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  1. Beerfish

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    You actually build effective rosters after round one, round ones are easy peasy picks most of the time. He has utterly failed in this regard. Worse yet his plan for building is just terrible. After 4 years as stated we have a few effective starers and just a ton of holes or positions we can upgrade. The talent level where it counts on this team is dismal after four full years.
  2. Beerfish


    This is true and clearly shows why the scribes know nothing and chris is a newby easily swayed by talk of a plan. If one actually looks at what a good gm is supposed to do he does not check of many boxes. If one actually looks at what a bad gm does he checks off many boxes. In the end GMs are judged and should be judged on the talent they draft and or sign. His drafts have been bad but worse than that his team building plan has been awful.
  3. He is projecting a run of good years for the team he signs with, I am projecting he does not get injured. The fact is he is making ZERO dollars this year. Are you thinking a team will give him a fully guaranteed contract against injury?
  4. Beerfish

    Kearse is horrible

    It is almost amazing to me how few players we have that I would actually hate to lose. Even guys many really like and want to retain I am meh about (Enunwa for what he may want). I want to retain him but I do not want o over pay or over term him.
  5. Beerfish

    mock offseason

    I do not like Savage at all, he is hack before hack became hack. I like the emphasis on the oline.
  6. The coach has to scheme it this way because if he had to act as a true all around safety he gets torched. I'll make a little prediction if this team makes a change on defense and have a more traditional scheme his level of play will drop badly when he us asked to do what many safeties are asked to do. Run stopping safeties in a league all about passing. With him playing 'all world' as many on here are stating the defense is awful.
  7. Have you actually watched him the last few years in he very very rare times he is asked to cover anyone? He has one garbage time int in two years.
  8. I'd be happier seeing the dline and lbs stopping the run and rushing the passer and the safeties and cbs covering. This defense sucks awfully with him and each time he runs right up to the edge of the dline (about half the time) the other team has an immediate key as to exactly what we are doing.
  9. Beerfish

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    Well you should need ZERO tape on matt barkley, ZERO to kick his ass.
  10. He is the one that never shuts up, as in never. And no he does not play the game, he stops the run, that is it. Shut up, create some turnovers and actually be able to cover at all and I'll declare him and all pro like many of you do.
  11. He isn't though, is not the best player on the team. How can anyone totally ignore his deficiencies like many of you do is beyond me. He is a great run stuffer and a decent blitzer if the team makes their defense be about those skills. He is not a good cover safety at all, he does not generate turnovers. He is in fact a liability unless the D schemes him to be a yard from the los on most plays.
  12. Shows how awful this team is when a box safety that talks a big game is your best player.
  13. The jets would rather have avery Williamson drop into coverage than jamal adams
  14. So now in any of his future deals you have to factor in the 14.5 million he lost by sitting out. If he plays 7 more years which is very optimistic for a RB you have to deduct 2 million a year from whatever he earns. He will never get that money back and if anything the fact that Connor steps in and they do not miss a beat should hurt his value.

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