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  1. I am very happy with Darnold, but to be fair it would have been Cousins and a few second round picks (minus the uncertainty of who would have been available).
  2. Duplicate. But I can state again that Sam and Baker will be top QBs in this league! it will be fun to watch them develop.
  3. I like Sam and Baker. I am extremely happy we got one of them. Total respect for your position here given how long you have liked Baker.
  4. To be fair, it may be a function of vanilla defenses they play in preseason (and Bowles' defense...)
  5. I like them both. I like Rosen too. Have no issue cheering for them (when not playing the Jets). However, I am very happy Sam is with the Jets and I think he will be very good. Media has to have these arguments because they need the narrative of someone making the "wrong" pick. Drives discussion, even if unproductive as each QB likely went to the perfect place for them.
  6. I wonder who was the jets player who supposedly made "late contact"
  7. Dinamite

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    Guess we will still get to see Hack in our last preseason game then...
  8. Dinamite

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    A different perspective to the tweets we get that suggest LW is unblockable. Maybe our OL is easy for LW.
  9. Dinamite

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    Some beat reporter indicated that he was at least there and dressed, so that is a good sign.
  10. Guess we saw why Pats cut Garcia last night. He needs a year of practice squad or just not to be on the team.
  11. Redskins get to see Teddy up close. They could be an option if Alex Smith is not the answer...
  12. Browns having same debate we all are https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Board/105323/Contents/Mayfield-vs-Darnold-is-the-new-Manning-vs-Brady-120573746/ Does it matter? They both looked good and like they belonged in their first preseason game. They also did a little differently, but they played with different personnel and against different personnel. I would be happy for both fan bases that the drafted QBs showed promise.
  13. If you look at a Browns message board, they are also comparing Mayfield with Darnold, as we are. They want to validate their choice. Anyway, they were not too impressed with Darnold. Footwork, staring down receivers, check downs.... Some of the comments that others besides Jets fans are making (for example, see https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Board/105323/Contents/Mayfield-vs-Darnold-is-the-new-Manning-vs-Brady-120573746/) I think time will tell, and it is not a competition between Mayfield or Darnold, but Darnold just being the best option for Jets. I was happy yesterday as he did some nice things and looked like he belonged. But it is one preseason game and maybe I am just used to watching Petty and Hack so this was light years better. I am optimistic for the future though and hope he develops into a top QB for us ( about time!)
  14. Dinamite

    Bracing myself for some ugly cuts...

    I can see one and maybe both rookie WRs from last year getting cut. WR room will be Anderson, Enunwa, Pryor, Kearse and 1 to 2 more (with maybe one being a returner).
  15. Dinamite

    Around the NFL - Preseason Week 1

    So... Only the Giants lose.