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  1. I think that is what Tannenbaum said after he traded down and then watched philly take Chris Gocong.
  2. Good post, All I can say though is we better not use a top 4 player pick on a LB or I'll be VERY upset. (As in the earliest I would consider picking a LB would be our 2nd 3rd rounder, even then I would not be too happy about it.)
  3. As KC and Mahommes showed in the super bowl, you are not getting the ball to the TD scorers unless you can protect your QB, something the jets have not done for 10 years. I want td scorers over defense, but oline over td scorers.
  4. Maurice jones drew would also have been a bad WR pick at #23 overall. What kind of a route tree is this guy going to run? Weapon? Oh sure, he will be but can he do it all in the NFL? I doubt it. It's funny that you 100% hate Kadarius Toney and call him a gadget player and yet you love this guy.
  5. Oh Gee, ,look who stunk from that draft. ......
  6. These threads must be keep equal post count wise or it will be like crossing the streams! The true definition is 'anything mike mccaganan never drafts'
  7. Thanks and sorry about that, i have been going off my sheet, i need to do an update from the official one.
  8. There are a lot of hires and non firings that you know are simply a waste of time. Rex's last two years, a waste of time Bowles after about year two, waste of time. Gase, the day before he was hired, waste of time.
  9. With the 81st pick in the draft the Miami Dolphins select: Milton Williams - Dline - Louisiana Tech @choon328 is otc @HawkeyeJet is on deck I believe.
  10. Excellent trade up and pick by KC, he was #1 on my list for my upcoming pick.
  11. They have done their homework needs wise imo I'd like that draft and would sign up for it right now.
  12. Jermar Jefferson - Oregon State
  13. Typical bullsh*t reasons for taking defense early in this draft. We have drafted defense for 10 years straight We have a defensive coach We spent more money on defense than offense in FA Yeah lets go get that shiny pass rusher that got 4 sacks last year because he tested good. Oline group is deep so we can get them later like Winters Edoga, Shell, Clark Fck that.
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