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  1. This is pretty interesting given the old Bill Parcels rules about having lots of experience as a QB in college (I think it used to be close to 1000 snaps?) Trey Lance is a big risk.
  2. Oh yeah, I agree. Don't take anything Cowherd says seriously. I was just posting his latest ratings ramble that another poster referred to.
  3. Here is the Cowers piece. Seems like he is just regurgitating what the Athletic said about the jets not being an ideal situation.
  4. Drew Dalman is an intriguing prospect in the late rounds. Stanford center with all the intangibles Joe D. seems to value (eg captain).
  5. You are right and I agree they may be planning for the future, but at some point the Jets have to switch to actually paying their own players and having continuity in some areas. Foley/JFM may not be that expensive and provide other intangibles too.
  6. Actually, I hope Gase becomes the head coach of the Patriots in the next year or so.
  7. If the offense truly needs a HB/FB type, then it seems like T.Tremble from Notre Dame will be picked up, maybe in third round.
  8. Do not want any Defensive Tackles in the first 4 or 5 rounds. Jets are stacked at this position and lacking in all others.
  9. It is pretty absurd when you think about it. You have that much of an ego that you can't even talk to his qb coach for feedback or even for instructions on what he would want Sam to work on during the off-season. Nevermind he never hired a QB coach of his own on the jets. Talk about an offense needing a "quality control" coach!
  10. Last one on the topic. Advice to future QBs (since he has talked to Wilson).
  11. Here is the "instagram" thank you for those who inquired.
  12. I know we are turning the page, but some may be interested in his comments post trade. https://www.panthers.com/news/sam-darnold-walking-into-a-good-situation-carolina The last week of Sam Darnold's life has been a little bit of a blur. So when he landed in Charlotte on Sunday afternoon to begin the next chapter of his football career, the new Panthers quarterback admitted he was still sorting out the way he felt about the trade that brought him from the Jets, an abrupt change to his career plan. "There's a little bit of both — relief and excitement," Darnold said. "There's been so much uncertainty this offseason, not knowing what your future was going to look like, that was hard. "But now that I'm in Charlotte, I'm excited, and yeah, I guess I am kind of relieved to be here." For the 23-year-old quarterback, the mixed feelings come partly from the fact he never imagined being here. From the moment he was drafted third overall by the Jets in 2018, he figured he'd stay there his entire career and have great success, the way everyone does when they're drafted. But the business of the NFL took over, and with the Jets earning the second overall pick in this year's draft, they made the decision to cast their lot with an even younger model (expected to be Brigham Young's Zach Wilson). Darnold admitted that reality was difficult to swallow, but he saw the flip side of the transaction as beneficial, once he recalled the conversations with his agent during which the possibility of joining the Panthers emerged. "Those conversations were tough," Darnold said. "I imagined I was going to be the franchise quarterback of the New York Jets for a long time. And once you realize that the team that drafted you is moving on, it stings a little bit." The pain of that is soothed by the fact he's walking into what ought to be a good situation for any quarterback. His former Jets teammate Josh McCown, who also played for the Panthers from 2008-09 and counseled Darnold through his rookie year in New York, pointed out a more subtle connection which could help with Darnold's transition to his new home. The year before Darnold arrived in New York (2017), McCown was there when John Morton replaced Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator. Morton's previous job was as the wide receivers coach with the Saints. As McCown explained, even after head coach Todd Bowles replaced Morton with offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates in 2018, the passing game concepts for Darnold's rookie year remained consistent from the previous year, based on the Saints' principles which Brady grew up on. (Bates did adapt the Jets' running game that year, implementing more of the outside zone system the 49ers are running under Kyle Shanahan.) "The stuff Sam was asked to do as a rookie is really similar to what Joe Brady and the Panthers want to do now," McCown said. "He really did have a comfort with that passing game, and he flourished in it. "I think from a schematic standpoint, this could be a real sweet spot for Sam." Darnold's still getting to know his new coaches, and is having his first full day of face-to-face interaction with them Monday. And while it's too soon to know what to expect this year, he acknowledged that McCown's point was valid. "For sure, there are some similarities to what I did my rookie season," Darnold said of the film he's watched of the 2020 Panthers. "The system was good for me, and I felt like I settled in nicely." But beyond any Xs and Os (or any Christians or Joes), Darnold said he mostly feels grateful to be in Charlotte, to have a chance to hit reset on his career at such a young age, and to be in a place where active steps were taken to acquire him. "To go from being unwanted to being wanted is huge," Darnold said. "Getting that news that you're going to be traded, of a team saying, 'Hey, we didn't want you," for whatever reason, is hard. "But right now, I feel great about it, and I'm excited to get here, and get started."
  13. Sure, when the offer was made back in February. I meant later in the process, when they were at pro days, SF decided to trade for #3 rather than wait to trade for Sam which would have been cheaper.
  14. Seems like SF chose to trade 3 first round picks for the 3rd qb in this class than a second round pick for Darnold. They clearly liked #3qb more than Sam.
  15. This is really interesting and might tip off why they seem so high on Jenkins to plug in at RG.
  16. Would love to take on Teddy bridgewater as a backup/mentor from Carolina. But I am not sure that he is tradeable with his contract. Nick Foles could also be a good option.
  17. Got it. I figured they were waiting for FMV on Sam before trading him. But I agree with you that it is peculiar they have not even made Sam or #2 available yet.
  18. LSU and FSU pro days today. Anyone know who represents the jets? JD probably going to Florida for Pitts and Toney, but LSU also has some key players (receivers), including in the defense (Cox).
  19. I assume if JD really loves Wilson (or Fields), the reason they haven't traded Sam yet is because they have not gotten their price as @football guy has said (probably want a 2 and only offered a 3 or 4). I wonder if they move him for something that allows JD to save some face, like a 4 this year and a 3 next year that can become a 2 with playing time, etc.
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