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  1. One crazy scenario would be a 3 way trade between Bills, Giants and Browns, where the Bills move to 2, Giants drop to 4 and the Browns drop to 12 and get picks for the next century. There is a relationship between Giants and Bills GM and maybe even with the Browns GM (given recent trade with bills for Tyrod).
  2. If the Giants want Barkley or a Nelson, but are afraid of trading down, I can see them squeezing an extra pick from the jets on draft day to move down 1 spot, like the niners did this past draft
  3. There are some similarities here, where a 1 next year is like a 2 this year; a 1 in two years is a 2 next year. In that way the package is somewhat similar. Except it is for #2 pick and the jets save the number 1s which is key for future. None of it matters if we draft the right QB.
  4. If the jets wanted him, you figured he would have been in the trade and helped out the colts in terms of cap. But maybe he was too expensive and the jets will pursue him now at their price.
  5. But couldn't the timing of the trade be due to other factors such as the Colts fielding calls from Bills and/or Broncos? Then the jets just felt they had to at least secure #3. I hope it is because of the Mayfield/Rosen prodays, but it could be because of competition for the pick, in which case J. Allen is very much in the picture.
  6. Don’t stop now Macc get to #1 at all costs!!!!

    I would think that the jets tried for 1 or 2 and they were unattainable, either due to cost or more likely due to the fact that the browns and Giants are going qb and QB back to back.

    Is Jensen a scheme fit for the jets? Supposedly they were interested in that other center because of the zone blocking scheme.

    I guess Demario is out. Is this guy any good?
  9. Jets bring back McCown

    That would be interesting if he jets decided Lamar was the project QB to sit behind Josh and Teddy. He does have a lot of potential.

    But the tag means waiting a week to see what the bears would do. So you risk losing other top CB free agents because of the wait.

    Jordy Nelson makes no sense for the jets. None whatsoever. 33 year old who played poorly without AaronRodgers
  12. It is possible there was some competition for McCown, but likely they signed him to just have their plan B for QBs in place quickly so they can focus on other positions.
  13. Jets bring back McCown

    How does a rookie QB get reps as a 3rd QB? And wouldn't that mean they select a real project QB (maybe in second round?). Seems like they may not trade up.
  14. Jets bring back McCown

    Time is a flat circle with the jets. Didn't we make this mistake with Fitz? Can't a rookie or someone else beat McCown in camp? Common!
  15. Pairing him with a QB in the draft is not a bad plan. If he becomes serviceable, it is a good problem to have and we can cash in future trade or comp pick if he leaves as FA. However, jets still must draft a QB.