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  1. Work those phones Mogglez! Embarrassing that you're going to keep pretending. What the hell do you get out of this?
  2. This should be pinned to the top of the board. I don't know what you get out of this Mogglez. Keep in mind Chris Johnson didn't meet Saleh until the next morning. Its false and embarrassing that it wont affect peoples misplaced belief in this guy
  3. We are acting like other teams are banging on the door to get him. It's was reported he had a bad interview with the Lions and the Jets were his best chance. The Eagles asked for an initial interview but he was among a lot of other requests. Very possible Jets are his only chance regardless.
  4. Would like to point out that this proves all the "insiders" that claimed Saleh was offered a contract last night were patently wrong. Chris Johnson did not meet with him until this morning and he has to sign off on it before any offer is made.
  5. There are no head coach contracts for 3 years Mogglez. The absolute minimum is 4 years for rookie head coaches. Being an "insider" and all I would have thought you new that.
  6. Rappaport said Saleh is only one of a number of coaches who will get 2nd round interviews. It makes sense Saleh is the first since he had one of the earlier virtual interviews. Guys in the playoffs can't meet either. Still greater than 50% chance he is not the coach.
  7. Um maybe he is just the first in person visit because he was the earliest interview of the finalists? He was the third interview of the 9. The coaches in the playoffs can't even meet in person. Rappaport already said there will be other in person interviews.
  8. A star RB is better value than an average corner. It is this positional targeting over best player that led Douglas to draft Jabari Zuniga and Macagnan to draft Polite in the third round.
  9. LMAO. You are such a fraud. This is the typical behavior of a catfish trying to make you feel guilty for questioning him. A guy with legitimate info would be happy to confirm their legitimacy as all they are trying to do is be helpful and getting that verification stamp would be a good thing. A fraud like you however would get defensive and angry to make the other person feel bad and get the others who believe him be angry at the person who is questioning him.
  10. He is demonstrably worse than Minshew and Trubisky. His stats are not even close to theirs and everyone thinks they are terrible. It doesn't make sense. At all
  11. So what die we think? Another decade of solely drafting defensive players in the first round?

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