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  1. probably still better than the guy we picked #3 overall last year.
  2. Antonio Brown was a 6th rounder I believe. Also, the value of even one 7th rounder draft pick.... It puts you ahead of all the UDFA's signed, each year each team brings in 7 or 8 UDFA, sometimes more? That is a pool of 250/300 players you are at the front of the line for. It also allows you to take that specialty position you may be hesitant to pick higher (ie kicker) I used to get very bent out of shape with tanny letting rex waste picks.
  3. Any dumb rules the NFL will adopt, any good rules they will scoff and ignore
  4. Where else can you get away with asking a person if their mother is a prostitute in a job interview.
  5. To counter this, with robisnon getting busted the browns picking just in front of us will almost certainly be taking an OT.
  6. You also get a rare side by side by side comparison of a lot of players. As I said in another post previously. Deshaun WAtson supposedly had a weaker arm with 'poor velocity' on his throws. At the combine next to all the other QBs his throws were just as good and his accuracy was better. The combine and pro days are not useful? Two words Jachai Polite. Awful combine followed up by a terrible pro day and Mike McCganan is sprinting to the podium with the draft card in his hand.
  7. Just a total dumbass. Also bad for the jets. Browns pick just before us. (yay 7 wins!) And if there was any doubt before there is none now that they will pick an OT.
  8. OBJ gets a bad rap imo, He's a strange guy but not a bad dude. if he came cheap I'd love to get him.
  9. I would only be in favour of lamb or jeudy if all of the top 3 or 4 ots are off the board.
  10. If you look at the drafts of the past decade, fairly often the best wrs are being found in the 2nd or 3rd round. We need to use at least two picks on Wrs and at least one of them in our top 4 picks.
  11. F'ck no and I am a big fan of Diggs. No swapping 1sts or adding other picks. OFFENSIVE LINE The draft has a lot of good Wr prospects and though as I restate, I like diggs we cannot get rid of draft capital.
  12. Look at the NFL draft history over the last decade or so. http://www.nfl.com/draft/history/fulldraft?position=WR&type=position So many good WRs in the 2nd, 3rd and beyond round. And some really good 1st rounders but some real busts as well.
  13. Just a glut of vet QBs available this year. Will be lots of movement. And a lot of teams making big mistakes by taking on QBs they think will help but won't. (I'm not talking a bout Cam on this one necessarily, he might still do well on the right team.)
  14. Did you notice Neville Hewiit chasing down slot guys and TEs and WRs down the field this year? Do you watch the plays where Adams is on the line going forward as the play passes him by? Did you ignore the fact that he is asked to almost never cover anyone in man? He is asked to blitz because we have NO PASS RUSHERS. Every time your SS is up on the line you are exposing your defense elsewhere. CBs have no safety help. You are asking guys like Hewiit to have to cover guys they have no hope of covering. The hybrid guys? They don't last long. Deone Buchanan was the poster boy. Guys like Landon collins, their teams have regret over paying the guy too much too long.
  15. Agreed and I already predict the best WR in this draft will not be taken in round one when all is said and done.
  16. The 'after Burrow' QB dynamic will be restringing. I still think at least one and maybe both herbet and tua will be there at 11. In any case it is all good as if they both are gone by then we get our OT most likely and if they are on the board we do have a legit traded down possibility.
  17. No the fact that Leo is a mediocre player is his fault. He as a young player that showed promise was not helped by the jets and their awful awful awful coach. The all pro safety is an all pro because he talks constantly draws attention to himself and is put in the most favourable situation to suit his skillset, which also does not help the team win. No worries for the Adams fans he will be resigned to a huge deal long term, it is going to happen and the day we get a legit olb pass rusher jamals weaknesses will be exposed when he is asked to actually be a SS rather than a hybrid.
  18. Whether Robbie Anderson is here or not next year will be totally dependant on whether Adam Gase likes him as a player or not. The jets will be able to compete with most teams on his salary and I do not think other teams are going to love him so much they will go way over the top.

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