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  1. I am not sure, actually. I thought that a tagged player did not count, but perhaps they do. Either way, not sure if Jets would qualify for compensatory picks because they may spend as much as they lose.
  2. Here is some information about tag values for this year if anyone is interested. https://overthecap.com/franchise-transition-and-rfa-tenders/
  3. Nevermind, just looked it up and it is a little over 15mil. I thought it would.be cheaper. Plus, transition tag only gives Jets right to match (they don't get anything if Robbie leaves, not even qualifying for compensatory pick if tagged).
  4. Transition tag, maybe ( Anderson)
  5. It would be nice to have any addition/changes to the 32nd ranked offensive coaching staff. A QB coach for Darnold for starters. Or bill Callahan to upgrade the OL.
  6. He throws the challenge flag...
  7. If there are no top OTs at 11, I think JD trades down (eg with Eagles) and selects best available OL there.
  8. This is just from a quick search, and supports that Beachum was above average. The question is whether he wants above average money or top of the market money given the scarcity of OL in the market. In 13 games this season, Beachum earned a 67.1 overall grade, landing him in PFF's "above average" category. That mark put Beachum as the 40th best tackle in the NFL this season. While not the most impressive number, it only goes downhill from there for the Jets.
  9. As long as Beachum doesn't break the bank, I would be inclined to agree. If he prices himself out of range, then it may be better to groom a younger replacement and use the cap space on solid veteran guards for the OL.
  10. Got to hope all the defenders and QBs "heat up" in the combine. That would drop at least one of the tackles to Jets. If all 3 tackles are gone, I don't think JD goes WR. I think he trades back and picks BAP (between OL/Edge/CB or WR) in the 20s.
  11. One more... https://twitter.com/ConnorJRogers/status/1217206102015774728
  12. Connor Rogers from Bleacher has some good takes on the draft. He likes Isiah Wilson a lot as well.
  13. Wirfs just declared, so the jets are in decent shape to come out with a tackle in the top 2 rounds.
  14. Say they hire some old coach, like Jim Caldwell or Marvin Lewis, as assistant head coach. Wouldn't that suffice? I do agree that they could use some experience on the coaching staff, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a coordinator. I like that Rhule has a 7 year contract and is trying to build not only a team but a young and innovative coaching staff.
  15. Good point, I wonder what Jimmy Sexton clients may join the Jets this off-season.
  16. Dinamite

    2020 WR thread

    Curious, where do you place CeeDee Lamb in your list?
  17. He was great for Buffalo the first game of the season.
  18. What about Adams from Wisconsin? I read he would have been a top 10-15 pick last year, but he stayed in school and had injuries. And I am asking about him in a trade down or second round pick, not 11.
  19. I can see Joe D trading down unless one of the top 2-3 tackles drops. He could get BPA (OT, C, WR or edge) at 19-22 and net a second round pick to fill more holes.
  20. Would love Dalton, but I think he will go to a place like Chicago where he can displace Trubisky as a starter.
  21. I think the punishment will be disappointing. Something like a fine and a mid round pick. Schefter tweeted out some "comparable" punishments recently (none of which were comparable) and they were all low picks or money. The reason will be that they can't tie it to football operations.

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