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  1. "To me he(Wilson) is clearly the 2nd best QB" and Fields could benefit from a year on the bench and" needs refinement". I think Jeremiah never linked us with Becton last year right?
  2. For sure. I was Pre med at the time as well. Also I am a numbers/math person that spent hundreds of hours on Fangraphs. In Baseball I could nail prospects at a ridiculously high rate - Just much easier to project.(Anyone see that Tati's contract? Wow. ) The reason I am attracted to PFF is the numbers although I fully understand football is a very different animal with so many different variables it is so much harder to project. In fact it kind of led me the wrong way with Wilson over Fields (PFF rankings/Articles). You clearly write well and know what you're talking about. Sounds like y
  3. Lots of great stuff here. Early Twenties I was thinking about starting a salary cap site. Then was going to blog for JI. Felt there wouldn't be interest and was it worth the time? Jason did it right after, devoted himself and hope he's doing well with it. All of these things take so much time and once kids/wife's are around and demand every moment of our lives its super tough to do. You'd be really good if its worth your time. I like JT Osullivan's plan. Looks like hell break down plays on youtube while gathering followers on Twitter/Patreon. I really like that format and think pe
  4. Was going to ask you guys how many guys we drafted last year that we visited yet. Remembered google was my friend. Here are the guys we visited last year. Looks like we landed a decent amount. https://thejetpress.com/2020/04/13/ny-jets-list-2020-nfl-draft-prospects/
  5. Great Video. Needed to watch after kids fell asleep. JT's videos are long lol. Theres definitely some hero ball in there, over confidence and advanced throws in a mixed bag. Just my own opinion here but his mechanics fluctuate a decent amount which has to alter the throw negatively at times. When he uses his hips/body right it looks effortless but I saw the dying ball too Maury along with the bad decision to throw it to that WR. Theres a-lot of the name Mahomes(texas tech version) thrown around places in regards to Wilson. Not sure if its fair but it surely gets Wilson a ton of atte
  6. Agree on all the draft sites. I think when you look at them a ton you can certainly feel a momentum for certain players but theres certainly some BC out there and too much clickbait. I try not to hate on anyone but I really dislike Matt Miller. You're also right about accountability - Theres none. Love your breakdown of the OSU offense and makes a ton of sense. Thanks as I certainly did not know the whole mesh system concepts at that depth. I'm just wondering why Fields isn't the universal 2 or 1b from people that understand these things. Even when I was hating on Fields it was undeniabl
  7. I definitely started understanding Fields game more and rank him much higher then before. With that said these are the exact kind of things we all want to see regardless of which QB you favor. When you see these articles/rumors: *Chances Jax listens on the number 1 increases. *Chances we get Watson increases. As jet fans this just raises the value of our pick. Every Zach Wilson is Patrick Mahomes article is great. Every Justin Fields is Russell Wilson article is wonderful. Lets hope theres more of this.
  8. Just really odd to see Atlanta send that many people including the owner to a Pro day of a player so locked in for the first pick. I agree they'll be aggressive as you mention. The Falcons know how difficult it is to get those top picks and Matt Ryan is getting cut after this season. The last time they picked this high was a long time ago. They sort of have to get a QB this year. The whole NFL knows this including Atlanta. Someone is coming up to #3 to take Fields/Wilson before Atlanta takes them. That means they are staring at Trey Lance and that kind of sucks for them. So
  9. Good post. Fully Agree. Happy to see him elsewhere.
  10. You guys were right from the plays shown in this thread. It is just easier to see when these guys @win4ever and @maury77 are breaking it down the way they did which was really informative. On the other side when you see these scouting reports on Fields they mostly all read the same: https://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2021JFields.php When you read these things its definitely easy to just go with the narrative. Watched plenty of Fields and Wilson but the only all 22 I saw on Fields was the QB school and a few from PFF/Draft Twitter. But did I like literally watch all 22
  11. *Arthur Blank went and saw Trevor Lawrence in person. Anyone else think that was fishy? Perhaps theres a chance they listen for the 1 pick. Maybe they try to get cute and think what about Justin Fields/Zach Wilson at the 2nd pick and the Jets 1.23 pick? *The more you think about Sam's contract needing to be renewed soon the more it is apparent we need to take a QB. If Sam plays decent this year he could command over 30m per year and 100m guaranteed. You're screwed for many years if he regresses. A rookie QB is just so much easier to move on from. *I think we will debating Wilson vs
  12. Good Stuff Maury and thanks for the Gif's. Theres def some stuff from Klassen and the PFF times in which Fields does take longer then most, throws later when blitzed then other QB's and causes his own pressure more then other QB's. All those are concerning but really what @win4ever explained/showed and you just did at-least kind of makes you see those other stats and take it with a grain of salt. As long as his progressions/processing is not a red flag and just something that needs to be worked on like any other college QB(Which I think you guys kind of proved) its kind of hard not
  13. Sign Samuel. Cut Crowder. Gets us more versatile. More upside and younger all at the same time.
  14. No interest in having a Dak Prescott situation this offseason where we are forced to Franchise Sam if we can't come to an agreement. Even less interest in having a Jared Goff situation a year from now if Sam has a good season, gets paid then regresses. If the Jets and Sam can't come to an agreement it's time to trade Sam and pick Wilson or Fields at 2. Especially since we can get a decent pick for him.
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