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  1. much better than i expected i'll give him his due. It will be a legit decision what to do once becton gets back.
  2. Tennessee wins over Buffalo Thus Tannehill is better than Allen Thus Gase coached up Tannehill Thus Gase is a genius Thus He should still be our coach.
  3. Stupid FING slant blocking on that play? Jezuz i hate that shi* The play totally failed due to the dlineman slicing through the slant on a one yard play
  4. funny, the ball goes out of bounds 2 yards further and it is a touch back and game over.
  5. RB is so bizarre though some guys underrated others overrated. McCaffery can't stay healthy , Barkely same thing, It is so tough to know who is going to be the guy or not. Etinne picked early and out.
  6. Brutal that is going to be called back with a block on the kicker. Guess it was not on the kicker afterall.
  7. I wish our receivers would be as physical as diggs, diggs is a not a big guy but he abuses the guy covering him on most plays.
  8. lol, that was perhaps the worst pass i have seen by the buffalo te. that should give me the FF win with a td by allen.
  9. Any team that does not go deep at least once a quarter are fools. PI is so prevalent.
  10. What piss poor zone play by the titans, just let beasley run down 7 yards and get the 1st down
  11. Poor Micah Hyde having to tackle henry alone in the open field.
  12. Jordan Poyer 17 ints in his career to jamals 2. Poyer is indeed a play making safety.
  13. Flag, flag, flag, flag, flag......stars of the nfl? the refs
  14. 3rd and 6 and they take henry out on 3rd down, i would not do that.
  15. Should be a good game. I have to hope Josh Allen and the Buffalo kicker lights it up. (My FF week is riding on them.) I'm down by 18 points and the other guy has buffalo defense so a nice high scoring game would be nice.)
  16. The thing is he really is not even a LB. If he was converted to lb with the resposibilites of a lb he would get crushed even worse.
  17. Good post by jetblue and i agree totally. that draft had a lot of wr talent and douglas for sure should have double dipped at wr. And 'I told you so' is 100% valid if during that draft this was your opinion which it was for many. DPJ was picked in the 6th round, now look at our sorry ass 4th round of the same draft. You 'get good' by hitting on picks as a gm, not missing.
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