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  1. Dinamite

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Most of the trades we never hear chatter about before hand (bears and SF, Jets and colts) so this could all be chatter to make people drop and overdraft qbs., Rather than true rumors. Redskins probably called to know prices, but it seems that the price for 3 may be too expensive.
  2. Dinamite

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Washington could also trade with Oakland since both Grude brothers can be talking.
  3. Dinamite

    Frank Clark

  4. Dinamite

    Frank Clark

    Well, he got traded to KC for a 1st round pick AND a second round pick next year (plus some swap of third round picks). Per all those insiders on twitter.
  5. I think it is funny that NFLN replays every first round from 2011 -2018, but skips 2013. That was an awful draft all around (Milliner and Sheldon for Jets).
  6. I agree with you, but it has been done. Our own Jets in 2003 traded 13 and 22 to the Bears for the 4th pick to take Dwayne Robertson (sorry for the memories).
  7. Apparently Atlanta loves Oliver, so maybe just a calculated leak to get the Falcons to trade up.
  8. Dinamite

    So what’s the unexpected

    The jets are unable to trade down since there is no QB chatter and likely end up with Allen. Or Jets trade down to a team like Green Bay for one of the DL and they select Jonah Williams at 12.
  9. Dinamite

    Top 30 visits

    Ed Oliver visited today as well, it seems. Jets doing work in case they trade to around 10-12. I wonder if Green Bat would package their two first rounders to draft a defensive stud at 3?
  10. Dinamite

    Frank Clark

    If Frank is traded, it will likely be to the bills or colts as someone already mentioned. I could see Macc making a play for Clowney if he b comes available, as Macc was Texans college scouting director when they picked him.
  11. It is on 3 networks (ABC, ESPN, NFL Network) so you can pick and choose your favorite .
  12. Dinamite

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    Jets weren't scheduled to meet with Darnold till the end of the top 30 visits, right before the draft. It is possible they still meet with Bosa if they think he will drop.
  13. Dinamite

    If we can’t trade back...

    I don't know if the Jets like him as much as the other 2 tackles, Dillard and the kid from Alabama. They had those two for visits, but not Taylor. I think it is possible they trade down a few spots and take a tackle.
  14. Thought this was an interesting twist. Doubt that it would impact any trade, but worth noting. https://seahawkswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/13/frank-clark-has-strong-words-about-leveon-bells-new-contract/
  15. If they trade down, it is likely with Cincinnati or Denver. I guess it is plausible that Tampa would want to jump Oakland for Quinnen but less likely.

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