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  1. We don't need a coordinator HC... Jets need a leader of men. Hopefully Robert is that guy. Let someone else run the O, & D
  2. I'm ok with him... And... IN BEFORE THE LOCK!!!🤪
  3. Don't get all the hate... Active on the sidelines... Players played for him... Beat belacheat in a superbowl. Tanked the last game to get better draft pick. I'm ok with it. 👍
  4. Sunday at the games drunk getting in fights with the opposing fans... If the jets couldn't beat the opposing team... we'd beat their fans. I know... it's not right... But we felt good... Lol I'm kidding... Or am I... 😜
  5. I couldnt watch another season of jets games with him as HC... It would hurt me too much to watch him ruin yet another young jets rookie QB. Yes... I would totally protest.
  6. Lol... Sam is better. This shouldnt even be asked...
  7. He is a good player. Jets will release him tomorrow.

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