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  1. Maybe the Johnsons just like the excitement of having top picks in the draft.
  2. Eagles winning also keeps the Jets freshly minted third round pick for Leo Williams as potentially the first one of that round.
  3. QBR is weird. Baker had 2 INTs and no TDs and I think his QBR is also higher. I think it also takes into account sacks and other things that hurt Darnold.
  4. Probably till Woody comes back at the end of next season and starts a search for new coach. Next season's schedule is no joke, both in terms of opponents and travel.
  5. I am not sure we are not grasping at straws here. Pretty much most of the 2018 QBs (outside of Rosen and Rudolph) have done ok to great (Lamar). I think they all have a future in the league as starters and their potential can only be enriched by the conditions of their organizations . Hopefully Sam reaches his potential and becomes the franchise QB the Jets need. But I am hopeful he will and it will be fun to watch these other QBs as well.
  6. Yes, my bad! I should have linked your post. I think you raised an important point about athletic potential vs fundamentals. In a league starved for quality tackles, he may still go high though.
  7. What about this guy? Jeremiah seems to like him and Joe Douglas may value his opinion as he was in consideration to join the jets.
  8. I would definitely be on board with Dalton as QB2 next year. Veteran who could be helpful for Darnold and also trusted to play in a pinch if necessary.
  9. This may be different unpopular, but I would look to extend Beachem. The Jets will win enough games that they won't be in line to draft the top tackle in the draft and there are no great tackle FAs. Beachum is respectable, a captain and might not break the bank. You then draft a guy to play behind Beachum and take over in a year or two.
  10. How does the QBR stay work? Granted Darnold had a bad interception and a fumble, but he also had 4 TDS and another td drive (with Bell scoring). Yet, his QBR places him only at 10th in terms of performance ( behind the immortal Jeff Driskell). Interest way to rank the QBs http://www.espn.com/nfl/qbr/_/type/player-week
  11. Not sure if this got brought up yet, but Douglas, Gase and Darnold all have the same agent - Jimmy Sexton. This also makes decision making a little more nuanced (i.e. they all support each other) with some conflicts of interest.
  12. That's what he wanted. He didn't get that.
  13. Minkah Fitzpatrick netted a first that may be top 10. Ramsey in walk year netted two first round picks and a 4th. Adams should net 1 and a 3rd from Dallas at least given where picks would be.
  14. This sounds more likely then the Jets turning down 2 firsts.

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