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  1. I am sure the Ravens and other teams are calling the Jets with lowball offers. The question is whether JD will stand on his price or budge if Adams becomes a distraction.
  2. One other thing that annoys me about him is his constant reference to "Tommy". Tommy this Tommy that, when Tommy and I used to do this. No one calls Tom Brady "Tommy" but somehow Wise wants to show they are BFFs.
  3. What, no call to the punter? This is always cool to see. Congrats to all the kids and welcome to the Jets family!
  4. I think we assume he would move up for a WR (or maybe we just want that), but any move up may be for CB/Edge given positional value that JD stressed.
  5. This is from Tony Pauline's mock regarding Becton. Any concern with fit in Gase's scheme based on this? I think he has a lot of potential (like some of you have pointed out) and could be a massive upgrade. "Becton is a massive lineman who showed consistent progress and comes with big upside. He’s an athletic right tackle who should be effective in pass protection and as a run blocker, but he’ll be minimally effective in motion or if placed in a zone-blocking scheme".
  6. I am sure JD would trade Adams for a price deemed worthwhile. Unfortunately, I am also sure that teams like Dallas will not be offering a good deal.
  7. Not necessarily. He may have informed the jets he is not planning to show up unless they talk contract. The jets maybe made it public. Again, likely Adams' camp, but it is a possibility.
  8. Are we sure it is someone from Adams' camp that leaked it? Couldn't it be someone on the jets just to see what kind of offers could be sent their way? I agree it is most likely Adams' camp, but there is a possibility the jets could be drumming up business too (although this prompts lowball offers).
  9. There's always the possibility that someone like the bucs trades up to take a tackle. So even if jags or Cardinals don't go OT, they could trade with someone that wants to jump browns/Jets for OT.
  10. The different opinions on the tackles this year is really fascinating. It seems that even within one team there may be serious disagreements on how to rank them. But one thing is for sure, the OTs present more value (at 11) than the WRs (who you could get good ones at 48 and maybe third round).
  11. I agree he may not like all 4 tackles. I do believe if the tackles he values are gone at 11, however, that he will trade down. He will not pick WR unless he can't trade down and that represents the best value on the board.
  12. Whichever OL the jets draft, I can see them starting at RT (or guard) for a year, then transitioning to LT in year 2 (or middle of year 1 if necessary). It is tough for a rookie OL to start right away at LT.
  13. Wills/Wirfs would fit that well, along with the "position versatility" that JD craves. Not sure about A. Thomas, who I like. Also not sure about Becton since he is more of a gamble. I do think JD likes Josh Jones (from senior bowl reports) and may trade down with a team like the Eagles and try to pick him there and get an extra 2 and some change.

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