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  1. Yea the fireidzik.com guys are slacking. Bowles is more incompetent that even Idzik ever was.
  2. How did he know he was making the field goal? What if they get a great return? There is absolutely no excuse not to call that timeout even with his rationale you still call the timeout just in case. No coach has ever made so many obvious in game blunders it is remarkable.
  3. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    Except Browns and Giants won't trade down and will take Rosen and Darnold. If not for Josh Mccown they would have lost to the Chiefs, Browns, Jaguars for sure. Maybe they would have still beat Miami or the Bills. Would have had 1-2 wins and competing with the Giants and Browns for Rosen and Darnold. Josh Mccown should be associated with a decade long curse of ineptitude that will follow. Him falling in our lap was a curse.
  4. Teams that cut all their veterans and are starting over don't start 38 year old journeyman QB's. Why? Because winning at that point is not the goal. The goal is to progress and develop the young guys while positioning yourself to get better through the draft. Browns didn't start Kizer because he gave them the best chance to win. Now they are positioned to get a franchise QB. Where are we? Stuck with Bowles for "overachieving" and the same place we were 5 months ago.
  5. Guys the media has declared since the Jets have won a couple more games then they predicted Bowles will not only be back but should also be considered for coach of the year. Disregard his long track record of 3 years displaying horrific in game management and piss poor defensive coaching which he is supposedly known for. The media was incorrect on the talent level of players such as Mccown and Robby Anderson therefore Bowles will be back nothing to see here.
  6. Well they should have lost to Cleveland even with Mccown. The Browns completely outplayed them just made some extremely inane mistakes. They could have gone 0-16 who knows? You don't start a 38 year old with a rebuilding team it's pointless.
  7. Worst head coach in the years I have been a fan of this team which is 2 decades. Mccown having a career year shouldn't be enough of a reason to extend him. Unfortunately, with Woody not caring and Chris being the nerdy star eyed doofus he seems to be we are stuck with Bowles for the foreseeable future.
  8. Maccagnon has proven he does not know how to evaluate QBs in the draft. He needed one to fall in his lap.
  9. I said it at the time. You make it a QB competition between Petty and Hackenberg just like they did with Kellen Clemens vs Mark Sanchez. You win 2 games and get to start over.
  10. Everything aligned perfectly. A consensus top QB draft coinciding with a team cutting all the veterans and 2 unproven mid round QB's. All he had to do was not screw it up and he could fire the really bad head coach he inherited and draft the future franchise QB this team has not had for decades. Only an incompetent piece of **** GM would be able to screw this up. What does he do? He signs an above competent QB and ups the talent level to scratch out a few extra wins to completely destroy the future of the team. Now we will get to see what this team should have looked like with Bryce Petty starting. This GM deserves to be stuck with Bowles and the 4th tear QB in this draft he brought it upon himself.
  11. Keeping up with the Tank.

    What exactly are you trading up for? The top 2 QB's are going 1-2
  12. This is exactly like the year as Geno said he saved Rex Ryans Job. What were they 8-8? Very next year goes 4-12 and is fired. All this year did was extend the misery.
  13. Jets will beat the horrendously bad Broncos and Patriot backups so will be picking around 15th. You can forget about getting that franchise elite QB that would have had us in the playoffs perennially. No the Giants will get to enjoy that. Our lot is another 6 years of 7-9 and the occasional wild card birth only to be knocked out. Mccown looks like he can play till 45 like Brady though.
  14. A Legit franchise plays the young guys like the Browns did with Kizer. Now they know they don't have anything and will get Rosen for their troubles.
  15. Hate Mccown because he is going to give the Jets 6 wins they never would have gotten. Jets would have a franchise QB Rosen or Darnold waiting in the wings if not for Mccown. He has been a devastating curse. Bowles fired and a franchise QB if no Mccown