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  1. 33-14 record (win pct of over .700) So yeah I think you can win with him.
  2. Like most jets, the very second the ink was dried on his extension he played much worse. For how 'awesome' all our dline was last year the results re run defense and pass rushing stunk. He has been our best dline at times but that whole group needs to be a heck of a lot better.
  3. I might get sunday ticket this year, Regardless of record I feel this year is not going to be the utter disaster I've expected for the last few years and will be worth watching.
  4. 10 as in IQ score or Wonderlicht score?
  5. Are they going to call him and his grandfather 'The Golden Arches?
  6. Knight to me has a good shot at knocking a guy like perine off the roster Smith has the huge advantage of special teams and will beat out Mims. Jets like Feeney for some reason he will be over Hardee, all these guys that we sign to be special teams aces disappoint.
  7. He has settled 20 of 24 suits brought against him. As a few of us stated long long long ago, he would make the problem go away with hush money settlements. Oh he will still get a suspension but with the hush money payouts after that it will be clear sailing for this perv.
  8. The Jets have had all pros at ALMOST getting to the QB for the last 10 years,
  9. No, not correct. Disco is as much a part of musical history as any new and popular genre. I don;t care for modern music, hip hop and such, it doesn;t mean there are not good artists. Also as I stated the BeeGees stayed as a relevant act and even though being Disco the songs, production and harmony were top notch. If you do not care for a musical style it is always a dark day in music history.
  10. That tweet encapsulates the last 15 years of my working career! Oh only if we had twitter back in the day.
  11. BeeGees, very underrated, good song writers, producers and vocalists, totally changed their style to keep up with the times which earned them many butt of jokes.
  12. What a group of morons. Every...single......shot.... "Twelve people are bellowing "GET IN THE HOLE!" Like it's a 609 yard par five and the twits are yelling get in the hole!, tap in put " get in the hole'! Then obligatory huge groan if a payer misses any put.
  13. Mayfiled should play for the browns have a good year and then maybe actually have some trade value.
  14. I agree, hey rookies buying a meal? Fine but the huge expense of fine dining is stupid. Order 40 buckets of kfc. There is your meal. Maybe even more stupid is the QB has to automatically buy his oline gifts each year. It was so laughable a few years back when Darnold was given grief for buying personalized BBQ stuff for his oline when they were the worst oline in the league that got him killed each game and could not even snap the football half the time.
  15. He's a good football player too. After lambasting Douglas for at least two years for doing nothing at TE he finally got us some viable players.
  16. Yeah he proved it last year by giving up about 40 points a game. LaFleur you could say is a bright young coach, Ulbrich was bad and had no answers when things went bad.
  17. They have to make massive renos to the Toronto stadium and add like 20,000 seats. Vancouver is nice though not without it's own problems, their stadium is fine. Edmonton has a really good stadium that would need no expansion and just the addition of a grass field. More importantly Edmonton has demonstrated they have the support and history for this, they hosted the womans world cup and several high profile matches, all well done and sell outs. Hey it is what it is but strictly from a 'deserving' point of view Edmonton deserved it. The Toronto stadium they have to add gobs of seats to just to get to like 45,000: Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, holds 62,000:
  18. Here in Edmonton we got the royal shaft. Toronto and Vancouver were chosen for Canadian venus, arseholes.
  19. I was thinking, isn't he awfully old to be making a comeback?
  20. I thought he was pretty terrible to begin with but he got better. was just getting used to his style and I was learning a lot more young hip words and expressions.
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