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  1. Doesn't that help the switch from a 3-4 linebacker to a 4-3 one? I would think it may have been by design.
  2. I don't really know this too much, but isn't that something that the byu sports flash people posted and he is just reposting? Either way, I agree that it is peculiar to comment on negotiations in social media.
  3. The agents have this leverage as well as the fact that the first public practice is approaching. It will be ugly for the jets if Wilson is not there. Edit: missed your post where you highlighted this.
  4. It is disappointing that he is not at camp today. Yes, he will sign eventually, but this is just bad practice from all sides (the jets have a history of this with first round picks).
  5. Zach's agents hold the cards a bit, since the jets have no alternative plan for a starting QB and have put all their eggs on Wilson starting. They need him there for every rep. The agents know this. Still, what a silly thing to argue over with the guy you made #2 pick on the draft and supposedly future of your franchise that you have all the confidence in.
  6. No updates yet, I guess. Let's hope he signs before training camp starts.
  7. AVT had no mask in his picture, so you are likely correct.
  8. I thought all these rookie deals were guaranteed. The tweet from NFL folks highlighted how he got 3 years of guaranteed money in the 4 year contract.
  9. Moore and AVT have same agent I thinks, so likely that he is next.
  10. It is just not ideal that every other team but the jets (maybe there is one more first round pick unsigned) manages to sign their picks on time, and we play hardball with silly language.
  11. I think they also got it removed for Darnold no? So there is precedent.
  12. It is likely more than just offset language but also when the bonuses are paid. I think Dar old wanted it mostly upfront (as do many players). For these billion dollar companies, seems like silly issues to fight over.
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