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  1. Nathan Shepards and Fatukasi's huge improvement from year 1 to year 2 gives mes hope for Quinen Williams
  2. Flip it and reverse it. He wanted language in the contract that no one else got and he did not get it. He wanted to be able to double dip if he got cut by being paid twice. His agent was trying to front like a big shot and was pissed other QB's like Josh Allen didn't demand it so he had to cave.
  3. Everyone forgets Sam Darnold held out pf training camp his rookie year for nothing. Now imagine what is agent will do when there is something real to fight about.
  4. This was a F level effort from the Jets media department cobbling together old already shown clips and radio voice overs. Go watch this video to see a real hard knocks like look into the draft that the Browns put out.
  5. Really? Do you not watch the videos Jets post on their site? These were all just old clips they already posted and some random fan.
  6. This was disappointing. It was just a recycling of old clips I had already seen and video of some some random fan. Go watch a real docuseries like the Browns one. They have real original video of the players doing the virtual offseason and the coaches talking to them.
  7. Better than drafting Jefferson over Mimms when given the choice.
  8. I think Douglas thought Van Jefferson would be there as he was projected to be a third round pick. Douglas figured the downgrade from Mims to Jefferson was worth an extra pick. Was surprised when he got Mims regardless.
  9. It is great because it means 10-6 is a guarantee to make the playoffs unlike Bowles first year.
  10. Alex Lewis much more expensive than Van Roten
  11. Winters is making 6 million so if they don't cut him Van Roten is the backup
  12. 4 years of a premium left tackle play for Same Darnold is well worth a 3rd round pick that is equal to a 30% chance of a decent player.

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