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  1. Looks like the Jets got themselves some good dudes.
  2. paulyjet

    Bart Scott

    I love the guy, but enough already... We see you hate the kid... Smh... not helpful
  3. This post is meaningless. Every game in year one of our new Jets has meaning.
  4. We got another year of Zack I hope he improves to something special. We Just have to deal with it.
  5. Really sucks watching another quarterback we passed on (Mac Jones) become successful.
  6. Saleh's soft... Defense is soft and lazy. Saleh's gotta go
  7. 2 years. For the coach and QB. That's what they will get.
  8. Don't even try... This group of clowns just try to outdo each other with snarky sarcastic comments. But yes... Zack's the QB... We got to sit with them for a couple of years and hope for the best. I'll check back later at all the snarking comments from the clown car. Lol
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