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  1. Watched a ton of their games. Have Evans. 1- How often were they down a ton of points and needed to force the issue on offense? Down 14? More? Pretty often. It was shootouts all year against sh*tty defenses. Tampa had the 3rd easiest schedule against Defenses in the NFL. 2- Monken did not do anything magical for Winston who should be a stud by now. Instead Winston got benched. Why would I trust Darnold to him? Especially when darnold may have the same turnover issues Winston has. 3- Monken didn’t even call plays the whole season. Keotter did at times. 4- Sure Tampa has gaudy stats. But they faced sh*tty defenses all season. They were 12th in DVOA as an offense. Monken at first looks appealing bc of those gaudy stats but the more you break him down he needs to prove alot more before he gets a HC gig. Hence why he got a few HC interviews but got passed up- Hes now hoping for an OC job which is wayyy more appropiate. Its arguable that Koetter Was the brain there and why he was hired immedietly back to Atlanta. We had no amazing choices this year. But out of the available guys the Jets killed it. Very happy about gase. Now lets land Williams and talk playoffs.
  2. Shockwave

    8 NFL HC jobs were available..

    You forgot to mention hes been avail for well over a month. Yet he got only one interview. The answer is no one wanted him.
  3. 8 teams needed a Head Coach. He got one Interview. He said he's not coaching this year because NO ONE wants him. The guy was available for a month and no one wanted him. Mike Mccarthy will never be a head coach again.
  4. People Loved the Bowles Hire. It was terrible. About time the Jets had some balls and made a decision they knew people would hate. Great call. What stud coaches were available this offseason? None. Love Arians but he's pushing 70. Monken? A whole lot of those stats were from the Bucs playing against prevent defense with a very good cast of Mike Evans, Godwin, Desean Jackson, OJ Howard and Winston/Fitzpatrick. He didn't even call the plays the whole season. Kingsbery? A very desperate attempt to find anyone that resembles Mcvay. He couldn't even get a college HC job this offseason after being fired. McCarthy? Would have been our absolute worst choice. He will likely NEVER be a head-coach in the NFL again. Another Chuck Pagano that hung around because of amazing QB play and average coaching. These are NOT some special coaches. Mccarthy luckily got to coach two generational talents while he was head-coach and both Favre and Rodgers were just as good without him. So if you want to give him credit for coaching Aaron Rodgers how could you possibly disregard how bad his relationship with Aaron Rodgers? How is that not a HUGE red flag ? You likely have seen the above but there are many other articles out there with HUGE red flags. This season there had to be 3-4 guys that basically did the communication between Rodgers and Mcarthy. Thats how bad it got. I don't see how anyone would want that around Darnold. Mccarthy ran an old stale offense for most of his time there and absolutely underperformed. With the talent they had there and an all world QB I think most people would agree only one title was a huge disappointment. On to The Man. Adam Gase. Still Super Young. Years Under Nick Saban. Finally we get a Guy with Head Coaching Experience. I can not stress how important this is. https://www.foxsports.com/florida/story/miami-dolphins-underwhelming-overachieving-playoff-race-120418 19-6 in one score games is the among the best records in the NFL over that time for a head-coach. He has done that with piss poor talent, tons of injuries and Ryan Tannehill that has been hurt almost every season. Adam Gase Knows this division. He is young. He is alittle crazy. He is very good in one score games. He takes NO sh*t from any of his players and is brilliant by all accounts. He just got his second head coaching job after leaving from a division rival after being a great coordinator. He now has a Franchise QB. He was the play caller for one of the best offenses in the history of football. His teams played much better than their talent level. Yes I'll say it. Lots of similarities to Bill Belichick getting hired in New England. Will he be him or remotely close to him as the greatest HC ever? No. Not even close. But theres a whole world of upside here people are not seeing in Gase as a HC. Especially if we get a good DC like Williams or Joseph. It's about time our Front Office didn't cave into public perception and have some balls. Pleasantly surprised as This is VERY unlike the Jets of the last 10 years. Absolutely Killer Move. This team is going to improve a ton in the next few years. Tons of Cap space. Absolutely prime Draft position to Draft Quinnen or Trade Down to a team wanting Haskins. Great time to be a Jet Fan.
