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  1. Maybe its because they played terrible?
  2. I just explained how beating the Dolphins with nothing to play for cost us so much pain and you ask this question? Hell they lose that game, Jets get Odel Beckham Jr and maybe the Jets look competent enough to give Rex more time to right the ship. The last 5 years could be different we wouldn't have had to suffer through that nightmare Toilet Bowles! All because they had to over achieve in that last game
  3. This is the first game of the year they play with zero chance of making the playoffs. (save your mathematically still in it BS) At this time I usually switch from rooting for them to win to rooting for loses. I have been very right in the past that losing these games would make them better off. The biggest example is last game of the year when every body was so happy Geno threw a perfect QB rating and kicked the Dolphins out of the playoffs. That directly changed our first round pick from Odell Beckam JR into draft bust Calvin Pryor. Our great upset win vs the Bills, which was largely due to kick returner Andre Roberts and a last second 4th down run, cost us the first pick in the draft. Probably could have traded that pick for a haul for Kyle Murray or got Nick Bosa instead of Quinen. So are you rooting for a meaningless win?
  4. How much you think we can get for Bell if the Jets pay part of his salary? Should have traded him and Robby at the trade deadline this year.
  5. Really? I don't understand the fascination with draft picks they are extremely overvalued. Just look at our recent draft history. Kyle Wilson, Vernon Gholston, Dee Milliner, Quinton Coples, Calvin Pryor, Darron Lee. Were all terrible. Even our so called good picks were mediocre at best players like Leonard Williams, Muhamed Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Mark Sanchez. The only first round players who have potential to be upper tier in the last 10 years are Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams and you want to trade one of them for odds like that?????? A low first round pick will not be able to sniff Jamal Adams. 2nd and 3rd round talent are available every year in free agency. YOU DO NOT TRADE ELITE YOUNG TALENT FOR DRAFT PICKS!!!!!
  6. Its more likely the Bills lose out than all the other scenarios happening.
  7. Chalk up another one connecting this to their record. For the billionth time it has nothing to do with their record!! They could be winning the division and the Jets would still be the only team in the NFL to not show their winning locker room. People are really stupid.
  8. LMAO they just showed a compilation of the winning locker room speeches on FOX. The 2-9 Redskins were shown and the Jets obviously were not.
  9. The record is irrelevant. The beef is Gase's policy restricting fans access that 31 other teams fans get. If they were 10-1 they still wouldn't be showing it nothing to do with the record.
  10. So I guess you are a nerd for going to a jets message board looking for Jets stuff.
  11. All you guys would be running to your computer to watch this if the video was posted like 31 other teams
  12. I guess you guys are weirdly connecting it to their record. Would you guys be mad when they clinch their first AFC east tittle in over 20 years and don't show it? Because guess what it has nothing to do with their record their not showing it because its Gase policy.

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