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  1. He needs to ask permission from our GM, Aaron Rodgers. If Lazard or Beckham or Cobb want 17 he has to give it up and get to the back of the line.
  2. Mims demanded a trade, before moore did, whey is he not a bad guy that needs to be purged?
  3. Using a cap charge for two years that a guy is playing is one thing having a possible large cap hit the two years after he is gone just when guys like garret Wilson, Breece Hall, Sauce Gardner etc will be looking for deals is a possible problem. If things happen to go bad in year one t might be one year of qbing and three years of cap costs.
  4. Everyone totally hated the idea of getting this guy a few years back before he was less out there and not injured. I was in favor of going after him then. Now everyone and their dog wants him because Rodgers wants him. Just wait till we turn Randall Cobb into a terrific vet leader that gives us terrific depth.
  5. NY Jets to every old and broken down WR in the league. "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"[
  6. High 2nd round pick that the front office declared was an utter steal and a 3rd rounder for 2nd rounder. Was he whiny last year yes, but I sure as hell do not think Hardman and Cobb and are upgrade over this guys potential. Oh well, out with the old in with the new old
  7. For the 1st time in ages or maybe ever in the Douglas era, he got totally and utterly fleeced.
  8. The time to act like New Yorkers has passed. If the Jets had acted like New Yorkers at the start of the process we would not be in this pickle. Also all this talk of 'oh it's fine for the deal to get done as long as it is just before camp, Aaron knows the play book he can just show up and we are good to go!' Is totally faulty thinking. One of the big reasons listed for Green Bays bad start to the season last year was Rodgers not being familiar with his new receivers. With the amount of money, time and resources invested him him he needs to be here for all off season workouts and if he skips voluntary workouts it will say a lot about his true commitment to winning.
  9. Here is a good opening line for the story of Max. In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort
  10. I don;t believe for a minute his undying love of the ny jets is the reason he 'chose' the jets. We are the only team who showed interest, we talked to him and said we are getting you and lazard and moving forward. Rodgers is not the type to just spout something like that and look silly if there is no trade.
  11. This is correct, Rodgers does not make the big declaration on the mcafee show unless he knows that jets have promised to get him. If Jet fans think a huge victory here is to let the packers get screwed by dropping out of Rodgers that is the ultimate in cutting off your nose to spite your face. The only other 100% long shot the jets have is to suddenly go after lamar jackson. Other than that the jets are screwed, virtually any QB with a pulse is gone. There is no world where the Jets can trot out Zac Wilson as starter next year, and the packers know it. Early in the process the packers had no leverage at all and the jets had a ton when there were viable alternatives. In the end the deal will get done both sides have too much to lose. The Packers will get less than they hoped and the Jets will give up more than they hoped.
  12. I'll take an olineman even a guard or center or WR who will be playing 100% of the snaps over a DT playing 48.7% of the snaps.
  13. I'd be okay with Jones. If there is one position to overbuild it is the oline. I'd also be okay trading down and then taking one of the centers.
  14. Why did they throw a bunch of time and money in the trash by meeting Derrick Carr twice? To start the process the Jets had no idea if Rodgers was going to play or if the packers would even let them talk to him. This ended up being Rodgers or bust but sure as hell was not that way to start, nor should have it been that way. Anyone that thinks an acceptable alternative is to have zac wilson back as the starter with pretty well every single vet QB off the board is totally delusional. As I said, no worries a deal will get done both teams need each other far too much.
  15. This would be a monumental botch job and a major fail by he New York Jets to the tune of actually thinking of firing an otherwise good gm. The stated goal after last year was to come back this year with a good veteran QB to take us a full step into the playoffs and beyond. It has been botched to the extent that it is now only get Aaron Rodgers as he is the only choice, and people want to applaud them for telling the Packers to shove it? In the end a deal will get made because neither team has a choice at this point but make no mistake the Jets blew it as far as their stated goal was concerned.
  16. What is the medical exclusion? what was his injury?
  17. It is 100% accurate that the packers have to make the deal. I also think it is 100% accurate that the Jets have to make the deal. If the Jets had any reasonable alternative and I mean any at all then this thought of , oh the jets don't have to cave in they can just walk back with....????????????? might have some merit, but any reasonable alternative is long gone for the jets. This is the whole reason the packers are being a pain in the ass, if they had no leverage at all the deal would have been made by now, they do have leverage, the jets are desperate now. On all fronts it would be looked at as the ultimate firing offense to not upgrade QBing this year by a lot. Something will get done, before the draft I am sure as the packers can't push it further than that realistically. I also think the packers are enjoying putting Rodgers in limo for one. Yee Reap what yee sow.
  18. He would be a tremendous compliment if he played impact ball on a consistent basis. How do I know this? Fantasy Football. 😁 It's amazing how much more you pay attention to certain p;layers when they are on your Ff team. Singletary is another guy that gets drafted then people let him go because he does nothing but then he gets picked up and dropped a few more times through out the season. Pierce was quite a find for them that is for sure.
  19. I think we can get a fine back in the mid to late rounds to fill out the roster if needed. There would be no need at all if M. Carter and Knight had not faded last year.
  20. Singletary is maddeningly inconsistent. At times looks great at times not so good, much like a few of our present RBs. Texans have added a lot of FA
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