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  1. Rex is after the Sabres head coaching gig as well I see.
  2. Or Jarron Gilbert.....lest we forget..
  3. This is going to be a slaughter, only Tomlin hip checking pats as they run free to the endzone will prevent it from being a 35 point loss.
  4. I'll pay Wilkerson once he has a complete dominant year and not a half a year.
  5. Taylor is an asshat, I still do not forgive the legion of people on the jetsinder forum of fellating him when he was about to join the jets a few years, back. Should have left a bad taste in my mouth but I'm sure it was their mouths that had the bad taste.
  6. These two have it very very sweet, a job for life no questions asked. They have the pats by the balls and they know it. If they had been fired as they should have been in Brady and the team was 'innocent' they would have started singing like canaries.
  7. It is bad that is for sure. Perhaps the weakest position on the team. the best solution is to keep them off the field by using another wr or an H back.
  8. He's playing in an offense that should insulate him a bit more from being plastered so that is a factor.
  9. Bailey ahead of Revis? Nope. Sanchez does not win #6? Horror!
  10. Agreed, We like to beef about our drafts but D'Brick at 6 and then Mangold at 30 or whatever was unbelievable value. I also view the near yearly comments by some on here that we should get rid of him as being a mindset that is totally spoiled with a former pro bowl and now just very good LT that never gets hurt. Some people have forgotten how tough it is to truly find a plug and play 10 year plus LT.
  11. Well the good thing is that through their own hubris the pats with one of the best QB's of all time and all sorts of dubious if not illegal moves actually have underachieved the last 10 years. Extreme good fortune on a bonehead play by Seattle gave them their win this past year. Before that, with the 'best' coach in the league and the 'best' QB they chocked and failed on so many opportunities. Belichick and his great manipulation of the draft process tossed away possible winning years by trading away 1st rounders for future 1st rounders, not making the running game a priority until they realized they were getting beat by running teams, thinking they could stick any player at Wr for brady to be successful. Hubris cost that franchise, they should have had 2 or 3 more superbowls.
  12. Petty will be in the game before the end of the 1st quarter. It's a dangerous game having only two QBs and one raw rookie as the back up.
  13. Of course he is, everything was fine when he was NFL god handing out punishments, destroying evidence, doing his own investigations without question, no he is taking heat as he should years ago so he is fine with stepping back. The guy wants to save his 40 million a year job or whatever he gets paid.
  14. Of course it means something, you score in this league by using the super pass friendly rules. A team that has to grind its points out on the ground does not score big points. The jets were 3d in rushing last year and won what 4 games? We put up 277 yds vs miami and 228 vs the pats and lost both those games.
  15. I'll lay my rep on the lone right now. New England is not winning the div this year.
  16. They were 8th vs the pass however and you win in this league by stopping the pass these days not the run.
  17. I'm just fine with the team being totally discounted. These same clowns will be falling all over themselves half way through the year praising them up if the jets are 6-2 and at the end of the year will be in i told you so mode if they falter down the stretch.
  18. As usual the winner will be determined by turnovers.
  19. It will be tough facing the best Jets coach of the last 5 or 6 years, that is for sure.
  20. I've said it before the most heinous thing Roger Badell has done in his tenure among many things was to destroy the spy gate evidence for no good reason other than to cover it up.
  21. For sure, the defense we have seen in ex has been nothing like what we will see in the reg season imo. We can put some big pressure on Luck, it will all depend on whether he decides to run a lot or not.
  22. Of course some of the door knobs mainly that tit head Heath whats his name no neck were dissing Gailery for being out of touch with the NFL and that it had passed him by, this is before seeing even one reg season game from the jets.
  23. This game simply proved that our front office is genuinely smart and on ball, if you can upgrade, if you can bring in vet depth for a look see you do it. The number of people on this site blasting both the Flynn and Johnson moves, for no-other reason than they didn't like the player was boggling. We got a look at Flynn, Johnson, Petty in previous games and we still have Geno who I do not think is being turfed despite what some think. I think it will be Fitzpatrick, Geno, one of flynn or Johnson and petty. We will find out how good the team thinks petty is whether he is rostered or put on the psquad.
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