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  1. He will probably be the quality control/offense coach working with LaFleur and Calabrese. Saleh said they would add a coach to that side eventually (instead of another QB consultant like last year).
  2. Week 12 is Browns at Houston. Maybe that has something to do with it...(from Albert Breer)
  3. Good point, not sure why non football. Maybe he is just not ready to practice yet, no need for third TE and jets needed roster spot for now
  4. Yeah the non-football injury is throwing me. Maybe it is something else, but that is why he didn't practice earlier in camp .
  5. Injury from the senior bowl, I believe. He is still recovering from it and missed OTAs too (working out at least)
  6. I think cager is perfect for the practice squad as a developmental player this year to master the position. Maybe a call up during season, but that would put him in good shape for the year after.
  7. I think the video showed they had Sauce ranked over Stingley at least. They were really happy once they heard Houston took Stingley.
  8. It seems that Zach does pretty well against zone type of coverages (what they run in the 11 on 11, BUCS game), but maybe struggles a little more with pure man coverage that happens in the end zone.
  9. Thanks for posting this video. It was an encouraging watch.
  10. The piece is written by Seth Walder who you might recall hated the AVT trade. Cimini actually writes the rebuttal on why the jets should be better than this Walder projection.
  11. Connor Rogers on bleacher report had a good draft day stream as well. All football and opinions from different guests (e.g., Richard Sherman on Sauce).
  12. I wonder who his agent is (couldn't find it on Google). Some agencies seem to drag this out to no end.
  13. I think all these way early mock drafts use the Vegas Superbowl odds to determine the order. Let's hope they are way wrong.
  14. I was surprised at that and Williams. All in the same range.
  15. It is pretty interesting how Daniel Jeremiah's top 150 seemed to match the jets board. Even the last few picks were ranked in the same vicinity that they were picked. He has Ruckert at 107, Mitchell at 112 and Clemons at 117 in his list. Guess JD and Jeremiah share similar scouting ideas given their Baltimore roots. Daniel Jeremiah's top 150 prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft class https://www.nfl.com/news/best-prospects-available-in-the-2022-nfl-draft
  16. I dont think the jets have released the video of the call with Wilson yet, but it will certainly be cool to hear.
  17. Isn't Icky a LT? He hasn't played RT before (Becton has).
  18. Would the jets take Jermaine Johnson at 4 (if Ekwuno is not there)?
  19. If that trade is true, then Woody said get him at all costs. Because that is messed up in terms of value as a trade.
  20. Returning to this discussion as it seems Jets are selecting between Sauce and Ikem (and kicking DE and WR for later). Should be an interesting debate. Not sure who they have ranked higher as BPA, but it may end up being whoever Houston does not draft.
  21. So they will have 3 players better suited for LTs on the squad? I guess they can move becton to RT and maybe that is why they also wanted an experienced guard (Tomlinson) next to a rookie LT.
  22. #10 and #38 and a 25 million contract is too much. The jets are not one piece away. Hope that is just wishful thinking from the 49rs.
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