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  1. Rosen.....Concussions

    Mayfield has spunk!
  2. Teams that are not utter morons that have been playing 100 year old QBs and KNOW they need to draft a young franchise guy actually go about getting weapons and building the oline before hand. Teams that are utter morons draft Defense.
  3. Even cimini has bought into this tripe. The fall will be hard and fast so Mayfiled supporters you better start writing up the excuses, no weaponzzzzz. bad online, bad coaching
  4. This is a thing of beauty of true, things couldn't go this well for the Jets. I still say Darnold goes #1 and all this other stuff is smoke.
  5. From that image it is obvious that the only reason rosen is wearing earphones in that image is because his ears are bigger than Andrew Sciiciliano. Big ears cancel out hand size.
  6. PFF Scouting Reports: Quarterbacks.

    I wish to god I could get definitions of NFL type throws becasue UCLA and USC games looked like nfl style offenses playing style nfl defense. The Oklahoma games looked nothing like nfl games to me. Mayfield might be good, I personally do not think he will be but he might be but its way tougher to evaluate him than the other top end guys. Oklhaoma games looked like flag foot ball games.
  7. PFF Scouting Reports: Quarterbacks.

    Boy the rude awakening to hit people on this board in time is going to be something to behold.
  8. Mayocks top 100 player list: Darnold - 7 Allen - 9 Rosen - 21 Mayfield - 22 Jackson - 23
  9. Except that I'm right way more than wrong re the jets historically. So I am all comfy with my thoughts on the matter. Looking at the posts re QBs on here i dare say a vast majority of the forum also thinks there are two QBs way better than the rest. It's just different QBs.
  10. Well the gap between the top two QBs and 3 and 4 is monumental imo so yes he can screw it up, he probably already has screwed it up badly but maybe he will get lucky and the browns or giants will get stupid and no pick a Qb.
  11. BPA siting at #6? Fine be my guest, treading three 2nd rounders to move up and then saying 'oh our qb is gone' is pure lunacy. Also Barkley is being vastly overrated by almost everyone.
  12. Maccagnan would be fired on the spot escorted out of the building by jets security immediately after the pick if he took a non QB or traded down unless he got multiple 1st rounders to do so.
  13. Trading three 2nd round picks to get a RB would be the height of idiocy.
  14. It would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the front office has zero clue what they are doing.