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    John Morton did a better job than Bowles last year. Morton gets fired while Bowles gets 2 year extension and called extraordinary by sycophant Chris Johnson.
  2. Our extra second round pick will be critical to beat the Broncos. They are one spot above us but they have the 40th pick while we have the 37th and 49. We should be able to blow them out of the water not to mention if a next years pick is involved teams will speculate the Jets would be worse than the Broncos next year. Bottom line Maccagnon would have to be extraordinarily incompetent to lose to the Broncos in a trade up. Sheldon Richardson may have given us our franchise QB.
  3. Browns Sam Darnold Giants Josh Allen. They dont like Rosens attitude so go with the long project since they have Eli. Colts: Trade with Jets select Josh Rosen
  4. Now imagine if he got hurt earlier in the season like he did every other year.
  5. I was screaming from the beginning no reason to sign Mccown. How is a competition between Petty and Hack any different than the great Sanchez vs Kellen Clemens? Maccagnon ruined a perfectly timed tank now he has to waste a treasure of picks to rectify it.
  6. Rumors came out the Browns GM loves Allen and you don't want a player with Rosen's personality that doesn't want to play for you. Is Sam Darnold looked at so highly as he was in the beginning of the year? Maccagnon needs to make a real strong offer not tip toe like he always does.
  7. http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-0739223155242964273-4 "The Jets made a good move by retaining coach Todd Bowles, but some of his in-game decisions are hard to figure. Down 21 points with 10-plus minutes to play, Bowles opted to kick a field goal from the Patriots' 17. I️t accomplished nothing because is still was a three-possession game. Why? Why? Why? A head scratcher."
  8. That is completely irrelevant. Go watch Bowles answer why in his post game press conference. He was unaware that the TD made it a 2 possession game instead of three and that kicking a FG was just as bad as not converting the 4th down. THE POINT IS HE IS A DUNCE! Completely inept at in game management and will ultimately cost us a big game if he ever lucks into one.
  9. We have the ammo for the #1 pick

    What really will happen is Rosen, Darnold, and Allen will be taken before us and Maccgnon will pass on Baker Mayfield just as he passed on Watson and Mahomes. We are ****ed
  10. Prepare yourselves for Alex Smith

    With Bowles and Mac knowing they have to produce a playoff season before reverting back to sh*t they will pursue the aging veteran FA QB such as Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith vs the young promising FA QB such as AJ Maccaron, Bridgwater.
  11. I know grasping at straws but maybe he has some insight since he is in NFL circles.
  12. I would fire him now and have Morton start Hackenberg but then again I would be a competent owner not lump on a log Chris Johnson.
  13. Its all up to Arizona. Otherwise our lame ass owner will sit on his hands and keep Bowles.
  14. I haven't heard much from the anti tankers recently. Stuck with Bowles and some OL with the 6th pick. Good times
  15. What if Rosen, Darnold, and Josh Allen are all gone and then Maccagnon passes on Baker Mayfield? Do we riot? Fire up the "fire Idzik" planes?
  16. Can't wait for Chris Johnson to give the post game speech welcoming Bowles back like Woody did for Rex. That worked out well also with Rex going 4-12 and getting fired the next year. Will be fun watching the Johnsons make the same mistake again.
  17. The SOS is calculating full season schedule not only teams played up until this point. Rams weaker win pct is already calculated the full season schedule SOS is tied. Tiebreaker will be determined fully by results of next weeks games. Also since teams are playing division rivals the SOS difference will be based on 2 match ups for each team. Jets: Browns @ Steelers, Jaguars @ Titans 49ers: Bears @Vikings, Panthers @ Falcons Bold is who we want to win
  18. Anyone remember the great Kellen Clemens vs Mark Sanchez competition? Neither of them had a full year experience. Mike Maccagnon should be raked over the coals for signing Mccown for 7mill instead of just letting Petty vs Hackenberg play out. Playing a 38 year old to eek out more wins is the worst thing you could do and the idiot did it.
  19. With the Eagles beating the Raiders the Jets are now tied with the exact same SOS as the 49ers.
  20. Maccagnon is going to sit on his hands and let other teams trade up in front of him for Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield. He will then draft a defensive player (obviously) and sign Carson Palmer. Oh and the mid tier QB in the 3rd round.
  21. We know him from his comments preseason setting the bar extremely low and reports of him hanging around trying to be buddies with the players. Star eyed newb who doesn't want to rock the boat until his big bro gets back.