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  1. The video is posted https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/joe-douglas-robert-saleh-offseason-press-conference-3-3
  2. Since Eric Gelfand came on board the Jets don't live stream their GM press conferences unless it is required. Expect the video to be posted later.
  3. It is such chicken sh*t that they don't stream it live. Jets media department is a colossal disaster.
  4. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/03/zach-wilson-over-trevor-lawrence-chris-simms-says-yes/
  5. Update with full video explanation https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/03/zach-wilson-over-trevor-lawrence-chris-simms-says-yes/
  6. One thing we learned about Joe Douglas is that he doesn't like to overpay players. Now I don't even know if they will tag him. This should be an interesting off season if he continues to stick to this philosophy.
  7. Don't worry Jetsbb has already been given a warning while SAR is exonerated from all wrong doing and to be held up as the personification for all that is good in this world.
  8. And to think @Maxmandefended his moderating philosophy to me so proudly as unbiased and above all reproach.
  9. An apology for favoring certain posters and a warning to Sar I would have been sufficient but you do you.
  10. Also interesting that you have decided to take the reverse logic of what you did previously. I antagonized Mogglez by pointing out his sources were wrong. In response, he told me and I quote "go **** yourself." No mention of his name calling and I was banned for "taking the thread sideways." In this case Sar I antagonizes me by attacking me for no reason with baseless logic. I respond and its the name caller you call out. @Maxman
  11. Okay great. Just a thought maybe you should also suggest to Sar I not to attack and demean the OP of threads he doesn't like. Or is that not an issue? What is it called oh yea "taking the thread sideways" @Maxman
  12. It looks like he has packed on the pounds. Wouldn't be surprised if he weighs 220 at the pro day\
  13. Oh I get it. You got owned by logic so you had to revert to childish bashing. Go run along and play with the little kids and let the adults talk now.
  14. Uh Idiot. Albert Breer is the most locked in insider on the planet. He had a breakdown of every offer the Lions got for Stafford down to the time it happened. He knew Adam Gase would be the head coach of the Jets before anyone else. He wrote a story of in depth conversations Darnold had at dinner with the Jets brain trust and Macagnans exact words to the draft room when he found out Darnold would drop. This thread is to counteract the bull **** thread of the Boston sports writer saying there was buzz Jets would keep Darnold.
  15. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/02/24/mailbag-jeff-bezos-possible-nfl-owner-draft-quarterbacks From TanktasticTweets (@TanktasticT): With the No. 2 pick more than likely to be dealt, do you think the Eagles or the Panthers are more likely to make the move up for Fields or Wilson? Tankstastic, I don’t think the No. 2 pick is more-than-likely to be dealt. In fact, if I had to handicap it right now, my guess would be the Jets will hang on to the pick, take a quarterback and deal off Darnold. I also can tell you that they’d want to see Wilson, Fields and Lance throw at their pro days before
  16. Is it true we get a 4th rounder if they sign him or was that only for if they signed him last year?
  17. Jets are going to repeat the mistake of the 2017 NFL draft when they passed on Mahomes and Watson. Around and around we go.
  18. The headline is misleading. When you say "growing buzz" everyone thinks this is coming from nfl sources. This growing buzz comment is because of an opinion piece from a media guy of why trading down would make more sense. No growing buzz coming from the Jets organization or other nfl sources.
  19. This "Growing ‘buzz" comment is because of an article of a reporter advocating trading down the #2 pick. Not from any source in the Jets organization that has been saying the opposite.
  20. Their pro days are at the end of March 2 weeks after the start of free agency. Teams will move on signing the likes of Newton, Minshew, Trubisky all who have far better stats than Darnold. Joe Douglas should have a better understanding of who Darnold is to strike now rather than waiting another 2 months.
  21. Up until this point the likes of Breer and Schefter have been speculating that its more likely the Jets move on from Darnold solely because they haven't completely rebuffed teams inquiring. This is a nebulous theory. If you would have told me the Jets were telling other teams they haven't yet decided and pushed off negotiations I would have speculated the Jets were more likely to keep him. Now at least there is some concrete evidence that their speculation is true. Tierney is in the keep Sam camp so this coming from him makes me think its accurate.
  22. Jets should definitely should be able to get a conditional first next year included in their package as well. If you say Wentz is more proven okay make it performance based but the possibility of becoming a first should definitely be included if Joe as any sense. There will also be more suitors for Darnold. Steelers, 49ers, Bears, and Washington bidding for him will increase the trade value.
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