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  1. Yep. And this is probably it (below). So don't get too ampped up for Manish's Twitter.
  2. Jets are contractually obligated to have the #6 pick anyway...
  3. Dinamite

    Congratulations Sam Darnold . . .

    I am all for a better draft pick (and coaching staff) but Sam's development is the first priority. A comeback win on the road against a division opponent with some clutch throws is something for the young QB to build from. In frigid buffalo, where rookie QBs never win too!
  4. Dinamite


    If they were going to fire Macc, then they should have done it already and get a GM in place for the coaching search that starts right after the season ends. Or else, you are doing what we did before (dual search) or waiting to hire a gm first that can also take time.
  5. I like it, but who is trading a 1 for Leo when you have to pay him and the draft is loaded with cheap DL.
  6. Darnold is out. Just announced by Jets. Maybe and Carpenter are doubtful.
  7. A big issue is the ability to attract a top coach with a GM who may be fired in one year. If the plan is to keep Macc then he has to get a commitment of 3-4 years with the next coach. Are we ready to do that?
  8. Chad likely fell for a fake Ian Rap account
  9. Dinamite

    Amari cooper watch

    What about the raiders who chose to trade Kalil to bears instead of Jets? 20th something pick vs top 5 or so pick...
  10. Dinamite

    Brian Schottenheimer 2.0...maybe worse

    Kind of crappy that Shell does not lend a hand to get Sam upright in either video.
  11. Dinamite

    Monday Night Football Patriots-Bills

    Nice pick in the 5th round. Take notes Macc.
  12. Dinamite

    Monday Night Football Patriots-Bills

    I don't know who #58 for the Bills is but he goes all out and delivers some tough hits.

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