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  1. he should... but wont... sadly
  2. Hope it works. Thx for posting.
  3. Guess Shell aint going to the pro bowl.
  4. KAP SUCKS. If he was good he'd de playing
  5. Penny's was his throwing shoulder. Petty's is not... so... yea.
  6. country music sucks! So does Hank Williams Jr! Now give me a hot country girl singing. Ok
  7. Yea, what happened to him on the jets? I forgot, was he traded, or cut, or not resigned?
  8. Well, at least its not an o lines coach...
  9. Wont make any difference... Bowles is not the guy.
  10. Ok. If you took a hit like that youd be dead. But your right. Glass ... If the oline for payton, brady, or any other great qb let DE's run in free, they would be glass too But whatever (eye roll)