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  1. Pauline Notes

    We can forget about signing Cousins no way in hell a Bowles lead Jets team will beat out 8 other teams offering similar deals we can forget it. Now only pray its the Broncos who get him so we can get the third best or should I say who Mac believes is the third best QB in the draft
  2. Maccagnon knows he is tied to a very limited Bowles. Cousins gives him the best chance at staying GM instead of rolling the dice on a young QB. He will give Cousins whatever he wants for his own Job security not necessarily whats best for the team.
  3. Colts interested in trading #3 pick

    Those idiots should have lost their last game would have had the 2nd overall pick instead.
  4. The Browns tried to trade their 2nd and third rounders for Maccaron!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Both teams will be in a bidding war. If it comes down to Broncos have the better first round pick but Jets other picks are a little better the deciding factor may be Macdaniels preference who to deal with.
  6. You mean how the Patriots dumped Garropolo to the 49ers instead of exploring the best deal possible?
  7. Josh Mcdaniels will not want to deal with the Jets and has history with the Broncos. If the compensation is similar I have a feeling Mcdaniels will deal with his old team over us. ****

    John Morton did a better job than Bowles last year. Morton gets fired while Bowles gets 2 year extension and called extraordinary by sycophant Chris Johnson.
  9. Browns Sam Darnold Giants Josh Allen. They dont like Rosens attitude so go with the long project since they have Eli. Colts: Trade with Jets select Josh Rosen
  10. Now imagine if he got hurt earlier in the season like he did every other year.
  11. I was screaming from the beginning no reason to sign Mccown. How is a competition between Petty and Hack any different than the great Sanchez vs Kellen Clemens? Maccagnon ruined a perfectly timed tank now he has to waste a treasure of picks to rectify it.
  12. Our extra second round pick will be critical to beat the Broncos. They are one spot above us but they have the 40th pick while we have the 37th and 49. We should be able to blow them out of the water not to mention if a next years pick is involved teams will speculate the Jets would be worse than the Broncos next year. Bottom line Maccagnon would have to be extraordinarily incompetent to lose to the Broncos in a trade up. Sheldon Richardson may have given us our franchise QB.
  13. Rumors came out the Browns GM loves Allen and you don't want a player with Rosen's personality that doesn't want to play for you. Is Sam Darnold looked at so highly as he was in the beginning of the year? Maccagnon needs to make a real strong offer not tip toe like he always does.