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  1. Here is a taste of McShay's scouting. He had a similar grade on Tanehill, Sanchez and Darnold (although Darnold was his top qb last year and higher QB of last few years it seems). https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2018/story/_/id/23115321/todd-mcshay-nfl-draft-grades-every-first-round-qb-2008-plus-2018-top-qbs
  2. Where is the outrage for Houston firing the gm after the draft? Jets got a lot of crap for it.
  3. I was hoping that the quietness meant they were done negotiating through the media and just hammering out details. Sounds like it is not the case. Then again, it is just one (not necessarily often accurate) reporter saying it
  4. Sounds like the Jets and Jimmy Sexton (Douglas' agent) are negotiating through the media.
  5. They will likely wait till minicamp is over Second interview/negotiations on Fri and press conf/ announcement on Mon.
  6. Looks like all official interviews will wrap up tomorrow. Then Gase deals with minicamp. I would expect a "second" interview on Friday for Douglas (if that is really the #1 candidate as everyone says) and eventual hiring/press conference to follow.
  7. The way they have them back to back to back (I expect the last one tomorrow, before Gase has to devote himself to minicamp) sets up a hire by the end of the week after minicamp.
  8. I believe each candidate has had dinner the night before their interview. Fitterer was reported to do dinner on Thurs and the interview on Fri, for example.
  9. Albert Breer stated in his Monday afternoon column that the Jets have scheduled interviews with at least Champ Kelly and the guy from Seattle (the latter one happening on Friday). It was unclear if others were scheduled at this time.
  10. In contrast to Charles Robinson, Brian Baldinger states Jets are getting closer to whoever their top candidate is.
  11. Macc did win executive of the year that first year
  12. I thought he was told to stay away so he wouldn't get injured, in case of a trade.
  13. Gase after being named Interim GM: "Dracarys"!
  14. Gase already started trading people? A (presumably) low sixth round pick for Lee? might as well keep him as a backup.
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