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  2. You would think he would like the Jets because they have 'Sauces.'
  3. About the 27th guy who was going to be Bradys heir
  4. We don't even have to dress any corners since genius Baltimore has no wrs at all.
  5. It truly surprises me at how many people asked to throw out baseballs can not in fact throw a baseball at all.
  6. After years of not doing so i think i'll have to get sunday ticket or whatever passes for that kind of things this year.
  7. These are not the Defensive Tackles you are looking for.
  8. Must have for this year:
  9. I enjoyed that movie way more than I had any right to.
  10. Funny thing is the league, the national media experts and these networks do not seem to realize that one fan base like this guy and 31 fan bases hate him and the pats and would like to never see his face again unless it is in another courtroom sketch.
  11. These spots seem to me to be the camp battles. FS: Joyner, Ashtyn Davis, Pinnock Small linebacker: Sherwood, Nasirildeen Nickel Corner: Michael Carter, Echols, Guidry, not sure if Bryce Hall can play nickel? What say you all?
  12. Not sure who he is talking to. Most Jets fans have been totally realistic and even conservative in win guesses.
  13. Gravy Gardner 'Not Kyle' Wilson You can call me Ray or you can call me Jay but you don't have to call me Johnson
  14. The pats traded a perfectly serviceable guard in shaq mason for a 5th round pick. They then had a hole they had to fill with a 1st rounder.
  15. Yeah you notice has to get in 'the greatest coach in the game' lap dog comment. BB, great coach, BB total stink fest GM and it i far from this one draft, he has stunk for years as the GM.
  16. Ferrel and bush were massive reaches. 2019 draft sucked. This draft is weak as hell as well which is too bad for the jets. When looking at a draft to me you have to look at how a team did compared to what was in front of them. The Jets had a great draft with what was in front of them.
  17. I cant wait for game four of this upcoming season for the whole world to be complaining that Lamar Jackson has no WR's and how is he supposed to be good with no WRs and only TEs.
  18. Flacco (1) Super Bowl MVP ... Beerfish + Mr White (0) That stat is suppose to imp res me when talking about a QB now and who is a better backup and or mentor?
  19. Wow, what a race. 80-1 long shot, the highest odds in the race wins in spectacular fashion. Brilliant work by the jockey if you watch the last part of the race. Very exciting indeed!
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