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  1. Nice cameo by Sam and Robby in the middle. Video is well done, thanks for posting it.
  2. Indeed, just speculation (the author states so). Based on Urban Meyer/Ohio State history. Not that it matters. They were always taking Trevor. Zach can use it as motivation.
  3. Here is the link to the actual article https://sports.yahoo.com/jaguars-forget-to-blur-out-draft-board-showing-a-wr-with-same-grade-as-trevor-lawrence-212532797.html And screenshot of jets related grades if you don't want to read.
  4. I thought this was interesting. They seem to have valued AVT and Moore quite a bit. Zack Wilson likely qb3 on their board. Also, how do you not blur this information in your video?
  5. Impressive any year, but especially this year. The Salah effect (and the broncos effect too...)
  6. I know he is a longshot and did not get the record deals the other ones did, but I am hopeful Tristan Hodge from BYU can be a candidate for RG. He played really well last couple of years, just had COVID CUT his season short. And the added benefit of chemistry with Zach Wilson.
  7. I wonder if someone got dibs on "1" on the team (is Becton switching to 1?)
  8. When asked if he talked to sanchez and pennington, he says his main phone call was with Luke? Luke Falk (unless I misunderstood)?
  9. He played right guard at BYU and was having a great season until he got COVID. Maybe he can be a sleeper pick for RG towards the end of season and beyond.
  10. Is Vera-Tucker really purely for LG? I thought the pulling/athletic guard in the SF scheme was in the right side.
  11. I can see Jets trading for Nick Foles, or hopefully just signing him when he gets cut.
  12. I can see the jets prioritizing defense with the first pick (Cox?) And taking someone like Khalil Herbert at RB with the minnesota 4th rounder.
  13. It is possible the jets put the report out to drum up interest as they likely want to trade out to recoup one of the picks from yesterday.
  14. I used the link (post didn't appear for me). Nicely written! I enjoyed the comps and multi-application of Alex Smith phases!
  15. Great point. I just don't want the Pats to pick Fields. Honestly, because I want to cheer for him to do well...
  16. Watch the Pats snag Fields... Their offense and Cam as a mentor are perfect for him.
  17. This is pretty interesting given the old Bill Parcels rules about having lots of experience as a QB in college (I think it used to be close to 1000 snaps?) Trey Lance is a big risk.
  18. Oh yeah, I agree. Don't take anything Cowherd says seriously. I was just posting his latest ratings ramble that another poster referred to.
  19. Here is the Cowers piece. Seems like he is just regurgitating what the Athletic said about the jets not being an ideal situation.
  20. Drew Dalman is an intriguing prospect in the late rounds. Stanford center with all the intangibles Joe D. seems to value (eg captain).
  21. You are right and I agree they may be planning for the future, but at some point the Jets have to switch to actually paying their own players and having continuity in some areas. Foley/JFM may not be that expensive and provide other intangibles too.
  22. Actually, I hope Gase becomes the head coach of the Patriots in the next year or so.
  23. If the offense truly needs a HB/FB type, then it seems like T.Tremble from Notre Dame will be picked up, maybe in third round.
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