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  1. I always loved Akeem hicks. DT rotation is very weak.
  2. Oh absolutely - Jason needs to stick to putting numbers into Excel. In fact the PFF guys as well regarding teams picks in certain drafts as they have consistently missed on this. Especially when neither has any track record of calling picks correctly. All of these types absolutely hated the Rams method of trading many of their picks for players. The Rams just won the Super Bowl. Their was a podcast in which the PFF guys were like "Lets not mention that as it makes our process look wrong". Jason - Puts those numbers in Excel great. No business talking about team building. Guy was just an average poster when he was here. PFF - Great at quantifying players winnings and losing plays. No business talking about team building. Rams say hello who they sh*t on always for trading picks. In terms of building a roster much of their data is insignificant and circumstantial. There is just too many Variables in Football to examine this. I have seen so many years of Idzik, Mac and JD's first year where GM's want value, trade down and just get the last ranked player on their board in a tier just not work out. A whole lot of Denzil Mim's out there in the world. Draft picks just bust too often. Teams that often do the best move around getting the exact players they want - Especially when your talking about moving mid-late round picks that have a hit rate below 8%.
  3. One million percent certified loco as someone put it above.
  4. Jermaine is so well spoken. Speaks like he's going to be on NFL network after his career. His on the field play was great. His workout numbers are great. Still can't figure out why he fell.
  5. I personally happen to like the Alpha type receivers. Jump ball guys. The issue with those guys is its hard to find big guys that can separate. Cosell mentioned London plays like a TE. I don't think people understand how rare it is to have a guy that can Separate as well as Wilson does AND do this. What a special draft class this was for the Jets. Atlanta is going to regret picking London for a very long time over Wilson.
  6. Where did he say this so I can google? Clemens was a bit of an odd pick so would love to hear more
  7. We need alot more draft picks like Max Mitchell. Things you can't change like Height/Arm Length are good. Lots of work in zone scheme. Just needs to add muscle and sit on the bench and improve his technique this year. Perfect setup that likely gets us a starter at RT next year. Im guessing if Fant is not extended -Becton flips to LT and Mitchell to RT next year which is a great setup for us.
  8. Travon Walker is the Bryan Thomas comparable. Combine blow up and making projections. JJ's Tape is legit wether you look at his in season play against top LT's (Ikey) or his senior bowl.
  9. When it's all said and done I think it will be the trade ups that make this draft special. Jermaine Johnson may be the best Edge in this class. Hall will likely be in the OROY discussion. Those small little move ups are what separate the better GM's in the league. Especially in a year in which many said the talent after round 4 was all similar to the UDFA level in other years. Excellent moves by Douglas.
  10. Let me just add this one to the thread as well. Waldman does a great job that should lead into a great conversation with the other two host. However the other 2 just kind kind of killed the conversation. Hall's upside is absolutely tremendous in our system.
  11. People forget we killed the 2021 draft as well. We have now had two excellent drafts in a row.
  12. One guy was talking about really liking our 4th round picks.
  13. I thought this initially - Then when you read a bit further this is likely the EXACT guy they wanted. He needs some technique work and the weight room - He's a 4th rounder but this was a perfect pick for us. Perfect Size and arm length. Look at his run blocking numbers from PFF. Awards he won. Improvement and this guy is the perfect RT for a zone blocking team like ours. Team leader and intelligent. Perfect pick to sit on the bench for a year and take over for RT next year if Fant leaves. Wish we had another pick or two like this on the Line. This guy is likely going to be a starter for us as soon as next year. Great pick.
  14. His RAS is decent basically because of his size. Hes old and often injured. Really odd pick. Really our only odd pick in the last two years so its all good though.
  15. This was a really good pick. System pick for a zone blocking scheme. Prototype size and arm length. He clearly needs to sit for a year and work on technique and get in the weight room but a potential starter.
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