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  1. This is Matt Miller reporting it. He is a respected draft analyst with many sources on a lot of teams. The Jets have him in on their website come draft time every year.
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2773921-matt-millers-scouting-notebook-how-the-draft-really-went-down-what-it-means The assumption was always Bills were trying to trade up for Josh Allen. Looks like Jets got lucky since Bills were the most aggressive trying to get to 2 and were probably that one legitimate offer that Gettleman admitted to being offered.
  3. Allen was the Bills top QB and they tried to trade up with the Giants.
  4. 1) Browns: Mayfield 2) Giants: Barkley 3) Bills: Josh Allen 4) Browns: Ward 5) Broncos: Chubb 6) Jets: Darnold Bills would have made the most attractive offer to the Colts as all reports are they were the most aggressive in trying to trade up and had a deal worked out with the Broncos. The fact the Broncos nixed their deal with the Bills bec of Chubb tells me they draft him over Darnold. At most you can say the Jets could have worked out a much cheaper deal with the Browns at 4 to secure Darnold. Gun to my head Darnold would have fell to 6 if the Jets stood pat.
  5. Jetsbb

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    Trubisky and Goff played their rookie years absolutely no reason he shouldn't
  6. Broncos reportedly didn't even try to trade up with the Giants. Hard to believe they would have offered the Colts better than three 2nd rounders. Considering the Jets gave up a lot more than the draft chart indicates tells me the Jets vastly overpaid.
  7. When you think about it we got a far superior talent 10 years younger than what their "plan A" was. The Vikings saved us from the Mac/Bowles team trying a quick fix to save their jobs. Oh and also the 30 million a year salary to boot
  8. Could have traded up for a lot less or stayed and got Rosen. Colts fleeced them.
  9. http://draftanalyst.com/nfl-draft-notes-april-25 This is a classic tactic in case he was wrong about the Jets and Mayfield he hedges his bets just in case. There is no such thing as a "late push" complete garbage.
  10. https://twitter.com/SNYtv/status/988901900643962880 The video isn't coming up if I try to embed it
  11. They like to couch it so if it turns out wrong you can't blame them.
  12. Guessing? Its pretty obvious the Jets prefer Mayfield over Rosen and Allen. The only question is if Darnold drops.
  13. http://draftanalyst.com/nfl-draft-news-notes-april-18 Two weeks ago, we reported that league insiders believe the New York Jets will select quarterback Baker Mayfield with the third selection. And while Josh Rosen is still in consideration for the pick, those representing the top quarterbacks in this draft tell me they also believe Mayfield ends up with the Jets. One source, who has dealt with quarterbacks at the top of the draft the past five years, believes Mayfield to the Jets is a “done deal.”