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  1. Re: Tevin Jenkins Just incase people forgot: We passed on him twice. We have Jamison Crowder who is one of the better slot guys in the league and we were literally trying to trade up for a slot in Elijah Moore. So it's not like we cared about investing extra resources in a player we liked. Several rumors Tevin Jenkins has some medical red flag situation. Also keep in mind he didn't become that mauler until this year as a 23 year old and many think is just a RT. Had injury issues at the end of last year. AVT is two years younger than him and if his arms were like 1 inch l
  2. I don't think the Dolphins have the goods anymore to get him. I mean how badly would someone want SF's first next year? Should be in the 20's. Eagles on the otherhand line up perfect as hes in the NFC and likely have 3 first. Lions may not be interested but if Im Houston I would value their first rounder higher then anyone else.
  3. Theres several things to read that may vary a few percentage points depending on your criteria but heres one for you. Theres alot of numbers out there if you search for them. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2015/2/20/8072877/what-the-statistics-tell-us-about-the-draft-by-round
  4. At times there is fluff. Those of us here on Draft Day are aware there was a poster here that claimed the Jets were trying to move back into the first for Elijah Moore on the first day. Thats how much they liked him. So this is real stuff. Again - This is why you can't judge AVT in a vacuum. Elijah Moore would have been the pick at 23 and Michael Carter would have been selected by us in the 3rd round by all reports by the FO. This draft could have been: Wilson, Moore 1.23, Jenkins 2.2, Michael Carter 3.2, Ronnie Perkins 3.23. Echols etc. Instead it was Wlson, AVT,
  5. A week later and I still can't believe people are upset at trading 3rd round picks to potentially acquire a Pro Bowl or All Pro player. It's the 3rd round. The chance of these picks hitting are usually have a 30% of hitting as opposed to the 86% chance of lineman hitting in round 1. Our last few 3rd round picks have been Jachai Polite, Chuma Edoga and Zuninga. There are just so many factors specifically in this draft most are ignoring. We settled on Wilson a month before the draft so this was extremely thought out. It was a Covid draft in which the talent was depleted and 3rd roun
  6. Theres going to be a ton of responses in this thread. 99% of the responses will come from people that didn't bother to read the rationale behind Jason's system. Let me save you all some reading - Jason's system is trash and just a way to make his subjective viewpoints look like they have some statistical backing. For example the bears traded up and gave up a ton to move up 9 spots so he then assigned Justin Fields 22.5m of value as he's a QB so the trade in his opinion is pretty close to even. So what happens if Justin Fields sucks? What happens if the guy gets benched next year? I
  7. Agreed. Judging from the attention the Jets put on individual prospects from the leaks we are aware of the Jets likely would have come out of R3 with two out of Tommy Tremble/Ronnie Perkins/Michael Carter if I had to put money on it. They also were trying to trade up for Elijah Moore so I believe he would have been 1.23. So it was: Trade Up: Wilson, AVT, Moore, Carter and Sherwood(Vikings Pick) vs If we stayed there - Wilson, 1.23: Moore, 2:34 Tevin Jenkins, 3.2 Ronnie Perkins and 3.23 Michael Carter The Jets did really well in the move up. Joe talked a
  8. It's discussed at length in the above thread. But to keep it short and simple I think if you look at the Jets interviews there was a clear direction in what they wanted to do. For me - It was look at groups - Not individual's. Thats what they did with the LT group last year. QB was a known thing. But after that: The Jets interviewed a group of lineman that were going to go in R1. The Jets interviewed a group of WR that were going to go Late 1/Early 2. The Jets interviewed several RB's that traditionally go mid to late 2. I think it was clear as day the directi
  9. Fair Play. Lots of great responses from you later on in the thread - Just using the above to segway into the PFF positional value debate. I am a big fan of analytics in general and in other sports they are gospel like baseball. But in football they are only one piece of the pie. What they don't take into account is year to year variations especially during a covid year and individual teams draft tendencies. Before we start lets just let it be known PFF missed horribly on Josh Allen as well as Justin Herbert. They were terribly wrong on both. So yea I value some of their statistics
  10. Just my opinion here. In this years draft we drafted 10 players. In next years draft we have like 13 picks. Thats before UDFA's and FA. At a certain point we are going to be drafting backups high meaning we are not going to have depth issues. To compete with Mahomes eventually we need several All Pro's. Not Fill in's or JAG's. If Joe Douglas thinks theres a All Pro or Pro Bowler on the board he needs to move up. I am absolutely confident we could get the Wyatt Daviss of the World later in the draft as those guys are completely replaceable. We are talking about giving up
  11. If Darrisaw was Elite he wouldn't have been passed up by 22 teams. Especially by multiple teams that needed a LT.
  12. In regards to UDFA - They are UDFA's for a reason. I feel like its kinda " take what you can get" there kinda thing. I think this article is from last year. If you look at our last two draft classes under Douglas there is certainly a trend towards longer guys. This year especially its almost all of them. There seems to be a clear type of player they are going after for better or worse.
  13. The Jets have never focused on speed before. It's so refreshing.
  14. I think people are not getting how different this team is in its current trajectory. Like a topic like this is just kinda funny. This is the fastest, youngest and most talented our team has been in my time. People are sweating Miami - Miami traded most of their picks and they are at the salary cap. The Jets have extremely high potential guys at LT, LG, NT, QB and CB1. Hall should get better in a zone. We have UDFA significantly helping this team.(Guidry, Huff, Cager, Jackson) Waiver guys are significantly helping this team (Ty Johnson and Franklin Meyers). Our co
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