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  1. Joe Douglas saying it was a clear top 2 QB's in their evaluation gives this credence.
  2. 3 wins would not have changed anything but 4 wins would have dropped us to the 4th pick because of tiebreakers. If Jets beat Pats that is 3 wins and way to close for comfort needing that miracle against the Raiders to avoid that 4th win.
  3. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/86368/new-york-jets-deal-their-way-into-franchise-changing-game-of-21 7. No Joshing: A week ago in this space, former Jets quarterback Josh McCown said his hope was Darnold would get a chance to redeem himself under the new coaching staff. We know that's not going to happen. At the same time, McCown proclaimed himself a Wilson fan. "I don't think it's a bad pick," McCown said. "I think he has a higher ceiling and a better upside than Trevor Lawrence, personally. I like him a little better."
  4. No. Enough to be happy an athlete you dedicated three years of your life cheering for and buying his jerseys couldn't spend 2 minutes doing the classy thing of thanking you for it. Yay screw me I don't deserve it says Jets fan excitedly in this thread. So weird.
  5. Thanking the fans is to much to ask? You know the ones who bought his jersey and rooted for him like crazy for three years.
  6. Uh cheering Darnold for not thanking the Jets fans. Like you literally hate yourself?
  7. 8 likes. Jets fans are masochist. They literally hate themselves.
  8. Over a 1000 views and counting. Looks like people are interested in the topic.
  9. It already is official. It was announced on the Jets and Panthers twitter handles. They don't do that until its official.
  10. Well he doesn't wish the Jets luck apparently. So good for you.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/samdarnold/ Anyone else find it weird with all the praise of what a great person Sam is that he has decided to not say a word? Usually when this happens the athlete makes some sort of statement thanking the fans of the team he is leaving and that he gave it his all and is looking forward to the new opportunity etc. Absolutely radio silence except a surprise party of him cheering the move which Mike Greenberg took advantage of to trash the organization with. Oh look how happy he is to get away from your sh*tty team says a smiling Greenberg. Edit as reference
  12. According to Joe Douglas, through Albert Breer, Jets held off on trading Darnold because there were only 2 QB's in the draft they were willing to move off him for. I don't understand why they value Zach Wilson so much more than Fields but there is irrefutable proof that they do.
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