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  1. If talking to a blowhard for 10 minutes takes away from fixing the Jets problems than there is no hope in the first place.
  2. Every head coach from Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles and Adam Gase last year has had a weekly spot on the radio home of the Jets 98.7 espn with Michael Kay. Rosenberg made a joke today when will we have Adam Gase on? Then Michael Kay said he doesn't know if he will ever come on with Rosenberg laughing. He didn't come on the week before the first game either which is traditionally when it starts.
  3. Darnold looked so amazing at the end of his rookie year. Adam Gase comes in with a completely new system and he has not come close to it again.
  4. Best thing in the world for the Jets is to find out now rather than later that Darnold is following along the lines of the greats Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. Mark Sanchez proved over and over again he was a lousy QB but solely because Tannenbaum did not wont to admit his mistake he decided to extend him rather than moving on. If this is what Darnold is, its best to accept it and not compound it by going all in on Darnold. Based on this all to familiar trajectory, I fully expect the Jets not to accept his option, and then have him battle on training camp to even retain his job next year.
  5. How do we still not know why Manish lost his press pass?
  6. He made the team because Jabari has been injured all camp.
  7. Jets may have got Ashtyn Davis just a few picks later with their second third round pick. You could say Jets traded Leonard Williams for Jabari Zuniga.
  8. Nathan Shepherd Is their best pass rushing DT. These beat reporters still thinking of his rookie year. He was surprisingly good after the suspension last year. Cutting Shepard would be idiotic and solely bec he was a Macagnan pick.
  9. If Manish lost his credentials for an ethical violation it is extremely classy of Gase not to leak the reason. It may be a temporary suspension and that's why everyone is quiet about it. The team may have an under the table deal to not leak the reason if Manish stops his vendetta against Gase. We should pay close attention to see if Manish goes easier on the team from this point forward.
  10. Because he is a cancer to the team that actively tries to sow discord and ruin anyone that doesn't serve his benefit. He was responsible for the anonymous "Mike Pettine" sources that bashed the team during the Rex era. He was responsible for giving us 4 years of hell with the Bowles era by nixing the Doug Marrone hire with vicious lies. Once he did that he had to back Bowles so we had to deal with 4 years of nonsensical excuses for the mind boggling game mismanagement. Now he is obsessed with undermining the team any chance he gets because he has a personal beef with Gase. Don't think it ends with Jamal Adams. If left unchecked he will spread rumors laced with deceit to make sure the team is unsuccessful.
  11. Manish is so good at creating headlines by fabricating bull crap it looks like they are keeping him on even without credentials.
  12. Its too much to ask because Darnold has not come close to those numbers. The only question is that because of a terrible offensive line and subpar weapons or because of him.
  13. People think these One Jets Drives are great bec they don't have a frame of reference. Check out the series the Browns and Saints do. They actually take you inside the building showing team meetings and coaches/players interacting. One Jets drive is splicing together old interviews, highlights, and an annoying narrator with extremely minimal original content. The highlight for next weeks "one Jets drive" is an old interview with his USC coach.
  14. Isn't his son safer if Mosley is getting tested every day? Regardless, the flue is more deadly for young kids than Covid. Mosley is not an idiot so I am sure he is aware the risk to his son is extremely low.

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