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  1. Geno was exactly Geno last year, no difference at all than when he was here and will always be.

    Has a very good nfl arm can make all the throws, has decent mobility, knows the playbook, has some good drives.

    Has utterly awful pocket awareness and presence, can never feel the rush coming.

    Always makes the worst bonehead plays at exactly the worst time of the game.

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  2. 3 hours ago, JiFapono said:

    You think the worst defense in the NFL should suddenly be way ahead of the offense?  I dont really understand this take.  Hopefully the rookies are studs but the investment on this team has clearly been on the offense, despite 2 first rounders on D this year.  Besides, they did address offense again, when hey took 2 in the top 35 w/ Hall only coming 10 picks after Johnson who was 16 picks after Wilson.  Seems like a very equitable commitment to both sides of the ball via the draft.  Free agency saw an equal commitment to both sides as well.  With JD revamping the TE room, and bringing in Tomlinson, some could argue are more impactful signings than Reed and Whitehead.

    In general, this take is silly, not yours but this tweet or whatever.  When you're one of the worst teams in the NFL, no unit is "significantly" ahead of the other.  Nobody has any clue who Zach Wilson is at this point and the offense is relying on a lot of young players.  The more accurate assessment of this silly take would to have said something like; it's June, we know nothing, it will be interesting to see which unit hits the ground running and which unit needs more time to gel.  Matt O'Leary acting like he knows this as truth on June 29th isnt like an actual thing, the guys doesnt know sh*t.  Nobody does.  Its June.

    The defense started with more to work with, added at least as much if not more to the team via the draft and FA the last few years and we have a wunderkind D centric coach and we have a 2nd year still raw QB and a really young oc.

    Hell yes D should be ahead of the offense.  (Unless coaching stinks as I said, which it did last year on D)

  3. 7 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    Please.  The Bee Gees and Saturday Night Fever marked a dark period of music, ushering in disco. Just a terrible development for music as the 70s morphed into the 80s.  

    No, not correct.  Disco is as much a part of musical history as any new and popular genre.  I don;t care for modern music, hip hop and such, it doesn;t mean there are not good artists.

    Also as I stated the BeeGees stayed as a relevant act and even though being Disco the songs, production and harmony were top notch.

    If you do not care for a musical style it is always a dark day in music history.


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  4. 6 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    I have always thought about this as a good gesture, I mean rookies have to cover the meal no big deal but this is ridiculous. Over 50k its just such a waste. I don't think they should be expected to pay for the meal when it is so expensive. It's actually a really sh*tty move by the vets. I wasn't always against it but my god it's ridiculous. I don't know think they should take the team out to McDonald's but damn better go to red lobster or some chain place. 

    If I was a rookie, no way I want to do that bull sh*t.


    I agree, hey rookies buying a meal?  Fine but the huge expense of fine dining is stupid.  Order 40 buckets of kfc.  There is your meal.

    Maybe even more stupid is the QB has to automatically buy his oline gifts each year.

    It was so laughable a few years back when Darnold was given grief for buying personalized BBQ stuff for his oline when they were the worst oline in the league that got him killed each game and could not even snap the football half the time.

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  5. He's a good football player too.  After lambasting Douglas for at least two years for doing nothing at TE he finally got us some viable players.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    I think Urlbrich is one of the brightest young defensive minds in the league.  The Jets havent had a pass rusher in 20 years.  I think they overjoy was justified dont you?

    Yeah he proved it last year by giving up about 40 points a game.

    LaFleur you could say is a bright young coach,  Ulbrich was bad and had no answers when things went bad.

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