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  1. The point is they can easily get out of those contracts and use the new cap room created plus the 100 mill in cap space to replace those jags with better O linemen. There is a negligible dead cap penalty so if the free agents are better there is zero reason not to cut them all and replace them.
  2. No what usually happens is you cant cut guys and are stuck with players because of huge dead money cap penalties. The whole point of the thread is that unlike what is normally the case where you are penalized for cutting players in this case we can actually save a net 20 mill by getting rid of the entire Offensive line with a negligible dead cap hit.
  3. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/new-york-jets/ Cutting Brian Winters and Spencer Long each adds 6.5 million for a total of 13 million with zero dead money and getting rid of Beachum adds 8 mill with a 1.5 mil dead cap. Brandon Shell is on his rookie deal and costs nothing. Jets could revamp their entire line very easily if they wanted to. Anyone know how good the free agent linemen are?
  4. Maccagnan valued Chad Hansen and Ardarius Stewart over Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt so you have to think he will pass.
  5. https://www.iheart.com/video/play/?reid=new_assets%2Fdc2aeb4b-b771-4a3b-ae52-98d57a66a079&au
  6. When Rex got his second contract with the Bills he got a big raise with a 5 year deal. Did Gase get the standard 4 years?
  7. You are comparing a poll with 10,300 votes to a new poll with 497 votes?
  8. "Rumors of a certain NFL team toying with the idea of offering him a head-coaching role" Where did you hear that from all the head coaching openings have been filled.
  9. Exactly what Macagnan initially tried to do but idiotically signed Josh Mccown. If he just jet Hackenberg and Petty battle it out for the starting job Jets would have had an extra three 2nd round picks. He got lucky to be able to trade up but that wasn't a guarantee.
  10. After finding out all this stuff including his defensive coordinator All in all If I had the choice I would pick Adam Gase! what is really good is there is no extremely long leash like with Bowles. No one will give him a pass which I love. Also what is extremely encouraging is his win/loss record in close games and timeout usage stat. I am really happy with this hire.
  11. Would you like a bridge I can sell you? I am telling you I own property rights to the Bridge TRUST me! Don't take people's words at such face value when there is an obvious agenda behind it. These guys were rejected and trying to spin a false narrative. Don't be so easily duped.
  12. Guys don't get so easily fooled by the Rhule and McCarthy camps. They were finalists that is it. When it came down to decision time the Jets asked ALL of the candidates their list of coordinators. This is standard procedure for any interview by any team. The Jets chose Gase and never offered these other two the Job. It was not due to staffing issues as Rhule and McCarthy are trying to spin it!

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