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  1. The purple Jason is in this game too. Along with the 8 bit music.
  2. Baby Driver has been drowned out by the mega films, but it's definitely one of the better movies out this summer.
  3. I've played Friday the 13th on the PS4. (BTW, I've heard it's a nightmare on Xboxone) It's fun, but... teamkillers and glitchers will ruin your game. Plus, if you get into a room where no one speaks, it kinda sucks. If several people are playing the way you are supposed to (teamwork) then the game is pretty fun. It's basically video game hide & seek though.
  4. Saw Deadpool as well. Very funny. They finally rectified that trash from the Wolverine movie.,
  5. Didn't that play eventually end up with Dallas scoring? Horrible call.
  6. I had fun watching it, and my family enjoyed it. That's what counts. I could nitpick the bad points but at the end of the day, we all enjoyed ourselves.
  7. Yeah, I think that's a good idea to go dark come Wednesday. I was going to get tix for Thursday night but the kids have midterms. I guess I can wait until Friday afternoon to see it. I would go by myself, but I would love to experience Star Wars through my kids eyes.
  8. On top of that its a show about zombies based off a comic book!
  9. Yes that's her. She looks more like the second picture though. I run into her from time to time in Davie. She very skinny in real life. Very nice though.
  10. I believe there was a 12 year old kid in the car during Sheldon's last escapade.
  11. KRL's reports are on the money! Great addition to the site. Good recruiting Max
  12. I watched about half of Dawg Fight last night. Hopefully I'll be able to see the rest sometime this weekend. I agree, Billy Corben makes some interesting documentaries.
  13. I saw MM: Fury Road last night. I thought it was a good summer popcorn flick. The action is over the top, which is just what I was looking for. It is very reminiscent of The Road Warrior. I recommend it, but be prepared, you're basically paying to see a 2 hour car chase! BTW Guitar Guy is a sight to see! I saw it in 3-D but in my opinion it could be viewed regularly and you will enjoy just the same
  14. The last time I was there, they did not. I heard if you pay an extra seven dollars, they let you in early so you can pick whatever seat you want but, I wouldn't consider that reserved seating.
  15. Although not quite as big, the Fort Lauderdale Imax screen is 60 feet by 80 feet. So you still have an option.
  16. 60! Nah, that little marijuana thing isn't going to haunt him at all.
  17. What you don't seem to understand is that Gregory didn't fail a drug test, he failed an intelligence test. IMO he was probably going to be picked in the top 10. By failing the test when he did, his draft stock dropped. The further down he drops, the less money he is going to make over the next 4 years of his contract. So because he was stupid, he is going to lose money over the life of his first contract. Hence, his decision is going to haunt him for years.
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