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  1. "For now we will be rooting for the Jets to win every week. The better the young prospects perform, the sooner they can get out of rebuild mode and start talking playoffs." No we will not. I will be rooting for them to lose every week not only to get a franchise QB but also in the off chance Chris Johnson has the balls to fire Todd Bowles. It is a fallacy to equate young prospect performance with wins. We would have had Odel Beckham JR instead of Calvin Pryor if not for Geno Smith deciding to have a career day in Miami. The more loses the less premium draft picks to trade up or even better compensation to trade down.
  2. If so a smart owner would fire him at 4-10 promote Morton and make him start Hackenberg last 2 games. We all know Chris Johnson is far from that so I expect to go 6-10 winning the last 2 games (patriot backups) and an extension for Bowles.
  3. At 4-10 Bowles will insist on Mccown playing hoping to beat Chargers at home and a Patriots team playing their backups. Smart owner would fire him right there but we all know Chris Johnson is hanging around the locker room trying to be buddies with everyone will care more about his relationship with the players over the fans of the team.
  4. Even worse than not getting a franchise QB will be the muti year extension given to Bowles.
  5. Jets don't get better second round pick if Seattle makes playoffs. Then its determined by what round they finish in.
  6. Jets are 4-5 last in the division and Bowles continues to make inane in game decisions that blow it for them in the 4th quarter when coaching makes the real difference. Yet here we are praising Bowles and company for how great they are doing. I remember a time the fan base wanted to lynch Mangini after going 9-7 with Favre. Oh yea Mangini was then fired. The QB of Bowles dream would be a Mark Sanchez who would really lower expectations. He could go 7-9, 8-8 and keep cashing those paychecks. Raise expectations with a franchise QB and then Bowles deficiencies would become really apparent.
  7. Question For The Tank Crowd

    Even worse than not getting that franchise QB this season will result in a undeserved extension for Bowles. Team will always be at a severe disadvantage with how he coaches toward the end of the game. This season is very bad for their future.
  8. Extending Bowles will be even worse than not getting that franchise QB. Worst "winniningest" season ever
  9. Why? These wins are costing us a franchise QB might as well embrace Mccown as the future.
  10. Hurts to be so wrong I guess. You wouldn't say rooting for a result that would give you Calvin Pryor instead of OBJ is being an idiot? I was being nice if you think about it.
  11. How many Giants games have you watched? He is the consensus best receiver in the game you idiot. Jets winning that game was a monumental loss just as these fake wins will end up being.