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  1. Ingellhoffer mustard is good especially their dill mustard and their hot pepper mustard.
  2. Nice pick 6 for jj watt, of course the guy misses the pat.
  3. Bill O'Brien sure totally f'cd a once promising Texans team.
  4. The structure is the problems, very very few owner have that ability and back ground to have this work. But one one guy did okay with it (jerry jones) everyone and their dog wants if that way. If the team has a franchise Qb and are good pretty well every year then the problems are not great, the moment the team falls off the backstabbing starts. All I know is that for the New York Jets this does not work at all because the owners and CEO have no feel for the tam or game and are easily sucked in.
  5. Wow you have missed a LOT of threads.
  6. Please describe this frying bit, do you mean deep fry in oil?
  7. Do you all brine your turkeys? I finally tried that about 2 years ago and became totally sold on it. It seemed to really make a difference in how juicy it was, even being very well cooked. (I like to make sure all fowl is really well cooked.)
  8. The jamal Adams syndrome for mann. He has made three very splashy great tackles to save tds this year.
  9. Should be no worriers of that Darnold is much worse than joe flacco. You should be rejoicing rather than worrying.
  10. Well according to many on here there are no worries about that has darnold sucks and is far worse than flacco. So in theory the tank should be in much better shape.
  11. Canadian thanksgiving is about the 2nd week of October. I used to celebrate it and then take the day off work and celebrate American thanksgiving and have another turkey and watch football all day. Then there is Christmas, I managed to pull of Turkey dinner feasts in October, November and December. I freaking love turkey.
  12. Leon Lett was a pretty good player overall but his two gaffs are so legendary.
  13. This is so totally inaccurate dude. Revis was an ass, he was also the best D player in football for about 2 years or so and was indeed a massive difference maker. Revis was not overrated at all in his 3 or 4 year prime.
  14. 6 ints will sink you, also was 54% comp rate and a Qb rating of 42.7.
  15. If you like a player injuries do not matter, if you do not like a player the guy is a dog for being injured all the time.
  16. Jax gave two starts to their late round QB pick and found out he sucks and now go to the vet. The jets refuse to play morgan or white and go to flacco right away. Thus this time next year we all will be hearing 'We don't know what we have with these guys!"
  17. He is a jag and he looks just like jamal adams right now because the coach is letting him run all over the place and run forward and choose his own gap plays. He runs forward, makes tackles, pressures the Qb the odd time. If he manages to get a sack our two in the next few games then he is jamal adams....minus the mouth and total phony behaviour.
  18. Douglas's did make errors for sure, no excusing it. Some of the oline he signed were not as good as he thought. He made a terrible mistake not drafting a 2nd wr He way overvalued our existing TE's His CB moves did indeed stink He has done a of of good stuff however and has had only one off season so far (thanks to that moron CJ) Most of the reason the jet are so awful right now is due to mccagnan and gase who surely will be fired. In the end he will be judged as all gms are judged by his drafts over the next two year. Fa solves nothing at all, cap space means dick all in this league unless you are signing your on guys.

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