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  1. Jets F'ed up the Jermaine Johnson pick. He looks like a replacement level player who Jets extraordinarily overvalued. Imagine if they picked him top 10 like they had him valued at? My god Clemens a 4th round pick is better than him.
  2. Huh? Jets already revealed in the presser they had Jermain Johnson ranked in the top 8 on their board. This is more of a revelation that Garrett Wilson was way ahead of London on their board.
  3. This happens every year like clockwork. Leonard Williams was consensus best player and then dropped to us. Sam Darnold, who everyone thought was going first and no one even discussed the Jets as a possibility dropped to us. Now Hutchinson will drop to us and be worse than they guy we would have gone for had he not dropped.
  4. Everybody talks about Josh Allen making that jump but what about Stafford's rookie year? 53% 13TD 20INT 61 rating 37.1 QBR. This for all those jumping off the Zach Wilson train.
  5. Yea there was a clear picture of him on TV right before the game started.
  6. I noticed pregame a guy with a Jets hat on I never saw before that looked a lot like John Beck. I took this blurry snippet of him from gamepass when the camera panned to the sideline. I wouldn't put it pass the Jets to hire him and not announce it like they did with Cavenaugh.
  7. https://www.yorkdispatch.com/story/sports/college/psu/football/2021/08/31/christian-hackenberg-has-ditched-nfl-haters-find-peace-jersey/5669708001/
  8. Jets have the same amount of conference losses as the Bills. They would actually have a chance if not for the small fact they suck.
  9. Its because Lafleur is force feeding the play action passes while Zach is more comfortable in the shotgun.
  10. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/oh-the-pain-podcast-with-joe-benigno/id1586455556 The news here is that Joe Benigno started a podcast. That would have been the name of the thread if I found out about it. I and I'm sure most people on this board didn't know that. How did you even find it? Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Douglas made a mistake passing on Tristen Wirfs. Jets need a starting caliber backup left tackle on the roster at all times. Jets need to sign Morgan Mosses so he could fill in as the left tackle when Becton goes down.
  12. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/flying-coach-with-sean-mcvay-and-peter-schrager/id1507792638
  13. Sanchez is the worst by a mile. The Jets had the #1 defense, #1 running game and #1 offensive line in the NFL with great weapons to boot. If the Jets still have Pennington in those early Rex years we have another Superbowl trophy. You can't say any of those other QB's cost us a Superbowl.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/COwJGi1p-_J/ jetsupdaters_185421679_196622342339727_4525336225577774160_n.mp4
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