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  1. They like to couch it so if it turns out wrong you can't blame them.
  2. Guessing? Its pretty obvious the Jets prefer Mayfield over Rosen and Allen. The only question is if Darnold drops.
  3. http://draftanalyst.com/nfl-draft-news-notes-april-18 Two weeks ago, we reported that league insiders believe the New York Jets will select quarterback Baker Mayfield with the third selection. And while Josh Rosen is still in consideration for the pick, those representing the top quarterbacks in this draft tell me they also believe Mayfield ends up with the Jets. One source, who has dealt with quarterbacks at the top of the draft the past five years, believes Mayfield to the Jets is a “done deal.”
  4. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Jets aren't taking Rosen.
  5. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Why? Just bec of his height?
  6. This is the only question come draft night. If Darnold doesn't fall Jets are taking Mayfield if he does it looks like Jets would take Darnold. But what do you want? Mayfield was the more accurate and better player in college. Darnold was very turnover prone and sloppy yet evaluators seem to love him.
  7. Mac doesn't have the guts to pass on Darnold for Mayfield if he falls. Even if he believes Mayfield is the better pick Mac wouldn't want the public relation disaster.
  8. Peter King came out with a MMQB saying he would lean Baker Mayfield to the Jets. Mcshay could have just jumped on the bandwagon.
  9. There is a difference from saying I have a source that says Jets will pick player A to having a player go to a team in a mock draft which is based on nothing but a personal guess
  10. Mogglez is a incarcerated bob wannabe unfortunately. There is a reason he went dark the last few weeks. Josh Rosen is the Jets 4th ranked QB according to Benjamin Allbright.
  11. So thats Brian Costello, Rich Cimini, Benjamin Allbright, Peter King, Robert Klemko, Tony Pauline, Todd Mcshay saying they hear it will be Mayfiled .............and approximately zero hearing it will be Rosen.
  12. Baker Mayfield liked this tweet
  13. NYP: The Whispers around Giants’ No. 2 pick

    1) Josh Allen 2) Barkley Jets take Sam Darnold
  14. I would pay attention to this guys next mock draft. Now that's a lot of inside info. How do these teams trust him not to spill to his friends in the league?