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  1. I liked this movie which has a purgatory element to it.
  2. Pats olineman are no longer allowed to put grappling hooks on their hands and hold every play. He may be an okay player but they used a 1st rounder on him a few weeks after trading a competent vet guard for a 5th rounder. Belli is one of the worst drafting GMs in the league.
  3. It can be used either way so no, you are incorrect. "You cannot see the wood for trees" Was a proverb in 1546.
  4. We have them both, to go along with corey davis who i think will perform better when not expected to be a #1 type wr. And do not forget berrios, he was very good and much improved last year. Just a vast improvement in wr talent (to go along with TE) on this team in just a couple of years.
  5. The Burger King literally looks like satan. I feel he is more evil.
  6. Dear Mims, stay away from he fish. He certainly does not terribly agile in that drill but at least he seems to be giving it his all.
  7. Dorian Boose after failing the the NFL came up to the CFL and played for my home town team the Edmonton Eskimos (name since changed to Elks). He had one really really good year, looked like a great find and there was lots of optimism for the next year but he was not in shape, rumors of drug problems and he got cut the next year. From a news story about him. "Boose’s tenure in the CFL was even shorter and more contradictory. He played 16 games and was a star of the week three times for the Eskimos in 2003 as they rolled toward that Grey Cup win. Just one off-season later, he was expendable, cut in October 2004 by then-head coach Tom Higgins after showing up out of shape in training camp and playing in just three games all season. Boose didn’t play again in the CFL. He didn’t go home to Washington state, where his brothers Eric, Zachary and Joseph and his parents Joseph and Evelyn still live. He didn’t return to his boys in Centreville, Va. And he divorced Brenda (who kept her married name). The best guess is that Boose never left Edmonton. He was known to be working construction at times, living on the street and in the North Saskatchewan River valley at others, or in social housing or with friends. Eskimos teammates said he showed no obvious signs of drug or alcohol abuse while he was on the team, quite the opposite in fact, but at some point after his football career ended, he began using intravenous drugs. On Nov. 22, 2016, 12 years after his last football game, a year after refusing to enter a treatment program for drug addiction, Boose hanged himself in a south-side Edmonton home, where sources said he was discovered by his then-girlfriend. He was 42."
  8. Cager will not make this team, great that he is in top top shape however.
  9. Being committed to Becton totally depends on what happens this year. No way Douglas commits to him if he has a season like last year.
  10. I had great thighs at one point in my life as well.
  11. The worse everyone thinks this team is the better it is. Bring on all those ha ha jets reviews. I love them.
  12. We are not drafting a QB next year, get it out of your minds now. However it will be a benefit to us either with trading or getting great non qb players.
  13. Snort! Rangers vs Islanders rivalry is like a slap fight compared to the battle of Alberta. Oilers vs Flames next round, should be a war.
  14. One reason among all of these off season weight training videos we were seeing with Becton I wanted to see at least one of him running sprints or pushing a sled a long distance or jogging rather than just hoisting weights.
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