  5. What really sucks is Myles Jack is the exact player we wanted and envisioned with speed and ability to cover at LB. Im really surprised we didn't consider him. His knee condition must be absolutely terrible.
  6. The Jets spent a-lot of time with Hackenberg. If he is the guy their targeting lets hope its in round 3. Theres still so many good players left.
  7. Im not killing this pick for this reason. How many years have we watched Rex and his dinosaur LB's be the slowest part of our team? Our LB needed to be addressed big time. While I would have preferred we addressed this type of position with middle round picks the pick could still be a great one if we are remaking the LB core this year. Two things I would really like to see to go along with this pick: 1. Resign Mo longterm immediately. Lee ONLY works if we have guys upfront to protect him. We need Mo here. 2. Continue revamping the LB core with 1-2 more draft picks in the next few rounds. I think the Jets will be targeting Noah Spence or Yannick Hgakoue tonight.
  8. Very Fair post. Ive been following the draft for 15 years now and I think the thing to separate is "who you like" with your reaction to the pick. Because the chances of your team drafting the players are like picking lotto. While Im not the biggest fan of Lee - He could work in the right system and my goal was to point out why he was the pick more then Hating/Loving Lee as a prospect. People just have the tendency to hate on anyone that doesn't LOVE/WORSHIP every move we make. Our defense clearly had a huge weakness covering RB's and having scrambling QB's take advantage of us. Lee is a means to address that and I actually foresee us getting at least 1 more LB tonight. So this is just the start of Bowles addressing what he clearly told us he would address...
  9. These are always my favorite post on the board. People said the same thing about: Herman Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan and all of their GM's. How did that work out for them?
  10. If you read through the initial post which you clearly didn't you'll notice that the Jets are: -Are the oldest team in the league. -Signed MORE 30 year olds this offseason. -Trade aware more draft picks then they acquire -Use up ALL of their cap space. Im sure most of the people on this board would agree that actions speak louder then words. So Mac can say whatever he wants but this is a VERY win now team. With Brady gone 4 games Its playoffs or bust this year.....
  11. Bryan Thomas was 6'4, 266 with a 4.47 40 yard dash. His combine was up there with Mario Williams and the all time greats. Lee played most of last season around 220-225 and is maxed out on his frame.
  12. The Jets are playing for this year - So don't look for them to draft guys to develop for "The future". I would expect them to target a pass rusher in the second or third round as its a major need for this year.
  13. Maybin was bigger then Lee and got killed by NFL lineman. Lee certainly is going to be that Safety/LB combo. If thats the case its clear he was higher on the board at that position then Miles Jack/Craven.
  14. Try reading through the entire first post before responding. This was mentioned as the reason for the pick specifically. Hence "reactionary"..... And comparing him to Luke Kuechly?
  15. So your saying we should do something about our current set up of Geno (Last year of deal and sucks) being protected by Clady (Old/short deal) throwing to Marshall (32)? Besides Hackenberg they didn't even really look at a-lot of offensive guys with their visits. In our Front offices minds as outlined in this thread we are playing to win the Super Bowl this year. We will trade draft picks. We will sign the jarvis Jenkins of the world. We will spend every dollar of our cap. We will simply Franchise Mo and play it year to year. Its not conventional thinking for sure but its what there doing. Btw - Daron Lee isn't an OLB. That boy is not bending around the edge. As Bowles said hell be an ILB that covers RB's and some slot WR's. He'll Blitz occasionally when you think hes covering a WR/RB from the slot. Hell play QB contain. He's a situational speed guy. If we wanted an OLB to bend the edge and get the QB we would have drafted Noah Spence.

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