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  1. Hermandinger was a underling of Macaganan if there is an issue Mac fires him no questions asked. Complete BS story that no one else is reporting.
  2. They are allowed to do both you know. Patriots sent out video of Bellicheck on the phone with the draft picks. I believe they focus on the product on the field as well.
  3. Taking away access to the fans is completely unrelated to winning. Its about Gase being self conscious of his appearance and his reputation. Being a private scrooge who is afraid how what they do will be portrayed is in no way an asset to winning. Its about not caring abut the fans and being more interested in self preservation. That is why Maccagnan would never release a video like the Colts did. You are naive to think its because of some competitive disadvantage HELL NO its because Mac know he wouldn't come off well if people got an inside look in how he operates.
  4. What makes you think there will be a 1 jets drive? You think no more introductory press conference for the draft pick and scrubbing access we used to get on their website is the end of it? Just look at the video they posted on Quinnen entering the facility day after draft. Last year they showed Darnold meeting the coaches, actual tour and audio. This year? A 5 second clip of him walking the halls. I think they got a new media director who has pretty much said FU to the fans.
  5. Yea look at years past. They used to show Bowles and the owner as well. This year they scrubbed Gase even from the draft room photos. In a tweet they actually showed a picture of Gregg Williams on the phone yet no Gase.
  6. Would have been nice to hear what Gase said. That is asking to much next year lets beg them to not censor the coach from the draft room pictures. Baby steps.
  7. While the Jets are cutting off video of Gase talking to the draft picks on the phone which we used to get with Rex and Bowles teams like the colts are posting this. Insanely jealous. edit you have to click the watch on youtube link to see it.
  8. So Gase skipped out on the press conferences, did not allow himself to be in the photos of the draft room and was not on the recorded phone calls with the draft prospects. Either he actually wasn't there since there is zero evidence he was or something is wrong with him.
  9. If the Jets plan to sign him even if he has a mediocre year just so Maccagnan can save face then they might as well do it now on the off chance he has a monster year with Quinnen Williams.
  10. If Kyler Murray chose baseball like everyone believed It looks like Jets would have taken Oliver at 3 who ended up going 9 to the Bills.
  11. I assume the first is Bosa so Jets believed Polite was a better pass rusher than Josh Allen
  12. Profootball focus had Cashman as the 59th best player overall 59. LB Blake Cashman, Minnesota Cashman earned a 90.0-plus overall grade this past season and tested out as one of the most athletic linebackers in the class at the combine.
  13. Jetsbb

    Gase Forcing Macc Out

    You know what was real weird? The Jets cancelled the stream of the after draft presser. Then, when they posted it they scrubbed out the parts where the beat guys asked him about his relationship with Gase and his job security. Freaking transparent like it wouldn't be noticeable they did that.

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