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  1. Probably a game that Gase has been planning for. His hatred of Denver is well documented. They may actually win that one.
  2. I know he has no weapons, etc, but Gase also is not letting him throw, likely afraid of a mistake. Making Sam a game manager is not ideal and poor job by Gase calling such a safe gameplan poor job by Douglas not having one NFl caliber WR or any reliable weapons for a young QB to rely on (and not resigning the one WR that he had chemistry with).
  3. Ogletree is a better player, but surprising they have not resigned James Burgess given his familiarity with the team and starts last year.
  4. I can see them elevating Adams to fill the RB spot. They will likely save the two PS spots for veterans (QB and WR or LB?) who they would not have to put on the roster week 1 thus not have their salary vest for the whole season.
  5. True, there are various factors. I guess we will see in the weeks to come what happens to him.
  6. It is surprising that Butler, despite the potential shown in college, did not impress enough even for a PS spot for a team in search of WRs for the future.
  7. Cimini referring to the Mehta's report as an "internet rumor" is a pretty subtle, not so subtle dig at Manish.
  8. I was wondering who they would have kept in PS between him (J. Malone) or Jehu Chesson. Seemed like Chesson was doing better per tweets, but coaching staff going with known quantities as Malone was in PS last year I believe.
  9. I wonder what happened to Hakeem Butler. It would have been nice to sign someone like him to the PS
  10. Jets released the PS and no new players are on it (with one open roster spot).
  11. I think it is holdovers from the Bowles era. Macc still has some offensive players left from 2019 (Bell, Edoga, Crowder, etc).
  12. Did anyone see Cimini's note about Darnold and Harrison (see below)? Thought there was a chance they would bring him back, but his goodbye post was kind of indicative that maybe not. Unkindest cut for QB: Pro football is a fast and cold business. On Thursday night, Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was hanging out with backup center Jonotthan Harrison, just a couple of good friends chilling on a couch, watching sports and enjoying the end of their third training camp together. The next night, Darnold was blindsided by a text from Harrison, who reached out to tell his quarterback he had been released. "At first, I really couldn’t believe it," Darnold told ESPN on Saturday. "For the last 2½ years, for lack of a better term, he’s been kind of like an older brother to me, showing me the ropes. It’s been fun, man, watching him come to work every day. He works harder than anyone I know. ... Jon is an incredible human being, a great leader and a great friend. He understands how much of a business football is. That's how we both have to look at it, but it does suck." In the big picture, Harrison's departure isn't major news, but it shines a light on a dizzying trend: more change on the Jets' offense. Harrison, who arrived in 2017 as a free agent, was the longest-tenured player on offense, a title he held for a month. (Previously, it belonged to guard Brian Winters, who was cut Aug. 3.) It leaves Darnold and tight end Chris Herndon -- both 2018 draft picks -- as the only holdovers from the previous coaching staff. Remarkable. In Darnold's two seasons, the Jets have started 20 different skill-position players and 14 different linemen -- way too many. He's already on his fourth center, Connor McGovern, who followed Harrison, Ryan Kalil and Spencer Long. The objective is clear -- the Jets are churning the roster in an attempt to build a formidable offense -- but the revolving door has to stop at some point. This is no way to groom a young, talented quarterback. Eventually, he must be given the opportunity to grow with a core group. "For me, I know I can’t control any of that stuff, so I'm not going to sit here and worry about it," Darnold said. "Everyone knows that eventually we're going to need stability, but we have to find the right pieces. We all trust Joe [Douglas], Rex [Hogan] and Adam [Gase], all those guys, to find the right pieces. That's all I've really got to say on that. My job is to play football and play at a high level, and make sure everyone is on the same page."
  13. I think the Browns took on the QB from Houston (blanking on his name) for about $16 mil. They netted a 2nd round pick.

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