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  1. In life, I was your partner, Jacob Marley, you will be visited by three spirits. Without their help you can not hope to avoid the fate that awaits you and that has tormented me without remorse for years. Expect the first one when the bell tolls one.
  2. Even though I think Metcalf is too risky.... Could you imagine? Jamal Adams for AVT and Metcalf ha ha ho ho he he.
  3. What are you talking about? I have no idea how the comment you just made relates to my comment.
  4. Nope, nope and nope Cooper is very inconsistent. Ridley I'm afraid is too much of a chance to take, fair or not once you step away once it is easier the 2nd time. Metcalfe, massive talent, just what the jets could use, except....he is on his way to Antonio Brownville. Just why would Seattle be shopping him, why? big fast strong, big play guy. No team is going to trade a guy like him unless they have a good reason. No one wants anything to do with obj and yet are lining up for these guys?
  5. I love baldys breakdowns but they are overly optimistic. Trevon westco should be a pro bowler by now and Becton should be getting fitted for a canton jacket.
  6. With Qbs going just before and just after our pick I'd be doing every thing in my power to trade down from #10.
  7. I'd be happy with the 1st pick would totally hate the 2nd pick.
  8. I am not sure about rampant rigging but the game is 100% totally manged from an officiating point of view. They have followed the lead of hockey and the game is managed by the refs essentially from the top of the league,
  9. Actually i am not at a a revis hater. But the 'sound bite' was just too tempting.
  10. Mevis is already holding out for a better contract.
  11. The 'Lose to the Jets bowl' Tennessee and Cincy
  12. We for sure need another back. #1 backs get hurt so you can't say oh we have carter we are good. Tevin Coleman is a jag. Ty Johnson has been up and down. Look at how well aj dillion is helping the packers as a compliment to jones.
  13. Yes as i've been saying this is a puke draft and of course the jets have two top ten picks with little chance to trade down.
  14. Draft good players for one coach and scheme, coach gets fired after 2-3 years. Now you have to get rid of all of those good players and bring in new good players for the new coach and scheme. The Jets have been facing this problem for the last 15 years.
  15. Ojabo had what 11 sacks and played like 1 game the year before? Ojabo getting 11 sacks is as much of a factor of having hutchinson on the other side as the other way around. Ojabo is a one year wonder.
  16. But we did not have a different blocking scheme, they talked about us having a zone scheme under gase. Also it further proves my point. Draft good players and fing make a scheme to fit good players. You fire a coach and you have to totally redo your roster? Bullox. Oline is the worst for this.
  17. Hackenburg was also excellent two years before his draft year.
  18. I just love this about the NFL and the jets. "excellent prospect, big and powerful guy who is also very versatile. Can play OT or OG." But no good for us due to scheme. If this is the case why did we draft Becton.
  19. About what I figured from most of the top of this draft. Ojabo will be a tragic pick at #4 imo, I am not sold on Olave but the too thin nonsense is just that utter nonsense. Devonta Smith is like a twig.
  20. They will pay them if the players end up being legit all pros. Also they did pay Marcus Maye, when you are franchised and you are not a great player you are' getting paid.'
  21. Started to force things his last year in college as he was the one that had to do it all. Disgraceful plan and development by the jets. No oline, no rbs, no receivers, just utter dog talent. Then add a horrible coach and scheme in gase and the disaster was set. His confidence was shot and he is done. A story of many a QB in this league, most often it is partly their own fault for just not being as good as advertised but almost always it is helped along by terrible talent around him and an awful plan.
  22. I though fant was a terrible dud when we signed him. He has been much better. There is no way we can trade him with the big fat question mark that is Becton.
  23. No, I totally blame the player. You have one thing you need to do, not let the guy get behind you because we are blitzing. If you are slow you back up even more. Williams took way too much heat on that play way way too much.
  24. The only thing I remember about jackson is him getting burnt on the play that got Gregg Williams fired. No real loss.
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