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  1. I read that the other wide receivers were angry last year that Morton only cared about scheming things for Anderson and not them. Robby is the most skilled WR of all of them when its one on one match up and not double covered with a safety up top. Morton knew that and moved Robby around to get him 1-1 so he could burn any CB in the dust. Bates may very well be worse at this than Morton.
  2. There are two different philosophies on what to do with a lead. One is to keep the foot on the gas pedal and not hold back and the other is to go into a shell and hold on for dear life. Bowles obviously believes in the latter. Now lets look back to last year. Wasn't there this whole narrative about how they kept blowing leads and didn't know how to finish? Kearse brought it up after this game saying they still don't know how to finish and it keeps happening pretending not to know its because of Bowles game management and philosophy of what to do when leading.
  3. I keep saying it. Chris Johnson is the quintessential sycophant pushover who wants to be loved by the players. Just look at his interaction with them. He cares deeply that the players like him. As long as the players are behind Bowles Chris will lay down and let this franchise be stuck in the Bowles mud.
  4. Chris will give him every benefit of the doubt. It is going to take some extraordinary pain to get rid of Bowles. Chris admitted last year he made the decision to extend Bowles after the first few games. Don't be surprised if Chris decided this year to keep Bowles after the Lions game. Yes I'm serious.
  5. Um Chris Johnson is not firing anyone. You are forgetting Chris pals around with the players all the time. He desperately wants to be liked by the players. As long as the players like Bowles Chris will no touch him.
  6. This guy is a nightmare for this team. Completely clueless how to manage a game. Does not understand end of game situational football. Better to go 1-15 though even that is probably not enough for sycophant Chris Johnson.
  7. Jetsbb

    Is Q a #1?

    I don't know if he is but he is going to be making 12mil-15mil a year starting next year.
  8. They really need WR help though. Outside of Enunwa? Darnold doesn't have the same connection with Robby that Mccown had
  9. https://elitesportsny.com/2018/09/16/new-york-jets-rumor-are-frontrunner-for-cleveland-browns-star-wr-josh-gordon/ The New York Jets are the “frontrunner” to land the talented yet troubled star Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon. Yes, you read that headline correctly. The New York Jets are clearly going all in on the 2018 season. On Sunday morning on NFL Gameday Morning, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport said that the New York Jets were the “frontrunner” for the talented Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon. In that same report, Rapoport suggested the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Seattle Seahawks as “teams in the mix at this point.” The first question Jets fans are asking themselves is, why is he suddenly available? Fair question. “The Browns provided no details behind their decision to part ways with Gordon, but a source told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that he broke the team’s ‘trust’ when he reported to the facility Saturday with a hamstring issue after being a full participant in practice all week.” Apparently, from sources, it appears that the hamstring injury that was suffered between Friday’s practice and Saturday morning occurred during a non-team related photo shoot. Of course, this has not been the only issue with Gordon, who has had an NFL career that’s been plagued with substance abuse. Gordon posted an Instagram story later Saturday in which he thanked the Browns and their fans: “Huge s/o to the city of Cleveland,” Gordon wrote. “This place will always feel like home to me.. I’m extremely honored and blessed to have been able to grow up and start a life amongst such a passionate and motivated group of individuals.. It’s been a hell of a journey with you guys. I wish all of you nothing but the best.. Thanks to the @ClevelandBrowns organization for having me, I’ll never forget my time here. “Same book, next chapter..” But the most interesting nugget was what he ended with: “P.S. Anybody need a deep threat WR??”
  10. Watch Macagnan extend him with a huge contract extension even though his production doesn't warrant it. He acted surprised when Joe and Evan called him out for Leonard not living up to the hype.
  11. You guys are way way undervaluing what it would cost to sign Quincy and Robby. Tyler Lockett signed a 3 year extension for 10,600,000 per year recently. He averaged around 600 yds a season. I expect Quincy and Robby to demand at least 15mil per year and that's in the low end. They will both be have 900-1000yds by the end of the season and that production will be very costly based on what other guys have signed for.
  12. Both of them will be FA end of this year. Everybody talking about our cap space forgetting they have to resign players also.

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