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  1. According to spotrac Robby's market value is 11.7 million a year. He is a ****ING GOOD player. A low first round pick is even below market value for him. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/robby-anderson-19352/market-value/
  2. And you think Mcguire getting stuffed at the goal line on last play of the game changes any of that? Why didn't he go in the tank after just barely loosing to the Texans and Packers then?
  3. Head it wall. Consider the logic again. Now head hit wall ferociously 10 times until pass out.
  4. Huh? We would have traded down with the Raiders or Cardinals and still been in a position to draft Bosa.
  5. If you only want sunshine and rainbows go to the Jets official website and twitter they have plenty of that for you.
  6. His confidence from coming back with the huge boost from Andre Roberts would not have changed if Eli Mcguire gets stuffed on 4th down. Only thing changing for Darnold is the huge upgrade in talent on the team for this years and next years draft.
  7. Eli Mcguire getting stuffed on a predictable 4th a goal run has nothing to do with Darnold.
  8. We were 1 run stuff of Eli Mcguire away from owning the #1 pick. Can you imagine the bidding wore between the Cardinals. Raiders etc to trade up and get Kyle Murray? Andre Roberts was a huge curse to this franchise. The only reason they were in that game was because of him. He had like 3 huge kickoff returns otherwise the Jets were getting stomped.
  9. Jetsbb

    Trading down makes sense

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid. Pass on an elite player for the ability to draft more jags on a cheap contract. Those 2nd round on down talents you can get any year in free agents. If Maccagnan passes on Bosa for a few extra picks I will be livid. ****ing livid
  10. Do 33 year old veteran starting offensive linemen ever go sign with a team to be a minimum paid backup? It isn't worth it at that point just look at Nick Mangold who retired because no one would pay him as a starter. Last I checked the Jets have 2 starting guard on their roster.
  11. Why do you want to trade back again? Having a top 5 pick is a rare opportunity to get an elite player you would never be able to get your hands on in free agency. Why trade back to get jag 2nd and 3rd rounders whose talent level is a dime a dozen? Yet everyone including the Jets media guys is pushing those extra picks as if we didn't just use those on Devin Smith, Hackenberg, Ardarius Stewart etc
  12. Considering 8 people liked his post stating with confidence that Giants won 6 games which is patently false that is all you need to know about the threshold.
  13. Maccagnan wanted Donte Fowler over Leonard Williams. This tells me he would pick Josh Allen over Quinnen Williams
  14. This was January 19th. Its march 4th now and no one would know he was here if they didn't say he was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tx2eYGG8_w&t=783s
  15. What the hell are you doing on this board in March if the Jets success doesn't make you happy?

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