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  1. Stay strong Mrs Max! You got this!
  2. Great description.... I appreciate someone saying something about NY, Without stupid politics. Thank you. I love NY. No matter what.
  3. Very selfish on her part. She wants to be a star... Now she's got a bigger platform... Smh... Not very mom like to me. Sit down mom and let your son have his chance in the spotlight without your selfish distraction.
  4. Ok, now I gotta go follow him mom.. Lol Good news.
  5. Hopefully Zach will be in attendance.
  6. The kid seems excited to be here.
  7. Hope we get to laugh ... For once.
  8. Good interview. The truth is the truth... The jets haven't had success with QB's. So the fear is justified. But this guy did a good job mentoring Zacks fears.
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