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  1. FYI - Add Drake London to the list.
  2. I read somewhere (Dane Brugler perhaps?) That in the jets system he would shine as he is asked to just pin his ears and rush. He didn't benefit from that in college, which could explain the production issue. Perhaps one of the reasons he did well on senior bowl.
  3. It is possible London is not doing visits until after hia pro day tomorrow.
  4. I am not convinced JD takes WR at 10. More likely he trades down ( or trades back into mid/late first round) to get a WR.
  5. These seems to be a lot of smoke about the jets going CB at 4 (probably Sauce Gardner). This is from mock drafts and some insiders. I would hope for an edge, but perhaps the 3 top edges are gone by then or jets think CB1 is better than edge 3 or 4. While I understand the BPA argument, what is the rationale for going CB over OT at that spot then? In both cases, the jets might be displacing good starters. In fact, there may be more uncertainty at OT with Becton/Fant, then at CB with Reed/Hall/Echols. Just curious on how people would feel if CB is the pick.
  6. It is payback for taking Lawson from their salary cap last year for a 6th.
  7. Happy birthday! Enjoy the day before the frenzy!
  8. Excellent write up, thank you. Given your observations that the class overall is being overhyped, and favorites such as IK didnt test as well, who do you favor at 4?
  9. I can see a team hoping he is the next Richard Seymour. Maybe Houston picks him.
  10. Is Johnson a good shceme fit? It seems he worked out as OLB, so he may be better for 3-4 teams
  11. I can see Atlanta using Calvin Ridley as the price to move up to 4 (or 3 as you said) to put themselves in QB conversation.
  12. Here is the OL group. Zion Johnson made it (potential center and McGovern future replacement in day 2). @kdels62 Raimann is there as well (along with Penning).
  13. I think there were articles at the time how Gase (or anyone from his staff) even contacted Jordan Palmer to talk about Darnold. Of course, Gase didn't believe in any other coach in Darnolds ear, but Palmer did say in interviews how that was strange and unlike other teams.
  14. And the jets have a FB on the roster too. So they are definitely tailoring to their needs. I hope they get the IOL from Boston College (Johnson) on the team too.
  15. They do! Both teams GMs are provided rosters first and can "trade" with one another before final rosters are released (see note from Nagy below). I am sure they get to request a few players ahead of time too.
  16. The tight end group is great, I hope the jets get to evaluate McBride and Ruckert on the team.
  17. Thanks for write up, very informative. Do you know if they would be interested in Allen Robinson from Bears? Could be a good contested catch target for Zack despite down year.
  18. I can see the Jets signing Allen Robinson. Had a down year for many reasons (eg. COVID), but may come with a bit of a discount because of it. I don't recall if JD overlapped with him in Chicago, but Saleh did in Jacksonville I think.
  19. You don't like Garret Wilson? Or just don't think he is as good of a fit for the jets?
  20. Thanks for this post and the research that went into it. It does seem clear that Zach could have benefitted from a "red shirt" period. I am cautiously optimistic that he is eager to improve from the lessons of this year and an off-season of training and studying will help him immensely (with a QB coach that was part of the staff in John Beck!).
  21. What if they sign someone like Allen Robinson on a friendly deal (since he has had a bad year)? Douglas was high on him at one point. I would sign someone like that and draft Bell in second round.
  22. Can't the announcement just be that he is staying in Michigan with a new contract? No team other than the Jags has beenn interviewing anyway, so it can't be an imminent announcement to the NFL.
  23. Best wishes to you, your wife and family. Wishing you a new year of hope, health and happiness.
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