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  1. Feel free to merge this in the Meyers Contract post. JFM has popped on Film for awhile now and our players are finally in a system that allow them to play up to their potential. Many of you guys in this thread saw this last year too. Don't have time to post much But man did we find ourselves a STUD GM. Douglas is nailing the big moves like hiring Saleh, trades and bringing in the right system for his players and he is doing all the small moves killing it with late draft picks and waiver wire guys like JFM. Young Stud pass rusher for free? Unbelievable. Now Wilson is injured a
  2. Love Joe Douglas. 28 Year old player. Just had his best year as a Pro. We're about to change our entire defensive scheme. By time this team is ready to compete deep in the playoffs hell be over 30. This is just not the time to sign a guy like Maye to a megadeal. At his age and our timeline this is a Franchise and let walk or Franchise x2 situation while we find his replacement. How many top 10 safeties are over 30 yrs old? Not many.
  3. "CJ is the best player on the team" "CJ's contract makes him untradeable" "Fake news - I hate rumor season" Thread is full of a whole bunch of homers and misinformation. Here's some facts: The Jets have been listening on CJ since the start of FA. CJ is 29. CJ was Elite as a 3-4 LB in Balitmore. We do not run that system and several LB's from Baltimore have not played well on other teams once they leave in Balitmore. His contract is absolutely horrible. If you don't think JD is trying to get rid of this horrid contract for a old playe
  4. We got Moses so cheap. JD is a damn Jedi.
  5. Douglas is the Best GM we have had here. Unbelievable. Crowder gives us insurance and will likely be traded if we fall out of the playoff hunt.
  6. Many of us said Crowder was gone the second we drafted Moore. You simply don't keep 10m backup slot receivers with injury problems. Btw is excellent to see a GM that uses leverage correctly. Crowder will either get the Alex Lewis or Brian Winters treatment unless he's traded. Love Douglas
  7. 7th overall pick for a RT who played only 1 full year year of excellent play before sitting out for a year. What could go wrong? Oh yeah - You also passed up on Justin Fields for Jared Goff.
  8. Sanchez is by far a bigger bust then Darnold and its not close. Really when you look at top 10 QB's that busted he may have been put in the best situation since Big Ben got drafted to the Steelers and still found a way to suck. If you really think about the situation Sanchez was placed in it had to be one of the best developmental spots in the NFL. We had an amazing Oline and one of the best running games in the league. Our Defense was amazing he had weapons. Edwards, Holmes and Keller was a great group. Out of the 20-30 draft bust QB's since then I would have to think that was one
  9. From a team building perspective it would be fantastic for James Morgan to come in and play decent for a game or two. Especially the first 1-2 games to take that pressure off Zach. We need to know if he is the long term backup here firstly which is a very valuable spot. Secondly if he plays well hell be extremely valuable if we want to trade him. People forget but Morgan was hyped and has a gun. He might surprise us a bit.
  10. I remember coming here and people complaining so hard we didn't keep Robby. Those guys were dead wrong. Douglas made the right decision letting him go. Carolina really screwed up giving him that money as its part of the reason they didn't pay Curtis Samuel. Really poor decision by Carolina keeping Robby/Letting Curtis Samuel get to FA. Samuel is much younger and way more versatile.
  11. Re: Tevin Jenkins Just incase people forgot: We passed on him twice. We have Jamison Crowder who is one of the better slot guys in the league and we were literally trying to trade up for a slot in Elijah Moore. So it's not like we cared about investing extra resources in a player we liked. Several rumors Tevin Jenkins has some medical red flag situation. Also keep in mind he didn't become that mauler until this year as a 23 year old and many think is just a RT. Had injury issues at the end of last year. AVT is two years younger than him and if his arms were like 1 inch l
  12. I don't think the Dolphins have the goods anymore to get him. I mean how badly would someone want SF's first next year? Should be in the 20's. Eagles on the otherhand line up perfect as hes in the NFC and likely have 3 first. Lions may not be interested but if Im Houston I would value their first rounder higher then anyone else.
  13. Theres several things to read that may vary a few percentage points depending on your criteria but heres one for you. Theres alot of numbers out there if you search for them. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2015/2/20/8072877/what-the-statistics-tell-us-about-the-draft-by-round
  14. At times there is fluff. Those of us here on Draft Day are aware there was a poster here that claimed the Jets were trying to move back into the first for Elijah Moore on the first day. Thats how much they liked him. So this is real stuff. Again - This is why you can't judge AVT in a vacuum. Elijah Moore would have been the pick at 23 and Michael Carter would have been selected by us in the 3rd round by all reports by the FO. This draft could have been: Wilson, Moore 1.23, Jenkins 2.2, Michael Carter 3.2, Ronnie Perkins 3.23. Echols etc. Instead it was Wlson, AVT,
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