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  1. We had a long ways to go to make up ground on the other teams but compare all the afc east drafts and it is laughable.
  2. We need a LB for sure and a more sure answer at FS whether it be hall or pinnock or ashtyn daivs. Right now LB is the biggest hole and the jets are kidding themselves if they think the guys we had last year were good enough.
  3. At least the jets were smart enough not to want London, one more feather in their caps.
  4. From the highlights Clemons looks stiff but super high effort and very violent. I would have preferred Dominque Robinson as a developmental DE but Clemons seems nasty,
  5. There goes winfrey no surprise he is gone before our pick.
  6. Nice pick for the bucs, tommy boy loves his TE's
  7. Two names I will throw out. DE - Dominique Robinson and LB Malcolm Rodriguez
  8. I think he has settled where he always was, some of these dudes suddenly get moved up a lot due to a nice senior bowl or something but abilities and tape stay at the same draft level.
  9. If you can get 3 out of 4 to be good and at least one pro bowler you are doing well. There are always disappointments but if you hit on 3 of 4 you have done well for yourself in a draft. Which 3 will be good and which one will disappoint? Who knows.
  10. Baltimore has 6 fourth round picks. Wowza. Still many teams with lots of later round picks, it would not surprise me if douglas traded down with one of our early 4th rounders.
  11. If you want to read a good creepy book/short story try 'Rats in the Walls' by H.P. Lovecraft.
  12. I would bet good money we won't draft Daniel Faalele. We have already had head aches with a super sized olineman re weight and injury and keeping in shape. He is not going to draft a 400 pounder.
  13. Zach might not be the answer, he might not even be good but Fields sucks, at least pick a good QB to want.
  14. To be honest i thought for sure after waiting for hours and after putting up with crazy presenters, that last pick that douglas was going to trade down out of the 3rd round.
  15. Never seemed to recover from his injuries his pro day was really terrible if i recall.
  16. Our best tight ends for about the last 5 years would be 4th on most teams depth charts. Long long long overdue to hit that position hard.
  17. And the rain ended and the sun came out and shined brightly on the smiling face of @Paradis. Yes he knew, now he could die a happy man.
  18. Great pick by the browns. Bell is going to be a good player. Gets open, catches the ball
  19. Actually that is who i thought he looked like as well when i saw his tape.
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