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  1. Does George Paton from the Vikes excite people? Vikes are interesting, but haven't really been good for the last several years. And they drafted Ponder. Paton is assistant GM there so likely he was very involved in those decisions.
  2. Best case scenario #3 (with loss and jags win) Worst case scenario #6 (with win and oakland and washington losses)
  3. Oakland and jets are neck and neck in terms of strength of schedule!
  4. the 3 and 8 seemed like Geno audible to a run. both marty and rex were grilling him afterwards.
  5. uh oh. too soon? is oakland going to blow this?
  6. jets currently picking at 4 (raiders have tougher sos). i think the best jets can do is pick #3. the worst is # 6 jets lose and jags win they get #3 jets beat miami and could pick anywhere from 4 to 6, based on how oakland and washington do.
  7. Oakland win in one of their 2/games and/or jags win vs houston moves jets up (assuming 2 losses).
  8. Jags have a shot to beat Houston last week too. Small shot but by who knows...
  9. Need to root for Jags. Jets need either team to win 2 games. TN will NOT beat the colts. Jags at least hav a shot of beating Houston and its 4th string qb. Jags also have tougher schedule so maybe magically the SOS shifts by the end of the season in jets favor. doubt it though.
  10. It will be fun if Jags win last 2 games (Tennessee and Houston with 4th string qb, so possible) and Washington and Oakland each win one more game (less likely). That would get jets all the way to #3. I think Tampa is locked in on #1 and in full tank mode. TN is probably #2, especially if they lose to jags.
  11. In a scenario where the 2qbs and Cooper are the top 3 picks then we are left with 5 DL to choose from. The one position of strength in the team. At that point maybe a trade down for an OT would be good.
  12. To move up in draft jets need to lose out and hope for Wash and Oak to win 1 more each. And Jacksonville to win 2. TN is a lost cause (play jags and colts) as is Tampa (play GB and NO and have been tanking for the last 4-5 games or so). That potential best case scenario gets the jets to 3. More likely that Jets draft 4-6
  13. For the jets to move into top 5, best case scenario is 1- Lose next 2 2- Washington wins at least 1 game (Jets move up to 5) 3- Oakland wins at least 1 game (Jets move up to 4) 4- Jags win two games or win 1 game and SOS gets better. (possible, but difficult Jets move up to 3) 5- TN wins 2 games (unlikely, and they mess us up and beat jags too) 6- Tampa wins 2 games (unlikely, play GB and New Orleans) Likely scenario is picking somewhere in 4-6 range.
  14. I know Oakland has a more difficult schedule, but I think Jacksonville is close to the jets. So if Jacksonville wins on Thursday (against TN) there is a chance jets win tiebreaker against them by end of season. Out of all the teams ahead of jets, I have the most faith in Jags winning 2. Maybe we get lucky and Oak and/or Wash also win 1 more. If the above happens, Jets pick 3 (no way they pass TB and TN).
  15. Sigh, not a single score going the jets favor from TB, Jags, Oak or Redskins.
  16. And Tampa is in full tank mode. Carolina is playing with Derek Anderson!
  17. Unfortunately, we have to cheer for RG3 and Washington because if they lose and jets wins, they also leapfrog jets in draft position.
  18. One concern with Harbaugh is that hiring him may be costly in terms of picks. Other than that, he would be great.
  19. Well, they both worked with polian and were both recommended by him. But gamble got passed be everyone who interviewed him so can't really blame jets on that one. Maybe new experience with eagles will make him better, who knows. I am not being short sighted about Caldwell. If you like Blaine gabbert and the other rookies Caldwell drafted you probably like the job he is done. I view gabbert as a potentially good qb, but I thought idzik's first draft was as good as Caldwell's. Yes, Geno is not the qb of the future, but it was a good gamble. His second draft (and many other things) sucked though. Irrelevant though because Caldwell said no to jets and gamble was not offered the job. I am Hoping we get the gamble/harbaugh combo this time around, but without giving up picks.
  20. Thank you, Dave Caldwell. That's his name. Anyway, he spent 10 years working with polian in the colts. He was definitely the guy polian recommended. But given the jags record last 2 years, he also has not done so well...
  21. I think Bill Polian recommended the guy who became the jags gm. He did spurn the jets.
  22. If Idzik is still GM it will likely be Dan Quinn, the DC from Seattle. If Idzik gets canned it is probably because a big name coach who wants full power got hired (a la Harbaugh or Gruden).
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