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  1. NE using less resources consistently has a better D than the Jets, why? Because they create turnovers and force fg's. The pats have had d's over the years with the kind of talent rex would get killed using but they bend don't break and get turnovers. Rex ryan is faily overrated as a D coach, give any D coach in the the lions share of team talent and they will look okay. He is nothing special, he is a clone of his twin and will show it next team he goes to if he is a DC.
  2. And this is why he is and was a terrible hc, 'his defenses' can with if you give him the right players (ie spend all your picks on defense.) Some team will hire him because of his personality certainly not because of his head coaching skills.
  3. So ass backwards as usual eh? Vette and hire a coach, oh.....and we better look for a gm as well. Dumbass organiations will be dumb ass organizations.
  4. As others have pointd out rex likes to boost his players up and tell them how good they are, how invincible they are. The problem is that where this may work with established vets who have done something in this league. He does this with every player, even raw rookies who have not played a snap in the league, this has relly hurt guys like Wilson and Pryor if you ask me. Players beleive they are great without working and learning the pro game. Same thing with Sanchez only exponentially worse, both he and Tanny coddled him to the extreme.
  5. Lots of people are pleading for his return. Pretty well all the media will be. The rex lovers on this site are a bit gutless if you ask me. They are supporting him on all things, blaming everyting on idzik and yet refuse to come out and say he should be back for sure. They say dumb things like 'Rex is a great coach who was dealt a terrible hand but it is time for him to go.' Ass coverers for the most part. Don't want to be wrong about it either way,
  6. Trading mo wilkerson to move up or to 'get another 1st rounder' would be pure and utter idiocy. Trading up in this draft would be dumb unless it was a tanny vs mangini bargain deal.
  7. Beerfish


    A great pick in a great draft for the Jets. Is he a true pro bowler any more? No, but he has had to put up with sub standar guard play beside him at times in his career. DBrick is what you realistically hope you get when you take a LT early in the draft. A good to near pro bowl player you can plug in and not worry about for 10 years.
  8. Revis, drc and antion croamtire also have had injury 'histories'. That line of thiniking is normally bs in football a game where you can get hurt at any time. Outside of december is a pretty big comment though as he was a rookie, was awfulk then suddenly was one of the better CB's in the league the last 5 games, that means progress. The Patterson move was bad no doubt about it, injuires aside there was no clear indication before hand that the guy was a nut.
  9. I've said it often Rex is and will be exactly like his twin when he goes back to being a Dc. Give him a stacked pro bowl squad and he'll get a few results, give him typical d talent with a few holes on the D and he will blow, just as our Defense has this year.
  10. Kotie or Rex....kotite or rex.......actually a tough choice.
  11. I like Casserly well enough, I think it is a good idea to hire him as an advisor however they jets better have himhelp pick a gm and then let the gm pick the coach. If this is another one of these idiotic moves in which the gm and coach are picked independently it'ss be a soj move.
  12. Not a huge fan of Bowles as hc. Also, why the hell is casserly picking a head coach unless he is the gm. Sounds like yet another iditoic cart before the horse move by the jets.
  13. Tebow was injured, rex and tanny guaranteed tebow the backup job and traded drew stanton. Rex was all over the Tebow aquisition, from day one.
  14. Is DBrick really that close to being done? I do think our draft postiion will put us in line to take a top end olineman but I sure wish we didn't have to go that route.
  15. That is the team I thought he would go to months ago. The team is longing for a Defense total change. The team has just had a low personality coach, Rex would be a nice fit there.
  16. The same dumbass that stood behind an obvious screw up like Sanchez, vouched for Tebow and never exerted his authroity to get a vet QB. He should have forgotten about a Brady like player and insisted on a decent hold the fort Vet Qb his 1st couple of years and they may have had a better chance at the super bowl. Still, amazing he actually even knows who plays Qb for our team.
  17. That is all true, which also does not change a thing about what he said. We have an awful coaching staff from top to bottom, perhaps Dunbar is a lone shining light, other than that this teams coaches collectively stink.
  18. Perhaps this is why this team is so unsound funamenatally at times, undisciplined and have rarely been able to groom players to move up the depth chart like so many other teams do. Just a terrible coaching staff all around. Rex's loyalty at times just down grades his legacy as a head coach.
  19. Just another part of Rex Ryans downfall as a head coach, the assistants on this team are collectively some of the worst in all of football.
  20. Still have horrible outfits, or did they change them this year?
  21. Like who? Verner 4 year big money deal to Tampa 24th in pass defense Davis 4 year big money deal back to Indy 19th in pass defense Talib 6 yr big money deal to Denver 16th in pass defense DRC 5 year big money deal to the Giants 13th in pass defense Woody was not going have Revis back no way no how. Guys like Talib and Davis were going to favour their teams because they go term and dollars and went to teams with a chance to win. We would have had to one up DRC and Verner either dollar wise or term wise. Patterson was a flop no doubt about it but Milliner was a realsiitc good starter coming off a great last 5 games of last year. they also drafted a CB in the 3rd round and another in the 6th. the 6th rounder was a flop but injuires to both Mcdougle and milliner killed us. One of the things idzik did right is to not blow the wad on a middle level Cb like DRC when it would not have mattered this year anyway, we mayhave had anotehr win or two. In the end we had bad CB play but also a coach who seemed incapable of adapting to that fact and changing his D to protect these guys until it was too late.
  22. Yeah a frggin hof corner called Revis would have been a bum if not coached up by Rex. The hole support for Rex ryan seems to be based on the fact that he needs great plaeyrs to get great results. Take him to task as a coach and people blame the GM for not getting him players depite that fact that the defense has been littered qith 1st rounders since Rex was here. It's the same story, if things go well it's because of Rex even if he has a great players. If things go badly it is not Rex's fault because he has no players. Same laughable issue with the fans of this team dumping on the OC's for years. Rex has a year or so with palyer weakness in one aspect of the D and the reuslts are not his fault. Meanwhile the OC's of this team have been handed pure shi* to work with and get the bulls eye firmnly planted on them each year. Which is it? you make the choice because if poor players mean rex should not scrutinezied now it also means that he had little to do with the two AFC title sgames because he had good players. Rex defenders want it both ways. (And as you can see with these threads, all we talk about re rex is 'his' defense, this just in he is a head coach,.)
  23. Yeah rex getting the job is not a great endoresment since he is a terrible head coach. Rex has 100% proven the last couple of years that he is no better than his brother. without premium talent both of these guys are average. Our pass defense, in a passing league has been atrocious the last two years. Both guys get results with great players that fit their scheme, both are suspect iof they have to put up with anythign less, like a lot of D coaches.
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