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  1. The Jets stink. 1st round picks are busts so no big deal. Trade them all for Watson Build around him with lower picks.......wtf? Getting watson as we are, is fine if we simply want to switch places. And FA is even less of a fix than the draft.
  2. Yes I have it, I have just over 400 players on the list but the draft order is not totally up to date as a few trades have happened and the comp picks have not been awarded to my knowledge. I was going to wait for the final draft order before putting it out there but I can get it to you now if you like.
  3. Guy has years of 111 and 97 catches, 9 tds last year and people are turning their noses up at schuster. (A young phsyical receiver) But Nooooo!!!! he actually did something to another teams logo! Meanwhile we are falling all over ourselves to trade the farm for a guy who just abandoned his team and the fans a few months after signing a huge money extension by the team that went out of their way to give him his money two years earlier than they needed.
  4. I quite like Jonnu Smith would like to get him.
  5. He demanded a trade BEFORE they has finished their coaching search. They are one of two teams to hire a minority candidate. He just signed a huge deal so rather than just be pissed at the team not following through he throws up the big middle finger to the fans and his team mates and the city.
  6. So having bruised feelings about a team not following you want is reason to stamp your foot and want out, this after committing to the team a few months earlier. F'ing man up and realize that in this world things change, moves above you in an org are made quick and deal with it. If this was a legit reason to leave then half of America and half of pro sports players would be walking out on their teams. His loyalty comment tweet looks idiotic right now.
  7. "Right before the 2020 NFL season got underway, Watson seemingly committed his future to Houston. Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans agreed to terms on a four-year, $156 million contract extension, with guaranteed salary at signing through 2022. Watson signed the deal entering the fourth year of his career. Therefore, he still had two years remaining on his rookie deal, including the fifth-year option. Counting the 2020 season, the contract extension meant Deshaun Watson was committed to the Texans for six seasons. Watson is under contract with the Texans until 2025 as it stands."
  8. No you don't if you are not sure about them. Yes eventually you need a really good QB for sustained success (though you don't need one for success to win it all).
  9. If the Jets have a guy they love at 2 they will pick him, nothing I say will change that. For me there are two guys there who have some very nice traits but also big enough questions to not go all in on. There are hot shot college guys every single year. And often more than one we do not have slotted as a #1 guy right now.
  10. I'll go back to the two teams in this past super bowl, both were mostly built before getting their QB. One with a great young star in Mahoomes and one added and old vet hof QB. Both teams were mostly built. I simply see us and Houston essentially trading places if we trade massive resources to get watson. Think as badly of Sam Darnold as you like he was put behind the 8 ball with a pure shi* team talent wise. A guy in Mark sanchez who was also not good walked into a built team and had success.
  11. Exactly, I agree this is why giving up MASSIVE draft capital to get a QB when your team stinks is a huge risk. Monumental risk and an all eggs in one basket kind of thing.
  12. You've kicked the can down the road and built a much better team that at this point is totally talent-less in many positions. You then look at the draft for your next QB or look to trade for a higher end vet (see the trend thus year of good vets being available) and you have draft pick ammo to make a move. Qb is the most important position on a team but its been proven time and again if you do not have one it is folly to force up value. The league is littered with tribiskys, mariotas, bortles, gabberts, lockers, winstons etc The Jets finally have lots of draft resources ove
  13. Gase's future: Tuskegee golden tigers
  14. No argument at all, if they love wilson or fields or whoever they should draft that guy now. For me those QBs have some very nice features but also some question marks and I do not want to make the classic mistake of over-drafting a Qb due to need.
  15. Darnold or a placeholder vet like a mariotta or bridgewater or winston or both. That is my number one preference.
  16. You simply do not have to commit to Darnold long term this year. Most people on here feel he is totally shot but you would know for sure next year if the gase factor is real or not. You can still trade darnold this year if you wish and still trade down. There are placeholder QBs out there, I'd rather have one of the top end Wr's than Pitts. People feel you MUST get Watson or you MUST draft a QB at #2. You do not have to do either and you can punt Darnold if you wish as well. Have a good draft, add draft assets for next year, build the team and then add the final pie
  17. That is what you do to keep a career going and improving the resume. Get away from gase and do some work in college.
  18. Exactly. Thus proof that you had better build a roster with assets and often it is better to build the roster 1st then add the QB. Tampa just won the super bowl doing this. Much of KC was built before mahommes got there. My beef with the super pro go get watson crowd is that the metrics change to suit their argument. Draft picks are over rated, lots of busts go get the QB! We have gobs of cap space! Well we trade for watson and all of a sudden "We are confident that joe can use all of our remaining picks to build a great team and after absorbing a big QB cap hit we can t
  19. The vote should 900-0 for watson. But you may as well add mahoomes and such to the list as well since we are not taking into account the cost to get the guy.
  20. If that is the deal, and you have quoted it twice now. Then the NY Jets should trade for Deshaun Watson.
  21. Worry about our team. If Watson goes there so be it. We build a good roster over the next few years and challenge buffalo and miami or we don't. Miami is also not going to go all in on watson.
  22. Wut? His team won 4 games and thus he is a 4 win QB. He proved that on a talent poor roster he could put up nice stats and lose. with the NY Jets he will put up nice stats and lose.
  23. Money and Term are 1 though 9 of the most importance, if things are totally tied then #10 is who is my QB. This is their big pay day they won't care who the QB is.
  24. He might move up from 4th string to 3rd string this year. He needs at least two more Hackenredshirt years.
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