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  1. Jets are paying 11 million dollars for that body. You can't decide to have an elective surgery when you are cleared to play by the doctors and also expect to get paid. Leveon could have decided to get a knee scope and then get his 14 million dollars owed by the Steelers if that was the case.
  2. I read that the chance of the spleen rupturing is around .02% and that the vast majority of those occur within the first three weeks of Mono. Yea he may be at an elevated risk of rupturing his spleen but that risk is still virtually zero. Put in other words there is a better chance he gets paralyzed or dies of a heart attack on the field than his spleen bursting.
  3. I read measuring the spleen is not recommended in determining readiness of play since all spleens are different sizes. Unless they had measured his spleen before contracting Mono the tests are meaningless since there is no baseline to compare it too. What could have changed from 4 days ago to now? Maybe his spleen already shrunk to "his" normal size but the doctors have no clue what that size is. If that's the case his spleen will never shrink and we will be waiting all year for him to be cleared.
  4. Last years disaster earned us Quinnen Williams maybe we can trade down and get a ransom this time. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  5. Seriously they were much much better last year. QB cant do a play action pass without three guys in his face and defenders running free with no one blocking. They are paying Osemele 11 mill and Ryan Kalil 8 mill that's a lot of money for such horrendous performances.
  6. Because he is the perfect Jets apologist excuse making schill available.
  7. This has already been debunked. If Darnold had scans on his organs before they would be able to determine exactly how enlarged the spleen is from the Mono. It usually takes three weeks to get back to normal so If there are no setbacks Darnold is likely back after bye.
  8. Brady gets injured first quarter, Jared Stidham throws three picks and Jets win 17-9
  9. Would Darnold have torn up his ankle if he didn't have mono? The way Myles Garret was abusing Beachum this may have been a blessing in disguise.
  10. He didn't only unfollow the Jets on instagram he also removed the Jets from his bio on twitter. This is not a mistake its intentional
  11. Maccagnan had the QB's rated 1 Trubisky 2 Watson 3 Mahomes. All the stories pre draft was how much they loved Trubisky and then there were rumors they were thinking about trading up for Watson with Mahomes still on the board. Basically we would have had more success with a blind squirrel picking out of a hat.
  12. I read only half the time does the spleen enlarge with mononucleosis. They can measure the size of the spleen but would have to compare it to a baseline to see if it is enlarged. If he ever had a scan of his organs before they will know if it is enlarged or not. He could easily be back for the Eagles if they're confident about the spleen.

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