith had the boisterous confidence of jamal adams.
  3. 2 - devin smith 3 - lorenso mauldin 4 -Bryce petty 5 - jarvis harrision 7 - Deon Simon Thanks MacIdzik!
  4. It was time to draft olineman BEFORE getting the franchise Qb and the tool has had 4 years to do so. The cavalry is not coming via free agency. The guys that become available are almost always with big question marks and the very rare good oliemman that shakes loose is courted by every team in the league. I'd say that Mac my abe realizing the need for oline at about the same time as the op.
  5. The only player on the jets offense that the other team has to game plan for or be the least bit worried is Anderson running a 9 route. That is it. Galeys 1st year here and morton last year were miracle workers that got it in the neck for talking old mediocre QBs and low talent offense and doing something with it. People need to focus on the part of the team in which we put all of our resources and coaching, the defense, which sucks. The defense should be winning games for this team but all we hear are the mournful bleating of the excuse makers blaming the offense for making the defense all tired and stuff as the other teams offense goes on a 12 play, 100 yard, 7 minute drive.
  6. Yeah blame shotty for letting tebow steamroll down the field vs pettine and rexs precious defense. As usual our stacked defense with our d gurus came up short when the game was on the line.
  7. Beerfish

    Moderator Page - need bio help

    I was born in the back of grey hound bus on highway forty one. My father gambled me away to a jets fan poker player and i was thus forced to follow in his brainwashed footsteps from a young age. I shot my pa when he tried to out fit me in a gholston jersey. I am serving 25 to life.
  8. Don't sell Lee short and quit picking on his small errors. He has a few tiny issues as a player and only those with diminutive viewpoints would take him to task.
  9. Beerfish

    What would surprise you more?

    I can see why the Jets would want Devin Smith and Lorenzo mauldin over David Johnson and Danielle Hunter.
  10. Beerfish

    What would surprise you more?

    At least the hobbits did one thing right, well that and the thing where you give the presents if it is your birthday instead of receive them.