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  1. I agree we cannot get stuck in the tweener symdrome here. We have already squandered a pick or two.
  2. I thought Simian was the new kurt warner, then i thought Falk was the new kurt warner, now i am convinced that David Fales is the new kurt warner.
  3. Unfortunately, unlike the Dolphins, we can't play the Jets twice a year.
  4. zone blocking is okay for the run game, awful for the passing game imo. Too many times when na player just comes 100% free unblocked because of the confusion that op talks about.
  5. You are going to need something stronger than alcohol son.
  6. The trailers for the Joker look good but I can't get it out of my head that the Joker is actually Tom Shane. Thanks Idzik!
  7. The edge rushers we who have drafted instead of him?
  8. It wasn't over looked some has already said our kicking problems are 'solved'
  9. Marcus maye should be 150th for his effort on the 85 yard td to beckham. I do not know how these grades work but some plays should have a much higher value in a game.
  10. For the Jamal Lovers, Please show me one fing play or one fing game he did something to tangible help us win a game. Want to know why people are hard on him? He runs his yap constantly from game one and has never achieved enough to have the cred to do so. Don;t worry though the whole league has bought into his self promotion. If he keeps playing like he did last game he will find himself on the bench more than he likes.
  11. The op has a point. Throughout my life I have seen and been totally bewildered by a large number of female and male friends and acquaintances that went out with 100% douche bag assholes or total bitches. Smart people with lots going for them and yet they stayed with mind numbing idiots. And I am a Jets fan,
  12. Well he should have been playing a lot more in pre season. If you are off and miss part of camp you are not going to be ready to go normally. I'll give Gase and Williams credit to the fact that they seem to be playing guys they feel are the best and be damned with the optics.
  13. So far no. It's very early but he has not done well in covering the weakness on team which you have to do just as much as promoting the good parts of the offense.
  14. There are a lot of underrated and a lot of overrated football people in this league. Like with players those more out front will be berated or lauded more. Dallas once again shows that it all starts with the oline.
  15. Well also if you have one great team changing draft that can cover for numbers. The Saints 2017 draft was as good as it gets. I keep waiting for the Jets to have that one team change draft. The last one they had I would say would be 2006. DBrick Mangold Brad Smith Leon Washington Eric Smith This team desperately needs a D'Brick, Mangold type of draft.
  16. Well at least this guy has the courtesy to know our shtick with the pig.
  17. You would think he would be the jets latest kicker

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