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  1. Mark Sanchez, Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson. Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  2. There is zero reason for the Jets to trade him for nothing. They will stash him on the roster as the third QB for the next 2 years in the small hope something clicks for him. They invested too much into him to trade him for nothing.
  3. Don't need chargers to lose to colts as long as Patriots lose to Bengals and Bills, which is likely. It will come down to the packers game.
  4. Miami lose one of next 2 games, Patriots lose 2 of 3, and Raiders lose 1 of 3. About a 45% chance according to NY times simulator. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/upshot/new-york-jets-nfl-playoff-picture.html#sea-nyj-17=loss&mia-nyj-18=loss
  5. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/western-kentuckys-mike-whites-arm-his-biggest-plus-and-minus "If QBs were drafted based strictly on arm strength, White would be a first-rounder. He has the kind of arm others in this class dream of. A two-year starter for the Hilltoppers, White can squeeze a ball between two blades of glass on a beautifully manicured field. The ball comes in hot, even outside the numbers. That hose serves him well while attacking the middle of the field, again putting him in a class with some of the higher profile QBs in this class"
  6. Rain. That will be the only reason we lose the game. Pass rush slower, fumbles, etc
  7. Its a great equalizer. Extremely unfortunate and it will probably cost us the game. Wind vs Patriots and rain vs Bears will cost us 2 games. God does not like the Jets.
  8. Mike white is going to light up the Bears and Vikings horrific defenses.
  9. God Ill be pissed if its Flacco over White.
  10. Zach threw for over 350 yards against this same team 3 weeks ago. Don't give me the wind excuse look at how Mac Jones thew 23 of 27 for 246 yards. Mike Lafleur called a non imaginative sh*t game. At the end of the season after they inevitably miss the playoffs, it will come down to keeping Wilson or Lafleur. We all know Saleh doesn't have it in him to fire his best friends little brother.
  11. Zach Wilson press conference vs Josh Allen press conference.
  12. Jets F'ed up the Jermaine Johnson pick. He looks like a replacement level player who Jets extraordinarily overvalued. Imagine if they picked him top 10 like they had him valued at? My god Clemens a 4th round pick is better than him.
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