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  1. The #2 pick is worth two regular number 1s at least. Throw in Quinnen (a former #2 pick), that would be the limit. So #2 pick and a first next year (maybe with a 3rd somewhere) or #2 and Quinnen. Or my preference 3 #1 picks that do not include the second overall (the seattle first this year and the two first picks next year). I would love to have Watson, but don't believe we need to mortgage the team for it or we will end up like the Houston Texans or the Lions with Stafford.
  2. You are right that those that were unable to play in 2020 get hurt the most without the combine and individual workouts. I wonder how that impacts someone like Trey Lance. QB evaluations are already difficult, but now you can't even work him out (and he has less snaps than any other QB prospect in a while I think).
  3. Given these restrictions, I can see some teams being a bit more gun shy about picking a QB high. No private workouts or film sessions can limit those assessments and increase the risk of getting "your guy".
  4. I kept Watson out of the equation just to keep it to sam vs rookie. But sure, Watson would be great (although not at any price).
  5. You are in essence saying treat Darnold like Kirk Cousins. Except without the production of Cousins to merit it (and I like Darnold). I don't see why you would not align Salah and new coaching staff with a new rookie QB at affordable rate for 4 years, with the potential to be more in the future than Sam has been or could be.
  6. Dinamite

    The QB Thread

    Also, if anyone is interested, Greg Cosell gives his opinion on Fields and Wilson in the first 10 minutes or so of this podcast (I know it is Eagles themed, but topic is QBs). Spoiler, he seems to give an edge to Wilson currently, while acknowledging Fields has a lot of potential for development.
  7. Dinamite

    The QB Thread

    Thanks - I would love for the jets (if they select a QB) to take the best prospect (and mold offense to said prospect)- not just the best fit. Have been reading a lot of assumptions that it is Wilson because he is the best fit given what Shanahan system asks for. If they evaluate him and he is the best prospect then great. But picking solely based on fit to system would be the concern.
  8. Dinamite

    The QB Thread

    Question for the QB draft experts on the board (e.g., @maury77; @Paradis; @Lupz27 and others). I realize Wilson is a good fit for the West Coast system that Jets will run. The question is whether you could make the same argument for Fields? That is, if the Jets take a QB, would Fields still be a good prospect for them or will they be influenced by system?
  9. Good to add a young coach in this role to groom for future promotion if LaFleur leave in a few years!
  10. It will probably be someone like Kris Richards, although Raheem Morris really intrigued me given his prior experience as head coach.
  11. I agree with you that jets can't trade all this capital for a player who is disgruntled. Would you do 2 or seattle's first (as you propose) PLUS sam and maybe a third round kicker? I view the #2 pick as multiple first round picks as it is.
  12. I think someone said this was fake (photoshopped).
  13. Is he the one that was fired from giants this season for the ex-jet coach that loved wayne hunter?
  14. Kris Richards or Raheem Morris.

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