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  1. Problem is whether someone will want to come up to 3. It certainly would not be for the bounty the Jets gave up last year .
  2. Dinamite

    Mac has to trade down...

    I looked at the same list and a few "mock drafts" recently For all the draft experts, does it seem like besides Bosa at 1, there is no consensus players in the top 5? and that every player seems to be mocked as high as top 3 and as low as top 15 in some cases. I have seen Jonah Williams mocked at 3 to the jets or all the way in the mid to late first for example. Perhaps it is early (precombine), but it seemed like last year, besides the qbs, everyone had barkley, chubb, etc in top 5 pretty consistently.
  3. there hasn't been any confirmation of this hire yet, right? just a tweet from PFT. Hoping it is the case and the beat writers and others are just waiting for the formal signing.
  4. Dinamite

    With Bowles In TB ...

    I can see Leo traded to the Colts actually. Jets-Colts connection is there with Rex Hogan who used to be a front office type with jets and liked Williams.
  5. Dinamite

    Matt Rhule speaks as per Cimini.

    I like Rhule, and I understand his desire to pick the staff. But I also understand the Jets ensuring that Darnold has a good coach given the lack of experience with Rhule in NFL. If Rhule's option was Kevin Gilbride's son for OC, (TE coach for bears currently) as was rumored that may not have sufficed.
  6. Honestly, I don't think there was a single hire that all talking heads/fans would be behind. Each one of them would instill some type of division. Even McCarthy who likely would have been the more accepted choice by media and some fans.
  7. Dinamite

    I think Darnold chose Gase

    Darnold and Gase have the same agent too...
  8. Peyton Manning also speaks very well of Papa John's pizza...
  9. College coaches don't typically get announced as it could hurt their recruiting if they end up back in school.
  10. True, the interview is very important. Which might put people who just coached a game (eg Richards) or still coaching (eg Bienemy) at a disadvantage.
  11. It does mean McDaniels may not take a job this year again then. I would be surprised in Browns go for him (but then again, who knows).
  12. Interesting, Pettine may stay in GB ( in case MCCARTHY was considering bringing him as DC if he took a job this year).
  13. So that is two potential jobs down (Packers and Bucs with Arians). Time for assistants to start to get signed now.
  14. Dinamite

    Rhule? Give me a friggin break

    Probably Macc knows it well from scouting Hack... maybe where he got his interest in Rhule to begin with...

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