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  1. Bob Wiscuchen slyly saying "normal" break outs and kept reiterating it know why? Because it is highly not normal to do a 5 minute press conference and do separate break outs interviews. This tells me they will continue with the no midseason and predraft press conferences with the GM. They will do a separate 3 minute questionnaire with the TV air heads and do a private one with the beat reporters.
  2. The defense here was terrible under Bowles. Missed assignments, blown leads, bottom 5 defense.
  3. Lets just pray its not a Tannenbaum extending Mark Sanchez to save face type of situation.
  4. You know with Jimmy Sexton as Darnolds agent and with him holding out at the beginning of training camp last year Jets will have trouble extending Darnold if he actually starts playing up to the hype.
  5. Maccagnan's worst move by far was signing Mccown instead of letting Bryce Petty and Hackenberg battle it out to be the starter. That would have been no more reckless than the Kellen Clemens vs Mark Sanchez battle of 2009. Maccagnan would have saved himself three 2nd rounders and got Bowels who he knew was atrocious fired. Gase would not be the HC and Macagnan would still be the GM with Darnold not having to learn a knew offense and with greater young talent around him.
  6. I wonder if their relationship will be even close to these buddies.
  7. You forgot forever injured Marcus Maye was also picked in the second round of that draft. Could have had both Jamal Adams and Eddie Jackson.
  8. Some interesting people who occupy this message board. Any number of things can happen with Douglas just because the perspective from outsiders is that he is the favorite doesn't guarantee he will be the pick. How can you can read what Laconfora is telling GM candidates and not have an visceral FU reaction? Instead you defend him and see nothing wrong with it? He could say he hears Douglas is the favorite but its still worth it to interview with them that is reality and facts.
  9. This part "Perhaps things fall apart with him, and your guy could get the offer … But would you really want to take it under these terms, working for these owners, in this scenario with the last GM just run out of the building weeks after being allowed to run the draft?" you fine with him telling this to prospective GM candidates? Are you even a Jets fan?
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jets-gm-search-hiring-process-could-be-a-doozy-even-though-they-believe-to-have-candidate-in-sights/ Two of the calls I received, out of the blue, were almost identical. I was asked virtually the same questions by individuals who are associates of men the Jets want to speak with. This was their inquiry: We hear this is Joe Douglas' job if he wants it and this has already been in the works for months. We're not sure it's even worth it for (name of candidate redacted to protect the innocent) to take the interview when they send over the slip (asking permission to interview him). What do you hear? What would you do? My response basically went like this: Three GMs I know well who don't have a history of spreading false info were convinced before the draft that Douglas was going to take over the Jets after the draft. If you are owner of a team that has had a hard time getting qualified candidates to talk to you in the past, you don't fire your GM, randomly, in the middle of May and anoint a head coach who has been on the job about four months interim GM unless you have a pretty good idea of who the next guy is. Even Woody and Chris Johnson couldn't be naïve enough to do otherwise, right? Yes, I hear the same as you, that Douglas has what has the makings of a sharp-looking staff ready to go, and his pre-existing relationship would seem to be a trump card here. Perhaps things fall apart with him, and your guy could get the offer … But would you really want to take it under these terms, working for these owners, in this scenario with the last GM just run out of the building weeks after being allowed to run the draft? They then pretty much said the following: Yeah, that's what I thought you would say. I agree with you. I'm not sure it makes sense to do it. Let's catch up after the holiday to compare notes. This is the Jets reality right now.
  11. Hermandinger was a underling of Macaganan if there is an issue Mac fires him no questions asked. Complete BS story that no one else is reporting.
  12. They are allowed to do both you know. Patriots sent out video of Bellicheck on the phone with the draft picks. I believe they focus on the product on the field as well.
  13. Taking away access to the fans is completely unrelated to winning. Its about Gase being self conscious of his appearance and his reputation. Being a private scrooge who is afraid how what they do will be portrayed is in no way an asset to winning. Its about not caring abut the fans and being more interested in self preservation. That is why Maccagnan would never release a video like the Colts did. You are naive to think its because of some competitive disadvantage HELL NO its because Mac know he wouldn't come off well if people got an inside look in how he operates.

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