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  1. I like the word 'cut' in the title of the thread but not so much the word 'pay'
  2. Jets vs Saints Week 15 Preview

    I don;t think they win but they could easily cover the spread.
  3. My projection: Cleveland 1-15 Indy 3-13 NYG 4-12 Chicago 4-12 Tampa Bay 4-12 SF 5-11 Denver 5-11 NY Jets 5-11 Cincy 6-10 Houston 7-9 Washington 7-9 Jets pick 8th
  4. Well one thing I will say is you cannot equate anything Bellichick or the Pats do as being the great noble thing to do. They have a HOF Qb to cover up any and all their moves and they can afford to dump players left right and center and look superior. One of the best QBs of all time has covered up just a legion of decisions that team has made lousy draft picks, guys in their prime dumped on the cheap.
  5. Chances are always good with the Jets that the guy you love and buy the jersey for you will hate with the power of 1000 suns within 3 years
  6. I won't disagree with this, but this very point for me kills the whole the players are playing hard for bowels nonsense.
  7. You confuse whining with a simple disagreement over the best way for the team to become a winner.
  8. It is both of their faults. Bowles did not do enough with a grown man and used the soft pedal approach, just like he did with Revis. He should have been sitting out for non performance and laziness aside from the meeting issues.
  9. Is 16 million in cash a substance?
  10. Well with him it all started with Rex Ryan,
  11. Day late, dollar short. The issues existed last year and for all we know the year before. Now that they have waived the white flag, he can look good by disciplining these guys when it is way too late, mo wilk was a goner half way through this year.
  12. As I've said many times the guys that have played hard for him have been: - rookies new to the league that need no motivation at all they are in essence still in college raw raw mode. - UDFA players with a chip on their shoulder, kearse and Anderson, players that have something to prove their whole career. - Guys with one foot out of the league, mccown, davis who was nearly tossed out of the league, kerley Then we have the guys that are the most important on your team, the established starter players that make a difference and have been paid huge coin. Really the only faction that a skillful coach has to get to to play hard and make you a winner and in this regard he has failed totally. As a matter of fact you could list the players by salary the last two years and the higher the Salary the worse the effort.
  13. Leave the hen house door open for two years. Watch as the foxes waltz in and eat all the chickens in a fat lazy manner. Put lock on hen house after all the hens are all gone and the foxes are 300 pounds. Get credit from fellow farmers to locking the hen house.
  14. No one is roasting Bowels at all for his epic fails and no one is roasting mac. The press is fine with writing some vague articles being critical but in the press conferences they just toss up soft balls.
  15. Well the issue that makes Mo an utter dog is that he played with zero effort most of the time, fine he got his pay day, but for 16 million you should at least show up for meetings and such on time. And remember just days ago Brainy Bowles said he still considered mo a leader. Our gutless press should just be roasting Bowles and the team.
  16. Yeah too late for that, this has been the worst case scenario year. pull off just enough wins to screw our draft standing and then go into full out i don;t care tank mode.
  17. He must have missed or been late again. What a lazy thief of a dog player
  18. I think it is the opposite he likes bowles a lot. Bowles let him get away with murder along with other players the previous two years. This also reflects badly on maccagnan
  19. Idiot did not lay the hammer down last year and is paying for it now. Can't wait for the legion of dummies to praise Bowles now for his discipline.
  20. Heading to Nawlins!

    Which one is you?
  21. Heading to Nawlins!

    I actually get coffee from there most days on my job since it is close. I buy tea biscuits or the odd muffin from there.