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  1. Kimchee, sausages and beans All gas no brakes
  2. After a red hot start they faded last year. They had virtually a nothing draft. All the other teams in their division improved. Wilson is at least partly disgruntled. Wilson has avoided injury despite holding the ball all day long to make plays. He gets hurt and they are in massive trouble.
  3. By far the most overrated player in the league. If you asked Seattle before the draft if they would do a take back they would in a second. Think we are happy now? Just wait till we get a top 10 to top 5 pick next year when the Hawks crater this year.
  4. He puts the ball where it needs to be on time and on target. t doesn't matter how open guys are if the Qb cannot hit them and hit them in stride.
  5. Panthers had a very nice draft, decent FA and already have some weapons and a good o coordinator. Everyone will know by game 8 of next year of Darnold is the bum most people on here think or not. I think he will surprise and do well.
  6. To get a true good score more than one of these later round guys must end up being players. From his 1st draft Douglas was meh mid rounds unless some of these guys really do well this year. We picked a LOT of scheme specific guys not universally rated high late rounds so they need to pan. The top 4 picks were gold however.
  7. He 1st wore it up here in Edmonton in the CFL
  8. He'll be starting by week 6 and do very well.
  9. Pay back for John Franklin Myers. Those bastards.
  10. Blasts people and complains about people talking about jersey #'s, in the very next post talks about jerseys and how they look.
  11. It's hard to come back from one full year lay off, two full years is much tougher.
  12. This is like saying 'Would you like a Ferrari?" before looking at the price tag.
  13. Rodgers gets picked while Green Bay has hof Brett Favre at QB. Rodgers career is what it is because he could sit for a few years and walk on to an established talented team. Rodgers pouts over GB drafting a QB while he is still here. Perception that Rodgers whines about team not going after talent for him. Packers have Davante Adams a top 3-5 wr in the game. Robert Tonyan who caught like 10 tds year, Aaaron Jones an excellent RB. Had Corey linsley a pro bowl center, has David Baktiari a multi pro bowl and all pro LT Rodgers signs a huge fat top of the league QB contr
  14. How is this different than any other QB from this draft? All of these guys played on good or stacked teams playing versus lesser teams. All of them are going to lesser teams that the dominant ones they played on before. The young qbs coming from this draft will succeed if their olines are stout and they have weapons and good coaching. They will fall on their asses if that is not the case. The best Qb in this league just came off a game in which he was destroyed due to pass rush.
  15. 179 as a slot cb? And people are worried about devonta smith and his 166. Fellow seems to have a good attitude. Camp can't come quick enough.
  16. I can't recall Saleh or Douglas saying one word about him at all. Wasn't brought here by this regime and opposing views on here about the player and his actions last year. Is he our middle linebacker this year? The majority on here seem to feel if the jets got an offer they would quickly trade him.
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