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  1. We were wondering who from the Jets would attend Fields pro day. According to Albert Breed here is the team. Jets GM Joe Douglas, assistant GM Rex Hogan and OC Mike LaFleur So, we get Hogan rather than Salah. Hogan also went to Trevor and Lance's pro day.
  2. The Jets off-season program starts April 5th, I think. Wouldn't they want to have this done (if they are reading Sam) by then? And if they are resigned to trading him, do you think they do so no matter what? Or only of they get some value for him (e.g. the Rosen package)?
  3. For prior history, the bears traded a second and a third the following year to trade up from 3 to 2 and take trubisky, I believe
  4. For Trey Lance it was JD, Rex Hogan and qb coach Greg Knapp. Agree with you that it should be same team that went to Wilson's pro-day.
  5. I respect your opinion quite a bit and you have backed it up with substantial evidence and study. I am pro-Fields and confused why he gets so much dislike in media/draftniks (and it will be funny if he ends up going to SF after people were saying he doesn't fit the scheme). Nevertheless, it looks like we are going Wilson. If we removed the fact that they are skipping over Fields, can you say you would be excited about the Wilson pick? Or do you think it is a bad pick no matter what (i.e. do you rank him lower than other qbs beyond fields/lawrence)?
  6. Interesting. I think Miami is in the pole position to get Watson next year now (doubt he gets traded this year)
  7. Can you see the niners flipping with jets? They didn't trade any of their picks this year and may have current players the jets want too.
  8. As per the NFL COViD protocols, no workouts are permitted. So the jets can't even do their own deep meetings/workout with the QBs which is a disadvantage.
  9. No contacts, but I would think they go with Fant this year and draft a tackle to groom behind him. Or maybe that is what I hope they do.
  10. I appreciate the response, and your initial post. I just think that an offense with an emphasis on blocking and long ball also favors Fields (and maybe more so given his threat as a runner). Plus, all the reports are consistent with you (Wilson, or trade down and keep Sam), but the media seems to not have been fully on target with the jets interests thus far. I can understand your preference for Wilson, but I don't see how Fields is far inferior. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  11. Every agent likely tells the media "the jets are interested" to use as leverage in negotiations. I don't think any of the key signings were really rumored to be main interests by the jets in the media.
  12. With Jordan Jenkins going to the Texans, I believe the jets have 0 players from the Macccagnan 2015 and 2016 drafts, and only Marcus Maye from 2017.
  13. You can only take 3 people to pro days. It will be interesting to see who goes. For Trey Lance, it was JD, Rex Hogan and the new QB coach. Do they stick to same evaluators for every QB pro day, or send head coach or OC for specific ones?
  14. If deep ball accuracy is a requirement, wouldn't Justin Fields be preferred then? I thought he had better numbers overall in that dept (compared to Wilson) across NCAA careers.
  15. Thanks for sharing Mogglez! Two quick questions. Any input on edges the Jets may be interested in? And what does OA mean after the second pick? Thanks
  16. It was for a swap of 7th round picks too. Cheap, but the Dolphins add about 4 million to their cap. A potential talent, but also a big able given last year.
  17. Good question! As attractive as getting a potential blue chipper by moving to 12, there is also a lot of value in adding more talent, and maybe players at 23 and 50 will be better for this team than just one at 12. That being said, you can make the trade for 12 and attempt to trade back down on draft day and end up with something better in terms of multiple picks.
  18. I will let it go. Just thought it was funny how some of the experts also flip flop (which is fine).
  19. Didn't Miller have Wilson as QB 2 just a few weeks ago?
  20. It is what they would normally do if there was a combine. So same annual press conference, just no combine.
  21. Interesting. Can you imagine Derek Carr returning to the scene of his brother's career murder? I think any team not named the jets and maybe dolphins would have to include at least 3 number 1s (the equivalent of #2 overall)
  22. The picture didn't copy before, but here it is.
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