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  1. His best stats were: only 4 fumbles all year. 0 ints in his last 5 games. Step 1 for any QB in this league is learning how to limit turnovers, then you progress from there. Nothing deep sixes a prospect QB more than chronic turnovers. That is why guys like Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold and Faker Bayfiled are done or near done.
  2. Oilers bitch slap the Flames in 5, nothing could be better and my nieces husband the huge Flames fan owes me a very good bottle of port. All is well in the world of hockey.
  3. I am already retired, I retired about a month before my 58th birthday. (I'm a few weeks from 62 right now)
  4. We are all in narrow windows of life expectancy due to many things including genetics. For me it will be a bit of a triumph to get to 67 just due to family genetics and history.
  5. One of the few movies I will always stop and watch to the end if I come across it while channel surfing is Goodfellas. Masterpiece of a movie.
  6. I do not expect it, I am annoyed by it. There are so many 'experts' in all fields that have a national platform and spew nonsense and have no clue, pro sports and especially pro football national media are the worst. At least guys who have controversial hot takes like Simms and Orlovsky watch some tape and have something to backup their thoughts. Someone needs to stand up to these guys on tv or ior podcasts and them then they don't know shi*
  7. This thing with a different colour scheme (two tone white and teal). My second car was my fav though despite it breaking down at the worst times. It was a 1975 Dodge Dart sport
  8. That however is just a faulty, lazy way to look at pro sports and is the way most national media look at things. Team A was good for years so all they do is gold, team B was bad for years so they stink. Then when things change they talk as if they knew all along.
  9. Fields has a better cast than friggin darnold had.
  10. Most of these national talking heads have no clue at all about he teams they talk about. As in no clue at all. Stephen A could not name 3 players on the jets.
  11. If he plays less than half of this upcoming season for any reason I see no reason he should not be dumped in with Dee Milliner.
  12. Just have a skills competition.
  13. I know you are the eternal optimist but in this I agree with you. I think Davis is much more suited to a #2, #3 type of Wr and he will do well this year.
  14. Doing everything possible to get Becton to these voluntary otas are you?
  15. We are so lucky that the Texans and Casserio are so utterly stupid to have taken Stingley at #3. Getting cryptic 'We hope he might be ready for main camp, he has a ways to go comments from houston re Stingley'
  16. No it is not time to let it go. Do you want to ignore the last two good drafts? As in let it go Douglas did not nothing special? The whole draft was pretty awful, bad picks and bad planning of picks. Give credit where credit is due, but take the hits as well.
  17. They were not a QB needy team, did they think this guy would walk into the team and unset darnold and not draft a Qb the next year? Guess what? Your comment sounds like a fine justification for hackenburg. Total wasted pick.
  18. Playing at all in the NFL appears to be not mandatory for this guy.
  19. What a stupid pick by Douglas. Half the forum knew it from day one.
  20. Jeremiah had him top 10 and he is pretty hooked into scouts around the league. Chandler Jones "Many teams will regret not getting Jermaine Johnson that kid is gunna be goooood!" McShay had him top 15
  21. We need to bring back Robert Turner for these joint practices.
  22. I liked this movie which has a purgatory element to it.
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